Weight Room Title Bar

By Thump

She closed her eyes and gripped her desk willing herself not to hear It. It had begun with a whisper. A quiet nudge for attention. A silent alarm that rang deep within the belly of her psyche. At first It had circled her, but kept Its distance. Lingered, but never touched. Begged prettily, but with a shy smile. But, each day It had grown stronger. It sensed her weakness now. Smelled her vulnerability and fear. It attacked her with buried memories that left her torn with empty ache. It sang to her willing flesh and slide a warm, seductive finger across it leaving her breathless and trembling. It knew her better than she knew her own self. It no longer whispered. It shouted.

She sagged heavily in her chair. She was so tired of being strong. So tired of being the dependable one. Being the sensible and predictable one. She could feel the pull of It now and in her mind's eye could imagine It grabbing her by her thick ankles and dragging her into the dark, comforting depth of itself. It would be so easy to invite It in. So much easier just to sigh and let It take over. Let It consume her like It wanted to do. To allow it to lure her back with Its cunning voice of soft promises and filled suggestions. To lie back and release her soul to It and let It hush the voice inside her head that warned her to be strong and to battle this lonely addiction.

She leaned forward across her desk and buried her head in her hands. The feel of the desk drawer bumping against her round belly. The cold handle caressing her navel. That fleshy crater that begged for her own fingers to delve into it and lift her fatness up and up like a human crane. She could feel the perfect scoop of her lower belly as it bulged against her wide thighs. The slight pressure of its buoyancy sending a sharp memory of thrill throughout her as her mind sent vivid snapshots of it swollen and spilling like pale moonlight across her dark, tangled curls. She felt old and drained as tired tears gathered at the corner of her bright eyes and slide down across dimpled cheeks.

With a sudden burst of angry energy she pushed herself out of her chair and headed for the bathroom to wash her face. She didn't want anyone to see her like this. They wouldn't recognize her without her usual smile and sense of humor. The hallway was empty and she was relieved. It was lunchtime and most of the staff would be in the lunchroom or on break. She would have some time to herself and get herself back together. She swung open the door and then stood before the large mirror that was over a row of marbled sinks. The fluorescent lights spotlighting her tear stained face and tousled hair. Its dark length had escaped the normal clip that she twisted it severely into. Now it lay gently across her shoulders softening her features and adding to the inner beauty of her that she had not yet understood or no one had taken the time to discover.

She turned on the water using her hands to catch it and then splashed her face with it. The coolness felt so good and she leaned over and grabbed a paper towel and doused it with the cold water and bathed her face and throat with it. The droplets from the towel beading down her face and lazily trickling down her neck. They pooled down the Y of her plump cleavage and her nipples responded immediately. Balling up like hard candy on the bottom of a buttered dish.

She stared back at herself as her own hand lifted her heavy breast. Stroking it through her dampened dress she closed her eyes and placed her other hand beneath her belly. Massaging and caressing it. Lifting it and letting it drop like a plump summer plum. Pushing her fingers into its doughy softness. The fabric of her dress clinging to its roundness like a lover as her mind reeled with memories that she had tried to forget. Her lying naked and swollen with food. Her belly as round as a fall pumpkin as her hands drifted across its expanse. Panting with effort as she ate more and more. Feeling the explosion of orgasm again and again as she felt her skin stretch and pull.

Dizzy with the rush of adrenalin that coursed through her small frame she envisioned how dwarfed she was by her immense belly. Imagining it oozing between her legs as the warm feel of it kissed her fat thighs. Knowing that with each morsel she devoured another roll blossomed upon her and another pound added itself to the scale. Struggling to get out of bed and enjoying the effort as fat touched fat and her entire body jiggled.. Seeing herself in the mirror and staring in awe as her back swayed in and her belly out. Her erect breasts like fresh melons that screamed for attention. Her mouth opened and ready for the next wave of food that would come crashing down throughout her and.....

She heard someone coming down the hallway towards the bathroom. Quickly she straightened her clothes and wrapped her hair back up in a knot. Her eyes huge with passion and guilt as she opened the door and walked past people in the hallway. She went to her office and called her boss and told him that she was ill and needed to go home and in fact felt so bad she would not be back for several days. She grabbed her purse and keys all the while making a grocery list in her head. As she closed the door she felt It near by. It embraced her with gratitude. "Welcome back," It said. "I knew you would return." She smiled with newfound confidence. It had not won . . .she had.