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Her Revenge
By Rimmy

Part One

Anne was, in fact, the perfect girl for me. She was 5'7" and 225 lbs. with most of her weight in her bottom half. She really was quite disproportionate. Her thighs and butt were simply outrageous! Her lips and her stomach were both soft and chubby - much like the rest of her. We went out twice, and had passionate sex after the second date. The sex was great, but only because I have mirrors, and could view her huge ass riding me as if I were a third person. Sadly, she was a very immature, and a little bit crazy from what I could tell. So although her body drove me nuts, I never called her back, and didn't want to see her again. She did not take this well.

She called again and again, leaving messages, but to no avail. Finally, one time I was at home when she called, and I got an earful! "...You are going to pay for using me like that! Do you know how it feels to be me? You have no idea, do you? To have people make fun of the way you look every single day, it's awful! And then to have people use you for your body, and treat you the way that people like you do!"

I tried to smooth things over, "Listen, I'm sorry things didn't work out. I don't know what to say..."

"Oh, you are going to be sorry all right!" And with that, she hung up. I was more than a little unnerved, as I knew she was a little bit unstable, but now she had told me that she would take revenge, in so many words. That night I was disturbed, but when I didn't see her for the next two weeks, my fears dissipated.

After another week went by I was out at a end-of-the-year fraternity party, and was having a good time. Too good of a time, actually - I was extremely drunk and hitting on many girls. It had gotten very late (and I had had limited success with the women), and I was even more drunk. Then Anne showed up at the house. She was wearing a skin-tight T-shirt, that exposed almost her entire soft belly, and she was wearing white spandex bottoms, which showed off her ass in ways I've never seen before. She must have gained 25 pounds in the three weeks since we last saw each other. And it all seemed to go to her butt! This, under normal sober circumstances, would have alarmed me: an ex appearing after a party is over, and looking very seductive. But I was drunk, so I approached her without apprehension.

"Hi, Anne."

"Hello." And with that she pulled me close and gave me a big hug. I was partially engulfed by the fat that was pouring all around me. She knew I was liking it. She let go of the embrace and pushed me back a step against the wall. The house music was still bumping, and the lights were very low. She turned around, exposing her enormous bubble butt. She then backed up right into me and started dancing! She was grinding her huge ass right into me! It was incredible, and at that point I didn't have the will power to stop it. My hard-on was roaring now, and she knew it. She turned around and pulled down my pants, and started playing with my cock with her chubby fingers, still dancing. Then she pulled down her spandex over her wide hips, showing her hairy pussy mound, and her wet slit.

She whispered in my ear, "You really shouldn't do this."

"I know, but I cant help myself," I replied.

"Then that's the way it's going to be."

"What do you mean, Anne?" She didn't respond. She did open her purse and took a huge pull of something out of a flask. It wasn't the first time I saw someone drink out of a flask for the night, so I wasn't surprised.

"Let's do it!" she gurgled. She steered my dick with one hand and grabbed my ass and pulled me in with the other. She was quite strong. Then I entered her pussy, and it was incredible! She controlled the movement by pulling and pushing me. Then right as I was about to cum, she kissed me. She kissed me hard and spewed the liquid that was in her mouth into mine, and I swallowed hard. At the same time her pussy muscles contracted and squeezed my dick as I was pulled in one last time, and we both came.

She quickly pulled up her pants, and said before leaving, "You are now going to have to learn the hard way."

Part Two

It was 1pm the next day when I awoke. I felt horrible. I don't remember how I got home, or what happened after that. But I did see the empty container of brownies that grandma sent; and a box of pizza; and an empty bag of potato chips. I must have had the munchies. But I was still incredibly hungry. I looked into the pocket of the pants I was wearing the night before, and found a note from Anne -

"HOLY SHIT!" I yelled out loud. "I fucked Anne last night! This is not good." I remembered most of the events that transpired the night before in a heartbeat. Then I read the note:


You have used me twice. And all because you like the way my body looks.

It's not easy being me. And I feel like this is the only way you are going to find out. I'll come by soon...


What did that mean? This girl really was psychotic. I felt bad about what we did last night, but my attention first concentrated on finding some food as I was starved! I ordered a pizza to be delivered to my one-bedroom apartment, and surprisingly ate it all when it came. Instead of feeling bad for Anne, I sat around all day thinking about her wonderful ass and thighs. And even her soft belly. After eating another pizza by myself I fell asleep.

The next day I awoke to my chest itching like crazy. I satisfied the urge by rubbing it thoroughly. It felt weird though. It was softer than usual. But I shrugged that off, and went to my computer and started looking at my research. The plan was to spend the entire summer working alone on my research project in my apartment. It was to start today. When I got in the shower I noticed some strange things: my chest hair was gone, and my nipples were huge! I actually started playing with my nipples and made them stand on end, and they were gigantic. For some reason, I kind of liked it, and so didn't give it too much serious thought. After I showered, I went to shave, but found that my facial hair was non-existent as well. "Well, that's one less thing to do," I thought.

I dried off, and put on some boxers. But the funny thing was that I had a hard time getting them on. The elastic was stretched to the max on my hips, and dug into my skin. Being uncomfortable, and not needing to go anywhere, I simply put on a pair of sweatpants and went commando. The XL sweatpants were normally very baggy on me. But for some reason, today they actually fit normally, and the butt area filled out the most ever. As I never had had much of an ass, it was kind of cool. I spent the day researching and eating pizza and ice cream, and my appetite was insatiable. A couple of days later, I was taking an afternoon nap lying on my side watching TV. I woke up not being able to see the TV at all, because my hip got in the way. This snapped me out of oblivion I was in to the changes happening in my body.

I slouched out of bed, as my movement was a bit harder now, and stood before the mirror. HOLY SHIT!! I was BIG! The T-shirt I had been wearing was now pulled up because my chest had gotten so big. If I was a girl, I'd say I was a B-cup. And my nipples were huge and easily visible through the shirt. I couldn't stop staring at them for a while. The sleeves of the T-shirt were now super-tight on my arms, because a layer of flab had engulfed my usually muscular biceps. I couldn't make out one muscle on my body anymore. My arms were simply thick! My expanded chest pulled my shirt up to expose my newly soft belly. The six-pack was gone. What was left was a mushy tummy and a cavernous belly button. But then my eyes moved down to my lower half. The sweatpants were being pulled to their limits! I stood facing myself, and my hips were so wide. They were much wider than any other part of my body. The pants looked like they would burst in my legs. Normally thin, my thighs had expanded with fat to the bursting point! My quadriceps and hamstrings were laden and covered with fat. Everywhere, fat!

I turned at looked at my profile, and saw that my ass jutted out a foot and a half! Oh my gosh! If I were a chick, I would be enamored with me. I looked at the rest of my body: my fingers and toes were now a bit pudgy; my face was hairless, but mostly the same; and I reached into the front of my snug sweatpants, and felt huge amounts of a soft pubic hair mound. I then felt my dick as it was hard as a rock. I sat down in front of the mirror, jerked off at the sight, and then napped.

The next week was a blur. I covered up all mirrors in my apartment, because the sight was too much to bear. I only did three things: I ate constantly, I plopped down in front of the computer, and I slept tons.

The following Sunday, I awoke in the morning to a rapping at my door. I got myself out of bed wearing a pair of my dad's sweatpants that were stretched beyond belief. Walking was harder now, but kind of fun, too. I had to sway my hips back and forth, and the result was a waddle. The cause was that my butt and legs were so big that it was physically impossible to walk like a man. My chest had gotten big too - boobs, I admitted to myself, had clearly developed at a size D maybe. I opened the door to see a svelte Anne standing there.

"My God I'm good!" she exclaimed. "You are a fat-ass woman!"

This snapped my out of the blur that I was in. "What did you do to me?!"

"Simple. I'm a chemistry major. I created a drug that would cause you to grow like I did - only in a very short time. In essence, you have all of my hormones running through your body right now! And I tinkered a bit, so that your growth would be accelerated 50 fold."

It made sense. I was terrified. "Why?" I asked her. But I already knew.

"Now you will see what its like to be me, what I go through, and what it's like for people to abuse you," she sneered. "And I'm moving in, and am going to help the process along, or else I will have you arrested for sexual assault."

I couldn't remember everything that happened that night at the fraternity, so I reluctantly agreed to her moving in.

For the next couple weeks, we ate a lot, and slept a lot. Because we napped usually right after binging, we ended up cuddling together. It was nice because our bodies were so soft and curvy, that we fit together snugly.

When we woke up we would remember our precarious situation, but nonetheless, we still liked it. She had more mirrors installed, and we often took measurements and weighings, so everywhere I went I saw my huge womanly body, all 278 pounds and 47-37-66 of me! I was ridiculously fat and disproportionate. Just seeing me often got my excited and hard. I started almost enjoying seeing myself in this fat, pear-shaped body, the kind I had always loved with an enormous ass and fat fat legs, and even a hairy mound.

Anne fell asleep on my ass after gorging ourselves one Friday night. I had started just wearing tight stretchy butt pants every day. I woke up to her playing with me. She was kneading and massaging my huge butt! She then took off my pants, revealing an ever-growing mass. With difficulty I turned over and she kissed my hard-on. Then she took me inside her mouth and almost made me cry it was so incredible. I cummed on her fat belly and she loved it. Then we kissed and cuddled and talked for a long time. I told her how I really liked being encapsulated by this amazingly fat female form, and she told me that payback was over.

The summer was almost over. I gained another fifty pounds - mostly in my bottom. I was fatter than any girl at school practically. I would get odd stares from people at the store, as they gazed at this fat-butted freak. I liked it, and showed off my waddle whenever possible. I often wore light blue jeans out that were skintight over my ass. People couldn't help but look. I would wear shirts too small for me, and show off my tummy and big boobs. I was living right in my dream girl. I was her. I was also living with her...

I was half-sleeping on a Sunday morning, when Anne stood up and took off her clothes, and I studied her body for the first time in a while. She was bigger than me! Much bigger! And in the same places too. Her butt was simply huge, and her thighs were too. Her pussy was amazingly hairy, and I could see her slit getting wet. She came back on the bed, and she lowered herself onto me, and our soft bodies merged into one mass of flesh. She rode me slow and we were both loving it. I looked to the right, and saw the reflection of this amazing thing that was happening. Here, this huge fat womanly man was getting fucked by an even bigger woman, with the fattest roundest ass. I came at the sight of it, and haven't looked back.