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A High Note
by H.G.

I have known Laura since college. When I say it like that it seems like that was a long time ago, but it was just five short years. We met a small liberal arts college in Minnesota where she was studying music. We happened to become friends through my roommate freshman year. He began dating her soon after we arrived at school and through her hanging around in the room so often, we got to know each other quite well. I enjoyed music myself, so we always had a fine time when we were together. I have to admit, after knowing her for a while, I did have a bit of a crush on her. However, not in a serious way, I felt she was not at all my type, she was energetic, extroverted and playful, and I had always been a mild-mannered, thoughtful person. Despite this there was something that excited me about her. And besides, she was attractive with beautiful blue eyes and thick brown hair. Her body was just as beautiful, yet a bit thin for my tastes.

Our acquaintance was short lived however. Shortly after finishing her third semester she decided the university was not offering what she needed. She announced she would be transferring to UCLA. She said she wanted to be an opera singer. I usually have a pessimistic view on things, but I think I was correct in saying she was cut not out for this in the least, and at UCLA?. But as was her personality, see did not think twice about packing it up and moving at will. I wished her luck and with that the years past. I heard her from her a few times since then, but nothing much until just six months ago. I was now living in Seattle, was making a comfortable living and had a good career. I did not have a girlfriend when I graduated from college. This was a very good thing in the long run because I did not need the added strain of a relationship as I moved and started my new life in the Northwest. I was fairly comfortable for the time being as a single guy.

Anyway, I letter arrived and it was from my old friend Laura. She was doing well in southern California, but said she felt she needed to move again. That's my Laura. This time a photograph was enclosed with the letter. It showed her walking along the beach in a one piece bathing suit. My, I thought, she certainly hasn't let her self go, she looks just as in shape as the day I last saw her. I did not expect this because as most women approach their mid-twenties they begin to put on a few pounds. Somehow I felt disappointed she had not. I few days later I was surprised by a telephone call from her. She said she had a big favor to ask of me. She was coming to town and she was going to study at some master classes(these are classes taught by professionals, in this case performing opera singers), but she had little money and wished to stay at my apartment for a few weeks. I agreed, perhaps a little company in this strange new city would be nice.

When she arrived, I the first thing that went though my mind was that she has gained some weight since the picture she sent. She gave me a big (typical boisterous Laura) and I helped her put away her things and we set up a bed for her. She excused herself to change clothes after her trip. She came out from the bathroom wearing a mini skirt and a short T-shirt. She looked ravishing, but to my dismay I realized she did not seem much heavier. This disappointment would soon disappear as the weeks went on.

We sat and talked a while and we decided to got out for a bite to eat. We went to an Italian place on Herman St. As we ordered I couldn't help but notice how much food she was getting. Two entrées, lasagna and Fettuccini al fredo, plus an appetizer and big salad with too much dressing. As we chatted and I finished my "regular" size portion, she had eaten her entire order! As she moved on to a double helping of dessert, I asked her jokingly if she was eating for two, "I certainly can't be an opera star at 115 pounds!" she replied, laughing. I laughed it off and we went home. No sooner had we got home when she yelled "Lets go out for ice cream!" as she grabbed me by the arm. How could I say no?

I went to work the next day and was home at the usual time. Laura had class until 7:30, so I had time to relax till she got home.

When she arrived, she flopped herself down on the couch and began telling about her day; how exciting it was to be with all those professionals and how much she was going to learn. Then to my excitement she said "The only thing that bothers me is that no one there looks like me." "What do you mean?", I asked. "I mean they are all so substantial." "Substantial?" I said, "You mean fat?" She laughed and said that was exactly what she meant. The subject then moved on to other things but the thought lingered in the back of my mind.

We went out again for dinner and she ate even more than the previous night. This made me more interested with each mouthful of food she ate. Was she really serious about gaining weight on purpose? I decided to leave it to the imagination, but I did decide to have some fun with it.

I decided to take some time off work. I would go in early in the morning, and then for a few hours in the afternoon. Things were slow at work and I could do a lot of it from my home laptop computer. This extra time at home was the perfect time to provide Laura with all the food she could eat.

She only went to class at night so she was home all day. After I came home from work the next morning and I made the biggest breakfast ever. Eight eggs, ten stripes of bacon, sausage, buttered toast, donuts, and milk. She got out of bed and I could see her eyes light up. "Whoa!, what's the occasion?" she asked. "I just like to cook in my free time", I said. "Well, I hope you have much more free time in the future", she said as she sat down and began eating the feast. To my amazement she finished ever bite! With this display by Laura, I realized it was time to make a trip to the store. I went shopping and picked out what would be Laura's new diet. Plenty of meat, butter, and anything else fattening. I went out and bought a deep fat fryer as well. I knew she had a weakness for fried food.

This routine of making Laura's meals went on for a week and a half. She would eat a large breakfast, then a huge lunch and then like clockwork everyday take a long 4 hour nap until it was time for class. We would then go out to dinner and then she usually insisted on a trip to the ice cream stand, Haagan Daaz, no less.

One morning as she sat down to breakfast, she hesitated for a moment, then said,"Oh, well, I don't have to worry about showing my figure off in sunny California anymore!". She then realized she had let something slip. "Oh, by the way I was considering staying for a few more weeks, its that o.k.?" How could I refuse as she sat and greedily ate her gigantic breakfast.

Though Laura had been eating constantly for two weeks, she always wore lose fitting clothes, so it was difficult to see if she had put on weight. Not since the night she arrived had she worn something remotely revealing.

The next day was typical, she got up to a prepared breakfast which was larger than the previous days (as always). It took her over an hour to finish all the delicious food I had prepared for her. French toast, steak and eggs, cheese omelets, bacon, and sausage. She smiled as she finished her breakfast and said "Why do you go through all this trouble for me?" "I told you I like to cook and you are my guest and I am glad to have you." I said. She gave me a big hug and went over to the couch and to lay down. As I hugged her, I could tell her back seemed to be a bit softer that I remembered. I smiled to myself and wished I could see what was underneath those baggy clothes.

Laura had been living with me a month and half. Her daily eating ritual had kept up, but to my dismay so did the habit of wearing baggy clothes. Then one day she asked another favor of me, and this was one favor I was happy to do. "Will you drive down and pick me up at the Greenwood health club after you are done with work, I don't want to take the bus during rush hour." She had never been the type to exercise, she had always been a live by the moment type. "Since when do you exercise?" I said. "Not to exercise, silly", she said, " I just want to get out of the apartment and go for a steam bath and maybe a swim." I told her I would be there at five and went on my way.

I made sure that I left work early so I could get there before five. At about quarter to I went into the health club to look for Laura. I went to the pool and walked around a bit. Then I saw her. She came walking up the steps out of the pool. What a sight! She wore a bikini, much to my delight, and yes, she had put on weight, a lot of weight. Gone was the slim beauty I remembered from the photo she had sent from California. She now had grown into beautiful hourglass figured goddess. Her thighs jiggled as she stepped, and her tummy had grown round and wiggled a bit. "Oh, you found me" she said. "Hey, what are you looking at?" She noticed me staring at her perfect body. "You are looking more and more like an opera singer every day." , I said. "Isn't it great!" , she replied, spinning around like a model. As she turned I could see her butt. It had grown as well. A smooth, round globe of flesh stuck out on each side of her bikini bottom and quivered as she moved. So! I wasn't dreaming, she really did want to gain weight.

I now was cooking for Laura with new enthusiasm. I made bigger and more fattening meals. The more I cooked, the more she ate and the more she slept afterward. On several afternoons she slept right though her class. She would pop up at 8:00 and say: "Where we going for dinner tonight?", seemingly unconscious of the fact she had slept through her only obligation. This didn't bother me at all, in fact the pure laziness of it turned me on.

After four months on the new diet it was obvious she had put on more weight. She still wore loose clothing, but it was evident from her face and chin that she was increasing in size. She came home from class one Monday night clutching a something in her had and waving it. With a huge smile on her face told me how she had won $2000 in the instant lottery and that she wanted to spend the money on me. She said I needed a vacation and was going to take me to San Diego for a weekend. This sounded like a lovely idea. I agreed and the next Saturday we left for the airport. "Could we stop at a mall on the way", she said "I have to buy a few new clothes, I have grown out of most of my old ones." she said with a smile. I smiled back. "Sure." I said.

Our hotel was right on the ocean. The warm air and sun renewed me and I knew this was going to be a great weekend. I had been working late at night and early in the morning to keep up Laura's diet, and needed a break. I got up late the next day to find Laura gone from the hotel room. I decided to take a walk down along the beach and get some fresh air. As I walked along , I noticed several people doing as I was and enjoying the morning. What really attracted my attention were the young women who did not have a great deal on, and were enjoying the beach. One, in particular, turned me on as she walked away from me. She wore a bikini and was quite plump, her rear shook and jiggled as she walked. She was the type who looked uncomfortable with her body, she looked as though she had just gained a lot of weight and was not used to this extra flesh on her posterior. Her hips were quite large as well. They blended smoothly into her upper body which had a define softness to it. Rolls of fat would become noticeable on her back as she moved her chubby arms. This was topped off by a beautiful flowing bunch of thick brown hair. As a followed her I soon began to realize something that sent electricity through me. This gorgeous women who I had been following for the last five minutes was now stranger! This was Laura! She was wearing her new, larger bathing suit so I did not recognize it. I was it shock. I had no idea she could have gotten that big. I must have lost track of time, it had been, after all, over four months. I could not resist, my discipline was gone, I had to have Laura. I rushed up to her and grabbed her by the upper arms. I could now see her belly, and what a beautiful thing it was. It was indistinguishable from the one I saw 3 months ago at the health club. It was huge, in had grown to the point where it wiggled and swayed with every move. Her belly button was deeply set, hidden by the thick layer of fat which made her paunch protrude into the warm California air. I pressed her body against mine and felt her belly press into me. I looked into her eyes and I could see she was thinking the same thing I was. We were living so close to one another, but never, "got close", and now was the time. I kissed her and we fell to the sand and held each other. Without a word we both began to the run to our room. She pulled off her bathing suit and fell to the bed, breasts, belly, and butt jiggling with as if with glee. I quickly peeled off my clothes and jumped in with her. It was the best time of my life.

Now Laura lives with me full time. She got a part in a performance on weekends singing in the lyric opera. She now looks the part, thanks to my cooking.