Weight Room Title Bar

by H.G.

I watched Ricardo playing with the dogs out in the yard and was struck by how out of shape he was getting and it worried me a great deal. My son was only eight and like my other three children, he had become overweight. Don't get me wrong, I am not overcritical with my children, but I do worry for their health.

Let me introduce myself, I am Raul, and my wife Paula and I live in the rural countryside of Paraguay in South America. Like many ranchers in the Chaco region, we primarily raise cattle for income and food. We have a happy life here, and are definitely considered in the upper income class that has allowed to lead a very modern life, especially by Paraguayan standards. We have acres of land, a beautiful house, servants and a wonderful family. We have always been able to afford most anything we want. We have four beautiful children: Larisa (sixteen years), Angela (twelve years), Marcela (ten years), and little Ricardo (eight years).

For the children, it is a quiet, peaceful life. Most enjoy it accept for Larisa, who is getting to the age where she desires more social contact with her friends. A short distance away is a town where she can shop for clothes, etc. but her favorite thing is to make the long travel to the city of Asuncion where she can shop and hang out with her friends and feel not so much like a country girl.

Let's see...back to the story. As I mentioned, I have become worried about Ricardo...and all our children, for that matter. We are proud of being able to provide a good life for them, but they have it a little too good. They have satellite TV, video games, movies, all the things we hear the children have in America. They also have all the food they want. We live on a cattle ranch, so meat and dairy products make up a big portion of our meals. We have servants to prepare the food, and they do an excellent job, making anything from a hearty BBQ feast to a delicate flan for dessert.

Like modern children, they also have a hunger for store-bought junk food like pies, candy, cookies, cupcakes, and potato chips. These things are sometimes hard to get here in Paraguay, but as I said, we are lucky enough to be able to keep our pantries stocked. Needless to say, our kids have all gotten a little lazy and chubby. They are not obese, at least not yet, with Larisa at 155, Angela at 160, Marcela at 140, and Ricardo at 135. My wife and I may live a modern lifestyle, but we are no nutritionists. We have tried to tell the servants not to make or give the children too many snacks between meals, but they are very traditional and have a hard time refusing a hungry child. They know of the endless supply of food we have and can't see the logic in moderation.

As it happened, I was reading an American newspaper that we acquire through the mail. I saw an article about a program that was being run by a student exchange organization in the U.S. called AFS. What caught my eye was the headline, "STUDENTS HELP KEEP THE WORLD IN SHAPE". As I read on, it described a new program that would send an American student abroad to teach families in other countries about good nutrition and exercise. I read of the increase in worldwide obesity that had triggered the start of such a program. I showed the article to my wife, and we immediately thought it would be a great way to help our children shed the extra weight. We decided to call AFS the next day.

"You sound like the perfect family," said the women on the other end of the line. "We want to give our exchange personal a chance to absorb the culture of another country as well help the family they are visiting. You sound like a family that can more than provide for an extra person."

I told her that it sounded good to us as well and said to go ahead and find a candidate. My wife and I breathed a sigh of relief and felt contented in the fact that we were on our way to helping improve the health of our young ones.

A few weeks later, an official looking envelope arrived from the AFS. "Meet your new TRAINER," said the letter inside. Included was a biography and picture of "Heidi Garrity."

My wife and I looked through the biography, "Let's see, Minneapolis, MN...22 years old...has a 2-year degree, taking a break from college...speaks English only...interests: working out, dancing, singing....will stay as for as short as six months, or as long as two years."

Then I got to her picture. "Whoa," I said under my breath.

"Don't get too excited!" my wife scolded me. “She's less than half your age, you dirty old man.”

I do have to say between you and me she was, without a doubt, very attractive. Milky skin with dark black hair and beautiful face. She reminded me a bit of the American movie star, Catherine Zeta Jones.

Indeed, she was a beautiful girl in person, too, I thought, as she stepped off the plane. Our family greeted her warmly as we walked to our car. She wore fairly tight black pants, and a tight tee shirt. She was about five-six, dark hair and eyes, moderate-sized breasts, shapely and lean (not really athletic or toned though, which I though was odd, but not at all fat either). I would have guessed her to be about 125-130 pounds.

As we made the long drive back home, we talked and tried to get to know our new guest. My wife and I had studied English in school, but were a bit rusty, but soon got along just fine. The children seemed to be in awe of Heidi from the start. I think it had to do with her being American and of course, her beauty.

"Oh, look at these chubby bellies!" she said, grabbing at Angela's fat rolls. "We'll do something about this!" she said crossly.

Right away, I noticed she had a sharp tongue and always said what she meant. She seemed a bit of a control freak, too. I guessed she had to use that personality to gain respect from the children, as she would be in effect "bossing them" around while working them back into shape. This aggressive technique was fine by us, how else could she break their lazy habits?

"This is a beautiful country," she told us as we drove the last hour or so.

"I haven't even seen your house yet and already I feel like home!" We told her she was welcomed to stay with us for as long as she wanted, for it was in our interest to keep the children active and in shape for as long as possible.

"Let's plan on a year for now," she said. "I bet I will get very homesick if I think about spending more time than that!"

We told her that would be fine and we would take it as we went.

"What a paradise!" she said as she strolled around our ranch.

We had a truly wonderful yard and grounds. We then headed inside our large house.

As we all walked into the entryway, the 4 servants stood in a line awaiting us.

"Servants?" Heidi said, obviously surprised and excited.

"Yes," I said, "They will tend to your needs, everything from preparing meals, to fixing a hole in your sock."

Heidi smiled a big smile and continued to walk around her new home.

"So, Heidi, this is the family room..." I said as I showed her around.

Our family room has all the modern entertainment, a big screen TV, video games, and huge plush couches and recliners.

"This room screams laziness," Heidi said. "Kids, you we will start our regiment right here tomorrow!"

"Ok, " I said. "You're the expert."

We had a treadmill and a weight machine in storage, which we helped her bring out and move to the corner of the family room.

My wife then showed Heidi to the guest bedroom room that was right next to ours.

"Ok, Honey," my wife said. "This will be all yours until you decide to leave us; make yourself comfortable...the bathroom is on just the other side of our master bedroom."

She helped Heidi unpack her things, clothes upon clothes, hand weights, jump ropes, etc.

"I will leave you now, go ahead and come downstairs in a few minutes, as the servants will be ready to serve dinner."

Heidi was the last to arrive at the dinner table.

"I might tend to worry about a pretty young girl like you stuck out in country with us," I said. "I have to warn you, it might be hard for you to find a boyfriend in these parts!" I joked.

"Oh, don't worry," she said. "I think it's time for me to cool it on the boyfriends for awhile; I just got over some lousy experiences. Men!" she said frustrated.

"Well, I hope it's a vacation from that stuff," I said, trying to cheer her up.

Just then the food was brought out.

"Prime rib tonight," one of the servants said.

"Oh, meat, I....." said Heidi.

"Are you a vegetarian?" I asked.

"Well, I had this boyfriend who was into the vegan stuff, but....oh forget it," she said. "I won't last long on a cattle ranch if I don't start eating meat!"

We laughed as we dug to our delicious meal.

After dinner, our favorite desert – flan – was brought out and they offered the first piece to Heidi. She said that she had not tried it before and immediately fell in love with it.

"Good thing I am not the one going on the diet and fitness routine!" she laughed as she reached for her second piece of desert.

As the servants cleaned up after the meal, Heidi sat in the family room with Larisa, Angela, Marcela, and Ricardo. I overheard some of the conversation.

"I saw the way you guys eat," Heidi said. "Large portions at dinner, then desert, then I suppose you sit around here afterwards?"

"Then maybe Margarita gives us a snack from pantry, too!" Angela, the fattest child of the four, said while sitting on the couch with her belly hanging out just below her shirt.

"That has to stop," Heidi said sternly. "Your belly will just grow and grow if we don't put you on a diet. Now, I want to see all of you here tomorrow an hour after breakfast. We will start our routine," she ordered.

Heidi then bid them goodnight and headed upstairs as she was exhausted from her trip.

"She's beautiful," said Angela. "I want to look like her someday, I don't like this fat!"

"Yeah me, too, but you have the most work to do," said Marcela, rather cruelly.

"I have to get into shape; the girls tease me and I don't think the boys like my belly and big hips," said Larisa. "Heidi does seem like a bitch, though."

About 3 in the morning I heard a noise and sat up in bed. The door to our bedroom was open a crack and caught a glimpse of Heidi walk past and head to the bathroom. It took a moment to get my wits and realize everything was fine. I was about to lie down again, but I saw her on the return. She hesitated right in front of our door, then turned back, and then finally went back again heading to her room. I may be a dirty old man, but am only human, and I can tell you she wore only underwear and a bra, and she looked gorgeous! She was beautiful, shapely with the skin of a doll and slim, petite body. Don't get me wrong though, she had curves in the right places to boot.

The next morning we sat down to hearty meal of steak and eggs.

"The meat didn't bother me like I thought it would," Heidi said as she apportioned herself a generous helping. "I would have thought my stomach would have protested, but I slept great!"

Heidi had told the servants to reduce the amount the children were served. They were given a reduced portion, and an added serving of fruit.

I chuckled to myself as I watched them glumly eat their breakfast.

After breakfast, Heidi settled into one of the chairs in the family room and watched a little TV as she waited for Larisa, Marcela, Angela, and Ricardo to join her for the start of the routine. When they arrived, Ricardo had a candy bar in his hand, and Angela a doughnut.

"Oh no, no more of that!" she snapped, snatching the goodies away.

Margarita, one of the servants, loved to spoil the children and was always passing them junk food throughout the day.

"Now..." Heidi said, beginning to munch on Angela's doughnut herself, "I want you four to each pick up a jump rope and give me 25 repetitions."

As the kids began clumsily to jump rope, Heidi leaned back in her chair, watching and shaking her head. She now began on Ricardo's candy bar as she sat planning the next activity.

Heidi got up and attempted to help Marcela coordinate herself.

"Well, one thing we've got is time," Heidi said. “Sooner or later you guys will be jumping rope like pros!

"Ok, enough of that for now," she then said, rather impatiently, finishing the chocolate bar.

"Let me show you something, I used to dance. I am trained in ballet."

Heidi then began a beautiful dance. The children were very impressed at her grace and poise.

"That's what you can do when you are in shape," she said, trying to inspire them.

I went to tend to the duties of the ranch and next saw the group back at the table for lunch. The servants prepared asado, which is meat prepared on the grill in South American style.

So much for the vegan diet, I thought, as I watched Heidi put away more of the food than anyone at the table.

The children again had their special meal, but seemed a bit more resigned to the new plan than before.

"Ok, Heidi, I know you are an exercise queen, but we have tradition in Paraguay. After a wonderful meal like this, we all must now rest have a siesta for a half an hour before we go on with our day. And, yes, even the children will do this."

Heidi, though forthright, was not about to go against any traditions, so we all began the siesta.

"Heidi, Heidi..." My wife attempted to wake Heidi who had slept for three hours. "It's almost four o'clock; I thought you might want to be woken up.”

Heidi stretched and yawned lazily. "Oh my, what happened? It must have been that big meal!" she said laughing.

"Speaking of big meals," my wife told her, "we eat dinner at about 5:30, so it's almost time."

"Oh, I don't think I will be hungry!" said Heidi.

"Just eat a little then," said my wife.

Then Heidi went to show the cooks some new ways to prepare the children's special meals. She told them to increase the servings of vegetables, fruits and how to cut down on the fat and carbohydrates. I think the servants went along with the new program, but did not understand. They had all come from very modest homes, and eating a lot of food when you had it was a sign of comfort and prosperity. This is why they always slipped the kids extra snacks and let them grab from the pantry.

I noticed Heidi had regained her healthy appetite as we sat down to our dinner plates. She ate more than even the previous night. My wife and I were pleased that she seemed so comfortable at her new home so quickly. I took her appetite to be a sign of that comfort.

"I think she has fallen in love with the flan," my wife whispered to me as we watched Heidi cut herself a second, large piece of dessert.

Next, Paula, my wife, told of a conversion she had had with Heidi. Heidi had apparently come down in the middle of the night looking for a snack and was going through the pantries and was amazed at how many goodies were around.

"I never thought I would see éclairs in the middle of Paraguay," Heidi had joked.

It was true. Between the servants baking and the imported junk food, it was a selection fit for a king.

"I'll do my best to keep the children away from it," my wife assured her.

"Great!" said Heidi. “That's a real help..." she paused "...just remember to give me a key to the lock!" she said, giggling shyly.

"Makes sense," I told my wife. "We do have lots of calories on hand. I think we may have a chubby fitness instructor on our hands before too long!"

We looked at each other with knowing glances and laughed.

After a week and a half the children already looked fitter. Ricardo didn't look so rotund and Marcela's potbelly had noticeably reduced in size. I had noticed Heidi hadn't given up on her routine for the children and it was paying off. I figured we would weigh them after a month or so.

One morning I poked my head in to see the group starting on their workout.

"Ok, now...wait what's this bulge?" Heidi asked as she reached in Angela's pocket. "Ah ha." She took out a bag of candy.

"It's not just me." Angela protested, "Go check in Larisa's room; she hordes her junk food."

"Thanks a lot," said Larisa, scowling.

Heidi was already eating the candy as they marched up to Larisa's room.

Sure enough, Heidi found doughnuts, cupcakes, Twinkies, etc., hidden away in Larisa's desk.

Heidi gathered them into her arms and ordered the group back downstairs where each child took a turn on the treadmill.

To my astonishment, Heidi lay on the couch, eating Larisa's stash of junk food while saying, "Faster, you can do it. Keep up the pace!"

Marcela looked exhausted as she panted her way through the workout.

"How come you get to eat that stuff?" Angela asked.

"Because I'm in shape!" Heidi snapped back. "Besides, it's one sure way to keep it off your chubby waistline."

Heidi wasn't setting a very good example, but the children seemed to accept whatever she told them. It seemed to me this girl Heidi was a bit lazier than she had led us to believe. But, as I had said to my wife, as long as she helped our kids lose weight, she could do whatever she liked.

A month after our new guest's arrival, the numbers were in. Larisa was down five pounds, Angela seven, Marcela seven, and Ricardo four.

My wife Paula and I lay in bed that night and I was remarking how effective Heidi had been so far.

"She really knows her stuff," I said. "She will have them in shape in no time."

"You're right, dear," said Paula. "I thought the kids would be more resistive, but they seem as happy as ever. Did you notice, though? I think Heidi is getting a little chubby.

"It's no wonder," she continued. "She eats such big meals, the servants even made a comment the other day."

What my wife said was true. I had really started to notice some new rolls around Heidi's middle over the last week. Her tight clothes could no longer cover her belly, which crept out from under her shirt. When she sat down, a nice roll of fat was visible hanging over her pants' waistline. She was by no means overweight, but definitely getting softer.

A month later the trend continued. All four of our children had begun to shrink. Larisa's clothes now looked loose and her face began to lose its pudginess. My wife and I were ecstatic.

On the other side, Heidi had grown! She had had to have one of the servants let out some of seams in her clothes (that is when there was enough extra material). Heidi's thighs were getting thicker and her pants were very tight as they stretched across a new, flabby belly which now bulged over her pants.

"More steak please," said Heidi as we enjoyed our lunch. She held her plate out to Margarita the servant. "I think steak and eggs is becoming my favorite," she beamed as she started on her seconds.

"What isn't?" my wife whispered to me, laughing.

After lunch, I watched Heidi walk away from the table off to take her siesta. "My, my," I thought to myself, "that rear end is getting wider too!"

As on the first day, and most every other day, Heidi's nap lasted well into the afternoon.

About dinner time, I went into the family room. Heidi was sprawled out on the plush couch watching the satellite television.

"Almost dinner time, Heidi!" I said.

My eye couldn't help but catch glimpse of her exposed belly that was visible hanging out of her shirt. It had really gotten pudgy in the last month or so.

That night we had an American food night. It was no surprise to see Heidi put away two cheeseburgers and a huge stack of French fries in about the same time it took most us to get through half of our more modest portions. She looked at the kids, who had been given a burger as reward for their efforts. To our surprise, Heidi went around the table with her plate to each of the children and snatched the remaining burgers from their plates.

"That's enough for now," she said. "We wouldn't want to ruin all our hard work now, would we?"

"Yes, Heidi," the kids answered almost too obediently.

"Now, we wouldn't want these to go to waste now would we?" Heidi said, being a little snotty.

I couldn't believe it, but she proceeded to eat all the remaining cheeseburgers as the children looked on.

"Well, I'm going to watch some TV. Angela, bring me a piece of that pie and some ice cream, would you?"

The weeks now seemed to go by very quickly. Our home life seemed to be uneventful with the ranch was ticking along smoothly. Heidi had now lived with us for 3 months. She now seemed like one of the family. Despite her sometimes snotty personality, she was quite well liked, both by the children and the servants.

I sat with my wife reading in bed one night, and she shared some thoughts about Heidi.

"I am almost getting worried about Heidi," Paula said. "She is really starting to gain weight now."

"I really haven't noticed; guess I have been concentrating on the kids," I said.

She continued. "I went to her room last night to check up on her. I knocked and found her in nothing but her bra and panties. 'She's getting fat!' I thought to myself. She now has a definite belly, not to even mention her hips and butt, which are growing, too! I would say she has put on twenty pounds."

"Hmmm..." I said.

Paula went on. "I couldn't resist saying something. I went up and gave a pat to her new belly and joked that she must be enjoying our cuisine her in Paraguay. I know it was a bit rude, but she laughed it off. She then began to look at herself in the mirror.

"'Yeah, I definitely look well fed,' she giggled, pinching a nice roll of flab around her tummy. 'I am not too worried, though; I told myself this should be a vacation more than anything. I figure as long I keep the kids in shape, I can allot myself a few pounds. Besides, the food around here is absolutely heavenly. Between you and me, it's no wonder your kids got so fat!'"

"Well." I said, after listening to my wife's encounter. "There is really nothing we should or can do. She is a grownup and if she gets fat while she is staying with us, so it goes."

"I guess you're right dear, it's probably for the best if we don't even consider it any further,." she replied.

The next evening as I prepared for bed and went upstairs I saw light on in Heidi's room. I stopped by to say hi and found her writing a letter home.

"Writing a little message back home, eh?" I said poking in my head.

"Mmm...chew...Yes!...chew...chew," she said swallowing the last of an éclair she was eating.

I saw she had several goodies by her side as she wrote. Before I knew it, she had already begun to open a candy bar.

"Gotta keep these away from greedy mouths...." she said, smiling, smacking her lips as she ate.

"Well, let me congratulate you; the kids are doing great. Larisa even had a date the other night. Her self confidence is sky-high thanks to you."

"My pleasure." she said. "Say, Raul, while you're here..." she started shyly.

"I was going to ask your wife this but, do you think that the servants could make me some new clothes? Look at this..."

She stood up revealing pants that were not buttoned. She made the gesture of trying to button them, but her belly clearly had gotten too big. My eyes must have widened as she pulled up shirt slightly to reveal a flabby abdomen. I had seen her in the hallway the night of her arrival, and I couldn't believe this was the same person.

"...Ahh...Ok...." I said. "I'll talk to Mara tomorrow. She is a quite the seamstress. She should be able to make just about anything."

I walked away a little turned on, I have to admit.

A couple of weeks later Mara had finished off two or three new outfits for Heidi. They were a little baggier and less revealing than her old ones, but I think she didn't mind, considering the extra pounds she now carried.

Heidi had now gotten the children so into a routine, she barely needed to prod them at all. They dutifully went through their exercise routine and had gotten used to the healthier meals. They had all dropped at least fifteen pounds and were looking healthier and more energetic than ever.

Heidi, on the other hand, had become incredibly lazy. She now sometimes even slept off her big breakfasts during the workouts. Ricardo laughed and pointed at her as she dozed on the couch while the others were sweating off the pounds. Other times she brought two or three leftover pastries from breakfast with her and ate them sensuously while continuing say things like: "Come on! Just three more sit-ups Angela!" or "Push yourself Larisa, you can do another half mile on that treadmill!"

The children's admiration for Heidi seemed grow as the weeks went by. She would always spend time telling stories of her experiences back in the U.S. They just loved hearing about it, for they had watched plenty of American television over the years. She always had time for them, that is, of course, if it didn't involve physical exertion. They often tried to get her to join in their games outdoors, or go into town to take them to the swimming pool, but she always made an excuse.

Now going into her fifth month of her visit, the pounds seemed to appearing on Heidi's body with no signs of slowing. The once baggy clothes Mara had sewn for Heidi not even two months ago now looked almost tight. She was clearly getting a bigger, flabbier belly. One of Mara's outfits, and the one that seemed to be Heidi's favorite, was a bib overall outfit. It had the pants cut short so she could keep cool. They had three buttons on each side, like most overalls. In just the last few weeks I noticed the denim now stretched a little tighter over her belly, which underneath looked like it wanted to sag well over her panties.

"She won't be able to close those buttons for long!" I thought to myself.

On Wednesday's, Heidi insisted the cooks always make her favorite lunch...steak and eggs. I often was out and about and didn't have lunch with the family, but this particular Wednesday, my wife was amused by that day's lunch and told of it.

"She is really a big eater these days," she said. "The servants told me they are making more food than ever! This is even considering that the kids barely eat any steak or eggs anymore. Looks like Heidi is taking up the slack for the kids...and then some!"

"Another thing," she laughed as she continued, "Angela was first to be served her plate of food, and for some reason Margarita was sometime in coming with Heidi's who sat next to Angela. I saw Heidi eye the steak and finally blurted out

"'New rule! Non-dieters get served first!' and with that she grabbed

Angela's plate from her and immediately took a big bite of the tender meat. She let out an 'mmmm...' as she ate. Angela first looked hurt, but then smiled as she saw Heidi's pleasure in devouring the food."

"She is growing to love her food, isn't she?" I asked rhetorically.

"Then, of course, she took her usual 3 hour + nap," my wife continued.

We both agreed we'd never met anyone like her and both chuckled to ourselves.

Perhaps around a week later, as my wife and I prepared for bed, she began talking about Heidi again.

"I think Margarita has grown to like Heidi. I see them talking more and more these days. They seemed at odds at first. You know how Margarita is always experimenting with new dishes?"

"Yes," I said.

"Margarita told me once her mother was the women of a thousand recipes; she is probably planning learning to make them all before she's done!" we laughed.

"Well, anyway," Paula continued. "Apparently, Heidi is always willing to test out new recipes for her. Margarita could never get the kids to try anything new in the past, so she's thrilled. I have seen Heidi sitting back in the kitchen at the counter many times late at night. It seems Margarita can only find the time to experiment well after dinner around 10pm. Ricardo convinces me to let him stay up after bedtime to help. I certainly don't have to worry about him breaking his diet and eating any of the food. He says it's all 'icky.' He just loves to help. You should see him proudly carrying Margarita's newest creation out to Heidi. I don't know if she's a very good judge of the cuisine though...she seems to love everything!” my wife said laughing.

"That's pretty funny," I said smiling. "Do you ever wonder how fat she will get?"

"Heidi? I think she's got to go into a panic pretty soon. You watch, before we know it she will be on a strict diet and be out exercising the kids!" said Paula.

"Oh...I wanted to ask you about something," I remembered. "Margarita has a younger sister who's coming in next month, she's about twenty five or so, I think. I guess she's got no place to go and needs to a place to stay for a few months. Is it ok with you?"

"Sounds fine," my wife answered. "Margarita has been a loyal part of the household; we should do her the favor."

As I readied for the day and prepared to go downstairs for breakfast one morning, I pondered that fact that it had been almost six months since Heidi had come to live with us. She had definitely been a happy addition to the household, to be sure.

I don't know how it is I always get stuck in these uncomfortable situations, but as I passed Heidi's door I heard,

"Raul...could you help me for a moment?"

Heidi was in her room, getting ready for breakfast. As I walked in the room to help her, I was reminded she had piled on still more weight in the last month. She was still a very beautiful girl, still with milky supple skin and gorgeous black hair and dark eyes. Her face had not changed a great deal, maybe a little puffier than before, but no double chin yet. Her arms hadn't changed much either, they had always been fairly petite, but you could see the beginnings of some softening around her upper arms. Just then her words snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Could you help me button my overalls…either they shrunk or my belly has grown a little...ooohhhhh...I can't....quite...aaahhhhh... get the right leverage," she said, straining around to the side to get a hold on the buttons.

"Sure, I think we can get this," I said.

As I helped her, I checked out her still larger belly. She definitely was a flabby girl now around the tummy. As I attempted to join the buttons and holes, I noticed the new love handles that had also mysteriously appeared in the last few months. They spilled over her panties voluptuously.

"Ok, you're going to have to suck your tummy in for me," I said.

"I already am!" she said giggling. "Ok, here's a little more...ooohh" she sucked it in and held her breath.

"Got it!" I announced.

I had successfully closed all six buttons. However, I couldn't help but think that unless she changed her lifestyle this was last time we would be able to do so.

"Thank you so much, now let's eat!" she said, hurrying downstairs.

Two weeks later and I never saw her wear those bib overalls again. So much for a lifestyle change!

It was on this day, Margarita's young sister Marisol came to stay with us. I must tell you, she was a very big girl. I would guess her to be around 280 lbs or so, very well-fed with a generous belly, full butt, and seemingly soft all over. I don't necessarily find women that big attractive, but most would agree Marisol was very pretty. Being a native South American, she had a dark complexion, nice eyes, and a pretty smile and nice disposition.

It was agreed she would help the other servants and Margarita in the kitchen while she was living with us. We told her that wasn't necessary, but she insisted.

The children took to Marisol right away. I told of Heidi's tremendous efforts in helping the kids lose weight. Marisol thought it was wonderful and complimented Heidi on how healthy the children had become.

"Wish I could say the same for me," said Heidi, proudly patting her new, jiggly belly. "Looks like somehow I ended up with all the weight they lost!"

We all laughed and then Marisol interjected, "I don't know Heidi, I'd kill to be your size again!" In Marisol's first week, it was evident she was going to fit right in. She would play games with the children outside anytime and even took them swimming. They loved to hug Marisol around her big belly and Marcela often even snuggled with her. Ricardo liked to reach his hand just under Marisol's shirt to caress her warm, soft belly. She often giggled and scolded him, but she new he loved it so. After all, he was only eight years old.

Meanwhile, Heidi was happy as a clam not to have the children pestering her to take them swimming and play games all the time. Heidi and Marisol also got to know each other very quickly. They often talked and laughed with each other late into the night. As I watched Heidi and Marisol interact, I often saw Heidi staring at Marisol's overweight form. I could swear she seemed almost envious sometimes...but that was just me thinking too much. I've got to start putting more work time in, I thought. There's been so much activity around here lately my mind has been elsewhere.

One evening, I went to bid Margarita goodnight. She was in the kitchen, perfecting one of her new recipes. To my surprise Marisol and Heidi sat at the counter with empty plates in front of them. She was bringing out a full course meal, it appeared. I didn't recognize anything, but it looked like some sort of beef, and a fried vegetable of some kind.

Marisol and Heidi dug in and both clearly were enjoying it greatly. After only about half of the serving, Marisol said she too full to eat anymore.

"Speak for yourself!" said Heidi, still going strong.

"I don't know where she puts it," said Marisol, looking at Heidi greedily eat and eat.

"Guess it's my metabolism," said Heidi, barely pausing to speak.

I had noticed that Marisol's size made Heidi feel less self conscious about her own weight. After all she must have figured, "I'm nowhere near that big."

I did notice that Marisol usually ate less than Heidi. I remembered a conversation I heard once:

"Oh," began Marisol. "I used to eat like you, honey," she said, looking at Heidi. "I started to cut back a few years ago. If I hadn't, I'd be too fat to walk!"

Heidi smiled nervously.

The next day after breakfast, Heidi and Marisol sat on Heidi's bed, swapping stories.

"Say, Heidi, mind if I change into my bathing suit in your room? I'll just be a moment," Marisol inquired.

"Ok, sure, want me to leave?" Heidi asked.

"I'm not shy if you're not!" Marisol said.

Marisol then pulled off her shirt, revealing her substantial belly. Heidi's eyes got wider, for she had never seen so much soft, ample flesh.

As Marisol changed, Heidi watched her tummy sway and jiggle with each movement.

"I've been meaning to ask you about something, Heidi," said Marisol.

"Sure," said Heidi, still stealing glances at Marisol's belly hanging out in front of her.

"I wondered if you could help me like you helped the kids. I really don't like being this big." She grabbed a handful of flab and wiggled her huge paunch for emphasis. "Could you put me on a diet and fitness routine?"

"Oh sure," said Heidi. After all, she thought, the kids were pretty much on their own now and didn't need much help anymore.

"Let's start tomorrow!"

Marisol was very happy. "I hope it falls off as fast as I put it on, I'll be your size in no time!"

"Let's what we can do," said Heidi. "We'll go as fast we can and still stay remain healthy."

"Sounds good, what are they making for lunch?" Marisol asked, walking out of the room to round up the kids for a swimming trip.

"Oh goody! Goody!" Heidi yelled. She had remembered it was Wednesday. Heidi excitedly told Marisol it was her favorite day of the week because it was steak and eggs day for lunch.

"Wow, that sounds pretty rich. I'll see if I am hungry enough by then, I'll probably just have a little," Marisol replied.

"Suit yourself," said Heidi. "If I know my appetite these days, I'll be ravenously hungry by then!" she said smiling and giggling.

"What an appetite! You're amazing," said Marisol.

The children had a great time with Marisol at the pool and now they had returned and were ready for lunch. Heidi and the children were first to the table, followed by Marisol who took a seat next to Heidi.

"Oh my," said Marisol, as the steak and eggs were presented to the eager diners.

As usual, Heidi didn't waste any time and before we knew it had polished off two helpings of steak and eggs. I knew Margarita's recipe was rather unique for the meat was served with a rich buttery sauce. I am no expert on cuisine, but it seemed like a sauce you would see in French food. Heidi now looked longingly at the others still enjoying their food.

"That's it, I'm stuffed," announced Marisol, after only eating a few bites.

"Ooohhh!" said Heidi, "You don't mind do you?"

With that Heidi scraped the leftovers (almost a whole steak and three or four eggs) off Marisol's plate onto hers, even taking the time to lick the last remaining sauce off the now empty plate. She then ate eagerly until every last bit was gone. With that she smiled, sat back and announced, "Ahhhh, Siesta time!"

Marisol smiled to herself in amusement.

The following morning Marisol joined Heidi and the children in the family room to begin her workout.

"Ok, Marisol, I will warn you. You will have to work hard and be very disciplined. This won't be fun and games...getting into shape is hard work," said Heidi sternly, standing there with a pair of very tight pants that were stretched tight over her growing butt. She had to be starting to run out of clothes that fit. But today she somehow found a loose fitting tee shirt to throw on.

"I will get the kids started first and you can watch them to get an idea how this will work," said Heidi. "We will start you on a easier workout at first, however."

Marisol watched as each child went through the routine with great efficiency and focus.

"Ok, now," said Heidi. "I want Marisol on the treadmill, we will start with one mile, moderate pace."

As Marisol started to walk, Heidi flopped down on the couch and motioned for Marcela to come over.

"Sweety?" She whispered. "Be a dear and go get me a box of doughnuts, I know there's one in the pantry," she said, smiling.

"How many?" asked Marcela.

"Oh, just go ahead and bring me the whole box," said Heidi.

"That's it! That's what it's going to take!" Heidi shouted at Marisol, who was sweating and panting to finish her mile. "We'll have that belly gone in no time!"

Marcela had placed the doughnuts on the floor next to Heidi's couch.

"Ooohhh...chocolate covered, my favorite!" she said quietly to herself.

Marisol then moved on to try to do come sit-ups.

"This will be a little tricky for you at first," said Heidi, cramming a doughnut into her mouth. "You will probably not be able to do many at first, but you have to try."

Marisol strained against her big belly and managed to two sit-ups.

"Very good, you are an excellent student! Now it's the Stairmaster for you!"

The Stairmaster whirred and clicked as Marisol tiredly pumped her chubby legs. Meanwhile, Heidi had eaten five doughnuts and was nodding off to sleep. It must have been a sugar crash. Heidi woke up about a half an hour later to see Marisol toweling the sweat off her face.

"How did I do?" she asked.

"Great, I think you should start to see results in a few days. I have already spoken to the servants and they are going to start feeding you the healthy stuff like the kids get," said Heidi, still lounging lazily on the couch.

Over the next month, Heidi continued her training of Marisol. I began to notice her weight coming off in the first two or three weeks. She was very large before, so one had a hard time seeing the loss of a few pounds. But by the end of the month her belly was clearly shrinking. Marisol was elated, and Heidi was happy for her, too.

Heidi's belly was clearly not shrinking, though. She continued to eat huge meals. I could see she recklessly snacked at all hours of the day. The servants even told me of the many snack cake, candy bar, and potato chip wrappers along with bakery crumbs they found everyday while cleaning her bedroom.

It was obvious she was continuing to get fatter. If I had to guess I would say she now was 40 pounds heavier than she was when she arrived. It goes without say that she was keeping Mara busy making new clothes, too.

"She is really filling out!" my wife said excitedly one day. "I was just in the bedroom next door with Heidi and Marisol," she said as she closed the door so that no one could hear.

"Heidi was trying on some new clothes. Mara really outdid herself this time. She has been reading those American fashion magazines and got some pink velour material to make a warm-up suit for Heidi. Apparently all the young people are wearing them."

"Oh, those are supposed to be very comfortable," I said.

"That's what Heidi said. It's very nice, although it looks like she made it a little big. She has to tighten the drawstrings to make the pants stay up and the top seems a tad too big. It's definitely wearable, but it's just funny because Mara usually hits the size right on," my wife continued. "Anyway, while I was in there, Marisol was looking at some of Heidi's old pictures from home.

" 'Wow, you were so thin when you back then!' said Marisol.

“'Eh, come on!' Heidi protested. 'It's not like I weigh 300 or anything!' She then continued admiring her new pink warm-up suit in the mirror.

“I couldn't help but marvel at the difference," my wife went on.

"While I was in there I got a look at her stomach as she unzipped her top. You wouldn't believe how flabby it has become. I could make out the traces of what used be a washboard stomach, but now the muscles seem saggy and covered with a layer of fat. I mean, she still has her curves in the right places, but that tummy of hers is really going to start hanging if she doesn't lay off the steak and eggs!"

My wife smiled to let me know she didn't mean it in a scolding way.

"Not much chance of that happening," I said, chuckling. "I have a feeling we are going to send back an extremely well-fed girl back to America. Heidi's parents can't accuse us of letting her go hungry, that's for sure!"

Two weeks later....

"I LOVE this warm-up suit!" Heidi said, while climbing into a recliner, rubbing her hands over her ever-softer body. "Let's get to work my little chubette!" Heidi said rather cruelly to Marisol as that morning's workout began.

"Oh, come on," said Heidi, realizing she had hurt Marisol's feelings. "You know you'll be smaller in no time. I'm just trying to motivate you. Now let's get to it!"

Heidi knew Marisol's progress was excellent. Her formerly huge paunch was diminishing slowly but surely, and as with the children, she now had a healthy glow about her.

It was around this time that Heidi had a great idea, which she shared with me. She said she noticed how the children loved swimming and that if I could afford it, I should put in a pool of our own.

"It would help them stay in shape for years to come," Heidi informed me.

After thinking it over, I realized it was a great idea...expensive, but a great idea. It made sense since we live such a warm climate. I went ahead and started the ball rolling. They told me it would take about two months to get it all up and ready.

Margarita told me of a little spat between Marisol and Heidi she had witnessed.

Heidi had passed by the kitchen and saw Marisol delicately eating a chocolate bon bon from box she found in the pantry. Although it was clear Marisol was only eating one or two. Heidi flipped out on her."

"What do think you are doing, Mari!" she yelled. "Those are not for fat girls!"

With that she grabbed the bon bon from Marisol's hand and shoved it into her own greedy mouth.

"Not only are these my candies, but they are forbidden in your new diet!" she said as she popped another into her mouth like it was nothing.

"Oh...I didn't know...I'm sorry..." Marisol stammered.

Then I think it hit Heidi she had been a little mean to her friend. She then apologized and soon they were seated in the kitchen, talking and making up. Meanwhile, Heidi ate bon bon after bon bon from the box.

"Is everything ok now, sweety?" asked Heidi. "I don't know what came over me, I must be a little cranky because I'm hungry. What time's dinner, I'm starving!" she asked, holding her developing paunch.

Margarita had planned a new Colombian dish, empanadas, for dinner that night. From the looks of them they were very fattening, plenty of beef, eggs, and very greasy...but delicious.

"I think this may give steak and eggs day a run for its money!" Heidi said as she held out her empty plate, awaiting her third helping. "More!"

The servants were like one of the family around our house, and I noticed Heidi was so eager to satisfy her belly, she sometimes was a little cold to the staff during dinner. As far as I could tell they didn't seem to mind, I just think they were happy to have their food so appreciated.

I stood looking at the calendar in my office. I had marked the day Heidi arrived and believe it or not today we were half way through her tenth month. The pool work was finishing up and within a week or two it would be ready for a swim.

Today I went up to use the washroom and saw it was occupied by Heidi and Marisol. As I turned to go, I overheard their conversation.

"I don't believe it!" Marisol cried as she stood on the scale.

"Thirty pounds gone!"

"All right girl! I knew I could make it happen for ya!" said Heidi, popping a peanut M&M into her mouth.

The girls stood in the bathroom, each wearing a velour warm-up suit. They wore them most of the time now as they loved the soft, comfortable feel. This kept Mara busy because each girl wanted several suits each. Marisol was thrilled; hers was perfectly tailored to fit her larger body. Oh, I should mention. Heidi now looked plain fat. I was out surveying progress out at the pool and Heidi came out with the kids and Marisol. Heidi seemed to always be munching on something these days. Today she had a plate with a large piece of leftover flan that she forked into her mouth. She wore her favorite pink warm-up suit. Her body had certainly changed a lot since the day Mara made it.

The suit was no longer big at all; in fact, now it looked a little snug. Her butt was getting wider and the pants of the suit were stretched tightly over it. I could also see a definite jiggle when she walked that hadn't been there before. Speaking of her walk, when she first joined us almost eleven months ago, she had had a bouncy, energetic walk. Now it seemed to be very slow and...well lazy. That's the only way I can think to describe it. The top of the suit was looking smaller, too. The formerly too loose top now barely covered her sagging tummy. It seemed to fight to hang over her pants no matter how she tried to pull them up. This was the case with her flabby love handles that peeked out from under her top to join her belly. Her breasts had grown a little, and I could see some more fat finding its way on her upper arms, but she still looked pretty fit up there. Definitely in comparison to her butt and growing belly. That all being said, she still had a gorgeous face. It might have been a little fuller, with hint of double chin, but nothing to affect her perfect features.

In contrast, Marisol's warm-up suit, which unlike Heidi's, was actually used to work out in, looked loose around her still large, but rapidly shrinking body. I laughed as I thought to myself how if the current trends were to continue, Heidi could find herself comfortably fitting into Marisol's old, jumbo size warm-ups! Surely Heidi would stop herself before that happened, I thought. I mean really, she would have to gain ninety or one hundred MORE pounds to get up to Marisol's starting weight. That just seemed impossible.

After another couple of long workdays for the crew, they finished the pool. The kids were in heaven.

They were all in pretty good shape by now, and could swim and play all day in their new pool. It was even hard for my wife, Marisol, Heidi or I get a chance for a swim. Heidi usually liked to go out late at night for quick dip. I don't think she ever did much swimming. Most times I couldn't believe she was out there long enough to even get wet.

This particular night we all sat and talked in the family room. Heidi came in from the pool with her terrycloth robe on. She was gently toweling her ravishing dark hair. She only sat with us for a few minutes before Angela and Ricardo got it in their heads to pester her about demonstrating some of her ballet steps again.

“Come on!” said Angela. “Do it, do it! We haven't seen it since the week you came!”

“Ok, ok,” said Heidi. “But it's been a long time for me, too, you know.”

She then slowly pulled open her robe and let it slide off her fingers onto the floor. To my surprise she wore a pink bikini bathing suit underneath. I even heard my wife let out a silent “whoa!” under her breath as Heidi stood in front of all of us in all her glory. This reaction was first in response to her added weight, but second to her still inspiring beauty.

The performance then began. She attempted to move her now larger body with same grace as before, but her now added flesh on her butt, thighs and tummy definitely limited her mobility. I watched her tubby belly wobble and her widening, curvy butt quiver as she forged through her routine.

“Ouch!” she said, as she attempted to go up on her toes. It looked like her feet and ankles weren't ready to carry her new extra weight. With that, she fell on the ground giggling and holding her feet, playing up her minor foot pain. Her belly folded into a bunch of cushy rolls as she sat Indian style on the floor.

“Ok, that's it! I'm done,” she said, laughing. We clapped politely as she plopped down on the couch, red-faced and sweating.

Here's another story that happened a couple of weeks later. I was having trouble sleeping and went to heat up some warm milk. To my surprise, I was greeted by Heidi's body silhouetted by the refrigerator's light as she searched for a snack. Mara had made her a thin, almost see-through nightgown that now showed her figure perfectly as she stood in front of the light. I swear her belly, butt and hips had grown even in the last two weeks. I could see the outline of her underwear and clearly make out the outline of the fat rolls fighting to hang out from all over. Just then, she turned away from me and leaned over a little more trying to peer into the refrigerator. This gave me a straight-n view of her big butt and curvy hips.

"What a wide load!" I thought.

I finally cleared my throat to alert her of my presence. She turned briefly, said hi, and continued her search.

"Do we have any leftovers?" she asked, frowning. "I just can't seem to get enough of those empanadas!"

"I don't know. Did you check in the freezer?" I asked.

"No, good idea," she said, rushing to the freezer.

"Ah ha, look at this, I hit the jackpot." she said as she pulled out a big plastic bag full of frozen empanadas.

"You can't eat that many, can you?" I said as she poured them onto a platter.

"Maybe not, but someone will eat them tomorrow anyway."

As she waited for the food to heat in the microwave, we talked about her stay so far.

"We are coming up on a year of you living here, have you thought about if you want to stay longer?" I inquired. "Because you are more than welcome to; you have been great for the kids."

"Oh, I think I'll stay longer," she said, while retrieving her fattening treats from the microwave. "Just right," she said to herself as she gobbled one of the empanadas as a sample.

"For now would it be ok it I told you I would stay at least another six months?" she asked, then quickly stuffed two more of the goodies into her mouth.

"Sounds good to me; we'll talk about it again in six months, ok? Now I've got to get back to bed or I'll dead tomorrow," I said, leaving the kitchen.

"Good...smack, smack...Night!" She managed to mumble as she fed empanadas into indulgent, full lips.

Oh, and by the way, I checked the refrigerator the next day and there was no trace of any leftover empanadas, just an empty plastic freezer bag in the trash.

It's now been a full year in Paraguay for our guest Heidi. The kids have lost all the weight they need to. Now it's just a matter of keeping them on a healthy diet to maintain their weight. Meanwhile, Heidi continues living her lazy life. Marisol teases her about her big appetite, which always seems to drive Heidi to seek out a snack at all hours of the day. On the other hand, with her new healthy lifestyle, Marisol now eats very moderate meals. Heidi seems only too happy to snatch and gobble up any poorly guarded tasty morsels from Marisol's plate. Heidi says she doesn't want to them there "tempting her."

She does still join the children and Marisol for most of their workouts, but they have been for the most part on autopilot. These days she only shows up for something to do and to feel like she is helping.

Today Heidi got on Marisol's case a little bit.

"Ok, Mari, now what do you say you turn it up a notch?" Heidi asked, nestled in the couch watching TV.

"Ok, I'm for a challenge," said Marisol, wanting to get slim as fast as possible.

"Oh, but first," said Heidi rubbing her hand over her belly and full thighs. "I need a little something....I know! Marisol, you're up, could you get me a couple pieces of that leftover pizza we had last night? Marisol knew Heidi's appetite and came back with half a pizza instead.

"Ok, now," Heidi started as she began to eat her pizza, dropping crumbs all over her warm-up suit.

"I want seven miles on the treadmill...." Heidi went on and on, setting out an ambitious new goal for Marisol, all the while devouring the leftovers with passion.

When Heidi finished, Marisol was a little overwhelmed and not too sure if she could do it.

"Hey! You're not going to get rid of this by saying 'I can't!'" Heidi said, grabbing a handful of Marisol's fat belly.

At this point Marisol had been doing very well and was down to 230 lbs. She finally agreed to take on the new challenge. She had to only imagine herself with a trim body to get inspiration.

Three months passed...

This morning I went looking for Angela, and I peeked my head in the family room. It was just Marisol and Heidi going through Marisol's workout. Marisol had a determined look on her face as she ran on the treadmill. She showed a lot less jiggle than a few months ago, I might add.

"Have you seen Angela?" I asked the girls.

"No, I think she went swimming," said Marisol, panting.

"Why, Marisol, you look thinner than ever!" I said.

"Yes, thanks to my workout plan, she is down to 201 lbs as of last night!" Heidi boasted.

Heidi was settled in on the couch and to my surprise still was holding a plate from breakfast. It held 5 or 6 sausage patties and some fried eggs.

"Marisol rushed me in here to start her workout, I didn't get to finish my breakfast!" said Heidi, crossly. "Could you...aahh...ahhh.." she grunted as she lay on the couch and stretched her arm trying to reach a big plate of Danishes which sat on the side table near me. "Could you pass me....uhmm....yes, that cheese one....Yes! Thank you, Raul!"

She immediately took a big bite and went back to watching Marisol sweating away on the treadmill.

"Just one more mile, you're almost there...come on! It will be a new record!" Heidi said, licking her fingers sensuously as she swallowed the last of the Danish.

I then noticed Heidi gazing lustily at the decadent plate of Danishes.

"Ok, which one?" I asked, smiling.

"Oh!" she laughed. "If you insist, hmmmm....cherry...no blueberry...no.... oh, what the hell, you better pass me the whole plate!" she said giggling cutely.

Now at the end of another week, I sat with my wife in bed reading.

"You'll find this funny, as I know you like to keep up on our favorite well-fed house guest, Heidi," Paula started.

"I was helping the servants carry the laundry up to Heidi's room the other day, and there I found both Heidi and Marisol chatting. Marisol was sitting on the bed reading magazines, while Heidi was looking at herself in the mirror. She was wearing, what else, a velour warm-up suit. They sure do love those, don't they?"

"It's all about comfort," I said.

She went on. "First of all…boy is Heidi getting fat! She's still a very pretty girl in the face...I am still jealous...but she seems to grow by the day, have you seen that belly jiggle and hang out from under her zip-up top? Her rear is not missing out either, whoa! She must be over 225 lbs now, don't you think?" she asked me.

"Probably." I said. "She seems to have even passed Marisol in weight now. Marisol is getting nice and slim, while Heidi gets softer and flabbier by the day."

"You're right, dear, it's amazing to think Heidi is that same, thin girl who came to live with us over a year ago," Paula said.

"It's that unbelievable appetite. I never saw someone who was constantly hungry like that. I guess we can't judge her; she seems to be happy....happy that is as long as she has plenty of food in front of her!" I joked.

Paula then recounted the rest of the conversation she witnessed while in Heidi's room.

"Oohh, I am really getting plump...almost fat!" Heidi said as she struggled to pull her top down to cover her now ample belly.

"Hey, Marisol, come here for a minute, I need your help!" Heidi said, as she pulled her shirt way up with both hands. Marisol was amazed as she looked up to see Heidi's large love handles form a liberty bell shape from behind as they poured over her waistband.

"I've got a new problem! ” Heidi exclaimed, turning to face Marisol and putting her hands on her hips.

“Do you let your belly hang over your pants, or do you pull your pants up over it and tighten the draw strings?" she asked.

"Oh, I don't know," Marisol said sarcastically. "I am a thin girl now; I can't remember!"

Marisol pranced around the room showing off her new body that was definitely now thinner than Heidi's.

"Come on, Marisol! Help me out! I need your advice, this kind of stuff is all new to me, you know!"

"Ok," said Marisol, getting serious. "Let's see this. Whoa! That big appetite is finally starting to pay off!" she said, patting Heidi's chubby belly, which jiggled at her touch.

"No jokes!" snapped Heidi.

Marisol then tried and tried to pull up Heidi's pants, but they just weren't big enough to fit over her newly expanded stomach.

"Well, that settles it, at least for these pants," said Marisol. "I always liked to pull my pants up over my belly when I could. Otherwise, it seemed to always poke its way out under my shirt. I didn't like that. Besides, you're getting an exceptionally flabby tummy, and it will always be hanging out unless you get your pants to cover it somehow. Hey! Why don't you ask Mara to make you some bigger pants? That is....unless you are going on a diet!"

"Oooh, I don't think I could ever diet. The food around here is too good! Besides, even if I got as big as you used to be…what's that 280-290? Of course, there is no way I can see that that happening, but tell me honestly, it wasn't so bad, was it?"

"You're right, it was pretty fun sometimes. I felt so sexual and ripe most of time. Indulging in all the food I wanted was bad either. But it's all about being happy," said Marisol. "You are happiest when you are eating, I am happiest when I am getting thinner and feeling healthy, you go figure."

"Well, that's it then, we're all happy. I'll go talk to Mara tomorrow about those new clothes. Meanwhile, I'll try to get as much wear out of these old suits as I can. Promise you won't tease me if my belly sags out under my top!" exclaimed Heidi.

"I promise," replied Marisol.

"Now let's eat!" cried Heidi.

After hearing my wife's story, it was clear to me that Heidi just might reach Marisol's old weight.

About a week and a half later, I joined the family for lunch. It seemed so rarely I got the chance anymore. Everyone was there. Heidi sat eagerly awaiting the feast as the food was brought out. Margarita now made sure to bring Heidi's food out first, knowing she couldn't control herself it she saw someone else's first. Today we were having Prime Rib...you may think this is an expensive meal for lunch, but here on the ranch it is done quite often. I watched as Heidi luxuriously ate her rich, juicy cut of beef. The prime rib was served with mashed potatoes with plenty of butter. Dairy and beef products are never in short supply at our ranch.

As most of us finished, Heidi was still ready for more and asked for her third prime rib. She was presented with it as the kids ran off to play.

"This one's a bit small, isn't it?" she asked.

"Don't worry, there is more in the kitchen," said Margarita's helper.

Heidi then cut about an inch of butter from the serving plate and watched it melt over her already very rich prime rib.

As last, she was finally full; we all began to go about our day. Just then Mara came in looking for Heidi.

"Oh there you are. Could you come to my sewing room? I want to measure you for those new velour pants."

"Oh, but my nap...." Heidi complained, spoiled to the point of always getting her nap after lunch.

"It will only take five minutes," pleaded Mara.

"Ok, I am looking forward to getting my new clothes," she said as she stood up, exposing a couple inches of belly flab hanging out from under her zip-up top. She tried in vain to pull her pants up, only to have her belly rolls win the fight and continue to hang out, visible to the world.

"Ok, please take your suit off for me so I can get a good measurement," said Mara.

Heidi stood in the sewing room groggily yawning and stretching her arms. She then began to remove her zip-up, then her pants and she then stood in bra and panties.

Heidi could tell by the look on Mara's face that she was shocked to see how much bigger and flabbier Heidi's body had grown, even since her last measurement two or three months ago.

Mara brought the tape measure around Heidi's expanding middle.

"Ok...got it." Mara said as she wrote the numbers down. Mara noticed the complete lack of muscle tone on any part of Heidi's body. The former traces of muscles in her abdomen were now each replaced with a nice role of soft, jiggly fat. The smaller roles all culminated in the largest, lowest roll that made up her main part of her belly.

"I just want to be able to pull up my warm-up pants to cover my tummy," said Heidi. "You've got to do better than the last time; these pants I have now just won't cover my belly and it always hangs out," she complained, being more snotty than informative.

"Don't worry about making them too big...I know you do that...I don't think I will be gaining much more weight," Heidi added and went off to take her siesta.

From the looks of it, now a month later, I would say Heidi was wrong about that. Heidi now eats literally constantly. She sometimes spends hours at the table and is always the last to leave. When she's not at the table it seems like she is either snacking on candy or testing one of Margarita's new dishes. She is the sole guinea pig now that Marisol is eating only healthy stuff. I think Margarita feels guilty feeding Heidi all that fattening extra food, but it's great feedback for her and she's so passionate about cooking.

Heidi has now taken to wearing her new velour suits. I was watching her stroll down the hallway the other day. Her belly has again grown and I can see it jiggle underneath her "new" pants, which are already tight, by the way. It is hanging down more than ever despite that fact it's well covered. Her butt continues to grow in all directions, too. It continues to get wider, and seems to have an abundant, satisfying fullness to it these days.

Now a year and six months into her stay, Heidi has requested to remain here another year. As has always been the case, it was fine with my wife and I. Other than that, things were not unusual. Marisol was looking fitter than ever; thanks to Heidi's prodding, she was down to 185 lbs. As for Heidi, my wife told me she recently had to crawl back to Mara to request some new, larger warm-up suits.

"Not going to gain anymore weight, huh..." said Mara smiling and looking at Heidi.

"It's that Margarita, she makes these delicious new dishes...I just can't help myself!" said Heidi, amazingly eating a candy bar even as she sat in Mara's room.

"I'll make these new warm-up suits a little bigger so you have room to grow," said Mara resourcefully.

"Ok," Heidi said meekly.

Mara went on to measure Heidi's body, and at the same trying to estimate how much each area was going to grow.

She noticed the belly and butt were the main areas, but now Heidi's thin arms were starting to fill out, too. Her breasts were again slightly bigger and everything in between now looked completely out of shape.

Six months later, a full two years since we first laid eyes on Heidi, I have some news. You won't believe it but it looks like Heidi is up to Marisol's old weight. Her previously baggy velour warm-ups are getting very tight around her now huge belly. She is flabbier than Marisol ever was…must be her complete laziness.

I entered the family room the other morning to see the familiar sight of Marisol exercising and Heidi comfortably lounging on the couch. Marcela and Ricardo were sitting with Heidi on the couch watching. Marisol had slimmed down to 141 lbs and miraculously was only one pound away from her goal weight!

"Ricardo." Heidi called. "Could you refill my plate? …And make sure you tell Margarita I'm still hungry! Thanks, Hun!" she said, lazily yawning and stretching. Rolls of fat protruded from her waistline as the too-small suit strained to keep its over-fed occupant from bursting all over. Her butt and thighs now stretched the seams of her pants to their limit.

Ricardo returned with a heaping plate of fried eggs, sausage, some leftover steak, fried eggs, and hash browns. Heidi dug in quickly.

"Wait, Heidi, wait!" said Ricardo as he then returned a second time with a full box of her favorite chocolate doughnuts and a plate of éclairs to top it off.

Heidi was overjoyed and didn't know what to eat first as she greedily stuffed eggs into her mouth. Ricardo and Marcela cuddled up to her as she ate. Ricardo even caressed Heidi's new fat belly, much as he done with Marisol many months ago.

"Come on, you can do better than that. Only on more pound to go Mari, you didn't get this far to become lazy at the last minute, did you?" Heidi yelled as she swallowed an éclair in two bites.

As Marisol finished, she toweled away the sweat and went off to shower. Just then Mara came in with a pile of clothes.

"Say, Heidi?" asked Mara. "I have all of these old warm-up suits that are too big for Marisol, would you like to try them?" She looked at Heidi's belly that had worked its way free and now hung enormously out of her tight suit.

"Ok, put them over there," said Heidi, finishing the last éclair and starting in on the rest of her decadent mid-morning feast.

A few minutes later, her plate was empty. As she daintily fed herself the last doughnut from the box, I think she was finally full. She sat for a moment contently rubbing her generous form, then proceeded upstairs with Marisol's old clothes in her arms.

She walked in to her room to find Marisol dressing.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I was just going to try on these suits," said Heidi taking a look at Marisol's new figure. “Man, are you in good shape these days, or what? Girl! I knew we could do it!" said Heidi breathing heavily from the walk up the stairs.

Heidi began to undress as Marisol finished changing. Marisol was able to steal a glance or two at her.

"My compliments to Margarita and her cooking!" said Marisol giggling. "There's no denying it now, you have officially gotten FAT, my dear!" She watched as the now 290-pound Heidi awkwardly undressed.

Heidi's belly had expanded to enormous size. It was so flabby it shook like gelatin as she removed her zip-up and with great effort, finally her pants. She turned around to look in the mirror. Standing in her bra and panties, she revealed a huge, flabby, but still shapely, butt. Her arms had even finally gotten fatter and she now sported the cutest double chin.

"You're right, I am definitely fat now!" said Heidi, looking in the mirror. She then lifted her belly flab way up with both hands and dramatically let in drop into place. Quivering and shaking, it came to rest, and sagged well out in front of her.

“I have to tell you,” said Heidi, smiling slyly. “If I had it to do all over again, I would. You saw that feast I just polished off. Even though I am full, the thought of my next meal keeps running through my head. I salivate just thinking about it!” she finished, while licking her voluptuous lips.

“Like I have always said, it's all about happiness!” said Marisol.

"I am going to try on your old, 280 pound warm-ups, Mari. They have to fit better then these stupid old ones Mara made for me!" Heidi proclaimed, as she battled her freshly added fat rolls, bending over to pull up her pants

. "Not bad, maybe a little tight, but not bad," said Marisol, watching the almost three hundred pound Heidi zip up her top and pat her immense tummy proudly.

"Well. I have only one thing to say in that case......LET'S EAT!"