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The 18 – 30 Holiday
by Igor Yakovlev

Rain. It fell without pause, the ashen sky and misty clouds released their wet cargo.

Sharon looked out of the kitchen window; the deluge and the rattling of the ill-fitting window worsened her mood. "God I’ve got to get out of here" she thought.

Sharon was living in a small first floor flat in Surbiton, about 15 minutes tube ride to the West End of London. She was single and living alone. There was no boyfriend at this point in her life, but she wasn't actively seeking one anyway. She was miserable, and the weather didn't help. What she needed was a holiday. "Blimey! That's it" she thought, "I'll go in to town and book up a fortnight in the sun." With that thought, she bounced in to the living room and put on the telly to catch today's installment of Eastenders.

The next day, on her way in to Sainsbury's, she stopped of at the travel agents and looked around the Winter Sun section. There were lots to choose from, but one caught her eye in particular. It was the Getaways 18 – 30 brochure. She picked one off the shelf and looked inside. The favourite destination seemed to be Tenerife in the Canary Islands. She scanned the hotels and checked the packages, and then another brochure caught her attention. It looked similar to the one she had in her hand, and she was sure it had not been there just moments earlier. "Strange" she thought, and looked at the cover. It was identical with the exception of the title – this one was called Getaways 18 – 30 Plus.

She picked the brochure up and discarded the first. Flicking through the pages, the impression was of a higher quality level. She thought that she deserved a special break, something to relax her and pamper her. After thumbing through the pages, she found the section she was looking for; The 18 – 30 Super Plus Holiday. The blurb sounded good, 24-hour waitress service, private apartment, private pool, and private recreation facilities. There was also mention of full waitress service on board the flight to and from the destination. "Wow!" She thought, "that has got to be it." She went to the desk and got the agent to price it up. "£5000.00! It's expensive, but what the hell – book it!"

When she got home later that day, she went through all her clothes and picked out the things that she wanted to take. She also drew up a small list of new clothes she might like to wear.

Whilst she was reading more thoroughly through the brochure, she noticed that the itinerary included at least 4 new swimming costumes. "Odd!" she thought, "I wonder why you get four costumes free with this holiday? Oh well, I suppose I'll find out."

"Hmm! It also says that I can expect to get 5000KC a day? What on earth is KC? Perhaps it's the local currency."

She continued to browse the brochure for the next couple of hours, and then she continued with the selecting of outfits and accessories. She pulled open a drawer to reveal her two swimming costumes from the previous year's holiday. "I think I'll try them on; I may as well take them just in case." she thought.

She took off her skirt and top, removed her knickers and bra, and pulled on the bikini bottom. "Crikey! They've shrunk, or am I getting fat" She turned to the mirror and observed the gentle roll of flab that was bulging over the waistline of the bikini. She thought that her bum cheeks were a bit fuller than she remembered, and her thighs were closer together for sure. It was the same story for the other costume – she had put on some weight this summer. "Oh well, it's too late to diet now, and anyway, I'm supposed to be relaxing and mellowing out on this holiday." She told herself.

The weeks dragged by until the day of the flight. She checked in her bags and went in to the departures lounge to check out the shopping. She treated herself to a toffee ice cream and bought two large bars of chocolate for the flight. After much browsing, eating and drinking, the time came to board the plane. A stewardess showed her to her seat. It was fantastic, a seat of her very own with no others nearby.

She put her bags in the locker and sat down. The seat was extremely comfortable, and had the ability to fully recline. This was first class!

The Boeing 767 rumbled along the runway and took to the air. As soon as they had leveled out slightly, the stewardesses began their work. Sharon's compartment had its own special crew. Three waitresses came around the partition and began to wait on her. They were all dressed in the same uniform, which comprised of; extremely short salmon pink skirts, white fitted blouses, and small matching pink jackets. They wore elegant sheer stockings that shimmered in the light. Carla was the senior waitress – she was tall and slim with dark brown hair and beautiful green eyes, her skin was perma-tanned bronze. Jo and Michele were the two assistants. Jo was slightly shorter than Carla, but had the same hair and skin type although her eyes were hazel. Michele was blonde and fair skinned with blue eyes, about the same height as Carla, but she was chunky – chubbier than the others.

Carla noticed the two bars of chocolate on the table next to Sharon. "Hi there, are you comfortable? If there is anything you want or need, just call one of us. We are your personal pampering assistants. This is Jo, Michele, and I'm Carla." They all smiled warmly at Sharon. "You shouldn't be needing any extra chocolate, we have everything you'll need for the flight – now, may I suggest that you recline your chair and allow us to serve you your meal. Carla produced a tray of glistening creamy coloured morsels from a nearby trolley. She sat down at Sharon's side and placed the tray on the table. She noticed the slight bulge on Sharon's waist. "Getting a head start are we?" She said with a smirk.

Sharon looked vague, "I'm sorry, I don't quite understand."

"Never mind, here try this," she offered a fork full of the glistening stuff to Sharon's mouth.

"What is this?" Sharon inquired.

"It's Spanish I think. It's called Grassas. It's really good, go on try some." Carla insisted.

After about half an hour, the tray was empty. All four of the women had eaten some of the grassas, but Sharon had eaten three quarters of it herself. She lay back on the reclining chair and rubbed her pouting belly. The three waitresses licked the glistening greasy sauce off their lips and sat back contentedly.

Sharon awoke with a start. Jo was nudging her; she was holding another tray full of grassas and indicating toward the fork on the table.

"Oh, I can't possibly eat any more – nice though it is, I'm stuffed." Sharon protested.

Jo smiled and looked behind her at the others. She beckoned them over. "Sharon says that she's full up."

"Come on Sharon, you are supposed to let us take the strain. We'll help you to eat this, it's a shame to let it waste." Carla said softly.

Sharon nodded. All three of the waitresses began to gently coax and encourage her to eat the food. Sharon complained of stomachache and wanted to stop. Carla suggested that they massage her stomach to ease the discomfort. "You do that too?" Sharon said in disbelief. "Well you did opt for the Super Plus holiday, and this is all included." Sharon nodded permission, and the girls started to massage and feed forkfuls of grassas in to her mouth. They caressed her tummy as it slowly became bloated.

"God! If I keep up at this rate, I'm going to be as fat as butter before the fortnight is out." Sharon commented as she caught sight of her distended bulbous belly.

The next couple of hours passed in the same way – more food, drink and giggling!

After around four and a half hours, the plane touched down in Tenerife. Sharon bid a cheerful farewell to the three waitresses, and then left the plane. The usual formalities were taken care of, and then Sharon walked outside to get a taxi to the hotel.

She was feeling rather uncomfortable after eating so much of the grassas. The taxi arrived. She loaded her things in to the boot and they set of for the hotel. She was checked in and told to wait for her holiday representative in the lounge.

Ten minutes or so had passed when a tall man in a grey suit walked over to her and announced himself. "Hello miss – er,"

"Call me Sharon" She ventured, "Are you the 18-30 rep?"

He stood up straight and replied, "Yes, I'm John. I will be your representative for your two week stay here in Tenerife." He beckoned her to her feet. "Now if you'll follow me, I will show you to the 18-30 specially reserved rooms." He called to the porter and asked him to take her luggage to the rooms. They both went to the lifts and got in.

Her rooms were on the top floor of the hotel; they had superb views of the coast and the surrounding hills. The main room was extremely sumptuous and tastefully decorated. There was a huge bed and a comfortable sofa in the lounge area. Through a large sliding patio door was a large rooftop swimming pool. "Wow! This beats Surbiton hands down." She cried. The rep added, "Your personal pampering assistants will be here shortly to tend to your every need. If there is anything you need or desire, just ask one of the assistants, and it will be done." He moved to the door. "On behalf of 18-30 holidays, may I wish you a very pleasant stay here, I look forward to seeing your progress."

Sharon was confused by his last comment "seeing my progress" she thought, "what did he mean by that?" She didn't have time to dwell on it; there was a knock at the door.

Sharon opened it, and there stood Carla, Jo, and Michele. "Hello again!" They said in unison, "You can't get rid of us that easily"

Sharon stepped back and let them all in. As soon as they were inside they began to adopt their roles. "Now come on Sharon, sit down and let us tend to your every need. What would you like to do first? Bath, massage, eat, or drink?

Sharon didn't know what to do with herself, she had never has so much attention steeped upon her like this before. She suddenly felt extremely self-conscious. "Really, I don't need anything right now, I'm not comfortable with all this attention. I don't feel quite at home with the three of you dressing and undressing me, massaging me, and feeding me." She sat down on the sofa, and the three girls looked at each other in confusion. Carla went over to the sofa and sat down beside Sharon. She put her arm around Sharon's shoulders and softly said, "It's quite alright, we understand your concerns. We have had other people who find it hard to adapt to the intensive pampering. But you must let yourself enjoy it, relax and just accept it. We only want you to have the best time you can for the next two weeks. If you're worried about us getting too close, too intimate, then rest assured we will not take advantage of you in any way unless you dictate. We are here for your amusement and pleasure, on your terms." Jo and Michele moved over to join Carla. They all smiled at Sharon.

Sharon felt more reassured by these words, she began to relax. She felt a bit silly for making such a fuss about what was after all a holiday for her. She decided to relax and let the girls do what ever they wanted to do for her. She fancied a swim.

She got up suddenly and said, "Sorry girls, I've been a bit of a pratt haven't I? Now, how do I go about having a swim?"

Michele replied, "You don't have to do anything, just let us get you ready for the pool."

They lead her off to the bedroom and began to change her out of her clothes and in to her bikini. Jo pulled the bikini top over Sharon's head and fastened it at her back, she adjusted and pulled it in to the correct position, then as she removed her hands, she brushed the cups of the bra with her fingers. This sent a shiver down Sharon's spine; it caused her nipples to harden.

Michele was fitting the bikini bottoms. She pulled them up Sharon's legs and up to her bum. The panties were really too small, the grassas had begun to fill her thighs and backside out. Her belly seemed to be slightly rounder too. Michele looked at Sharon and said with an evil twinkle in her eye, "Your panties are a bit on the small side my dear, are we putting on some weight? Never mind, a few extra pounds will hardly notice. There are some larger bikinis in the wardrobe, shall I get one?" Sharon looked down at her belly, she pinched a small roll of fat between her fingers. "Christ, I don't believe this, I'm getting fat. I'm sure I've put this on since I've been on this holiday. What do you think?"

Michele said nothing; she just pulled her blouse out of her skirt and revealed a large roll of fat that wobbled slightly as she removed the blouse further. She turned around and patted her bum, which wobbled too. Sharon could see clearly a very visible panty line.

Michele said softly, "Now what do you think about this then? I've put on a few pounds too, but I know it will not stop here, these holidays are great, I just enjoy serving and pampering the guests, and I get to eat the lovely food as well. I know I'm going to be much fatter when I leave, but that doesn't really matter – I can lose it again."

Jo put in, "Yeah, Michele loves to eat, the food here is so good she can't resist it. She'll be quite fat by the end of your stay. We usually have some food left from our guests, so we usually eat it ourselves. We pamper each other too, we take it in turns to clean up the plates – with our tongues usually!" Michele smirked and added, "I just love the grassas that they serve here. I'm lazy though, and I enjoy letting the others fuss around and feed me my meals, like we do for you Sharon."

Sharon thought about what she had seen and heard, she decided not to have larger swimwear just yet. She looked at herself in the mirror and saw her bulging belly. She felt a tingle go down her spine, she didn't know why. She went out to the pool and dived in.

Several days later, life was getting easier and lazier for Sharon. The three girls were also getting more in tune with Sharon's ways and knew what she liked. They pandered to her and fetched and carried for her, the also continued to feed her larger and larger dishes of grassas. They usually had to help her eat them though, and for that reason they were all looking softer, especially Michele, who was barely fitting in to her salmon coloured skirt.

Sharon was lying on a sun bed when she saw Michele walk past. She was in a bikini like all the other girls, but Michele was bursting out of hers. She had a droop of fat hanging over her panties and shimmering as she walked to the poolside. When she had passed, her bum and fat thighs were clear to see. Sharon thought secretly to herself, she thought that Michele looked better for the extra padding. She looked down at her own body. She had developed a rather obvious bulge on her belly now; in fact it was more of a roll. She had no gap between her legs anymore, now there were soft creamy thighs that met at the tops. She felt the tingle go down her back again.

She was trying to learn a bit of the language, and was reading through a phrase book and dictionary. She came across a phrase that had the word "Grassas" in it. She looked for the translation. She ran her finger along the line, it said: "Grassas…Fat, Grease.

Sharon dropped the book, and fell back on to the sun bed. "Fat! They have been feeding me fat!" she thought, "no wonder I'm putting on weight. Come to think of it, they have been getting plumper too" She was not sure whether she was upset, angry or just confused. She remembered what John had said when he had left, he said that he looked forward to seeing her progress – what had that meant? He meant that he looked forward to seeing how fat she would get! She was getting angry; she was just at the point of shouting to Carla when she stopped. All of the girls, especially Michele had also got noticeably larger since the holiday had begun. This thought subdued her anger, but she still needed answers. She called Carla and the others over.

"Carla. What exactly is going on here, I want to know what you are doing to me – why you are all feeding me and yourselves some sort of fat? What kind of place is this?"

The three girls stood before Sharon and looked bemused. Carla said in a surprised tone, "Sorry Sharon, I don't really understand this, surely you knew what this holiday was all about?" Sharon looked perplexed. She added, "I thought this was an 18 to 30 year olds leisure holiday, I thought the Super Plus was just a more relaxed and pampered version of the standard one." Carla shook her head in disbelief. "No, no, you've got that totally wrong. The 18 – 30 Super Plus holiday is designed for people who want to grow to dress size 18 to 30. The Super Plus is a fast fattening option on the standard package. You chose the option that allows you to relax and let us feed you. The grassas is pure fat that has been flavoured to make it more palatable. Our job is to feed you up and get you as big as possible before the fortnight is up. We even like to eat the grassas as well, and I'm sure you've noticed that Michele had been gaining some new flesh."

Sharon protested, "Dress size 18 to 30? I didn't know that was what it stood for, and I certainly had no idea that I was going to be part of a group fattening party!" She turned and ran into the bedroom. She fell on to the bed and began to cry.

Carla, Jo, and Michele looked awkwardly at one another. They had never encountered anything like this before. They wondered if they should call John, and ask him what they should do – cancel the rest of the holiday? Then Michele said, "Wait a minute, let's give her a few minutes to calm down, then I'll go in and try to talk to her. I've become quite fond of Sharon, and I don't think she really wants to end the holiday like this."

"I agree with that Michele, I think we all like Sharon, she's so much less demanding than the usual "rich bitch" that we usually get." Jo said supportively.

Back in her bedroom, Sharon was lying quietly on the bed and reflecting. "Those girls have been so nice to me, all the time they've been feeding me up like a prize pig," she thought to herself. Then the thought suddenly sent a shiver down her spine. She felt a tingle and warm sensation in her crotch, followed by a slight dampness. She remembered the day she had gone in to the travel agents, and how the 18 – 30 Super Plus brochure had seemingly just appeared out of nowhere. She felt a tingling again in her crotch, this time more intense, more enjoyable. She thought about being deliberately fed bowls of fat, and what would happen to her if she kept eating it. Then her thoughts switched to how tight Michele's skirt was getting, how eating fat would make it get smaller and eventually burst open. Without realizing what she was doing, her fingers were stroking the wet patch on her panties, whilst her other hand was massaging her podgy tummy.

Michele walked gingerly in to the bedroom. She started to say, "Sharon, I'm sorry about the confusion, but what we wanted was…" She stopped dead in her tracks as her eyes beheld Sharon's writhing and moaning form on the bed in front of her. She could hardly believe her eyes. She quickly turned to Carla and Jo and beckoned them over.

As soon as they had all seen what was happening, they went and brought two large dishes of grassas to Sharon's bedside. Carla whispered softly in to Sharon's ear, "You know what you really want, just say what it is."

Sharon half opened an eye and took a piece of the greasy fat and wiped it over her wet pussy then fed it to Michele. "Naughty girl Michele, look at that belly. You need fattening up properly." Sharon said in a seductive voice. She picked up another piece, brushed it over Michele's glistening lips, then opened her own mouth and dropped it in.

She murmured, "I'm hungry."

Carla and the girls could hardly believe what was happening, they had witnessed a complete transformation in Sharon's mood. She was finally comfortable with the idea of being fattened up. She finally found the thought of a large belly quite a turn on.

Carla and Jo concentrated on keeping the supply of grassas coming, whilst Michele fed piece after piece to Sharon. Michele was excited by Sharon's interest in getting her fatter, and wanted to help Sharon get bigger and bigger. Between the four of them, they consumed another eight large dishes of grassas.

Three days later, Carla and Michele were sunning themselves by the pool, Jo was in the kitchen stuffing herself with extra fattening goodies from the fridge. She had decided to go along with the general mood of the moment, and try to put on some weight – grow some fat on her belly and thighs.

Sharon was sitting on a lounger reading. She now had a superb fat tyre around her middle. Her bikini panties were struggling to contain her bloated arse cheeks, and her thighs were bulging over the edge of the chair. She had put on 25lbs of fat in the first week, and her appetite had grown considerably. The next week would be significant; she predicted that she would be around 220lbs at the end of the holiday. Carla had developed a drooping roll on her belly, and her thighs had thickened up, but she was still fairly trim. Michele on the other hand, she had filled out and grown a great three roll belly. It had pushed out and the fat was so soft that it rolled over itself to form several ripples in her belly and sides. If she walked anywhere, the fat shook and rippled like jelly.

Sharon had to go to the next bikini size up, which was already getting tight before she had even started to eat more fat. Her weight gain seemed to be accumulating on her lower body. Her arse kept growing as if it were being pumped up like a balloon. There were signs of cellulite as well. Her thighs were becoming softer and much thicker; they were touching all the way down to her knees. They also had the familiar orange peel texture as the cellulite formed.

She put her book down and peered through the glass to see Jo in the kitchen. She grappled to get her heavier body up out of the lounger, and went in to the kitchen with Jo.

She sat down beside Jo and picked up a large tub of double cream, tore off the foil lid and started to pour it in to Jo's mouth. Jo glugged away at the rich cream then spluttered and knocked the tub out of Sharon's hand. It fell down and spilled out all over Jo's blouse.

Sharon gasped and immediately began to unbutton the blouse and remove it. The cream was sliding down between Jo's tits. Sharon looked at Jo and lowered her face to lick the cream off of the pouting jugs. She flicked her tongue over their sticky surface and teased the nipples in to hard mounds. Jo groaned and moaned with pleasure.

A few minutes later, and a hand appeared from behind and began to stroke Sharon's puffed up arse – it was Michele. She stood over Jo and Sharon and rested her hanging belly on Sharon's back, she rocked and rubbed her bloated belly over Sharon, then Jo poured some cream on Sharon's back. It trickled down and covered every contour of Sharon's torso. Michele slid over the slippery cream and found herself with Jo on the floor. With her tongue she licked the folds of fat and cream beneath Sharon until her tongue met with the stiff cream dripping nipples.

Carla was watching in utter amazement. She had her hand stuffed firmly down the front of her panties, and was frigging herself of furiously at the spectacle before her.

Before long, the writhing creamy bodies in the kitchen had reached their climax, and had run out of food and cream. They lay in the kitchen for about another half an hour, then Sharon got up and went to the shower to clean up. Followed shortly after by the other two. It was well over an hour before they emerged with a satisfied grin on their faces.

Sharon and Michele were undoubtedly becoming the fattest of the girls, Jo next and finally Carla. They talked about the progress that they had all made, and decided to concentrate on the two biggest girls.

The next day, Carla and Jo came in to Sharon's bedroom with a huge pile of grassas and other fattening goodies. Sharon nudged a large mound in the bed next to her and said, "Come on you sexy dumpling, it's fattening time. I want to see if I can get you up another dress size today." Michele roused and tossed back the duvet. "Someone say food?"

Carla and Jo began to feed more and more of the glorious fat in to Sharon and Michele's waiting mouths. Their faces were filling out now; Sharon's was showing the first signs of a double chin, whereas Michele's was starting on a third. Suddenly they broke off from the food and began to kiss and caress each other. Carla began to feed the fat to Jo instead, whilst Jo also fed herself as well. Jo was catching up with Sharon at a steady pace. She was putting on quite a lot of fat around her belly and thighs, but not so much on her backside. They all continued in this way for the rest of the day, having a feeding session then a rest, a swim or just an hour or two of relaxation by the pool then more feeding.

Sharon and Michele were becoming quite plump. Both girls now had large fat thighs, thick flabby arms, breasts that were almost double their original sizes, and large belly rolls. Sharon had the extra bonus of a very large arse – it seemed to billow out from her waist downwards, dimpled with cellulite and extremely wobbly.

Michele loved to play with it, slapping it and watching the quivering waves that rippled across its surface. Sharon and Michele were feeding each other now, whilst Carla concentrated on fattening Jo up to meet Sharon. Carla herself didn't gain any significant weight; she was satisfied with the progress that they were all making, especially Jo.

The penultimate day arrived, and a gathering sense of sadness was becoming evident. With only this day and about half of the following one, they had to make the most of the food and fat that they could before they had to leave for boring old Britain.

Sharon decided to give Michele a special treat. She went in to the wardrobe and pulled out a bikini. She took off her clothes and pulled up the first bikini panties. She got them stuck halfway up her thighs – her legs had ballooned to their new fat proportions. She continued to squeeze and pull the clothing on until eventually they were on her. They were so small that her large fat arse swallowed her panties. Her large tits swamped the bra, and spilled over the sides and underneath. As she turned to show Michele, there was a loud ripping noise. The bikini panties had torn open at the sides – her enormously fat arse had swollen too much to be contained by such a small and flimsy garment.

Michele giggled and slapped the expanse of fat flesh that was now laid bare.

After another fulfilling day of eating and frolicking, the girls began to pack their things for the return journey. Sharon was sad at the thought that it was all over; she was also wondering how she would explain her large weight gain to her friends and family. She was also slightly annoyed that she had not known of the purpose of the 18 –30 holiday until much later – she could have got much bigger!

The three girls, Carla, Jo, and Michele, all prepared to leave early for the airport – leaving Sharon on her own to see John and deal with the formalities of handing over the keys and checking out. She had many fond memories from this holiday. She would miss Michele especially – she had become quite close to her, and she would miss watching her in her extremely tight uniform. She wished that she could watch her get fat. All good things must come to an end.

Britain was as cold and miserable as it had been when she left two weeks previous. She walked up the air bridge and in to the terminal. She collected her bags and rushed outside to get a taxi back to Surbiton.

Looking out of her window in her flat – it was raining…

Rain. It fell without pause, the ashen sky and misty clouds released their wet cargo.

Sharon looked out of the kitchen window; the deluge and the rattling of the ill-fitting window worsened her mood.

Wait a minute! She had been here before? Everything was the same as it had been that day when she decided to book a holiday. She looked at the newspaper that was half pushed through her letterbox. The date was 2nd October, but that was impossible, that must have been over two weeks ago? She looked around the flat. There were things that were as they had been before the holiday. Letters, magazines, things happening outside that she was sure had happened before. This was very odd indeed. She was far too tired to think about it now, perhaps she was just too tired and her mind was playing tricks on her. She made herself some tea, drank it, and then went to bed.

When she woke up the next morning, the strange things started to happen again. She felt that things were exactly as they were before the holiday. Things on the news on the television, people outside, letters that she knew would drop on to the doormat then promptly did just that. It was like she had never been on the holiday. Had it all been a dream? She looked down at her large belly roll and fully fattened arse. "I must have been somewhere to get this fat" she thought. She carried on as she had before. She needed to go to Sainsbury's to get some things.

Later that day, on her way in to Sainsbury's, she stopped of at the travel agents and looked around the Winter Sun section. There were lots to choose from, but one caught her eye in particular. It was the Getaways 18 – 30 brochure. She picked one off the shelf and looked inside. The favourite destination seemed to be Tenerife in the Canary Islands. She scanned the hotels and checked the packages, and then another brochure caught her attention. It looked similar to the one she had in her hand, and she was sure it had not been there just moments earlier. "Strange" she thought, and looked at the cover. It was identical with the exception of the title – this one was called Getaways 18 – 30 Plus.

Then just as before, she caught sight of another brochure, The 18 – 30 Plus. Everything was the same right down to the assistant's cheesy grin.

This was ridiculous - time can't go backwards. She had an idea. She could go to the bank and check her account balance to see if it was £5000 down on its previous balance.

She went along to the ATM and requested an account balance. When the machine delivered the slip, it read £14500. It was exactly £5000 higher than it should have been, that meant that the holiday simply could not have happened, but she had the belly and arse to prove it! She decided to play it along the same lines as she had before. She returned to the travel agents and as before, booked the 18 – 30 Super Plus.

A few weeks passed…

She checked in her bags and went in to the departures lounge to check out the shopping. She treated herself to a toffee ice cream and bought two large bars of chocolate for the flight. After much browsing, eating and drinking, the time came to board the plane. A stewardess showed her to her seat. It was fantastic, a seat of her very own with no others nearby.

She put her bags in the locker and sat down. The seat was extremely comfortable, and had the ability to fully recline. This was first class!

The Boeing 767 rumbled along the runway and took to the air. She could hardly wait to see what would happen next. Then, a few minutes later, the curtain opened and out came three assistants.

Carla! Jo! Michele!

They brought out a huge tray of grassas, sat down beside her and said, "This is the Super Plus holiday – you can never have too much of a good thing!" Sharon realized that they were all still fat. She was now a size 18 herself, so now another two weeks of fun and grassas should mean she would be a huge fatty before the fortnight is out. This was going to be heaven.

Michele came closer to Sharon's mouth and kissed her softly on the lips, and at the same time passed a strip of the fat in to Sharon's mouth, "Welcome back, you taste good. Now let's see if we can't get you up to a size 30 before me" Michele purred.

"Well it would seem that I've got all the time I need to get as fat as you want me." Sharon replied.

Michele smiled and said, "I can imagine an awful lot of fat you know. How does a size 60 sound to you?"

"Like a very happy and very, very fat woman with an equally fat girlfriend!"

"Here's a bowl of grassas…"

The End – and The Beginning.