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Heather the Homecoming Queen’s Big Reunion
by Lucky Luke

Sharon could not believe her eyes as she opened the door to her apartment and saw Heather. She had no idea that the caller responding to her roommate add would be someone she went to high school with back in her hometown. Sharon opened the door and let Heather into her spacious high rise condo apartment. Both of them were excited and surprised to see someone they knew but had not kept up with for eight years. Both young ladies had changed since high school.

Sharon, a raven-haired beauty, had always been a little heavy in high school through her sophomore year, but in her last two years she had gone from 130 pounds on a 5'3" frame right up to 180 pounds or about 25 pounds a year. Due to her weight gain, she had not gotten a lot of dates her last two years in high school. Her first year of college, she got even larger by gaining 50 pounds on a regime of missing most classes, making all meals and partying most nights. She failed out and ended up working part time and going to community college for two years followed by another state school for two years were she had gotten great grades and graduated near the top of her class. She then got a good job as an inside sales representative for a manufacturing company on the outskirts of a large city about 300 miles from her hometown. She continued to put on weight through the years but at a slower rate and weighed 290 pounds. She worked hard during the week and partied hard on the weekends. She looked very respectable and classy Monday morning till Friday afternoon and then made the club scene during the weekends.

Blond, beautiful Heather, the most popular girl in high school, had followed her football star boyfriend to college. Heather's boyfriend was a stand out in college and was selected by the pros. They were married right after graduation and Heather followed him around through three teams and two injuries in four years. Heather's husband had not been successful in the pros and now was out of football. They grew apart during this period and got separated and divorced. Heather, in the past year, was confronted by financial and emotional strain. Since college, she had not had to work and now had to face that prospect. She had also gained some weight herself. In high school, standing 5'5" tall, she had only weighed 105 pounds. In college, she had not gained a pound. But in the four years since college and her wedding, she had put on forty pounds, most in the last year. With her life coming apart she had taken to eating more, drinking more and even smoking. She was becoming a beautiful wreck.

Both girls noticed the other had gained weight but said nothing even though Sharon noticed Heather's business suit was very tight fitting. Heather's satin green blouse showed small love handles sagging over the top of her skirt. Heather's green suit jacket looked like it could be worn buttoned or unbuttoned. Heather wore it unbuttoned and Sharon doubted if Heather could still button her jacket. Her breast seemed to have really grown since her regime of exercise had ended. Heather's face looked a little fuller.

"Well, has it really been eight years since high school?" Asked Heather.

"Yes, but it seems like such along time ago." Replied Sharon.

"Why is the room available?" Asked Heather.

Sharon had had the same roommate since she purchased the condo two years ago. Kim, her former roommate had just moved out under duress. Kim had also been a big beautiful woman like Sharon but had decided to go on a diet, exercise and stop drinking. Sharon's best party friend had now become her biggest antagonist. Kim tried to get Sharon to go on a diet, exercise and change her lifestyle like Kim. Kim quit smoking, drinking and eating fatty foods. She was pushing Sharon to do the same things. After about two months of this, Kim's boyfriend came over while Kim was at gym exercising. Hank was a feeder who was very distressed about Kim's new lifestyle. He wanted to break up with her and go out with Sharon. Sharon, already mad at Kim, had always liked Hank and said yes. When Kim got home that night, Hank and Sharon were making out on the couch with empty food wrappers thrown about the couch. Hank got up right away but Sharon just sat there, stuffed and contemptuous. The buttons on her blouse were bulging from the food Hank had fed her. Kim, on the other hand, was still in her workout gear and her blood was pumping. The newly fit Kim went after the bloated, out of shape Sharon and wrestled her to the floor before Hank could break it up. Within two days, Kim was out of the apartment and Hank was Sharon's new boyfriend.

"Well don't worry about me, I think we can get along just fine." Said Heather.

And with that, the two former high school classmates became roommates. Sharon was able to help Heather get a new (actually her first) job with the same manufacturing company that employed Sharon. Heather's new job was in purchasing. She placed orders all day long over the phone and seldom was required to get up.

A typical workday would consist of waking up, showering and getting dressed in stylish and sexy business suits. They would then get in Sharon's car and drive to a doughnut shop on the way to work. They would spit a dozen doughnuts on the rest of the way in and arrive to work with full tummies. Both girls would work from eight to noon and meet for lunch at a buffet each day. Throughout the day, both girls would sneak snacks while they worked on the phone and on the computer. After work they would meet Hank for a drink and then go to another buffet restaurant for dinner.

Hank was having the time of his life. While he was a loyal boyfriend to Sharon, he enjoyed watching Heather plump out. Heather had always been competitive and she seemed to always want to beat Sharon at eating or drinking. If Sharon had two drinks, Heather would have at least three. If Sharon had sent Hank back to the dessert tray twice, Heather would send Hank back a third time. At the same time, Sharon was enjoying Heather's company at the table and thus was becoming less sensitive to eating a lot in public. With Heather around, Sharon seemed to eat more than ever before. Hank was stunned. Not only would he have Sharon gaining weight but also Heather.

Heather, though college, had been a very active person. Her fitness decline since college had been somewhat gradual. However, now she was going to the max when it came to eating and being inactive. Her new job and relationship with Sharon and Hank had caused her to be the most sedentary she had ever been as well as eat more than she ever had. Heather's weight gain was dramatic. The first year that Sharon and Heather roomed together, Heather started to gain at almost half a pound a day. She was really enjoying her new high calorie, high fat, and high sweet, high alcohol diet life style. Heather had no idea she could have as much fun just by eating and sitting.

By the end of the first year of rooming together, Heather had ballooned from a slightly flabby 145 to a corpulent 325. Sharon, while not growing as fast, as gone from a 290 to 390 pounds, a one hundred pounds. Both women were true portly princesses. Enjoying every moment of indulgence, encouraged by each other and Hank, neither woman was close to finishing their joint journey into the pure pleasures of gluttony and lust.

Their second year of rooming together started with one of Hank's friends being set up on a blind date with Heather. Rick was financially successful, handsome and a lover of big beautiful women. His only concern with Heather was that she was still smaller than Sharon was. Rick would put an end to that.

Rick and Heather hit it off right away. They started their follow-up dating immediately. Rick travel throughout the week, which caused the two to only see each other on the weekends. Rick always pampered Heather. A typical weekend fling would start on a Friday evening with a few drinks for happy hour followed by a large dinner and then a movie. After the movie, it would be back to a bar for more drinks then an all night dinner for a midnight meal. They would then spend the night with each other. On Saturday, Rick always made sure Heather started her day off with a dozen cream filled doughnuts, coffee and vodka with orange juice. Rick would then take Heather to an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. Heather would never have to get up during her meal. Rick would fill her plate with all the fatty foods she could handle. He would then assist her to his car and take her to get a new outfit at her favorite dress shop. After buying a new outfit or two, Rick would take Heather to an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet. Again, Heather would not get up as Rick gave her plate after plate of meats, cheeses, potatoes, pasta and desserts. Then Rick would take Heather to get her nails and hair done at Heather's regular salon. Then the two lovers would go back to one of their places and get ready for dinner. Dinner would be followed by an evening of lovemaking and more food and drink for Heather. Sundays would be slower paced with more doughnuts, buffets and longing around on a sofa for Heather. Heather would never lift a finger. Rick took care of everything.

On the weekdays, Heather would have to fend for herself. She still tried to do as little as possible. The girls now had maid service come in three times a week for half a day. Heather would constantly eat or drink sodas or milk shakes throughout the weekdays to help calm her anxiety of being away from Rick. At night she would go with Sharon and Hank to an all you can eat buffet style restaurants. She would also drink at least a six pack of beer a night and polish off a large bag of chips and a box of snack cakes.

Six months into the second year of rooming together, two big events happened. First, both girls received invitations to their ten-year high school reunion. The other big event was the weigh-in. Heather had gained another 100 pounds and now tipped on scales at a gelatinous 425 pounds of sexy, shaky flab. Sharon was also gaining. But she was not moving at the same pace. Sharon now weighed in at 440 pounds. Heather was within striking distance.

Both boyfriends were delighted with the weight gains. Hank wanted to keep Sharon heavier than Heather while Rick was determined to have Heather pull ahead before the reunion. Both men redoubled their efforts to get their girl to gain even more weight.

With Rick still away most weeks, Hank would still take both girls to the buffets but he always made sure that Sharon got more food per plate. Hank would even fork the food into Sharon's greedy mouth. Rick, suspect of a double standard, would make sure that Heather would have plenty of candies and other snacks to consume during the week to ensure Heather continued her fatty weight gain.

At the eve of the reunion weekend, two years from when they first moved in with one another, the guys decided to weigh each girl again. Rick had stayed home the last two weeks before the reunion to make sure Heather was at her maximum density. The night of the weigh-in capped off a huge evening of indulgence for both girls. Both Rick and Hank had to help Heather off the sofa. With a cigarette dangling from her mouth, her 12th beer of the night in her hand, her soft blond hair piled high on her head, a bloated stomach, and wearing a long sleeve white blouse that strained to contain her immense mid section and a belted burgundy shirt that accentuated her large rear and big hips, Heather struggled to the scale. As she got to the scale, she groaned as she lifted her leg up two inches to get her right foot on the scale. She then groaned again as she got her other foot on the scale. She downed her beer, threw the can on the floor, bleached and asked what the damage was.

Rick said with excitement, "575 whopping pounds, you've gained 150 pounds in six months!"

Heather responded, "Well, lover-boy, help me back to the sofa and get me another beer and some snacks. I'm famished and exhausted."

It was now Sharon's time to weigh-in. Sharon was also extremely bloated from an extraordinary night of gluttony. She also needed help from her easy chair. Both guys grunted to get her up also. Sharon also wore her dark hair piled high on her head and was wearing a two piece gray fully lined business suit with a pleated skirt and three button front. Her huge ass seemed a time zone away from the nipples of her enormous breasts. She also gasped, sweated and groaned to the scale. This time it was Rick's turn to announce the weight.

"Sharon, you've gained more weight than I could have guessed. You also weigh 575 pounds. You've gained 135 pounds of the most beautiful fat I've ever seen. It's a tie!"

And with that, both couples traveled to the reunion together in a rented full size van. The girls ate all the way to the reunion. The hotel rooms were on the first floor and adjoined to each other. As the girls got ready, the guys ordered numerous large pizzas for delivery and prepared adult beverages for the girls. That afternoon both girls prepared for the big night. By the appointed time, both girls were ready.

Both girls looked terrific. They were both dressed and made-up to kill. Sharon wore her hair up in the most ornamental of fashions. Her long fingernails were painted red with her toenails matching. She was heavily made up with lots of jewelry to include rings on every finger, multiple earrings, a gold necklace and a matching anklet. She wore a sleeveless black full-length dress with a matching bolero-style jacket.

Heather looked stunning in a gold sleeveless evening gown with a low cut front and back. The front exposed the size and top of her now massive breast while the back of her dress showed how beautiful flab could accumulate anywhere. Heather also had her styled hair piled high on her head with tens of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry worn all over her wonderful, enormous body.

Both Hank and Rick were stunned at the reunion. It seemed every woman there must have put on at least 50 pounds since high school. Soon had put on even more, but their dates were by far the biggest there. Heather was still as popular as ever with much more of her to go around.

The foursome partied all night with plenty of food and beverages for the girls. Both girls' dresses were showing the strains of the all night party binge. Because the girls were so bloated and out of shape, neither girl could make it through even one dance without having to take a break. Their poor condition though did not stop the girls from keeping the guys entertained after the party. Both girls just laid on their beds half undressed and let their men take advantage of them.

The next day the girls slept in only to awaken to a catered meal for brunch of the heaviest breakfast foods. They then showered and put on matching long tight, stretch pants with white blouses tied of at the waist. They looked again great. As Sharon, Heather, Hank and Rick drove off, everyone there knew their weight-gaining saga would continue for many years to come.

The End