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Aphrodite, looking into the magic pool, saw the future. And in the future she saw Volimari, and the Goddess of beauty and love became angry, for Volimari was by far more beautiful than she. With the aid of Hare, Aphrodite conspired to place a curse on Volimari, as she was still in her mother's womb, and so the girl child was born, the most beautiful woman in all of time, yet with an appetite so immense that all of the food in Olympus and beyond in the world of mortals could not satisfy her. It was thus that Volimari, innocent though she may be, caused the death of her own mother, as she was indeed the largest child ever to be born.

And let it be said that Volimari's great size was not that of height, for she was normal in that respect (a mere five-foot-six), but in sheer vastness of her dimensions. Particularly as she grew into young womanhood, her prodigious size became unbounded. Never before had Olympus seen such a wonder - nor the earth lands, too, for that matter - where Volimari had been vanquished because her father had never forgiven her in the cause of his beloved wife's death.

Blaming Volimari as he did, and disgusted with her gluttony, Odin allowed many trials to befall the hapless elephantine beauty for whom he wished naught but vengeance. Surprised then he was - and angered - when none less than Hercules himself, son of Zeus came to her rescue. Yet what Odin knew not was that as Volimari grew into womanhood, as her gigantic body took on colossal proportion, along with prodigious size grew her rare beauty. And it was only natural that Hercules, a man born of the gods, a man of strength and honor, would be so smitten.

Volimari, who at the tender age of thirteen and already weighing a ponderous six-hundred-and-twenty-five pounds, found refuge in the court of a benefactor - where she thrived, so that a mere two years later she had added yet another three-hundred-and-fifty pounds to her already hulking feminine frame. In this time and the years following, Volimari had all but been forgotten by the vengeful gods. She was happy, her days spent for the most part eating and sleeping, lounging in the garden for short times between her feedings and admiring her growing beauty as she was washed, massaged, dressed and adorned by her servants.

But Volimari's days of content were soon to be over, as one day the ever-jealous Aphrodite saw that Mars, a young god who she herself favored, had become smitten by (as she regarded Volimari) a fat lazy bitch. A spell placed on Mars turned his eyes toward Aphrodite; a word in Odin's ear revived his hatred for the girl, and so Volimari's plight once again began.

Our story begins when eighteen-year-old Volimari, who now weighs just over fifteen hundred pounds, a weight so oppressive that it impairs her ability to move about and yet has not destroyed her beauty - if anything it has added to it. It is a time of trial for Volimari: her happy home of these past six years destroyed, those who had treated her so well vanquished by the gods. Volimari did not know where to turn for help to appease her voracious appetite, to feed her, let alone to bath and dress her and attend to her toiletries. She wept, little realizing that not only would she find these things but much, much more.

For in this time of struggle Volimari would find a champion who dared to defy the gods on her behalf, and she would find a love as she had never before known. Volimari would once again know happiness such that she would grow into a woman-goddess twice over that of which she now was.


Hercules, nearing the end of his labors on returning to his home in Thebes, stopped to visit an old friend along the way. It was there that he first laid eyes upon the beautiful behemoth, Volimari. Hercules talked first with Aranon, whom he had not seen in over six years, not yet aware that such a prodigious demi-goddess lurked near by.

"Who is that in the garden with Aranon?" Volimari asked her handmaid Sev, as she chewed, then swallowed and opened wide her salivating mouth for yet another morsel of sweetmeal bread with honey. She was in her chamber, the time of her mid day feeding nearing its finish, her massive stomach bloated to full distention, and yet Volimari craved still more food.

"Why, it is Hercules of course, my goddess; one could not mistake such a muscular stature as that."

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm." Volimari hummed her pleasure as she masticated another mouthful of the sweet pastry. "So handsome as well; I must meet him, but first I will have my fill. More wine." Volimari drained her goblet before taking another mouthful, as Sev and Vela continued to feed her the remains of the two-hour feast, which Volimari had just partaken. Then, finally finished, Volimari closed her beautiful green eyes, puffed her fat round cheeks and moaned as she rubbed her belly - puffy hands swollen with fat, and stubby sausage-like fingers describing small circles against the sides of her enormous barrel of a stomach. "Ooooh, gently, very gently, mmmmmmmmm," she whispered dreamily as Sev and Vela took over Volimari's tummy rub while their mistress drifted off to sleep.

"Yes, mistress."

Hercules, following Aranon's gaze, turned and was rewarded with the most beautiful apparition that he had ever seen. Volimari's shimmering blond hair hung in ringlets two feet down her broad back. Her beautiful fat face was held upright by a thick donut-ring collar of fat on her neck, which caused Volimari to look down her nose at people. Her face was pear shaped, cheeks and jowls round, full mouthed with thick lips. And although Volimari's head was large, it looked small compared to her colossal body, the size of which Hercules had never before witnessed.

Hugely pear-shaped, the greatest size of Volimari's body was at her hips and backside; her womanly body measurements - bust, waist and hips being one hundred, one hundred and one-hundred-and-fifty inches, respectively. Her huge backside stretched four feet across; thighs measured one hundred inches at their greatest part. From Volimari's thick wide rounded shoulders - held out at almost ninety degrees as they rested upon her titanic torso, three times as large as Hercules' own muscular limbs - hung a pair of arms that measured seventy inches in diameter. Calves, feet, forearms, hands, all were laid thick with fat.

Equally as impressive was Volimari's ballooning stomach, which loomed before her, protruding perhaps two feet to the front, a counterbalance to that which stood out as far behind and to the sides, and a support for the watermelon-shaped tits that rested upon it. Volimari's stomach was so large, in fact, that when she sat down - even though her legs were very long - it protruded just past her knees which, thick and wide as they were, supported her belly and forced her to have to sit always leaning back somewhat.

Volimari's round fat ears were rimmed in golden earrings, her fat fingers and toes decorated, and she wore many necklaces and bracelets. The thin strapped golden sequin dress bared her heavy shoulders and cleavage, fitting tight onto her massive buxom, around her protruded stomach, across her wide back and the shelf of those four foot wide hips and onto the crescent masses of her enormous derriere. In its shortness, the golden dress flared loose beyond the hips and hung to just a few inches below the outer curvature of her immensely fat stomach and ass. Volimari looked stunning, as she struggled along on her golden-strapped sandals, a fact that was indicated by the sudden bulge below the skirt of Hercules' toga.

Several hours had elapsed, during which Volimari had taken her after-feeding nap. Her attendants had prepared her, and Volimari decided to walk into the solarium of her own accord, a short distance of perhaps forty paces, yet it was the farthest that she had walked in some time. Her massive hulking body jutting side to side as Volimari struggled to drag her enormous thighs past one another, Aranon saw that the effort to move her fifteen-hundred pounds this far was severe. He saw, too, how she looked at Hercules - and he at her - and knew why she had come.

"Come, sit, my dear Volimari; join my young friend and I, as we partake of our banquet. Volimari, this is Hercules."

"H-Hercules." Volimari breathed heavily, trying to catch her breath, as she held out her hand for him to kiss. She sat and presently a great banquet was spread before her.


As she was fed, Volimari's eyes remained fixed upon those of Hercules - and his upon her. Never before had Hercules witnessed such gluttony, and never before had he been so aroused. Volimari ate more than he had ever seen any person, man or woman, eat. Volimari ate more than Hercules could have even imagined, and when she had finished her gluttony and had laid back, allowing her attendants to once again massage her massive gut, Hercules watched and fell in love.

While Hercules was sent upon a quest, the gods once again conspired against Volimari. Homeless and desolate, she wailed her displeasure as pangs of hunger took her. Volimari's laments did not fall upon deaf ears. For Hercules, hearing her cries, returned and in anger, upon finding out the source of Volimari's laments, did set forth his vengeance upon the gods. Odin wielded his mighty sword, but it was no match for the power of Hercules, and Odin was forced to take his place among the stars.

His lands restored, Aranon, loving Volimari more than his own daughters, could think of none finer to become her betrothed than the mighty Hercules, a true friend and a champion who Aranon knew would feed and protect her. Yet to consummate their marriage, Hercules was placed in a position that required him to overcome Volimari's curse by which her only pleasure in life was to appease her voracious appetite. In order to accomplish this feat and to consummate their marriage on the night of the wedding, Hercules placed Volimari upon her enormous belly and took her from behind as her loyal servants fed her.

Later, in spite of the danger of Volimari choking, she'd lay upon her back, belly four feet in the air, enormous thighs splayed to the sides as Hercules took his pleasure while she was fed to her capacity. But as Volimari's weight continued to increase - even in this modified position - her nether regions grew so immense that even Hercules with all his size and strength could not penetrate to the depth of her satisfaction. Now, Volimari was helped by her servants to mount herself upon him and feel his penetration as she sat oppressively on top, head back, mouth open in order to be fed.

In the end, mechanical means were devised to place her upon him, but, alas, eventually - with Volimari's growing weight - even those were outstripped.

And yet Hercules, his love true, continued to satisfy his beloved goddess with yet more food. The surrounding lands became a bounty of production in support of their ever-growing goddess, the feeding of Volimari an enterprise upon itself. The consumption of food now filled Volimari's every waking moment until at three thousand pounds she became so immense that she was no longer able to walk. Her hands, unable even to touch her full beautiful face, had become mere ornaments of her gargantuan beauty. Decorated with long painted nails and many golden rings, they rested in an outward position upon her colossal body.

Her curse removed, Volimari was forgiven and allowed to take her place among the gods. On a clear night, gazing into the southern sky you can still see her. An immense pyramid shape, the ever-growing Volimari Nebula appears: a misty glow covering half of the night sky as she devours everything about her.