Weight Room Title Bar


By Sasha Steele

Modern day physicists agree that our universe exists only to ourselves, the observers. They believe that there exists a multi-dimensional reality where all possibilities can and do occur. Let's explore this a bit, shall we, and see what we can come up with?

In our world there are those of us who know that fat women are the epitome of beauty and love. Some of us even feel that the bigger these women are, so much the better, as if their beauty increased relative to the amount of weight that they carry. Here at the present time in our world, we who believe this are in the minority.

But in Fat World, a parallel world to our own, it is quite the opposite. On Fat World, beautiful behemoths ARE the epitome of beauty and love, and the more they weigh, the more desirable do they become. Everything in Fat World is set up to accommodate woman of gigantic proportion and to ease the burden of their oppressive weight. After all, just as in our own world, in Fat World women are the consumers, the consumers of food and clothing, the driving force behind the turn of the economy. Why wouldn't everything be geared toward them?

Moving walkways and hallways and sidewalks and staircases, wide doorways and wide chairs with lift seats, automatic bathtubs, and toilets. Cars with special controls designed for women whose massive bellies stretch past their knees when they are sitting - and with automatic doors that slid out of the way to allow the car seat to turn, move outward, and lift up in order to deliver a gargantuan beauty to her feet, those sexy fat feet clad in outrageous high-heeled shoes, as travel chairs are the fashion, and walking is kept to a minimum. Movies where the gorgeous 1200 pound heroine strips to her undies, and every guy in the house gets hard. Television shows in which the girl friends pig out in almost every scene, and all their boy friends want to do is feed them more.

That's the way it is in Fat world, and for the people who exist there, life is otherwise much the same as it is for us here in our world. Take Holly Vallentine for example. Holly isn't exactly your average Fat World girl, because in the looks department she is exceptionally beautiful: two years in a row homecoming queen in senior high, chased by all the hunks, the envy of lesser Fat World girls.

Of course, what helps make Holly exceptional in the looks department -, I mean besides her beautiful green eyes, her sensuous pouty mouth, her long blond kinky curled hair, her smooth flawless skin, and perfectly proportioned 5'6" body - is her tremendous weight. In college, just like all the other first year girls, Holly added the usual freshman 150 to her already impressive statistics. Another 150 pound weight gain saw her through to graduation, and one year after that, with yet another 100 pounds on her sexy frame, Holly was carried down the isle of the church by the moving walkway and plunked her impressive four foot wide ass on the bridal bench, a blushing and beautiful 1000 pound bride.

Our story of a day in the life of a beautiful Fat World behemoth picks up on the second day of their honeymoon when Holly and her new husband Derrick are getting ready to go out for supper. Holly is sitting in front of the vanity, putting the finishing touches to the makeup on her pretty face. Her light blond hair is loose in wild curls hanging down her extremely wide back.

Holly's brand new outfit is on the bed: a two piece designer suit, stone-wash brown in color, the jacket a tie over in front, just long enough to sit upon the considerable size shelf of her massive ballooning rear end, and hang tastefully against her huge bulbous stomach. The skirt is laid out flat and stretches six feet or more across the bed. In contrast to its width, it’s shamefully short, entailing perhaps only 18 inches of length in front to cover the lower half of her belly, down and then back under it for a few inches because of pull of its tightness before hanging down in a mini front panel across the front of her colossal thighs, though not against them. In back, the mini skirt requires slightly more material in order to adequately cover Holly's extremely large protruding rear end.

Except for her skirt and jacket, Holly is ready. She is in her underwear, silky white full cut panties that are high waisted and pulled up high on her belly, covering its lower half. She is wearing a belly supporter, shiny white elastacine material to match her panties, wide banded on rolls of her lower back, with a pretty lace support sling under her belly. The belly supporter straps at the sides of her stomach hook onto the matching white brazier at her midriff bulge and also in back. The soft lace cups of Holly's bra support her huge watermelon-like tits. She is wearing beige stay-up nylons with pretty lace tops on her long sexy gargantuan size legs, which measure six feet in circumference where the top of her thighs flair at their greatest point.

Holly also has on brown high heel shoes with five and a half inch heels, and at the moment is wearing a short white floral silk robe, tight in front, to preserve her modesty perhaps - even though the seat of her panties show below it as she sits on the vanity bench doing her makeup. Holly does like to strut her assets, even if she is married now, and she revels in the effect that her massive body has on her poor husband.

The image of Holly's naked body as he undressed his huge bride last night burns in Derrick's mind. Holly's huge bust, taking in her almost three-foot wide back and thick torso, measures 110 inches. Her huge stomach stretches the tape to 110 inches as well, and Holly's hips, measured under her belly and taking in her bulging butt, measures 130 inches. Holly is a perfect 110-110-130. Her massive arms, reminiscent of soft white pillows are forty inches around; her forearms, calves, feet, hands and even her fingers are swollen with soft sensuous fat. And then there are the soft features of Holly's beautiful face: her head is pear shaped - with thick blemish-free skin, rounded cheeks, and bulging jowls - and she has a heavy collar of fat ringing her neck. No wonder the 1200-pound beauty drives her husband to distraction.

Finished, Holly took a bite of her cream puff as Derrick entered the room, coming up behind his wife's broad back and gently stroking her. "God, Holly, you look so beautiful." He picked up another cream puff, offering it to her, and she took two bites before he put it back down on the tray to hold up her cup of tea, so that Holly could take long sip of it, sweet with sugar and cream. "Just about ready sweetheart?" Derrick asked.

Holly turned on her vanity bench, it sensitive to the commands of her movements. "Help me out of my robe," she said, and Derrick untied the loose knot slipping the silk robe over her massive shoulders, removing it and putting it on the bed. Holly held a blubbery hand for Derrick to help her up. The vanity bench followed her lead, its hydraulic mechanism straining to lift Holly's 1200 pounds to her feet. She waddled a few baby steps, her gargantuan thighs splayed wide so that they could slide by one another, to the surround mirror to admire herself in her sexy new underwear before getting dressed, turning sideways with her fat hands against the sides of her massive stomach and then shifting her weight in order see her huge protruding beach ball butt cheeks.

Derrick took Holly's mini skirt from the bed, holding it like some long stone-wash brown banner with his arms spread out wide. Holly placed her fat hands on Derrick's powerful shoulders to help balance herself as she stepped into her mini skirt. He drew it up over her tremendous girth and did up the zipper and latch in back, adjusting it so that it hung correctly over the curvature of the huge globes of her magnificent ass, and under it a bit with the tightness of the skirt, enough to just cover the lace tops of the seamed beige nylon stockings that were pulled up as high as they could be into her crotch. Looking at herself in the mirror, Holly adjusted the tight front panel of her skirt over and a bit back under the two-foot overhang of her massive gut.

Then Derrick helped Holly into her stone-wash brown colored designer jacket, drawing it one sleeve at a time over her incredibly huge arms. Derrick's own arms measured twenty inches of solid steel like muscle, which paled in comparison to the shear size of his new wife's fat arms, which measured more than twice the circumference of his. He tied the sash belt at the side of Holly's belly, and adjusted the jacket for her.

Holly turned, admiring herself in the mirror. She truly was magnificent. "Well," Holly questioned, "how do I look?"

"Wow!" was Derrick's immediate response. Although the effect of her on him was quite apparent in the front of his pants, she said:

"Is that it? No, ‘Jesus, Holly, you are drop dead fat fucking gorgeous,’ like you used to say before we were married?"

"You are drop dead fat fucking gorgeous," Derrick said leaning over Holly's huge stomach to kiss her.

Holly threw a tiny brown purse over her thick shoulder and parked her scrumptious four-foot wide ass on her electronic walk saver chair. At the car, Derrick held out his hand, and with the aid of the lift chair helped Holly stand. The car seat ejected through the open door, Holly took three baby steps to turn, and sat her bum against it. The car seat accepted her 1200 pounds and inserted Holly safety into the passenger compartment. Then at the restaurant, the action was repeated in reverse, and Derrick strolled in beside his beautiful obese wife.

Once inside the lobby, the walk saver chair again lifted Holly to her feet. Derrick placed her walk saver chair in a lock up, and Holly took a few laborious steps toward the elevator, the beach ball size globular mounds of her big fat ass bouncing up and down as her super wide body jutted side to side with her waddle.

Here on our world, fat women, especially super sized fat women, are highly sensitive to the staring eyes upon them of both men and women: women, they correctly surmise, because they are glad that they themselves are not that fat, and men, who are really thinking how desirable such huge women are. On Fat World, beautiful obese women like Holly are just as sensitive to the jealous eyes of other women and the lustful glares of men. Eat your hearts out, boys, I'm married now, Holly thought as she lumbered into the elevator.

"Holy shit," one young guy said to his friend, their five hundred pound sweethearts strutting ahead of them into the gift shop. "Did you see that fat fox? Wow, look at her ass, she must weigh 1000 pounds!"

Holly sat herself down on the elevator seat, and they were taken to the roof level restaurant, then led along a moving isle to their table, where Holly was mechanically lowered into her place at the table. "God, I'm hungry," she said, looking over the menu.

Last night, Holly's wedding night, had been more than wonderful. Except for her long lashes, eyebrows, and thick mane of curly blond hair, Holly's body is completely hairless. Her pubic mound is like a big pink melon shoved between those massive thighs of hers, and it quivered with excitement as Derrick disappeared behind her enormous stomach and she felt his breath upon her moist pussy. Holly didn't know that Derrick could do things like that with his tongue. She had never before felt him so hard - and so deep inside of her.

Today had been wonderful as well. Holly had slept until eleven when Derrick woke her up with coffee and croissants to hold her over until he had finished bathing and dressing her. Then the breakfast smorg - was it five or six trips that Derrick had made for her? Holly figured that, all totaled, she must have eaten fifty of those delicious sausages, a dozen eggs, bacon, homefries, a loaf of heavily buttered toast, and drank a gallon of coffee. Then at two, the cheeseburgers and fries at the casino - delicious, but not enough. Thank heavens Derrick had ordered room service at five to hold her over until supper: the platter of sandwiches, tea and a dozen cream puffs. "God, I'm starving!" Holly exclaimed, her mouth watering as she made her selection.

Holly started with soup, a colander, more so than a bowl, replenished twice. Then an absolutely huge salad along with two loafs of heavily buttered bread. There was a break for a glass of wine before her main course, and by the time they brought it, Holly was almost begging for it. Forty ounces of prime rib piled high on one plate, a mountain of potatoes and vegetables on another, and a 12" Yorkshire pudding, everything smothered in gravy.

Holly pigged out, stuffing herself as Derrick had never seen her stuff herself before. Actually, it was Derrick himself stuffing her. "Feed me, Derrick," Holly said, after gobbling down her first plate full, laying back, and opening her mouth again and again with monotonous regularity. "Mmmmm, feed me," she hummed, rubbing her massive bloated stomach as she ate.

After the main course Holly took a short break, and then started into desert. A whole key lime pie wasn't enough to satisfy her, so she ate a chocolate cake as well. Holly's gluttony astonished even Derrick; half way through, Derrick had to loosen the tie on her designer jacket and undo the clasp and zipper on her mini skirt. Holly closed her eyes, puffing up her fat cheeks, and then expelled the air from them. "Ooooh, Derrick," she coed, proud of her gluttony and thinking that if she could keep this kind of eating up, then perhaps she really would reach her goal of 2000 pounds. "Rub my belly for me."

Sitting heavily upon her humongous thighs, stretching her mini skirt all the way to her knees, Holly's belly felt hard as a rock as her husband gently massaged it for her. She lay back with her eyes closed, and Derrick’s heart pounded for her, his bulging crotch throbbing.

They stayed after dinner for a few drinks, then Derrick ordered a walk saver for Holly. She rode it to the elevator and down where Derrick helped her onto her own walk saver. Then he helped her onto the car seat, and they returned to their hotel room. Derrick helped his beautiful 1200-pound wife out of her designer suite and she collapsed on the bed. He undid the clasp for her bra and belly supporter, then helped her to turn onto her back so that he could finish undressing her.

"Fuck me," a naked 1200 pound Holly whispered, spreading those unbelievable huge thighs of hers, and Derrick did as he was told, kneeling up close to her and inserting himself into the hot volcanic interior of the mountain of flesh that was his new bride.