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The Way Love Handles You
By BrookeFan

(A story for you all. Warning, it is long and takes a while to get in to the gaining. Enjoy!)

"Looking at me, you might think I have been fat all my life. Well, you would be so very wrong. Until I was in my last year in High School, I was rail thin. I did not eat much, just enough to live, sometimes less but never more. That changed when I met Candy and her brother Brian. Here is that story..."

It was the second week of the school year. I was sitting by myself in a far corner of the lunchroom reading the latest science journal. I did not really have many (any) friends at the time. Then she came in. She was 5'6", about 130 pounds (later I would find out it was more like 150) and long, flowing blond hair. An angel made flesh! While I had no friends, I knew everyone and had never seen her before. New students were rare in these parts and I thanked God for this gift.

That is until he walked in. He was 6'1" and about 200 with a good amount of it as fat. He grabbed my dream girl and gave her a big hug. My heart sank.

Then they came my way. I decided that if I could not have her as a girlfriend then I could at least be her friend. As they got closer I could see her big beautiful blue eyes staring at me. When they were almost there, I realized that the boy was most likely her brother as they had very similar faces. My spirits rose! They stopped right in front of my table.

"My name is Candiance. This is my brother, Brian. We are new students here. Are you William?" she said in her angelic voice. William, William, who is William? Oh, wait that is me!

"Yes, I am William. Call me Bill. How can I help you?"

"The principal said that you would be the best person to show us around. You fit his description to a tee. 'Tall, thin, gangly, with glasses and a book' Oops, I hope I did not insult you with that." No, the only way you could insult me is to tell me that you are only staying for a week. Then she laughed. No other sound has ever been so glorious.

"No insult taken. Where are you from and how long will you be here?"

Brian answered, "We are from California and will be here through the end of the school year, maybe longer."

They sat down and we started to talk. Their father was in the military and he was to be transferred here until next summer. I found out they liked many of the same writers as I did. We spent the rest of lunch talking and I knew I was in love.

I walked them to class. We dropped Brian off. Just before we reached her class, I asked her to join me after school. She said, "Sure, it's a date" and smiled a smile like no other I had ever witnessed. We waved good bye to each other.

I had trouble keeping my concentration during my last three classes that day. Mr. Holmes even had to call me out of a daydream to answer a question, which gave my whole class a long laugh. But did I care? No! I was in love.

My dream came to a screeching halt when we met later that day. Sure she was beautiful as ever (maybe even more) but her brother came too (wwaaahhh!). I showed them around town. She especially liked the arcade and library he liked the park. I walked them home and she gave me a little peck on the right cheek in thanks for showing them around (I did not wash that cheek for three days).

The next day we met at lunch again. They unpacked their meals and I mean unpacked their meals. There must have been more food then I ate in a week (which I will admit, at the time, was not much). They offered me some but I politely declined. Brian ate the lion's share (and more) of their feast. We talked about where we had been yesterday and where we might go today. As we went to class, I became even more love struck then I was the day before. Mr. Holmes even threatened to send me to the nurse to see if I was sick or on drugs.

We met again that afternoon and visited the lake. Which was a mistake because all I could think off was how much the water's color was the same as her pretty eyes (the fact that it was a circular lake did not help either). Again the day ended with her giving me a peck.

We met at lunch at our usual table (the other students seemed to be fine with this). They unpacked their next super feast. They offered me some, this time I took a nibble (or four). It was quite good. I politely declined having seconds as I was now quite full. I told them about a farm just outside of town that I would like to take them this afternoon. They said sure. Mr. Holmes sent me to the nurse. She did not find anything wrong with me but she did send me home early anyway. I used the time to plan our trip.

We gathered at her brother's car and went to the farm. They enjoyed looking at the animals. It was here that I found out she was into cooking and that she was heavier than I thought (I was off by 25 pounds on Brian too). Her mother was a chef until she met her father. She told me what each animal could be made into, giving me every juicy detail (which was starting to make me hungry). She asked if I would like to join them for dinner. I said sure (my parents decided long ago that I was not the trouble maker type and so did not give me a curfew). She called her parents, and they okayed it. Then we were off.

If it was not for the overabundance of flowers and other plants, their home would have been like any other on the track. It was a two-story. Her parents were a big shock. He was my spitting image, that is: 'tall, thin, and gangly, with glasses and a book' (just older and a little heavier). She was the spitting image of her daughter except for two very important differences: she was taller (about 5'9") and she was huge. She had to be at least 300 pounds (she was over 400 I would later find out).

We sat down to dinner. Or should I say DINNER! It was more food then I had ever seen in my life. I ate as heartily as I could (which was not very). Her mother noticed. She said she could fix anyone's appetite (boy did she mean it). After the meal, Candy took to her room. She showed me her favorite possessions. Her most prized was a really old cookbook. The day ended with her giving me a peck AND a hug. I was now on cloud nine (and ten, maybe even eleven).

The next day we met as usual but with a new step: the gift. It turns out that their mother had sent a sack lunch just for me. It was way too big for me. I ate about a third and was stuffed. I promised to save the rest and nibble on it as I got hungry (which I did dip into the back between classes). The bag was half-empty by the time we met for our afternoon trip.

I was feeling a little sick from the overindulgence and so we took it easy and just went to the park. We stayed out longer than before. Brian complained about being hungry and so I was invited to dinner again. I declined still being a bit ill (and having visions of eating too much and really becoming sick). She gave me a stronger hug than the night before and the kiss (no longer just a peck) on the cheek lasted just a bit longer too.

My parents asked why I was late (they were not worried, just curious). I told them I had been out with a few friends and almost caused my father a heart attack. They congratulated me and showered me with love (and some extra spending cash). I skipped dinner and went straight to my room. It was then and there that I decided to do whatever it took to make Candy my wife. I tried to finish her mother's cooking but just did not have the ability to (boy was this going to change). I feel asleep with dreams of us as a happy couple like her parents.

Friday morning saw the end of the goodie bag. I met up with Candy and Brian before school and asked them if they had plans for the weekend. They said no. So we agreed to do something together. As we were separating, Candy said she almost forgot to give me my goodies. She handed me the bag (lighter than the day before). I thanked her and her mother.

I nibbled from the bag during class breaks, so it was a little less full when lunch came. They had their meal as normal and me with mine (it was here that I decided to start to save my lunch money for other things). It was about two thirds done before I was too full. I had finished by the time we met for the afternoon. We went to the movies with the trip being my treat. I got a medium popcorn (a small was my normal), she a large and Brian got the tub. He decided to find a seat closer to the screen and left us alone. I suggested we go to the lake again tomorrow during the trailers. She agreed. I barely finished my popcorn because of still being full from the goodies.

After the movie they invited me to dinner again but I was just too tired (and stuffed). She gave me a bear hug and the kissed on the cheek (which was getting closer to my mouth). She told me she could not wait for tomorrow. We waved good bye.

I went home and rested for a while. I then did something I had never done before, I made a midnight snack (just a fairly big bowl of ice cream). I had sweet dreams of familyhood with Candy.

I woke up feeling real hungry. I asked for seconds (and thirds) at breakfast, which almost gave my mother a heart attack. I packed some stuff for the day's outing to the lake. My father gave me forty bucks for trip (which I did not need and so saved it for later).

When I reached her place, Brian backed out to finish his homework. He offered his car (she had a license). She grabbed a huge picnic basket and said her good byes. She handled the car the way a duck takes to water. I was quiet the whole trip (which is not normal for me). She finally asked me if she had said or did something to make me so quiet. I laughed which gave her a pained look. "Look, I was laughing because of the question, not at you. You could never do anything to make me unhappy." This cheered her up.

We walked around the lake.

We ate.

We fished.

We ate.

We went out in a rowboat.

We ate.

We talked.

We ate.

Toward the end of the last meal (which had me way passed the stuffed point) I asked if the basket housed the never-ending cornucopia which got a hearty laugh out of her. When she finished, she explained that it was her cooking and she just liked to cook. I had to admit that it was even better than her mother's was. I was rewarded with a huge smile and a deep blush. I made a comment that she made so much because Brian was supposed to come and she denied it. She admitted that she knew he was not going to want to come when I first asked her to go. She just liked going out we me so much, she wanted to thank me and cooking was one of the things she was good at. I moved a little closer and gave her a hug and a long peck to welcome her.

We held hands on our way back to the car. She dropped me off at home and wished me a good night. Our kiss was almost on the lips. She waved good bye and said she would see me at church. My parents netted me before I could sneak to my room. They quizzed me on the "date" and on Candy. They said she looked like a good girl (they had been watching when she dropped me off).

I did not sleep much that night. I did not eat breakfast (maybe I did and just could not remember it). I somehow got dressed for church. I was a love zombie. I dragged my feet. Then I saw her! I was revitalized! She was in a choir uniform. I clumsily asked her if she was in the choir (duh, that was why she was in the uniform). I introduced our parents (my father is an ex-jock and was still in shape, my mother was a former cheerleader that had gone to pot or at least was very chubby). They became fast friends (almost as fast as Candy and I did).

She sang and it sounded as if it was for me alone (which it might have been). I never had been more thankful for Sunday or church. After church our families went to the park together. I bought her a huge ice cream cone and we walked around the falling leaves. She and I formally declared our love for each other and had our "first" kiss (a long and breathtaking one at that). We then had dinner at her house. I stuffed myself to my limit (over my limit). Her mother gave each of us a going away package. We had a long hug good bye and another long kiss.

Monday started our new school schedule: A big breakfast for me. Meeting Brian and Candy before school. Getting my gifts (my food, a hug and a kiss or three). Snacking between (and much later during) classes. Meeting for lunch. More breaktime snacking. Our afternoon trips (which Brian always came on). Some nights we would go to her house for dinner, others mine. End with a long hug and a much longer kiss.

On Saturdays she and I would go out alone. Sometimes to the lake, sometimes to the farm, sometimes even to the movies (with me trying to work my way to the big tub sized popcorn). Whatever we did, she would bring her basket full of love, err, I mean food. Sundays would normally be church then off to her house for the weekly feast with my parents treating us all to some kind of entertainment afterwards.

This went on until the week of Thanksgiving. That Thursday we planned to spend the day at her house with our families. I was getting dressed Wednesday morning when I noticed my clothes were getting tight (which I always had worn very lose before). I had to work a little to find something that would fit right. I then sorted my clothes as to what would still fit and into what was too small. The fit pile was much smaller than the other. I was shocked. I ran to the mirror and got undressed. I did not really look much bigger just a little softer. I weighed myself, a 6-pound gain, just shy of a pound a week. Wow! I slowly got dressed again.

I finally realized what time it was and ran to school. I was late to school for the first time in my life. It cost me more than that. I had missed my time with Candy. No kiss, no hug, no goodies! By the time lunchtime came, I was HUNGRY! Hungry like I had never been before. My stomach was growling like an old dog guarding its last bone. Then she appeared. The first thing I noticed was that she had gained too (her cheeks were much fuller and she had more of a butt). Her brother was right behind her with his arms around her shoulders (he had gained too, hmm).

It was now that I had noticed she had been crying. I rushed over to them.

"What is wrong, Angel?"

"Where were you this morning? We missed you. I missed you!" I did the stupid thing again. I laughed. She started to leave. I grabbed her and held her close.

"I was late getting dressed this morning, nothing more, Angel. Come on, sit down you two and let us talk this out."

We all sat down at our usual table (which was never sat at by anyone else). We talked out and she thought that I was avoiding her because she was getting fat. (She was now at 170 pounds, which turned me on for some reason). I did it again. I laughed. She would have run then but I grabbed her tightly by the arm and kissed her long and hard (which caused the lunchroom to cheer). I suggested we walk out and have some privacy. We said we would see her brother after school.

We walked out to the ball field, hand in hand. I told her that her weight would never be an issue between us. I told her how I had noticed I was gaining too and that was why I was late. A well-timed stomach growl saved our relationship. I gave her another long kiss and said I would see her after school. I picked up some snacks so I would not be completely starving for this afternoon.

We all met with Brian begging off to study (yeah, right) and leaving us his car. We went to the lake and just walked, talked and ate the evening away. I stuffed myself beyond limit (I ate more that day then I did in a week before I met Candy). I made sure to tell her I loved her many times that day. On the way home she apologized for not giving me my gift this morning, I stopped her before she finished since it was my fault. She just kissed me and reached behind the seat and handed me the goodies bag (the biggest yet). I kissed her back. We had a long hug and a final kiss good night.

I did not sleep at all that night. Instead I nibbled on my goodies and wrote love sonnets. There was something different about them; I just could not put my finger on what was different (the goodies that is). Maybe it was just love kicking it up another notch. The bag was gone before the break of dawn.

Surprisingly, I was still hungry for breakfast (which was three times the size of my old one) with room for seconds.

Dad loaned me one of his smaller dress suits (plenty of room to feast in). We arrived at 11am and did not leave until 10pm. It was basically one long feast with talking, kissing, naps and watching football in-between settings. By the end of the day I was so bloated I filled out the suit. Candy had to change her clothes twice because of lost buttons. Brian had even brought his new girlfriend, Susan. By the end of the day I realized that we all had gained weight (well except for Candy's mom, she did not look any bigger) over the last few weeks especially mom who looked like she out gained Candy. She gave me the best kiss and hug combo for a good bye present (and a big goodie bag too). I told her that she and her family was too good to me. This got me a blush and another kiss. We said we would meet tomorrow to go to the lake.

I did not sleep that night either. Again, I nibbled on my goodies and wrote love sonnets. There was something different again. The bag was gone way before the break of dawn. Surprisingly, I was still hungry for breakfast (which was three times the size of my old one) with room for thirds! I also was not tired at all. Weird!

We spent both Friday and Saturday at the lake (from 11 am until they closed for the night). Each day we ate till busting many times and kissed our brains out (we came close to sex a few times but luckily pulled back just in time). I did not sleep a wink the whole weekend and had a goodie bag every night instead. Sunday we went to church as usual.

I asked Brian if we could borrow his car this afternoon. He okayed it. I treated Candy to a shopping trip for clothes instead of the usual family outing (I spent the money I had been saving from the unused lunch money). We were both in need of new clothes (only her very baggy choir robes fit comfortably anymore). We each got clothes a size bigger for extra room. It was here that I found out that Chocolate Chip Gingerbread cookies were her favorite.

We separated early that night because she had homework to finish. She gave me our usual kiss/hug/goodie bag combo. I skipped dinner and went straight to bed to figure out how to bring my new plan to fruition (and to finish off the goodie bag before bed). I slept like a baby that night.

I felt bloated that morning and decided to assess the damage (I knew I gained that holiday weekend). I had put on about 6 pounds that weekend. Candy was always out eating me so she probably gained even more. This made me more determined then ever to go through with my plan. I asked mom if she could help while have a second big breakfast (nothing like planning to make a man hungry).

We met that morning as usual except no Brian (he was with his girlfriend). She was looking as lovely as ever in her new baggy red dress. She gave me my hug, a kiss and the goodie bag. I almost got kicked out of math class that day because I could not stop laughing. Candy had written a note and stapled inside the bag. It only said: 181!

When we met at lunch, it was just Candy and me. Brian had found a table for just him and Susie. I gave her 19 kisses and told her it did not matter what she weighed. I told her I was not going to be able to met her that afternoon or evening because of a major homework project (which was not completely a lie, I never said it was assigned by school). She pouted but I told her I would make it up to her tomorrow.

I ran home and met with mom. We completed my plan by 10pm that night (which pissed dad off because dinner was late). I went to sleep almost immediately. I got up early and ran for school (and missing breakfast). I hide the fruits of my labor in Candy's locker and went and hide until it was time for us to meet.

I was standing around trying to look innocent when I felt a great weight grab me from behind and drag me to the ground with a mighty bear hug. Candy then flooded me with kisses. Still trying to play innocent, I asked her why the great deluge was coming my way. She told me that my gift was the best she had ever had and wanted to know where I got them. I said I did not know what she was talking about. She then stated that until I told her from where they came, she would not let me get up (and since she was stronger and heavier than I was, she had me right where she wanted me).

I admitted I had made them, which made her start to cry. She told me that I better be telling the truth and that I better make more for her sometime. I promised and she let me up. She then gave a kiss that robbed me of all breath. This began a new tradition: my gift of Chocolate Chip Gingerbread cookies everyday. It then started to snow. She said that it was the first time she had ever seen snow for real. I promised that if enough fell by the end of school, we would make snowpeople all afternoon. Which is just what we did.

We spent the next few weeks eating, making snowpeople, trading goodies and skating on the lake. A few things had escaped my notice until the just before "Winter Vacation. First, I was putting on weight faster than before (I was up a total of 25 pounds since meeting Candy) and all of my new clothes were "form fitting" now. Second, the goodies bags I was getting were getting bigger and bigger (but better and better). Third, I was eating even more at home. What surprised me most was that none of this bothered me at all.

We met before class as normal. We met for lunch. It was not until Candy took off her coat that I noticed she was wearing the red dress I had bought her. Candy was also getting real plump (she looked like she had gained more than I had) and her "new dress" was too tight. I suggested we go shopping that evening and she attacked me with kisses (the crowd ignored us, as this was normal for us now). I told her that I need new clothes too because I was filling out quite fast also. She laughed. She admitted she was just shy of 200 pounds.

Later, I joked that her mother was trying to fatten me up with her goodies, which earned me the dirtiest look from Candy. Then it clicked. The reason the goodies were getting better and were different was because she was making them now, not her mom. I was stupid again and laughed. I grabbed her before she could flinch and gave her the kiss of a lifetime (at least that is how I felt it went). I explained that I now understood why she was mad that day so long ago. She had made the first bag and I did not show, so she associated it with not liking her anymore. I apologized and kissed her a few times.

Went shopping that night. I made sure that we each bought stuff a few sizes too big. We celebrated that she was now over 200 (or would be by the time that we were done celebrating). We spent the next few weeks as we did Thanksgiving weekend (lots of time at the lake, long picnics, lots of kissing, no sleep and goodies every night). I gave her gift certificates for plus size shops and a huge tin of cookies (they were gone before the end of the night). She gave me a cookbook and some cooking gear (my parents gave a car).

Our parents let us spend New Years weekend in a hotel by ourselves. While we did sleep together, we did not have sex (we both decided that would wait for marriage). It was a stuffing and kissing orgy with us never leaving the room once (I think a good amount of our gain came from during that time). She wore the red dress on New Year's Eve and it split just after midnight (she said she wanted to end the year wearing the first thing I had ever bought here). We also celebrated my crossing the 200 mark (just 2 weeks after her). She also told me how much she likes the feel of my love handles. I pinched hers and told her that hers were nice too. By the time Monday morning came around, I was a bloated 205 and she was a gorgeous (pun intended) 241. She put the gift certificates to good use.

Our weight gain slowed down after that even though we were still eating like there was no tomorrow. We took a cooking class together the next semester. I gave her a ring (just a friendship one) on her birthday (we also celebrated her 250th pound). We celebrated my 220th for my birthday. By the end the school year I leveled out at 225 and she hit 275. We partied all summer and made plans for college (she wanted to go to a cooking school out of state and I wanted to go for a Speech Degree, also out of state). We agreed to get our degrees then marry.

Late that summer we had our last night together and broke our promise of waiting until marriage for sex (all I can say is that it was worth it). We had a weekend that beat out New Year's. I kissed the bountiful form of my 295 pound beauty and gave her a last giant tin of Chocolate Chip Gingerbread cookies. She gave me the picnic basket (filled of course). We agreed to call and email each other as often as possible. I met my new roommate, Bob, who was also a big man (just not as big as my 220). Candy and I communicated often but it was many years before we would see each other in the flesh again (but that is a different story). That is how I lived my first year as a fat person and you?