Weight Room Title Bar

The Hypnotist
By FluffyGoodness

George was a portly man. He'd always had quite a large potbelly and was teased mercilessly at school for it. There was one girl he had always been in love with, Julia Allen. She was short and thin with dark hair and milky white skin. He wanted very much to date her, and one night he asked her to the homecoming dance. She just laughed at him and called him "fattie" and told him to go home and eat some chocolates.

George is 32 now and works out at the local gym once in a while, not to much avail. His belly is much larger, rounder and softer than it was in high school. While standing at one of the machines he heard a familiar snicker. He turned his head to see Julia standing there looking him over. "Still a big porker aren't we George," she said. She slapped his stomach and watched it jiggle, "you give jelly belly a whole new meaning, and that tight suit is disgusting, fat people like you need to loose weight on a fat farm, not in my gym. I don't want to see your blubbery ass around here." She walked away into the steam room.

George sat down and pondered a moment. How could he show that queen her place? He thought about his new job as a hypnotist for people who were lashing out. If he could hypnotize them......then just maybe......

A big grin formed over George's face as he walked into the steam room. "Hey Julia, you know what I do for a living now? it's kind of Ironic."

"What you fatass?," she snarled rudely"

"I am a diet hypnotist."

"Why don't you hypnotize yourself fatty."

"Well, I could hypnotize you to hate chocolate so you'd never eat it again." Julia thought hard about this one. If she stopped eating chocolate she could get rid of the love handles that were beginning to form at her sides.

"Lets see how you do it," she said.

George slowly calmed her and put her into a deep trance. He grinned evilly thinking of what he would make Julia do. He began to whisper his command.

"You will begin to buy supper fatty foods all the time and say to yourself that they are for other people. You will begin to snack more during the day when you are not paying attention, and at night right after you fall asleep you will walk to your kitchen in a trance and eat until your belly can hold no more. You will stop visiting the Gym except on Fridays. You will not remember any of the eating you do and you will eat more and more each night. Now, when you awake with the clap of my hands you will no longer remember me hypnotizing you."

George clapped his hands.

"Hey you blubber butt why are you sitting so close to me! I'm out of here."

Julia left the gym to go to the store and George went home. At the store Julia found herself buying things like ice cream and cakes and chips and meat and cheeses. She bought a gallon of oil and a few boxes of bacon. She also bought little Debbie cakes and twinkies. Julia took them home saying that she would keep them if her niece ever came to visit and took her evening shower. Before she went to bed she ate three twinkies while watching television and began to have a bowl of ice cream. She laid down for bed and then sat up and walked to the kitchen.

Slowly and methodically Julia shoved a whole huge cheese wheel and a gallon of ice-cream into her belly before she was too full to go on. She woke up the next morning feeling ill and called in sick to work, rolled over and went to sleep.

George didn't see Julia until three weeks later on a Friday when he went to the gym for the first time, afraid of seeing her again. He grinned as he saw rolls on her once flat belly and large round buttocks sagging in her leotard. Her single chin was doubling and her thighs and arms were definitely rounder.

She walked over to him and snorted lifting her nose and walking away. George laughed and thought of all the cookies and candies and fats that must be streaming into her body. Her metabolism would soon slow down and it would all be fat.

The next week on Friday George had a meeting and it was two more weeks before he could get to the gym. He walked in and looked around for Julia, and suddenly he saw her. Her face was round and her belly hung at least five inches down below the waist of her exercise leotard. Her belly was round and jiggled when she walked. Her butt, now that was something to behold! It was large and round and swayed when she walked. Her once 120lb frame looked more like a 190lb frame. Her thighs smashed together when she walked and her breasts were at least a D cup. During her aerobics he saw her bend over and watched her pendulous behind rip right through her suit.

George grinned, she was really becoming a fatty herself. Julia went home that night and looked in the mirror. She just didn't understand why she was getting so fat. She felt like the blob. She was just too tired to watch tv so she went to sleep. Her nightly gorges were becoming more and more lately. She went through a box of ding dongs and a box of twinkies and she drank down some oil and ate a pound or two of bacon. She went to bed with a huge distended abdomen and woke up again too sick and tired to go to work. After about five weeks of working hard George went back to the gym, he had lost a bit of weight and was feeling good about himself. He had forgotten about Julia during the past month and a half as he had been promoted to a full member of the psychiatric group he was with. Suddenly he looked up and saw her. She was FAT. Not just chubby or heavy, she was obese. He walked up to her and slapped her gut. "now who's the fatty"...she just looked stunned. George hypnotized her again and walked her over to the scale. She stepped up on it and he noted that she was 375lbs of a fat woman. Her breasts hung to the sides a bit and a huge flabby gut hung down to her knees. She was only 5'3 or so and now she was as round as a ball. Her face had at least five chins that swayed when she turned her head. Her butt had problems clearing doors and her arms and legs were flabby and round. She was cellulite city.

He unhypnotized her and smiled as she came out of the trance and saw her body for the first time. She groaned and moaned as she saw a big fat blob in the mirror.....George smiled and before walking away, turned and asked her out to dinner. A fat joke almost came out of her mouth until she looked down at her big bloated gut. She smiled sheepishly and nodded in acceptance, all of her chins bobbing along.