Weight Room Title Bar

By girlsfeeder

Young Heiress: Maria
Stepmother: Julia
Cook: Anne

There was this millionaire who had a huge fortune. Her wife had died, and he had recently remarried. He had a beautiful, slender, 18-year-old daughter and a 5-year-old boy - and his new wife, Julia, who he had married one last year.

Julia had been after the money. She didn't like her husband and frankly hated her stepdaughter, but the money was worth it. She was speeding things up by slowly poisoning her husband, so she could get control of the fortune. Since their marriage, she had been trying to convince her husband to rewrite his Last Will, virtually giving her all the money. After a while he had agreed, but had insisted this was his private business, so she hadn't had access to the document.

But Julia was confident everything was all right. So when the guy died, she had been planning on advance on how to spend the fortune. But, to her dismay, the Will was worded a bit differently than she had hoped.

All the money went to Maria. Julia would administer it, needing permission from Maria for expenditures over a given amount. When Maria got married, the administration of the money would pass to her, who would in turn pass to Julia a monthly allowance.

This was terrible.

Julia wanted the money.

The Will stated that if Maria died or suffered any incapacitating accident or illness, most of the money would go to charities.

There was no escape for Julia. What to do?

She needed to control Maria - but how? The girl was intelligent, independent, and beautiful.

Here enters Anne, the cook. Anne was an ugly woman, resentful of Maria's looks. She had once caught Julia administering the poison to her husband (the millionaire) and swore to keep silent for a small sum.

Now, she was aware something was happening. She found Julia in her room, enraged. Julia told her what had happened.

The cook remained silent, then said: “I think I have a solution.”

Julia's eyes opened wide.

“Yes, a solution. What would happen if Maria was fat? I mean very fat, too fat in fact, to leave her own bed? She would be under your complete control, and she would certainly never marry.”

Julia said, “Yes, yes, I hadn't thought of that.”

“There is a problem. How are we going to convince her to let us feed her the tons of food necessary to get her that fat?”

Julia said: “Leave that to me. Make sure to get enough food to fatten an army. Maria is going to eat.”

Several days later, Julia and Anne summoned Maria. Julia informed María that she had administered to her little brother a potent untraceable poison. He was already feeling sick and would die in hours. Julia was more than willing to provide the dose of antidote. But first, Maria should get in a bed that the women have prepared for her - and let the woman feed her.

Just that. She would have to stay in bed and eat until she was told. It was for Julia and Anne to decide when she would eat, how much she would eat, and when she would rest. Any sign of unwillingness to eat on the part of Maria would endanger her brother's life.

Maria could not believe her ears. She shouted, cried, but Julia took her by the wrist and carried her to her brother's room. There he was, crying in pain.

“Listen child, he is dying. You are killing him. By wasting time you are killing him. Stop crying, get in bed, start eating in earnest, and he will live.”

Maria was desperate, but she obeyed.

They took her to a big bed (it looked very big, and made of steel) in the basement.

Maria got in bed.

Anne motioned a cart full of enormous cakes toward the bed, placed a tray in front of Maria, placed a big cake on the tray and took a spoon.

Anne filled the spoon with cake and ordered: “open your mouth.”

Maria was terrified; everything was so horrible. So many cakes.

“Open your mouth; think of your brother - you are killing him.”

She opened her mouth, one, two, three, endless times. When the day was over, the cart was empty, and her belly was full and expanded like a ball. Chocolate was dripping from her mouth.

Anne said: “Good girl,” and patted her belly. After that she handcuffed her to bed: “This is transitory, to make difficult any escape.” And she thought: soon you won't be needing these.

Anne let Maria rest.

The next day, early in the morning, the two women entered the room, pushing the cart, laden with cakes and pastries.

The women chuckled while feeding her. They feed her all the sweets in the cart, let her take a nap, and half an hour later came with a replenished cart.

Maria was kept in bed all day and was made to eat most of the time.

Anne and Julia took great pleasure in feeding her. She would sob most of the time and ask if it was enough. “Not yet piggy, open up.”

As the weeks went by, the results began to show.

Anne had the help of her sisters, who stayed all day in the kitchen, busy cooking for Maria. This way, Julia and Anne could devote all their time to feeding Maria.

With the feedings, the capacity of Maria's stomach increased.

Anne and Julia always made sure to force her to the very limit. The girl would be fainting after a day of crazy feeding, and Julia would show her the last spoonful of cake: “This last bit can kill your brother,” and force her to swallow it.

And they noticed, that from one week to another, there was a clear increase in the amount of food Maria could eat. They made sure they kept pace, always having more than enough, and always forcing her to the limit.

A round belly was forming where her waist had been. Anne would pat it while feeding Maria.

For Maria, this was a nightmare. There was nothing she could do but eat. She had to keep her brother alive. But these women were relentless. What were they doing to her? Why was this happening to her? So much food. She felt sick. So many pastries.

And her body - she was getting fat - how could this be?

Every day, the two women would repeat the ritual. Every day more food. In the basement she lost notion of day or night: when the light was on, she was forced to eat; if it was off, she could rest.

The light was the first sign. When they turned the light on from the outside, she knew it was coming. After that, she would hear the cart wheels and the women chatting. She had to prepare her belly; it was coming. Julia and Anne were coming; the nightmarish cart was coming; the food was coming. She had learned to obey Julia and Anne.

Anne was the worst. Anne watched her while she ate. She could feel the hate in her eyes. Any sign of rebellion, real or suspected, would be enough for Anne to increase the daily ration still more. Maria dreaded Anne. One small remark could mean one more cake. When she was full, when the last cart was empty, a remark could make Anne add one more cake.

Handcuffed to the bedpost, forced to eat to her very limit, feeling bloated, Maria watched the time go by.

She saw herself expand in front of her.

There was nothing in the room, but a scale in front of her, connected to the bed, that had read 110 the day she first got in the bed.

Now it read 350.

She was fat. But nothing near enough for Julia or Anne.

They kept up the pace.

Maria was made to eat huge amounts of food, always to her very limit, like there was no tomorrow.

Now she could see a big, soft, distended belly in front of her. She wanted to cry. But crying meant another cart. So she kept silent and ate dutifully.

Identical light bulb days of endless eating followed each other. The only difference was: each day brought more food.

The day she reached the 700-pound mark was very special. Anne took the handcuffs away and, patting her enormous belly, said: “All the food we made you eat is gonna make sure you stay where you are.”

Then Julia: “Yes, Maria, that is the truth; you are too fat to leave that bed. No more skiing vacations, no more bikinis; forget the Porsche (no way you can get in it, if you could walk to it). Those are my privileges now. And more important, you will never go to a party again, and you will never have a boyfriend again.”

They brought a big mirror: “Look at you,” Maria was sobbing, “Look at what we made of you.”

“Well, now you'll keep eating like an elephant, until I consider you are fat enough, that will be at 1100 pounds.”

“You'll sign all the permissions for me to spend the money, now that you still can, remember you still control the life of you brother.”

“As for your brother, don't worry, he'll stay alive while you obey, and we'll make sure he eats well, too, so that in a couple of years he'll be in bed forever, too.”

“You have five minutes to cry; there are cartloads of food waiting - don't think I'm getting sentimental. You are pinned to your bed, but I'll make you eat until you can't move your arms.”

There was nothing she could do. Soon her brother would be in another room, forced to eat like a pig against his will. Forced to become fat beyond description by this wicked women. She had done what she could; she had kept him alive. Now she felt her enormous belly and got ready: the cart was coming down the aisle.

And everything went on as planned.