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Happy Halloween
by Bruce Powell

It was three weeks before Halloween. The weather was just turning cool and the leaves of the trees were in brilliant colors. All should have been good with the world. But Cheryl was not totally happy. She had just had to reevaluate her life with her husband of two years.

It was when she had been cleaning out the garage to put the snow removal equipment in there. Her husband, Mark, has told her not to do that because he would get to it in a week or so. But she decided to do it for her overworked husband. He had been working ten to fifteen hour days for the last few weeks in order to get a promotion. Well all had been fine until she had tried to move a very large cardboard box. It was far too heavy for her to slide, much less to lift. So she decided to empty it.

It was then that she had one of the greatest shocks of her life. The box was full of magazines, "girly magazines". But instead of the normal magazines these where of fat women. Cheryl was so stunned that she just stood there for several minutes. She then took out a few of them and paged through them. She stood there with the feelings of disgust that society says that you should have when looking at fat women. Though she thought that a few of them did have pretty faces. Then she saw the video tapes, at least ten of them. She took them with trembling hands and walked back into the house.

If finding the magazines had been a shock the tapes were worse. There were a few of them that were multiple movies. Each movie had at least one fat woman. But it was the last three that really effected Cheryl. They were very amateurish in the production, but they "starred" the same girl. She was a heavy brunette with blue eyes.

In the one that had a number one on the outside of the tape showed the girl dressed in a very tight pair of shorts. She was giggling and telling the person behind the camera that this was ridiculous. But she went on with the filming. Over the next 40 minutes the brunette ate a feast. Two whole pizzas, a loaf of french bread dripping with butter, and a bowl of ice cream and chocolate sauce. The whole time she kept up a dialogue talking to the person behind the camera, who was no doubt Mark.

In the next few videos the girl got steadily heavier, until the last one where she waddled over to a scale and stood on it. The dial spun to 320. The brunette then ate a meal that would drive most people to the hospital.

At the end of the film she was lounging on the sofa, her belly having ripped free of the shirt she had worn. She looked toward the camera, smiled, and crooked a pudgy finger at the cameraman motioning him to join her.

Her confrontation of Mark was not a pretty sight. She cried and Mark swore, calling her a spy. She found out that the girl was his first fiancé, a girl named Mary. Mary had been killed by a drunk driver 3 years before they had been married. It took three days for Cheryl to cool off.

She still could not see why Mark was so attracted to fat, but she didn't kid him about it. She just looked at herself in the mirror and wondered.

The reflection showed a 23 year old blonde, 5'2" tall, weighing 105 pounds. While she was petite she did have large breasts, which Mark loved. But very little fat.

But as Halloween approached she was brought out of her blues by a very unexpected person. It was Belinda, Mark's best friend's wife. Cheryl had once called her Belinda the Blimp, but now was very careful to not tell Mark how fat she was. Belinda was just about the weirdest person that they knew. She was involved in some sort of cult that still believed in magic. She said she was a witch. But they did throw the best parties and a costume party was just the thing to bring her out of her doldrums. Mark was going to go as a Knight in shining armor. But Cheryl couldn't think of a thing to wear.

After a week of wondering Cheryl was in the market getting something for dinner. Then she looked up to see the fattest woman she had ever seen. The sight was such a shock that at first she couldn't do anything. But then Cheryl found herself following her around as she overloaded the cart with junk food. Cheryl then found herself watching the sway of the exaggerated hips. She was starting to see what Mark saw in such woman.

The woman's sexiness was overpowering, overflowing. Then it came to her in a flash. She would be a circus fat lady at the party. Not just any fat lady, but Chubby Cheryl, the worlds fattest lady.

Early the next morning she began to work on her costume. She would go to the library and check out just how makeup was done. After her jaunt to the library she got started. She decided that she would start at the head and work down. She thought that the bust would be a good start. Since she was so small everywhere else and wore a EE bra she knew where she could get a custom made bra. She drove over to Andre's. Once she was there she asked to see Andre alone.

"Andre, I have to ask what is the largest bra you have ever made."

Andre looked shocked. "Cheryl, you know that I cannot tell you that. You, along with all of the rest of my clients, wish privacy when you come here." After several minutes of begging Andre weakened. "I made a special bra for a very large busted stripper. It was a 78JJ." Cheryl was stunned to think that a stripper was that big in the bust. But she moved on. "No, Andre, I want to dress up as a circus fat lady. Have you ever done something like this?" "Yeah, I have. She was huge! It took three tapes to reach around her. I don't think I have ever seen so much cleavage." Cheryl let Andre ramble on for a few minute. Then they worked out just how to fit it to her much smaller body. It would take him three days to make the item.

She left there to go home and start working on the rest of the costume. She held it in strict secrecy. She was working on it while Mark was at work. It slowly took shape. The enormous bra, the largest sweats in town, the biggest dress, these were the things that helped her make up the costume.

To get her in the right mind set she watched the eating videos that Mark had in his library. She would get in the slowly forming costume and walk around in front of the mirror. She was starting to really feel sexy in the costume.

It was Friday, the day before Halloween, when she finally finished it. She looked in the mirror and was shocked! She was huge! Her belly almost reached the floor. The sweats that she had dyed flesh colored could just be seen, they really looked like rolls of fat. She had used a layer of liquid in a plastic tubing under the padding. It made her really jiggle when she waddled. Yes, waddled, all of the padding made walking almost impossible. The dress she had chosen was now too tight. She thought she had gotten kind of carried away with the padding.

The next day crawled by. Mark went out to the office in the morning and wasn't coming home until half an hour before the party. Belinda called to tell her that she should be ready to have the best time she ever had. At the witching hour there would be a small ceremony for her religion. This was the high holiday for her religion. Cheryl blew her off. She almost laughed in the phone, but she held her tongue.

During the day she found she was very hungry. She munched on this and that. By the time Mark got home she was over stuffed, but feeling very good. It took Mark less that 15 minutes to get into his armor. At the end of this he began calling to her to hurry up. She was getting dressed in her costume. As she did so she was having flashes of both erotic feelings and hunger. She worked the zipper up on her dress she was sorry she had that last handful of M&M's. She worked on the makeup for her face, as she did so the slender girl she was disappeared and a jowly triple chinned beauty appeared.

As she stood up from the dressing table she was amazed at the change that had come over her. And how sexy she felt. She waddled to the door then found a small problem. She was just a little too wide to fit through the door. She squeeze out into the front room and Mark's open mouthed reaction. She giggled and said, "Lover, I told you I was getting just a little too fat for those narrow doors. And you promised me to widen them." The last was said with her sexist pout. Mark stood there stammering. She waddled over to him and kissed him on the check. "Happy Halloween, love."

On the way to Belinda's house she kept up a constant chatter about how much she ate, how fat she had gotten, and how much fatter she wanted to get. Most of it was stolen from Mary's videos, but Mark seemed to love it. Cheryl ran her hands over the tight fabric of the blue dress she was wearing, not only did it drive Mark nuts, she was becoming turned on also.

When they arrived at the party she acted as if walking was almost impossible. And in the costume it almost was. She moved slowly to the front door, which was luckily a double door. Mark took her wrap and the conversation in the room suddenly stopped. Everyone there knew Cheryl as a skinny little sex-bomb. None could think of her a this blimpish behemoth.

Belinda came over to welcome them to her party. She was quite taken by Cheryl's costume. "Very sexy, Cheryl. I am quite jealous that I will not have Mark's eye tonight." With that Belinda moved away. Cheryl, still in the role, leaned on Mark and asked to be taken to a chair near the buffet table. He showed her to a sofa where she could see the table. Mark appeared momentarily with a plate overflowing with food. Cheryl was stuffed from her earlier gluttony, but soon found herself packing it away. It seem that no sooner than she finished off one plate, when somebody would give her another one.

It was 11:50 PM when Mark reappeared. "Help me up lover, it is almost time for the entertainment," Cheryl gasped due to the amount of food crammed in her belly. Mark was stunned to see that the seams on her dress were giving way, just as if she was really this fat! He was even more stunned to find how much force it took to get her on her feet.

At midnight the lights in the room went out and 13 women dressed in black entered the room. Each carried a black candle. They went through a very complex ceremony that was supposed to release the healing of the Earth Mother. And it was to grant the wishes of those who wanted change. After the ceremony the lights came on and the guests began to drift out. Mark and Cheryl were some of the first.

On the way home she was so turned on she could hardly stand it. In fact she opened Mark's costume and began to fondle his manhood. At the doorway they kissed and Cheryl's knees went weak. Mark's arms were just too short to reach around the newly inflated Cheryl. Mark's hands moved to the huge hanging belly and lifted it and let it drop. The sloping shelf jiggled and came to a rest a few seconds later. Her tongue darted in and out of his mouth as she kissed him.

Mark was in seventh heaven fondling the huge form of his costumed wife. Then as he lead her to the bedroom she reached out and grabbed the bucket containing the M&M's for the kids. She ripped open several snack sized bags while she watched Mark strip. As she munched she smiled, too bad she couldn't make love to him in costume. She just felt so damned sexy!

"Come here, Chubby Cheryl! Let see the fattest woman in the world move all of that fat." Mark was breathing as hard as his erection. Cheryl rolled to her feet and was amazed at how hard it was. She did a slow sexy waddle to her lover. He reached behind her and began to unzip the dress, which was perilously close to bursting. She was shocked to feel the cold air hit her back. The costume should have covered her shoulder blades! It was then that she heard Mark's gasp.

In the dressing table mirror she could see the wall mirrors reflection of her back. She almost fainted to see that instead of the fabric of her costume she saw creamy white flesh. As Mark rolled down the shoulders of her dress she became more light headed. She saw rolls of fat where there should have been nylon holding a padded costume. When he slid the dress further down she saw huge arms, gigantic breasts overflowing the enormous bra, a mountainous belly flowing down past her knees. The lowest roll of fat around her ankles reached the floor. She watched in wonder as two fat hands traced one of the folds of flesh down her sagging belly.

When she slid her fingertips, with long red painted nails, under the roll she had the first of the nights orgasms. It seemed to go on forever.

Mark directed her to the waterbed. As she sunk into it she heard the frame groan under her fabulous weight. Another orgasm flowed over her. She found Mark feeding her the last of the 10 pounds of M&M's. Her belly felt like bursting.

Mark poured warm oil over the bulging expanse. She lifted a flabby arm to brush back her silky blonde hair. She felt great. She was sure that Belinda's ceremony was responsible for this. She though she should call her, that is if she could move enough in the morning to reach the phone.

She looked lovingly up into Mark's eyes. The fire of passion that had never been there before sent shudders down her fat buried spine. As she smiled she said, "Happy Halloween, Lover." And it was for all..