by Rebel

He jumped when the doorbell rang. She had always made him nervous, and it was nice to know that after their long separation that she still had that power over him. It was the same kind of nervousness that wentalong with your first kiss; a delightful tingle that could make you sick if you let it.

He was also anxious to see if she had changed as much as he had. Since the last time she saw him, he had grown considerably. At 5'10" and a shade past 300 pounds, he was an undeniably fat man. His globular belly surged out before him, supporting a respectable set of man-tits. His broad thighs jiggled when he walked, and his flabby ass positively bounced. The fat added a youthful look to his face, where his dark eyes danced beneath his black hair. If he shaved his mustache off, he'd look even younger. She had always said he was a good looking man, but she had never seen him anywhere near this fat before.

That was ironic, really. He had always tried to fatten her up when they were together before. As far as feeders went, he was a good one. But she had no interest in being a feedee, even less in being fat. She rebelled and had been losing weight and working out when they separated. And now, he was the fat one. He had to grin at the irony of it.

However, he had never been one to give up easily. He had cooked her a big meal in the hopes of feeding it to her. Hey, it could happen!

All of this flashed through his brain in seconds, the shorthand of thought. Now he was touching the doorknob, savoring the nerve-wracking moment before opening the door. His thoughts flipped through all his imagined possibilities of what she would look like, then he twisted the knob and pulled.

But he could never have imagined she would look like this. There was no doubt that it was her, not with that all that golden hair and those jungle-green eyes. But the rest of her caught him completely off guard. She was huge! Giant muscles crowded together under her shirt, pushing her big breasts up and slightly outward. Those tits were about the only body fat he could see on her. The contours of her biceps peeked out beneath her sleeves and joined into the thick cords of her forearms. Her jeans were tight, and clearly showed that her legs were more than equal to the strength of her shoulders. This was not the chubby woman he was expecting, but 5'8" of Amazon muscle.

There was a moment of silence which she finally broke. "Oh my God!! Look how FAT you are!" One hand snaked out and caught thick roll of flab at his waist. Her grip was strong, and it hurt. But when he reflexively jerked away, her grip doubled in strength. "I never imagined you could even GET this fucking fat!"

His hand brushed hers away, worrying him for a second about what he would do if she didn"t simply let go. "Yeah, well... It suits me, I think." He quickly added "But it doesn't look like I'm the only one who's changed around here."

Her smile was as devastating as he remembered. "No, I guess not." She brought her arms up and curled the wrists out and in, like the professional bodybuilders do. Her shirt jumped and stretched to accommodate the steely flexing of her arms. They were arms that most guys would give some unobtrusive body parts to have. "I know that you probably don't like it, but I do." She changed poses to show off her chest. Even breasts as big as hers couldn't disguise the rippling strength across her pectorals. "There's somethin' comforting about knowing that I can kick someone's ass now." She quit flexing and let that statement hang in the air.

He smiled, instantly draining any implied threat there might have been in it. "Well, whether I like your new body or not, it is very good to see you." Her gentle smile mirrored his own, and they hugged. It was an odd sensation, the rigid muscle of her body mashing into the deep blubber of his own. His hands couldn't quite make him believe how brawny her back was. After a moment, he realized how pleasant that odd sensation had become. From the way her hands felt all the flesh on him, she agreed.

That is, until she squeezed the draping rolls on his back. Not as hard as she had grabbed him in the front, but a long way from gentle. Her intensely strong hands held on, and she used the fat to crush his body tighter against her own. This was not a pleasant sensation any more. THIS was the most vividly erotic sensation he had ever known from a hug.

"So tell me what else you have planned tonight..." Her whisper in his ear was intoxicating. No answer came to mind until they finally parted from their embrace. Her lean cheeks were flushed, so apparently he wasn't the only one who had enjoyed it.

"How about some dinner to start?" He clapped his hands together softly, and tried to rub the lingering details of her back away.

"Oh good. I'm starving! I haven't eaten in hours!" She grinned, knowing that he would love hearing her say that for old times' sake.

He did love hearing her say that. Absently, he figured that she was probably serious. It must take a lot of calories to maintain a hundred and eighty pounds of feminine muscle. A lot of lean calories...

Faltering a bit as he started, he said "Italian food tonight. My beefy lasagna is ready to come out at any time, I have spaghetti and salad to start, garlic rolls, and a special little dish of my momma's made from olives, leeks, and mushrooms in Alfredo sauce." He saw that she wasn't smiling. "And a really good bottle of Chianti!" he added hopefully. "And of course, lots of Haagen-Dazs for dessert..."

She still wasn't smiling. "You never change, do you? Sure, you've become a huge fat-ass with a gut the size of my car, but you really haven't changed one bit!" She walked right up to him, the heels of her boots putting them right at eye level. "I have worked my ass off to get this body, and now here you are trying to feed me again!" Their eyes held for an eternal second. "Oh well, I guess it probably tastes all right. You obviously know about eating," she poked him in the gut and watched as the waves slowly subsided, "so you might have learned something about cooking as well. I guess you might as well put it on the table, and let's eat."

He turned to go to the kitchen, wondering if she would have said all that if his erection wasn't showing through his slacks along the wide fat of his thigh. It took him a while to get everything that he had cooked out to the table, There was easily enough here to feed four, maybe six people. Carrying it out and smelling the spicy aromas was making his indulgently pampered stomach rumble, and he hoped that it was having the same effect on her.

He was on his last trip, carrying the lasagna like a work of art above his paunch. She had been sitting quietly at the dining table as he brought out the rest of the feast, and he expected her to still be there. Instead, she was standing in front of the table, all of her clothes in a rough pile off to the side.

Seeing him freeze in mid-step told her that she had gotten every bit of the reaction she wanted from him. She casually flexed her chest and thighs, enjoying the gaping stare her hard naked body was getting. And she could also see that long bulge on the in-side of his thigh growing. She cleared her throat, intentionally tightening her rippling abs when she did. His eyes jerked up to hers, still filled with disbelief. "Don't you want to set that hot lasagna down, Fat Boy?"

Walking around her to the table took longer than he thought. Damn, but she was big! Her arms and shoulders were bigger than any woman he'd ever seen, and they were dwarfed when compared to her legs. Her ass was a match for those legs, round and upright, and inconceivably big for muscles. At last, the lasagna clattered onto the hot pad. He turned back to face her.

"Look at me. You know that I could easily kick your piggy ass!" She was still facing the other way, letting him get a good long look at her broad back. "Do you really think it's fair that you get to look at me this way while you are still covering your flabby body?" Her voice was as hard as the sinews of her back "Strip your clothes off, Fat Boy!"

He was already kicking his shoes off, and working at the tight belt. It finally unbuckled and he had his pants down not long after. The socks were pulled off as he stepped out of the slacks. There was no underwear to slow him down, and next he crossed his arms to his chest for his shirt buttons.

She was there before he knew it. Her fingernails scratched him as she ripped the shirt apart, sending buttons skittering away. Using nothing but raw force, she tore his arms out of the sleeves. Then she pushed him back, his soft ass cheeks bumping into the table. "Now, stand up straight. Show me what a fat pig you are." He did as she said, his chubby cheeks glowing red and his massive hard-on trying its best to lift his potbelly. Her breathing sounded a little rougher when she told him to turn around. He tried to imagine what she thought of his wide ass beneath the rolls from his back. At the moment, he could only hope that she liked it.

"My God, you are so fat. I have never seen anyone as big as you are. I just can't believe that you've gained this much weight since the last time I saw you." He was sure that her breathing was sharper now.

It had better be from excitement and not anger, he thought. He was sure that she wasn't kidding when she said that she could kick his ass. That thought made him jump as she whispered in his ear "Now sit down on your fat ass."

Once he was fully in the chair, she jerked it further from the table. That was proof that she was every bit as strong as she looked. She walked around to straddle his flabby thighs, speaking as she did. "You were gonna try to feed me all this food, weren't you? You still want to feed me until I'm as big a blimp as you are, don't you?" She squeezed her thighs around his, flexing them as hard as she could. "Well there's been a change of plans here, lard ass." Twisting around to the table, she scooped up a garlic roll. "You eat it!" She shoved the roll into his ready mouth. Her crotch bumped into his belly as she did, seeming to send a little thrill up her spine.

Next she put a handful of spaghetti in his mouth. As he chewed he felt her hand massaging the soft flesh of his shoulder. It was all it took to convince him that she was enjoying this. More spaghetti was shoved into his mouth, and he swore he could feel her crotch getting warmer on his paunch. Her strong hands squeezed him more, and every time he swallowed she shoved more food into his mouth. He lost track of time quickly as the food passed rapidly over his tongue. The lasagna was delicious, and his mother's side dish was perfect. But he was getting very full, and increasingly uncomfortable as he filled up.

She noticed that he was slowing down. "What's wrong? You aren't full already, are you Piggy?" He should be, half the food on the table was gone. At his silence, she said "Well full or not, you aren't through!" She stepped back and spun his chair around so that he could reach the table himself. It was still amazing to him that she could move his more than 300 pounds so easily.

She shoved his fat legs apart, and stroked his throbbing erection nonchalantly. She next stepped between them and effortlessly hoisted herself up on to him, her shins resting on his thighs. Her voice was steel again. "Now, eat!" She raised herself, rubbing her crotch against the mass of blubber on his belly. Now he knew that her crotch wasn't just getting warmer, it was dripping wet as well. One hand left his shoulder and grabbed his tit like a vise. "I told you to eat, Lard Ass! EAT!"

He grabbed at the lasagna pan, pulling it closer to him. Using his right hand, he started feeding himself the rich pasta. His left hand tried to reach down to his aching cock, not an easy thing normally with as fat as he had become. But with her hard thighs squeezing into his flab like a pair of cannon barrels, it was impossible.

Then his wrist was seized in her iron grip and forced back on to his rolls of fat over his hips. She crushed it for a second in her grasp, showing him what she wanted. He left his hand there, squeezing his own floppy roll when she took her hand back up to his big tit.

Her powerful legs were tireless, pumping her pussy up and down over his belly, using his layers of blubber to play with her swollen clit. Her hand was starting to make his titty ache, and her shins were digging painfully into his out of shape thighs. But he said nothing. He couldn't. Any time he slowed putting food in his mouth, she would pinch his nipple mercilessly. Besides, his tremendous cock was telling the rest of his body to leave her the hell alone! An image of every bite of food settling in his expanding hard-on kept flashing across his mind. It didn't seem to be that far from the truth. His belly was painfully over-filled and being crushed between her impenetrable thighs, But the food had to be going somewhere, because he was still eating.

Finally, she changed hands, giving his burning left boob a break. Now she grabbed his right one, while her right hand caught him at the nape of the neck. Using that hand, with its fingers tangling in his hair, she forced his head into her breasts. She was panting now, a sheen of sweat glistening over the hills and valleys of her muscles. The salt and musk from her skin mixed wonderfully with the globs of Italian sauces that rubbed off of his plump cheeks. As soon as she started talking again, he knew that she was close to climaxing. She was about to make herself cum from rubbing his giant mound of belly! This was too good to be true!

"Come on, Fat Boy, suck on my tits!" She forced his head into the position she wanted, sticking her nipple into his mouth. "Now suck it!" Of course, he did.

Her thighs mashed his belly together, forcing a thick ridge up against her pussy. A gasp escaped her lips. More talk followed. "Put your other hand on your flab. Grab that lard on your back, Piggy!" She was bouncing along crazily now, still crushing his fat belly into the shape she wanted. It was also bouncing it down on the head of his cock, teasing it to the point where he could cum just from that. "Feel what a fat little tub - you - -"

Another gasp. "- ARE!"

She gasped again. He was squeezing his own rolls now, bouncing it wildly so that she could feel it on her legs. It felt great! It felt GREAT! He was going to cum too, he was sure of that now.

"You - are - so - fat! FATTER! YOU FAT SON OF A BITCH!! YOU FATTER! FATTER!" It was a massive orgasm, ringing all through her massive body. Her nerves sang with the energy, tightening her amazon muscles with a barbarian rhythm.

She was bucking on him ferociously, nearly ripping his vast pussy-soaked belly off of him with her powerful legs. If he wasn't cumming, spraying globs of thick cum onto her hard ass cheeks and calves, he would have been screaming in agony by now. Instead, his wordless roar matched hers.

Abruptly she sank down onto him, letting his pliant bulk support her. Their skin was slippery with the mix of sweat, oil, and tomato sauce.Her breath still came in gasps. After a few minutes, she finally spoke again. "I have missed you so much..." He whispered the same to her and kissed her neck. "By the way, how much weight have you gained?"

"About two pounds from this morning when you left. How was the gym today?"

There was a smile in her voice as she said "I improved on my bench press. Not bad for a day's work, I guess..."