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I opened the invitation; it was from Harry and Linda, two old friends of ours. It was for a Halloween party next week, a costume party with an unusual theme. The invitation said, “Fat or Pregnant,” as the theme for the costumes.

My wife Katy thought that it was really weird. She didn't get along with Linda all that well, but was fond of Harry. I secretly thought it would be a great turn on, and wondered who else among our circle of friends would be invited.

Our circle included four couples who had known each other for several years. While most of us had gained some weight over the years, Linda had gained the most and was now quite obese. Whenever there was a party at Harry and Linda's you could be assured that there would be plenty of food. I always thought that Linda would like to see all of us get as big as she is. What I didn't know, though Linda was devout Christian, she was also into Fat Magic, as we soon would find out.

Katy decided to go. She would dress up as a pregnant gymnast. I was having a terrible time thinking up what to wear as a costume. I thought of Santa Claus, but Steven was going a Santa and his wife, Sara was going as a pregnant cheerleader. John and Heidi were going, he as a sumo wrestler and she as the famous pregnant girl scout from the seventies.

While wandering around the children's section of our local bookstore I saw a book, the hero of which was a kid called “Captain Underpants.” I was intrigued by the thought of going to a party in briefs with everybody pretending to be fat or pregnant. I bought the book to show to Katy. She thought it was a great idea. She said she would look for “whitey tighties” at the thrift store when she looked for a gymnast outfit.

When Katy came home she was giggling like a school girl. She found a large leotard and some hose for her costume and for me an un-opened package of size 48 briefs and an old beach towel for my cape. Linda told her about a place that had fiber stuffing for pillows really cheap and Katy bought a big bag of it for the costumes.

Katy made padding out the fiber for her costume and modeled it for me. I was barely in control, seeing her prance around with the big belly and bottom. I think she enjoyed it too, as she stayed in the costume until we went to bed that night. She had me try on a pair of briefs, for modesty she thought I should wear two pairs. I agreed and even decided to wear a pair of my regular bikini style briefs “under the underpants.” Katy made some padding up for me. We placed a lot in the rear and around my sides also and then a huge mound in front. I looked at the picture in the book and sure enough, Captain Underpants was a chunky little guy. I, being nearly six feet tall and weighing around two hundred pounds, was not chunky enough to look right without the padding. I admired myself in the mirror; I have to admit I was more than just a little turned on. Katy in her pregnant gymnast outfit and me looking like a fat little toddler in my underpants was almost too much.

Halloween finally arrived; I felt like a kid before Christmas, I could not wait for the party! I helped Katy into our car; in her “condition” it was hard for her to get in. I had pulled on a pair of XXL sweats to drive to Harry and Linda's. All Capt. Underpants wears are underpants and a cape. I did not want to risk having to get out of the car with almost nothing on and being padded to boot.

We arrived at the party. It was all I had hoped for and more! Katy looked fantastic, she stayed “in character” feigning having to waddle and having a hard time getting up stairs. Sara looked fantastic as a pregnant cheerleader. She had found one of her old black maternity swimsuits, used the fiber stuffing Linda had told her about too and filled out the tummy and bottom portions of the suit. She found an old school sweater and a short pleated skirt that rode up on both her “tummy and bottom”. Steve made a great Santa Claus; he found a really good Santa suit at the thrift store. Sara made him padding to fill himself into the suit. John looked great as a sumo wrestler. Heidi had found a flesh tone body suit and installed the fiber stuffing in it. They got an old sheet for whatever you call what sumos wear to cover themselves. Heidi's pregnant girl scout was magnificent. She had found an old leader's uniform, the same color as the pg girl scout picture. She got maternity panties and filled them out with fiber stuffing, she had a tight slip under the uniform that just showed through where the buttons were straining to hold her in the dress.

We all headed to the front door. I stripped off my sweat pants to shrieks and giggles of the assembled guests. I had to admit I looked pretty good, not to mention being the most turned on I could remember.

Harry answered the door dressed as that baking company's elf spokesman. He looked pretty funny, but not very fat. Linda though had outdone herself. She was dressed as a spoiled, fat toddler. She had on a bonnet and a baby doll outfit the barely contained her girth. She was wearing a pair of tight tennis panties, with the lace, that were popular several years ago with short tennis dresses. She had on a pair of shoes made to look like children's shoes. Being so fat, her proportions really were very close to what a plump toddler would look like.

As we all entered Linda marveled at our costumes. She especially loved mine, probably because as Katy pointed out I was only half dressed. The house smelled of incense, it was very comforting though and soon I forgot all about it. There was an amazing amount of food. Their dining room table seemed to be piled two feet high with bowls and platters. There were bowls of candy, nuts and pastries all over the house. In fact, as I remember there was no place in the house where some sort of food was not within easy reach.

In keeping with being toddler theme for Linda, she had put out serving spoons and forks and huge platters as plates. Everything was to be in big proportions. So were our appetites.

We all starting filling up the huge platters, that were our plates with rich food. Linda had put out an unbelievable amount of very fattening treats and rich dishes. There were several kinds of pasta with bowls of rich sauces. Meats and cheeses, sweet rolls, pounds of butter, brats, cheese fries, cheeseburgers, casseroles and deep-fried foods. The dessert table was covered with tubs of ice cream and every topping you could imagine. Bowls of candy and nuts in every corner there wasn't a bowl of food.

Being “in character” for the three “pregnant women,” they seemed to be eating for two or more! It became a contest between Katy, Sara and Heidi, who could stuff more food into their “pregnant” bodies. They were giggling with glee and they showed each other how they could finish a huge plate of food and then refill it. They bumped each other's tummies and bottoms as they waddled to the buffet table. Linda just sat back eating plate after plate, that Harry dutifully filled for her, smiling at her fantasy coming true.

The guys were not any better than our girls, if not worse. John, patted his sumo gut and said, “well, I can't break training, can I?” He filled up plate after plate of food and shoveled it into his waiting mouth. Steve, dressed as a huge Santa, drank pitchers of milk to wash down platefuls of rich, warm cookies.

I, dressed only in briefs and a cape, was so turned on, that my only outlet, was to eat and EAT I did. I too filled plate after plate with whatever I could reach. I ate three platefuls of pasta, then brats, cheeseburgers and fries. I spooned candy corn by the pound into my face along with bowls of nuts.

I helped Katy eat also, cutting up her food so she could eat even faster. Katy also came over and stuffed me with candy bars that she unwrapped and stuffed into my waiting mouth.

By midnight most of the food was gone and incense burners had run out and there three very bloated and full couples, sitting holding there engorged bellies. Linda waddled around as best she could hugging everyone and thanking us for making it the best Halloween she had ever had.

We all waddled out to our cars. No one seemed to notice how hard it was to get in. Steve had finally gotten poor Sara into the passenger's side. Her skirt had popped off long ago and her old maternity suit was barely containing her engorged body. Steve tried to get in, but his belly was so big that he could not get behind the wheel of their car. Poor Steve had to get Sara back out, get her behind the wheel (just barely!) and squeeze himself in. Thanks goodness that John and Heidi had brought John's pickup; he was so huge he had to lie in the bed for the ride home. Heidi was barely able to get behind the wheel herself! Katy and I barely made it. I helped Katy into the passengers seat, she looked so great, and she looked even bigger than when we'd arrived, I noticed. I tried to put on my sweats, but I could not bend down far enough to reach them; funny, I thought. We all headed home for long night's sleep. Thank goodness Halloween fell on a Friday night!

The next morning I woke up. I felt kind of weird. I ran my hands over my body and I seemed to be still in my costume. I got up to use the bathroom; I felt I was waddling; my thighs were rubbing together and my cheeks seemed to be shifting around as I tried to walk. I looked in the mirror and saw I was still in the Captain Underpants briefs. I hooked my fingers around the waist band to pull them off, but I didn't feel the padding! I tugged off the now tight feeling briefs and let them slide to the floor. I still could not bend over. I looked in the mirror I could not believe what I was seeing. I had worn a pair of my usual briefs under the large costume ones. There staring back at me in the mirror was a huge, fat me! I had an enormous belly sagging over the waistband of my bikini, my bottom was even bigger, with a huge roll of fat sagging over the top and another roll under each leg opening. I shook myself, and to my shock, I jiggled. I could not see my feet, my belly stuck out so far. I climbed onto the scale it read 275 pounds! I had gained seventy-five pounds and nearly a foot on my waist in one night!

I waddled out to check on Katy. I moved to her side of the bed and pulled back the covers, she was on her side with her tummy bulging out onto the bed. She was still in the leotard, but panty hose and given way and there was a large hole in it exposing her plump thigh. The leg openings on the leotard were cutting into her bottom creating panty lines. I touched her belly; it was soft and quivered at my touch, not like padding.

Katy started to stir, I realized that my belly was sticking out over her face and I backed up. She woke up and looked up at me. “Honey, get out of your costume; you look too cute in it.” “Katy,” I said and shook her awake.

“It's not a costume, honey, it's all me!” She looked up her eyes widen, “Matt, your belly, your rear end - Honey, you're huge - what happened” she cried.

All I could do was pat my belly and say, “Linda's party; Katy, don't you remember how much we all ate?” “Well, now that you mention it, I remember getting a huge plate of food, but that's all I can remember, until you were helping me into the car,” she answered. Katy ran her hand down over her tummy and thighs, “Oh My God,” she shrieked, “I am huge, too!”

I helped her to her feet; she was having a hard time standing. Her belly stuck out so far that her center of gravity was messed up. We waddled to the bathroom for Katy to relieve herself. We got the leotard off and the hose. Katy looked fantastic, her belly stuck out as if she were nine month pregnant with twins, her bottom jiggled all over as she walked.

Katy and I just stared into the mirror, looking at the two round people staring back at us. Katy was rubbing her tummy and she started to smile, “Matt, you know this feels really good. Honey, are you getting as turned on as I am?” she asked. I grabbed her close to me and we kissed and waddled back to our bed for the best sex we had ever had.

An hour and half later we showered, not together though; we could not both fit in the shower together. I pulled on a t-shirt which did not cover my belly and a clean brief left over from the package Katy got at the thrift store. My regular briefs were now obscenely too small. Katy found a maternity panty in her closet and one of my t-shirts, that barely covered her tummy. We were both starving, but we were worried to leave our room. What would our children think when they saw how fat their parents were now?

We finally worked up the nerve and waddled downstairs. To our shock, neither of our teenage kids made the least comment about how much we had changed in one night. They acted as if we have been this big all the time. Maggie, our daughter, only said that she got everything on the shopping list this morning and that we must be starved since it was so late. She excused herself from the kitchen and said she was going over to the Mall with her girl friends and would see us later. We even hugged her goodbye; she kissed Katy and gave me an affectionate pinch on my belly.

This is so weird, I thought. “Let's call Steven and Sara; they were eating as much as we were.” I suggested. Katy dialed their number, “Sara, is that you?” she asked. I picked up the other phone to listen in. “Yes, this is URP, Sara,” she answered. “Hi, it's Katy and Matt. Are you guys okay, I mean did you gain any weight from last night at Harry and Linda's?” Katy asked.

Sara giggled, “Yes, URP, we did! You won't believe how big we are!” she shrieked into the phone. “Steve and I are having a little URP, BURP, breakfast in bed, URP, URP, BURP, Oh I can't believe how much fun this is!”

Katy asked, “Sara, how big are you?”

Sara burped again and answered, “I look like I am nine months with triplets! Steve is huge; I think he weighs over three hundred pounds. You want some more, dear?”

Katy said, “Sara, we will call you later, I'm going to call John and Heidi and then talk to Linda to see what she did to us.”

Sara burped again, “Ok, call us back, but I think we are going shopping for some clothes and more groceries, bye.” She hung up.

Katy just stared at the phone. I started to fix a whole box of pancakes and a couple of pounds of bacon I was starving. I could not believe how much food Maggie had bought at the store; the kitchen seemed to be crammed with food.

Katy called John and Heidi. Heidi answered the phone, “Hello,” she said. Katy thought well at least she didn't burp. “Heidi, it's Katy; are you guys okay?

Heidi giggled, “Well, we are okay, but we are a lot bigger though.”

Katy said, “So are Matt and I and Steven and Sara. How big are you?” Katy asked.

Heidi, giggled again, “I look like I am carrying twin hippos; my tummy is so huge, I can't see my feet and I can barely get into the bathroom.”

“How's John?” asked Katy.

“John's even bigger than me,” giggled Heidi, “His belly is sagging down onto his thighs; he can hardly get off the bed; I have to help him up.” Just then Heidi shrieked, “John wants to have some more fun,” giggled Heidi; “Call us back later.” And she hung up.

I was already eating pancakes as fast as I could make them. I was just ravenous with hunger. Katy shrieked, “Hey some for me to, there big boy.” Katy pushed her tummy up against me and reached as far around her tummy as she could and kneaded by fat love handles.

She ate three plates and I had four. She could hardly reach the table her tummy was pushed up against the table and she could not sit back any farther because of her round bottom was squeezed into the chair. My belly pushed my legs apart; it felt so good to have my warm belly lying on my thighs.

Katy called Linda. Harry answered and invited us over for supper. He said he had already called John and Heidi and Steve and Sara, and they were coming.

Katy and I found some clothes that came close to fitting. Katy had some old maternity clothes from her sister, who is huge. She managed to get in them; the dress rode up a bit in front and in back. I found an XXXL pair of sweats I had and a XXL t-shirt.

When we got to Linda's she was holding court in the living room. It looked surprisingly clean considering what the eight of us were doing in there last night. Linda was sitting in a love seat, but she filled the entire seat, she looked to be six feet wide. Her belly sagged down almost to the floor. Her housedress did not cover her lower belly. I was getting turned on just looking at her. She must have gained over a hundred pounds last night. She smiled as she looked at her former charges.

Linda asked us how we liked our new bodies. There were several giggles from the girls and chuckles from the guys.

Linda smiled, “I used a special incense last night and the fiber stuffing I recommended for you costumes was a special fiber used in the South Pacific to make girls look fatter.” She continued, “You will never be able to lose the weight and girth you gained last night. Heidi, Sara and Katy, your bellies will always look pregnant from now on. How much bigger you get is up to you and your husbands. Your bodies will want six to eight thousand calories a day just to maintain your present size. Any weight gain will only accentuate where you gained from your costumes, the same goes for Steve, John and Matt.”

As I took all this in, I was getting more and more turned on. Katy, Sara and Heidi looked fantastic: three huge bellies, barely covered. All three of them were playing with their tummies, rubbing them or scratching them. Sara and Katy kept lifting their dresses up to adjust tight panties. It was driving me wild.

I was stunned to look at John and Steve. Both of them must have gained over a hundred pounds. Their waists must have been at least sixty inches around. I was a relatively petite forty-eight inches, a fact that had not escaped Katy's attention, as I would soon find out.

Linda announced that supper was served. We all waddled toward the dining room, which again was crammed with platter after platter of rich, fattening food.

I was so turned on with all the huge tummies and bellies, not to mention my own belly, all I wanted to do was eat, eat and EAT. Katy wasted no time and making sure I had full plates of food. She was disappointed that my belly was nearly a foot smaller than John and Steve's now massive bellies. She made it clear to me, as she put fork full after fork full of rich pasta in my waiting mouth, what my next goal would be.

When supper was over, Linda announced that she wanted all of us to get together for Thanksgiving. We all struggled to get up and drive home.

I had become so engorged, that I could barely move. Katy had to help me out to our car. Sara ate so much that her tummy bloated out so that her maternity dress lifted up in front showing off her nice white lacy panty covered tummy. Heidi too had indulged and waddled out under her own power. Harry had to help both John and Steve; they were even more engorged than I was.

Katy got me home and up to our room; I peeled off my now tight clothes and waddled into the bathroom. I admired my belly in the mirror, thinking about adding another foot to it, how much fun that will be.

It is now almost Thanksgiving. In the last three weeks I have gained another fifty pounds I weigh three hundred and twenty five pounds. I am happy to report that my waist is up to fifty-nine inches.

Katy's weight had stabilized at one hundred and eighty pounds. She loves having a massive belly and looking pregnant all the time. I am sure with the holidays coming that she will start gaining again. Her favorite hobbies are cooking and feeding me!

Linda's spell, or whatever she did to all of us, had a weird side effect. The only people who noticed that the seven of us gained weight were ourselves and others who were already fat or obese. None of our children noticed anything different, nor did most co-workers. It made it seem that we had been this size all the time. I did have a few friends at work who were fat and they were very surprised and happy to see how much weight I had gained.

Another side benefit was my company got a new account. It was a chain of big and tall shops and, of course, when their management team saw me, I was their first choice to handle their account.

Well, it is almost bed time and Katy wants me to clean out all of the half eaten ice cream cartons in the freezer before I go to bed, so I better get started, I hope you enjoyed this short story. URP!