Weight Room Title Bar

By Ned Fox

I got a phone call for an interview for a position as a director at a group home. This was not my first choice of a line of work, but I thought I would at least go for the interview and see what they wanted of me.

I arrived at the address I was given, went up the walk and rang the bell. A pretty young woman answered the door. I was struck that she was very pregnant and only wearing a robe. She said, “You must be the new one.” I asked what she meant; she said, “the new director.” ” Well, I am here for the interview anyway,” I said. “They didn't tell me - what kind of a group home is this anyway?” She giggled, ”it is a home for unwed pregnant women.” I couldn't believe my ears. Why would they want a guy to be the director of a house for pregnant single women? Just then a women's voice called out, “Cindy, is that Mr. Fox?” “Yes it is, Mrs. Williams,” Cindy answered. “Show him into the office, please.”

I was shown into the office by Cindy; Mrs. Williams got up and greeted me as Cindy left. She explained during the interview how they had had a succession of directors, all of them women, who could not put up with the girls, really young women, no one was under 19. She said that most left do to weight gain or frustration with dealing with the girls. I asked what they expected a man to do, that a women could not do in this situation. She said that a man is not as sensitive as women and she felt that the girls needed a good male role model, since nearly all of them had been abandoned by the fathers of their unborn babies.

The salary was generous and the director's apartment was far better than my present accommodations. I agreed to take the job and start immediately. I picked my things at the apartment I was staying in with a friend and moved into the director's apartment.

Mrs. Williams bid me good luck and quickly left. I started to look around the facility; it was a spacious house, with a swimming pool, large public areas and a commercial kitchen. I met the cook, large round women named Hilda. She said I would love the girls; they were all so sweet. I asked her about the former directors, why they all left. Hilda said the girls did not like them and they said the girls made them eat too much. “How could the girls make them eat too much?” I asked. She said the pregnant girls eat a lot and have cravings for lots of different foods. The former directors seem to get caught up in the eating. The last one gained forty pounds in two months; Hilda told me she looked pregnant when she quit.

I thanked Hilda and went on to continue my tour. I went out to pool area and was startled to see several very pretty, but very pregnant young women, in tiny bikinis lounging around the pool. They looked up and I introduced myself as Ned Fox, the new director. They giggled and greeted me; a couple tried to get up, but I told them to stay in their chairs. I was amazed how huge they all were. I asked one girl, Amanda, how far along she was - she said six months. I was amazed; I'm certainly not an expert in obstetrics, but she looked a lot larger than just six months. The others all nodded; they were only from five to seven months pregnant. I ran into Cindy again; she was on her way out to the pool with nothing on but a bikini swimsuit. I had to step back to let her through the door; she was quite large. I asked her how far along, and she said six and half months. I was stunned; the girls were all huge. I checked out Cindy from behind after she passed me; she didn't really look big. I thought maybe Hilda was fattening up these girls and Cindy would have a huge bottom to match her belly.

I called Mrs. Williams and asked what was going on. She said don't worry, that the girls were staying at the home through the generosity of a large drug company. The company was testing a new prenatal vitamin regime in exchange for room, board and a stipend for the girls. My job would be to supervise Hilda, pay the bills and see to maintenance of the house and grounds.

After I got off the phone with Mrs. Williams, I changed into my bathing suit - I prefer the Speedo style - and headed off to the pool. The girls greeted me with seemed like genuine enthusiasm.

I sat down to meet my charges; I was stunned at how attractive they all were. They were all in their early twenties, single; many of them had graduated or at least attended college. None were working outside of the group home at the moment. I was told that was one of the rules: no outside employment and no visitors either.

Hilda called that lunch was ready. I had to help several of the girls up out of their chairs and one hoist herself out of the pool. They eagerly headed for the dining room. After a dose of vitamins, we all sat down to a huge lunch. Hilda had prepared burgers, cheeseburgers, fries, onion rings, cole slaw, potato salad and bowls of chips. The girls dug in with abandon. I couldn't believe how much they ate. Amanda had three burgers and two plates of fries; Cindy had four cheeseburgers and three plates of onion rings. The rest kept right up with Amanda and Cindy.

I couldn't help myself from over eating also. The sight of all these beautiful, pregnant girls stuffing themselves was almost too much for me. I ate four burgers and three plates of fries myself, plus nearly a litter of Coke.

When the gorging had slowed down, Hilda cleared and brought in several tubs of B&G's ice cream and some toppings. The girls again dug in, several of them fixing huge bowls of ice cream sundaes; I, too, joined in the binge.

After dessert, most of us retired to our rooms to clean and relieve ourselves. I couldn't believe how I looked in the mirror. My belly was bulging out over the waistband of my swimsuit to the point that my t-shirt was being lifted up by the bulge. I went back out to pool area; most of girls had headed there to escape the heat. I notice the huge lunch had a similar effect on them also. Cindy noticed my belly right away and complemented me on my appearance. The other's nodded in agreement. She said, “Mr. Fox, I hope you won't be inhibited by society, but continue to enjoy Hilda's wonderful cooking.” I patted my belly, while trying not to stare at hers and said, “I think I'm going to like working here.” They all giggled agreement.

My work did not take long; I would check in with Hilda, who also lived at the house. Then back to the office to pay bills, arrange for any repairs or service. I also interviewed the girls daily to see if there were any side affects from the vitamins. A nurse would come in every other day to measure and weigh the girls, something I would not have minded being added to my duties.

I was done my around 10:30AM. The rest of the day I spent by the pool. It was not long before the sedentary lifestyle, coupled with Hilda's huge meals and the girls' encouragement, began to manifest itself around my waist. I was getting quite a belly. I had never really been thin, but I did like to wear brief style underwear and of course the “Speedo” style brief swimsuits. I had arrived at the home weighing about 190# at 5'11”, not fat, but well fed. I gained thirty pounds during the first three weeks as director. I had a large round paunch that lifted up all the t-shirts and ballooned over the waistband of my swimsuits and underwear. I simply could not control my appetite or eating. I was so turned on by the girls, with their huge bellies and bikinis, that I had no other outlet but to EAT!

They loved it; they constantly complimented me on my growing appearance. They all felt a bond with me now that I had a large belly, too. When new girls would arrive, I would greet them and show them to their new rooms. Most would stare at my appearance. I was poked in the belly more than once and asked is that all you? The dress code was very, very casual at the home; the girls had to have a robe on or a swimsuit if they left their rooms - that was the only requirement. I usually wore sweats to greet new girls or Mrs. Williams and my now legendary “Speedos” the rest of the time. Only Hilda, who worked in the kitchen, was fully dressed all day.

During the next few weeks both the girls and I continued to get bigger. When their due dates got close the girls were transferred to a private obstetric hospital for the impending births. The new girls continued to grow; the vitamins and all the food they could eat made them huge. I had to help them in and out the pool, in and out of chaise lounges and sometimes back to their rooms after a particularly large meal.

This was also having quite an effect on me. I had gained another twenty pounds. My waist which had been around 36” when I took the job had swelled to nearly 48.” I had not bought any new swimsuits or underwear, and I was being teased about my “panty lines.” Mrs. Williams was also concerned about my weight. She was very pleased with how the home was running. She said that I have been the best director that they have had. The girls were very complimentary also.

But she worried that if I continued to gain weight that I might become too fat to perform the more physical aspects of my job.

I had to agree with her. I was becoming afraid that if I continued in this position that I would become obese. Hilda had also gained weight since I arrived, but she said, “I never have worried about my weight or appearance and I'm not about to start now.”

Two weeks later a solution presented itself. I waddled in to answer the phone, it was Mrs. Williams; she told me that she had been promoted to VP of the company. I said she had recommended me to replace her as coordinator of the prenatal vitamin program. I would not even have to interview for the job, since her recommendation was so strong to her boss.

I was ambivalent about the offer; I wanted a change, before I became obese. But I loved working with and being around the girls. She said that I would have to hire a new director, but that I would be visiting this home as well as the two others they had. I took the job. The girls were upset, but understood, several of them poking my now huge belly to see it jiggle.

I hired a cute young nurse to be the new director. Sally was pert and petite; despite being tiny the girls really liked her. I started my new job at the offices of the drug company. I was shocked to have to buy a couple of new suits at a big and tall shop. My belly was nearly fifty inches around after the huge goodbye party the girls and Hilda threw me.

I visited the home two weeks later on my regular inspection. I noticed Sally had the start of a nice little belly hanging over her bikini when greeted her by the pool. She noticed my glance at her once trim waist. She said, “Now Mr. Fox, I realize why you were so reluctant to leave here,” and patted her little belly.