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Happy Holidays!
By Solo

"I want to be more curvy, more womanly - do you think I am womanly?"

"Of course you are, Trish; you have great curves," I am such a liar.

"You are such a liar." Did she hear me? Did I say that out loud?

"Well, what do you want to do? Do you want implants? Listen some would love to have your figure, You might not have a lot of curves but you are thin and fit. You look fine." There, that time I wasn't lying.

"Some would.... I wouldn't. I have to do something; I am bored with myself. I have cut my hair tons of different ways; I got a tattoo, did the belly button thing, and still I feel like I need more. I try to add to my sex appeal, but I never actually get anywhere."

"Trish, I love you know matter what you do. Just don't do anything too drastic ok, at least without discussing it."

"I know; I'm sorry. It's just that, well, I want to be more sexy. I know you look at other girls sometimes." Hey she's right; I'm not blind. "And if I had bigger breasts and nicer hips you might enjoy me better. Don't try to argue against me, I know this is true. I am going to find a way to be your dream girl by Christmas."

"Ok baby, but it's almost Halloween already. Whatever you do, be safe."

"I will; I better buy some candy."

"We already have some!" I yelled as she went out the door. This is a strange predicament. I mean it is true; I love her dearly; it's just that, well, her body is boyish. No, she has no male genitalia you sickos; she just has a plain body. Facewise, Trish is gorgeous, quite striking actually. That's what attracted me to her in the first place. I couldn't see her body because we met in the winter. I am an old fashioned guy so we didn't get our clothes off well into the relationship. Now she is pretty thin: like, her waist is 25 inches, her hips are 27, and her bust is a 32 A. She's 5 ft 2in, 102lbs and quite energetic. Plays sports, goes to the lake with me, skis; she is a blast to be with. I wouldn't mind if she beefed herself up a little, got herself a little more meat in the right spots, but how do you tell that to a girl? I think she's doing it on her own now, though. I wonder where this is going....

October 30th:

"Babe," I called, "Do you know where the Halloween candy is?"

"Don't worry about it, hon; I'll take care of it!" You know I think she did take care of it; I think she's been eating it all week. I noticed the wrappers in the trash but decided not to say anything.

"Well, it'll be fine, I guess, since we won't need it anyway. Do you have a costume for the party?" I love Halloween parties; you can dress up as anything you want and go nuts. I am going to be a pimp, and Trish will be my Ho. It's too bad that the kids around won't get candy from us this year but, so far it doesn't look like they would get it even if we were home. I think Trish ate it all!


Yeah, I made sure I would put this day down so you all could read, about her outfit. Mine was a cheesy purple suit and hat to match. I got the cane the walk and the Mr. T gold. Trish, though damn, she went all out. She got a tight vinyl dress at this online store called retailslut.com. It was really shiny and black.

"Sorry honey, do I look bad? I seemed to fill out a little since I ordered it; it doesn't really fit that well." It was true it didn't fit.

"When did you order it?"

"About 2 weeks ago."

"Really, is it your size?"

"I think so; do I look too slutty?"

"Babe how could you? You are supposed to be slutty! You are a ho!"

How could I not have noticed these changes on her? I mean it's not like we haven't been getting it on or anything. This dress looked amazing on her. Her breasts are pushed up in it, kind of smashed and her hips stretch the fabric out to the fullest extent. Well, she is getting what she wanted. She sways when she walks now; man, I am getting hot; I have to calm down.

"Honey you can't have the slut now, how would we make any money?" as she glanced down at my crotch area.

"I'll hook you up later," and now she grabbed it. What a freaking tease!

"You look great, babe."

"Thanks, pimpdaddy, but I am not done yet! Let's go!"

November 2nd:

Why is it that you have no candy on Halloween and tons of it in your closet after Halloween? That happens when your girl it eating it up like a madwoman and bought it all 50% off at the store!

"Honey, I am going to make us a turkey dinner tonight. Since the family is coming over for Thanksgiving this year I need to practice! I hope you don't mind me making a lot of turkeys mashed potatoes and stuffing till then!"

"I love turkey."

"My favorite is the stuffing, but I'll make the rest too! Thanks, hon, I am going to buy some stuff at the store."

And she left... Yeah, I bet she loves the stuffing now... dang, she's been stuffing for a while. It's changed her, not much since Halloween, but I can see it in her body. A slight fatty layer is forming. I wonder what she weighs now. I have an idea, I'll bust the scale and get one that talks. That way I can hear it if she uses it. She weighs herself every AM before a shower and before she sleeps. I guess it's a girl thing.


"Here we are!"

"Babe, this is enough food for 8 of us."

"I know, but I am hungry."

"No way you are gonna eat all this food."

"I can try....."

And she did try. If I was to ration her food, she must have had a plate of stuffing, smothered in gravy, and another of mashed potatoes and turkey and another half of the rest of the fixings. She kept burping and eating more. All the while drinking a chocolate shake.

"God, am I full!"

"No kidding, babe; you ate so much! Look at your tummy; it looks like you swallowed a bowling ball."

"I can't get up! Ha ha ha I am stuck!"

"Here, babe, let me help you up."

"I can see I don't need to help you!" I guess I was rising to the occasion again; she looked kind of cute with this belly. So I helped her up and got her to bed.

"Trish, you outdid yourself, what do you want me to do with the leftovers?"

"I'll eat them for lunch; pack them up."


There was another meal left for two. She was serious about this weight gain!

"Hey! The scale is broken!"

"Really? I can pick up another after work if you want, babe."

"Can you get one now?"

"I guess."

Went to Walmart, got my new scale with voice and went home to find a surprise. There was a finished pint of ice cream. How could she do that? And more candy wrappers. I am gonna be living with a fatty in no time!

"I got the scale! It's the last one they had; sorry if you don't like it."

"It's fine, thanks; I'll put it upstairs."

Three minutes went by and I have been waiting at the stairs to hear it...


What? No freaking way! 25 pounds! She has gained a quarter of her weight in just a few weeks! How? I went in the kitchen and looked through the cabinets. That is where I saw it: those shakes were not milk, they're weight gain powder. Holy crap, she is slamming the calories. Where will she stop?

November 19th (Four Turkeys Since Then....):

I was in the bedroom sleeping; Trish said she had something to do on the computer, something she had to order more of. I bet it's more weight shake. She is a plumper now. In just over a month Trish has gone from 102lbs to a lot more.

"Hey, lover, are you ready for some fun?"

"Hey, babe, are you thinking what I am thinking?"

"You got it, let me get on top this time. I want you to rub my body as we are doing it."

"You got it."

Man, was she great. No lights, but I could see with my hands. She must be sporting a D-cup now! These are great tits! I can really feel them moving! Definitely more than a handful! Moving down... a little pot here - she wanted curves she's got a few - not too bad though kinda chunky now. Where is that belly button ring? In a fold? Yup, got it. Wow, had to do a little dive there! Still, though, she's hourglass shaped. That's a good thing for me... hips and butt come on down! Well, actually I think they were coming up! They met me halfway! This is the mushiest ass I ever grabbed! It's like Play-doh! Gosh I didn't think Play-doh was this much fun. It didn't bounce this much either, did it? Maybe she's like a filled-up water balloon.

Whatever it is she's rippling like waves on the beach. These thick thighs are squeezing the heck out of me. Damn, she's big now. I haven't been laid in a while; maybe she was saving this. The head was good, but this, man, this is great! Volcanic? Geyser? Trying to describe what we both did. Hmmm. You can pick an adjective for it.

"I thought you'd like that."

"Babe, that was awesome."

"Just wait till Christmas, lover..." And she stepped into the bathroom.

Just then the mechanical voice came about: