Weight Room Title Bar

By Zarbon

“What do you mean my ass isn't the best!?!”

“Well,” said her manager, “apparently people voted that they like Buoyancy Knowles' ass more then yours; you have lost your crown and you will need to get it back.”

“Tell me about it; my ass is where my sex appeal lies and I must have the best one in the world. I need to make it bigger so what can we do?” asked j-lo to her manager and general crowd of stylists and managers and other important crew members.

“Well, if you want a bigger ass, put on some weight; it will probably go right to your ass, anyway, and you might get a cleavage, too,” said one of the stylists, in an almost joking tone. Some people chuckled but were interrupted by Jennifer.

“God, you're right; I need to put on a few lbs. so my ass will get bigger; I must have the best ass in show business and putting on weight will do that.”

Her manager looked shocked with the rest of the room. He didn't want her getting fatter; she was almost at the brink of being chubby and her diet was carefully monitored to give her the biggest bottom for the smallest stomach. Now that she wanted to eat more, her waistline was also bound to grow with it.

“So pass me something to eat, then. I have been on rabbit food for ages now, anyway; I haven't eaten properly since I left the Bronx,” said the determined Jennifer, getting up to her hotel fridge and getting an armful of nuts, crisps and chocolate. She started eating while her stylists carried on with her hair, etc., while other people did thier jobs. Her manager was still very skeptical as her diet went out of the window.

She had just finished promoting a new song, and now she had a few weeks before she started it all again on her next single. This meant she had a little time off, and for the first week she was making up for all the time she hadn't been eating while out of the Bronx. She had gained 6 lbs. in the first week and she was now 131 lbs., her waistline growing softer and her ass a little bigger. She was very happy with the results so far, her ass bigger then ever. She loved the results and wanted to see more, so she decided to increase her daily calorie intake.

She was lounging around in her Hollywood mansion, having food bought out to her while she lounged around in different places of the house. She loved having time off, but she had to start work on a video; luckily, this one needed very little of her as it was mainly a masterpiece in computer graphics: she just had a face shot at the end, which she filmed in 30 minutes after 1 hour of makeup. This meant she had more time to indulge herself and go out shopping as her clothes felt a little tight – thankfully, around her ass as far as she knew.

After returning home with as many bags as she could carry, she sat down to a nice 4-course meal and then a night of constant snacking, making her go to bed feeling stuffed. Going to bed stuffed became the norm after another week. As she had been eating large meals and then snacking in-between, she had barely gone out. She just sat around wanting her ass to grow - and grow it what it did. She was now 137 lbs., and her ass was now starting to grow signs of cellulite; it was also starting to sag a little as it had lost a lot of its pertness with her constant sitting and weight gain. Her belly also grew, and she was now sporting s bit of a bulge, as well as a softer face and slightly bigger tits along with slightly swelled thighs. She felt great that her ass was bigger but also a little sad about gaining in other places.

“Man, I am getting a belly,” she said to her manager as they prepared her for her first interview about the new song.

“Well, you should have stuck to the diet, Jennifer; it was made especially for you, and with eating like you have been for the past 2 weeks, no wonder you are so fat.”

“Fat!!! How dare you – it's just a little weight gain that can be hidden by my stylists. I can lose the stomach weight and keep the ass, you just watch me!”

“Yea, right, we can probably hide your bulge, but your ratings will go down. You are eye candy and being covered up isn't what you were hired for, love. Just lose the weigh quickly; we don't want this getting in the papers.”

“Eye candy - I have musical talent, you slimy piece of shit. I can wear what I want and I can lose this weight if I want to. How dare you say those things to me? I am a star; you're lucky you're not fired on the spot. I am beautiful, the most sexy woman in the world!”

“Well, if I had all these stylists around me 24-7, I could get your stardom. You're nothing too special without these people, and that's what pisses me off about you, thinking you're all that when you're not!”

“Fuck you, stuck up bitch. That's it; you have pushed me too far! I am out of here, I am not doing any publicity for this new single; I am taking some time out,” said Jennifer, storming out of her changing room and heading home.

“How long?!” shouted her manager.

“A few months; I don't want to fire you; I like you, I really do, but we have been getting on each other's backs recently. I need some time out; I will be back, bigger and better. Do what you want but no interviews,” she shouted back as she carried on walking. Her manager just watched her jiggling ass sway as she walked out.

She went right home to have a little something to eat; she had her cook fix her something as she was determined to be bigger and better in a few months. She wanted to lose some weight all over apart from her ass, but she would start her diet tomorrow - she wanted to eat now. And she ate; she ate like food was going out of fashion. As she knew she couldn't eat tomorrow, she wanted to eat now and she was helped to bed feeling painfully full after eating too damn much. The next day, she promised herself she would start her diet after her last breakfast, then she would start after brunch then after lunch, then after some snacks, then after dinner, then after desert, then after another desert, then after some snacks - but then she had to go to bed; she was just too full.

This went on and on every day: saying she would start tomorrow and since this was her last day of eating, she would make the most of it. Jennifer was very lazy and needed her manager to make her do things; that was why she had started to dislike him as he disturbed her all the time.

After the first month she had blown up to 177 lbs. She had been eating constantly, and it went to her lower half. Over all of her gain she only went up one cup size, but she had a handsome double chin. Her ass was now almost twice its original size, and she loved it, shaking it all the time whenever she wasn't sitting on it. Her stomach had shot right out from her increasing food intake, and she now had a big Latin stomach resting on some big Latin hips. Her thighs were thicker and made her swagger bigger, which amplified her ass even more. She only went out to get clothes whenever she outgrew a size, and she was now just getting sweats as she was planning to do some working out.

But the second month saw her eating a hell of a lot more, and she expanded right up to 228lbs. Her stomach was starting to sag down a little. Her hips were wider, her boobs were rounder, her ass jutted out further and hung down her thighs even more. She had thicker thighs, and the most recent 30 lbs. seemed to be solid cellulite. She was getting much bigger clothes and starting to worry, as she knew she was getting extremely fat. She tried to work out, but as soon as she started to sweat, she had to shower. This made working out hard, as it took very little to make her sweat, so she may as well have done nothing.

She thought, “Oh, bugger it; my manager will think of something when I go back in a month. For now I may as well eat while I can.” She had expanded her time to just eat and all she did for the last month was eat, first thing when she got up and last thing at night.

She was 269lbs when she was due to meet her manager at his office. She hadn't been watching TV, so she wasn't sure of his story while she was away, but she was a little curious as to what he'd come up with and what he would do about her blubber. She drove up there, finding it hard with her stomach, hips and thighs, but made it without crashing. She heaved herself out and went into the reception area.

“Hi, I have an appointment with my manager.”

“Right - and who are you?”

“I am Jennifer Lopez!”

“Right, I will call up, ok,” said the receptionist, trying not to laugh.

“Hi, Mike, yea there is this – well, let's say heavyset woman claiming to be Jennifer Lopez; it looks like of like her but a lot bigger,” she whispered.

“Oh God, how big is she? Well, send her up.”

“Ok, you can go up, Miss Lopez.”

Jennifer headed for the lift and went right into his office. He was stunned to see his best star bulging out of a sweat suit and looking huge.

“Have you been eating ever since you left?”

“Yea….um, I said I would be back bigger an better,” she joked, but her manager wasn't looking too amused.

“What have you done to yourself? You're fat - no, you're not fat, you're huge! I'm sorry, Jennifer, but I can't keep you on the label. I told them about you leaving like you did and that you might come back fat; they said if your over 150 lbs then to fire you. I don't need any scales to see you are well over! Sorry, Jennifer but you are OUT of a job and not likely to get another.”

“What?” she said. Quite pathetically, she started to cry, a single tear running down a fat cheek. She waddled out of there and headed home; if they thought she was fat now they hadn't seen anything yet, she thought to herself. As she demanded food, she pushed herself for longer and harder then ever before, knowing she could now be free to eat and not worry about anything. She was a multimillionaire; she could afford the house and cars - if she could fit into them – as well as her cook. Maybe she would hire another; she knew she might need it soon, just as she knew she would end up gaining a lot more weight.

One year later to the day she topped her scales at 670+ lbs.! She was eating all the time and as much as she wanted - and that was a lot. Her ass had reached a maximum outwards, which was a few feet, and was flowing to knee level on the back of her 40-inch thighs. They themselves sagged well over her kneecaps, and her calves sagged onto her feet. Her stomach went right down to past knee level and her tits were now EE cup, which she was quite proud of. She loved her single, free lifestyle, doing what she wanted whenever she wanted - which was mostly eating. She could forkful her heart's desire, and her desire was to eat. She had hired several gourmet cooks to give her the finest meals on earth - and she could have eaten for several planets as she just ate one huge meal a day and sometimes woke up in the middle of the night and went and raided the fridge. Moving was still possible, but getting up was what troubled her more then her poor stamina. But somebody was always in earshot of her calling to help her get to her food.

The same time next year she was still doing the same thing but had blown up to 1090+ lbs. She was now firmly immobile, but her vast amounts of money could pay for her cooks to work hard to bring her a constant stream of food to fill her stomach – as well as 2 people to hand feed her as her extremely heavy arms and laziness meant feeding herself was not a thing to be done all day long. She was still loving her lifestyle, but she had grown more lonely as she grew fatter. But, hey, at least she had her staff and her food – that was all she needed. Her millions of dollars weren't going to run out too soon.

A year later and apparently she is still gaining. I wonder what that Latino diva looks like now? Big isn't the word, as she's spent another year of eating more fattening food and a hell of a lot more food. She's fat and loving it - and there's no way back for her.