Weight Room Title Bar

By Sasha Steele

Alexandria's smooth sexy legs were heavyset and clad in beige nylon pantyhose; it was difficult to keep them crossed without having the uppermost one slip on her thick knee, and so she kept re-crossing her legs, which made the tight skirt of the designer suit she was wearing ride up. The skirt was short enough as it was, and so, riding up even further toward her big magnificent butt, the sight hadn't gone unnoticed by her financial manager sitting behind his desk across from her. Alexandria was uncomfortable in her lavender colored designer suit; the skirt and jacket were a bit tight on her ample body, but this, of course, was a business meeting, and so she had to look her best. That is why Alexandra had worn a white silk waist cincher with a pretty lace pattern on the front of it to match her panties and bra - under her business suit which, confining her tummy, made her feel all the more uncomfortable.

Too, she had her usually wild-funky curled long blond hair drawn back, gathered and tied loosely in back. And, as usual, her makeup was done to perfection, her long manicured nails professionally done in a light burgundy, a tasteful amount of jewelry on. Alexandra had just spent the morning at her spa, a sauna and massage, to help with her weight loss, avoiding the exercise room. "Massage my belly especially vigorously," she instructed her masseuse.

Sitting there, nervously bouncing her foot, in five-inch burgundy dress pumps, Alexandria's mind wandered as her accountant went over expenditures. Financial matters bored her. Alexandria had always been a kept woman, pampered and self indulgent, a sometimes plus size model, whenever she could bring her weight down to an acceptable level. But mostly she was a lay about, a high-class couch potato and socialite. Alexandria didn't want to come to terms with the fact that, given her extravagant life style, in just a few short months her twenty million dollar divorce settlement had dried up, and she would have to find another sugar daddy to support her - or, worse yet, would have to go to work.

Aside from modeling, which she found to be rather grueling, Alexandra hadn't done a day’s work in her life. She had always been able to use her natural assets; she was, after all, strikingly beautiful, and even with her weight problem, had always been able to find a rich guy to keep her in the lifestyle that she was accustomed to.

Alexandria was born big. Five-foot-six, big-boned, a heavy musculature interlarded with fat, thick smooth skin. Mostly pear-shaped, her hips were wide, legs heavy - and, even at her lightest weight, her rear end was huge. Alexandria's bust was also huge, her arms and torso thick as well. She also had the capacity to easily put on weight which, given her voracious appetite, caused her weight to soar at times. Alexandra had been as heavy as 300 lbs - which is why her ex husband had divorced her, leaving her only a measly twenty million. And this after all the shit she had taken from him - constantly on her about her weight and her eating. Now, faced with the prospect of having to find someone else to support her, Alexandra knew she had to lose a bit of weight. And she did, now tipping the scales at a slim, for her, 185 lbs.

"I wish I could just eat whatever I want, whenever I feel like it, and as much as I want to," Alexandria had confided to a friend at a gala event just before her divorce. Alexandra had weighed 280 at the time, and when she added, "I'd like to get really really fat," her friend had to wonder just exactly what weight Alexandria considered to be really really fat. So did an acquaintance of hers named Paul Marsdan, when this friend told him what Alexandria had said. "Christ, she weighs almost 300 lbs and doesn't even think that she is fat!"

Having had relationships before with women three times that weight, Paul didn't think that Alexandria was too fat either. In fact, by his standards, he thought that she was quite tiny. Having never met Alexandria before, and hearing what she had said, though, Paul could readily see her potential. She was so damn beautiful, too, and perfectly constructed to carry an extreme amount of weight. Too bad she was married to that asshole, Paul thought.

"You're bankrupt, Alex," her finical advisor told her. "All your assets have been seized, bank account and credit lines blocked, I don't know what to tell you. Do you have someplace to stay?"

Alexandra stared into space, shocked at the revelation that she was out on the street, and suddenly all she could think of was how hungry she felt.

"Listen, Alex, I have a friend looking for a house sitter at the moment, at least that would keep you off the street. What do you say?"

Still in shock, Alexandra bobbed her head up and down. She placed her hands on her stomach as he made a phone call. God, she had to eat! Down on her luck but not out, Alexandria was a true survivor, and like all true survivors, her luck was uncanny, for unknown to her right then the person on the other end of the phone who was looking for a house sitter was none other than Paul Marsdan. Alexandra didn't pay any attention to the conversation, or take notice that it had gone on for a fair length of time, but when her financial advisor finally got her attention, she did notice the confused look on his face.

"Alex, I'm talking to Paul Marsdan," he said. Alexandria vaguely knew Paul Marsdan, but she knew that he was really good looking and filthy rich, and suddenly she propelled him to the top of her list of prospects. "Do you know him?"

"Vaguely, why?"

"Because he has just made good all of your debts, and he would like to speak to you."

Alexandria took the phone. "Hello, Paul," she cooed.

"Hello Alexandria, Tom told me about your situation, and I want to help you. I hope you do not think this too presumptuous of me, but I have a proposition for you. May I take to lunch so that we can discuss it?"

"Yes, thank you, lunch would be good." Alexandria said, and she couldn't keep her mouth from watering just thinking about how hungry she was. She tried to not let the fact that she would have to watch how much she ate in front of Paul bother her; he was, after all, at the top of her list now.

"Good, I'll pick you up there in ten minutes," Paul told her, hanging up the phone.

Alexandria was, of course, intrigued that Paul, who didn't even know her had made good her debts and had a proposition for her. What was he after? she wondered, and, knowing that she was a highly desirable woman, concluded that he wanted her, plain and simple. Difficult as it had been, it looked as if the 120 lbs that she had dropped since her divorce were about to pay off. But, as Alexandra was soon to find out, she was absolutely correct, although it wasn't quite that simple.

"Hello, Alexandria," Paul said extending his hand, "I'm Paul."

"Please to meet you, Paul; call me Alex," she said, taking his hand and feeling the electricity there. God, Alexandria thought, he's even better looking than I thought, and suddenly she felt like a nervous schoolgirl going out on her first date.

He drove her to Maxim’s, an exclusive upscale restaurant close by, saying little on the way and nothing about his proposal, until they were seated and had ordered before dinner cocktails. It hadn't escaped Alexandria that Paul had his own table at Maxim’s, or that he was treated like Royalty there. "All right, Paul," Alexandria said. "You have me intrigued - what is this proposal you want to make?"

"Will you marry me, Alex?" Paul said, not blinking an eye.

"What? You don't even know me," she said, taken back by his straightforwardness.

"I know enough," he said, looking into her gorgeous green eyes. "I know that you are the most beautiful that I have ever met, and now that I am here with you, talking to you, I know that I love you. Love at first sight - I didn't think it possible."

Alexandra was a bit in shock. But she, too, was attracted to Paul. Love at first sight, Alexandria didn't know what love was, had never thought about it. "What are you thinking for a prenuptial agreement?" she asked, warming to the idea of marrying a rich handsome stranger.

"None, Alex, whatever I have is yours. When we talked on the phone, I had envisioned a few provisions, but, having met you, I don't want to hold you to anything at all. God help me, I do love you Alex."

"What sort of provisions?"

Paul blushed, for the first time unsure of himself, then stammered a bit. "We have a mutual acquaintance, Jane Masters. I spoke with her at the gala opening. You were there, do you recall?"

Alexandria shook her head. She remembered the event, but couldn't recall seeing him there. It had been a bad night for Alexandria - her marriage on the rocks because of her weight - and all she could think of was the smorgasbord they had laid out.

"Jane told me what you said that evening. That you wished you could eat whatever you want to, eat whenever you feel like it, and eat as much as you want to, and also that you would like to get really really fat."

"I see where this is leading, Paul," Alexandria interrupted. "You love me and want to marry me even though you hardly even know me, but like every other man, you have a problem with my weight and eating habits."

"In a manner of speaking, yes, I do, Alex. The night of the gala opening was the first time that I had ever saw you, and as I remember it, you looked stunningly beautiful."

"Stunningly fat, you mean," Alexandria said.

"Yes, fat and beautiful."

Alexandria freed her curly waist length hair from its confines, ran her fingers through it, shaking it out, as she sensuously pursed her lips, while she deliberated on the fact that Paul thought she was still stunningly beautiful at close to 300 lbs. "So, you liked me that fat, did you?" Alexandria said.

"Yes, I did, Alex."

"If you like me fat like I was a few months ago, then why do you have a problem with my weight now?"

"I think that right now you are far too thin, Alex. You truly are beautiful and would be even more so if you were to put on a lot of weight. It just seems a shame to waste such potential. I had entertained the notion of asking you to gain weight if we were to get married."

Alexandria didn't know what to say. Her top candidate for marriage actually wanted her to eat more and get fat; it was too good to be true. "Have you changed your mind now, don't want me put on weight anymore?" she tentatively asked.

"No, it's not that. I would love it if you were to become really huge, but it's not fair for me to force you into doing it. I want you to be married to you, no matter now much you weigh."

"How fat would you want me get?"

"As fat as you want, Alex."

"The thing of it is that I love to eat; at times, I can hardly stop myself, and I detest dieting and exercise. I really do want to gain weight, but am afraid that if I got too large, if I were as fat as I really would like to be, that you may not find me as attractive, and then I would have to take of myself again."

"I will take of you, Alex. I'll make sure that you are financially secure right away so that you need never worry. But believe me, if you become really really fat, you'll have nothing to worry about as far as I'm concerned, anyway. The bigger you get Alex, all the more attractive you will become."

"I can't believe we are having this conversation," Alexandra said. "Just now much weight do you want me to gain?"

"Gain as much as you want Alex, as much as you possibly can."

"Five hundred pounds, seven hundred?"

Paul was silent.

"God, more than that? A thousand, two thousand? I guess you won't mind if I make an utter pig of myself and eat like glutton then, because I am absolutely famished."

Before Paul could answer, the waiter came to take their order. Alexandra was starving, and with the conversation she just had felt no remorse whatsoever in ordering the largest steak dinner on the menu - along with soup and salad as starters. The basket of heavily buttered bread gone, Paul had it replaced, and, before even starting into her main course, Alexandria felt the confines of her tummy cincher holding her in. "Paul," Alexandria said, "I have a bit of a delicate problem that may need your assistance. It's with my underwear. Is there a private room we can use for a moment?"

Paul raised an eyebrow. "Sure, okay," he said summoning the manager.

"It's my tummy cincher," Alexandria whispered after reading the look of wonder on his face, "if I'm going to eat, then it will have to come off."

Alexandria stood in front of the mirror, Paul behind, watching her undo her jacket and take it off. Her breasts resting in the soft lace cups of her white brazier were magnificently huge, the waist cincher holding in her middle making her hourglass shape appear even more extreme that it was. "Unzip my skirt," she said, and he did. "Now undo the waist cincher," she added. It was tight but managed it easily enough, freeing Alexandria's belly. "Ahh," she sighed, “that feels better."

She turned, and they kissed before she got herself dressed again, fussing with her hair and makeup before leaving. "I guess I won't be needing this again," Alexandria said dropping the waist cincher in the garbage bin on the way out. They sat back down in time for the main course, and Paul watched with deep satisfaction as Alexandria put away the 20-ounce stake with all the trimmings, extra potatoes and another basket of heavily buttered bread.

Her stomach was visibly swollen, the front buttons of her lavender colored designer strained with gaps between them beginning to show. They took a break with drinks before coffee and dessert. "Are you getting dessert?" Alexandria asked Paul.

"No, but you go ahead," he said.

"I can't make my mind up between the Boston cream pie or the Queen Ann cake," she said.

"Would you care for dessert?" the waiter asked.

"Yes, I'll have the Boston cream pie, please."

"With ice cream, Madam?"

"Yes, please, vanilla."

"And for you, sir?"

Paul looked at Alexandria, "Yes I'll have the Queen Ann cake, please; make it an extra large piece with double vanilla ice-cream." He saw Alexandria's eyes light up; she knew that Paul had ordered it for her.

Alexandria bogged down a bit on the Boston cream pie and vanilla ice cream, finally getting through it and sitting back with her eyes closed and placing her hands on her swollen gut. She had undone the bottom buttons on her jacket, and Paul could see her bloated stomach ballooning out the front panel of her skirt. "Oooh," Alexandria moaned, holding her stomach, puffing her cheeks with air and slowing letting out, "I feel like I'm going to explode."

"So you're not going to eat the Queen Ann cake then?" Paul asked, seeing how stuffed Alexandria was.

"Of course I am," Alexandria said without opening her eyes, "but you are going to have to undo the back of my skirt first." Paul got up and did so, and Alexandria, noticing the bulge in his pants, thought that her getting fat with Paul was going to be a lot of fun. She finished the Queen Ann cake and ice cream and was so stuffed that Paul had to help her out to the car. He couldn't believe how swollen Alexandria's stomach was. No way could she get her skirt down back up and so she just held her purse in front as Paul helped her out.

From that lunch date on, Alexandria's consumption grew - as did her weight - at an incredible rate. Paul liked his women massive and had dated some who were extremely overweight. Right from the beginning he knew that Alexandria had potential, but she surprised even him, quickly surpassing the weight that she’d been when he’d first seen her. As she grew in size, Alexandra grew in confidence, knowing that Paul really did love her.

At their first anniversary, Alexandria weighed 512 lbs; she was pushing 700 at their second, and 900 at the next. Alexandria never wavered one bit as her weight increased - if anything, she pampered herself even more, with her hair and nails, and her spas, beauticians and designer clothes. They were out on the town a lot, and, as Alexandria's weight increased even more, she used a mobile chair, lift seats and the like - not because she could walk so much as the fact that she was lazy to begin with and her weight made her even more so.

"You never did tell me how much weight it was that you wanted to gain when you said you were afraid I might not find you attractive," Paul said one night after just having sex with his extremely beautiful and sexy 1250 LB wife.

"Maybe that's because I'm still worried," Alexandria said.

"What do you mean?" Paul asked. "Surely you know by now that I think you are the most beautiful and sensual woman in the world. You know that I love you, Alex. Why would you be worried?"

"Maybe I'm worried because I'm nowhere near as fat as I want to be," Alexandria teased.

"Oh, Alex," Paul said, breathing hard and wanting her again.