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Jamie Was The Best Dancer
By Chubbybelly

Jamie put her foot on the bench and slightly bent down with a bit of a strain to reach the laces.

“Anne, will you drive me home?”

“If you promise to help me with math after practice.”

Jamie nodded, stood up straight and waited for Anne to get her stuff.

“Let's go,” Anne grabbed her bag then poked her finger into Jamie's tender light stomach. “You have such a cute belly button. You should pierce it. Right there.” Anne pinched Jamie's skin right above the dark circle of her belly button and held her hand in place.

Jamie moved her hand away consciously.

“I would if I were thinner. Come on.”

The girls emerged into the gym, tight black jazz pants, sports-bra tops, sturdy dancing sneakers. Ms. Ferraine turned on some pop and began to move her strong wide hips to the beat in a warm-up routine that the rest of the girls followed.

“Jamie, could you come here a minute?” Jamie stood up and walked over to Ms. Ferraine. The girl was breathing heavily as if she just ran. “Catch your breath. Okay. Now, why are you breathing so hard?”

Jamie looked at her. “Because I just did some exercise…?”

“No. You were stretching. We did not run today. You walked over. What do you think it is?"

“I am not sure…”

“I think it is because of the extra weight.”

“You think I am fat?” Jamie got visibly upset.

“Not fat. Chubby. I wouldn't say anything, but there is that pep rally coming up. You are our best dancer; you know that. Do you really want to be bulging out of these already tight pants? Look down, can you even see your feet?”

Jamie did. She could still see her toes.

Ms. Ferraine reached out and pushed Jamie's bare rounded soft belly in, causing her back to arch a bit. “Hold it in. A dancer should be thin, but if she isn't, she should at least be graceful.”

“Thanks. I'll try to lose some weight.”

Jamie could almost cry.

After school Jamie walked into a coffeehouse by the bus stop and ordered a decaf mocha.

“Hi, I am Nadine.” The tall slim dark haired girl smiled. “What did you say you wanted?”

“Decaf Mocha. Please.”

Jamie took her coffee and sat down with a book. Anne Rice, of course. Lately Jamie had been into her. The cold velvet suave vampires attracted her immensely. She dreamed of being made into a vampire. They live in beautiful castles, drink metallic tasting blood, and are thin and gorgeous. She was infatuated with them. Actually, Jamie had crushes on quite a few guys in her grade. One of them, Adrian, had grayish blue eyes and dyed mahogany hair. He had a body like nobody else at her school, muscular and glistening when he played football with the rest of the boys. He had something about him. Always smiling. Jamie fantasized about his strong hands crawling along her soft body, squeezing her sensuous sides, torturing her nipples between his long fingers, arching his palms around her full belly, feeling its softness, its weight; looking at her curves closely, her turning around before his eyes, showing off her thick thighs and shapely ass. Him sticking his finger deep into her belly button, feeling the bottom of it; feeling a part of him inside her.

“This is a complimentary sweet potato muffin. Thanks for coming in here.”

Jamie was shaken up having to separate from her daydreaming. Nadine kept smiling.

“No. I'm okay. Thanks, though.”

“These are really good. And free.”

“I can't. I am on a diet.”


“It's embarrassing, … I have to lose some weight before I get kicked off the dance team.”

Nadine shrugged.

“I guess I can't change your mind, but are you sure? These are amazing.”

“Just a taste.”

Jamie took a piece off with her fingers and put it in her mouth, devouring the sweetness.

“How is it?”

“You are right. This is really good. Want to help me with the rest of it?”

“Okay, if you are sure you don't want it.”

Nadine stood in front of Jamie in her work uniform, then sat down next to her on the bench. She bit into the sweet bread. Jamie turned away and stretched, raising the tips of her fingers high above her head, revealing the bottom part of her plump belly. Nadine gently put her right hand over the bare flesh. At the touch Jamie looked down and Nadine took her hand away.


“Well, hey, thanks for the muffin. It was nice meeting you. I have to be home in twenty for dinner.”

Nadine stood up to let Jamie out.

“I never found out your name.”


“Nice meeting you too.”

Jamie walked out. Nadine followed her with her eyes and went back to work.

“Dinner is ready!”

“I will be down in a second.”

Jamie stood by her full-length mirror looking at herself.

“Everyone seems so fascinated with my fat stomach lately. Anne today, then the girl from the coffee shop… Nadine. How can a total stranger, a girl, touch me like that? It was creepy. Nadine is pretty though, I'd even say sexy. But not like that.”

Jamie sighed, put a shirt on. She came down to the kitchen and sat in her usual spot.

“Mom, can I just have the vegetables and the meat? I'll pass on the rice pie tonight and the ice cream.”

“What's wrong?”

“Ms. Ferraine said I have to lose weight.” Jamie frowned.

“I guess she is just doing what's best for you if you want to be on that dance team. You are not fat or anything, just that slimmer girls look better in all those jazz clothes. Don't take it to the heart. If you feel bad about it and don't want to starve yourself, you can always quit the dance team.”

“Yeah, mom… and join the swim team?”

“Ha-ha… I think you look very nice in a swimming suit. You have my feminine shape.”

“Thanks. I'll still pass on the ice cream.”

Jamie was in her bed shortly. She waited until the house quieted down, then constructed her usual masturbating tool. She scrunched a side of her cover tightly and folded the rest of it underneath, then she put more folded pillows under that and mounted the erection. She rocked herself back and forth rubbing her clit against the tight side of the cover under her and rubbing her swollen belly with her hands, feeling its weight as it swayed with the rest of her body, shaking. To help the stimulation she fantasized. Three girls, women. One of them would be the blonde Anne, another, dark haired Nadine from the coffee shop. And the most beautiful one - her mother's friend from college - four years her junior. Ella had the body Jamie has always wanted. From her usually painted red flawless toe nails to her shimmering of blue black curls. Ella's thighs were oval, long, smooth, her hips perfectly round. Jamie had seen Ella naked once when the three of them, with her mother went to a water park. All day men turned to look at Ella in her bright red bikini. Later she stood naked in the steam. Her shiny thighs and breasts, with the dark areolas of her nipples forced Jamie closer. She got in the same shower and washed Ella's magical hair, heavy in her hands. She watched her firm buttocks move underneath the ends of that hair. Plump, voluptuous ass, with an elegant tattoo of a tiger's paw high up near her waistline on the right side. Her belly was just as sophisticated and sexy as the rest of her, a dark mole on the left side by her elongated navel. A ring of muscle underneath the flesh. She usually had a jewel in it of one of the colors of the rainbow. Ella belly-danced. That day the embellished with gold and silver jewel was a tender grapefruit pink, to go with the red bikini and her manicure. Her whole body had a sunny shade to it. She was golden. Jamie wished she were too. Either she wanted to be this woman or to have her. At least in her fantasies.

Jamie breathed faster, and rocked herself harder; every time her chunky belly hit another side of the cover that stuck out from under her body, waves of pleasure went through her body. She saw one of Ella's jewels inside her navel. The dark blue one encrusted with silver. Long streaming skirt low on her hips, her pudgy love handles gripped by Ella, hard. Eastern music and Ella's steep robust hips flowing with the instruments. Ella's body full of heat so close to Jamie's own enflamed her. In proximity her smooth potbelly contrasted with the goddess' convex but slim abdomen. Ella went lower along Jamie's body, leveling her beautiful face with Jamie's bare belly. Then she pressed her right cheek hard against Jamie's skin, while her left hand got a hold of a handful of bellyfat.

“You have been eating quite well, I see.” Ella's laugh was sharp. “What do you think of taking off that tight outfit to free this beautiful body?”

Ella let go of Jamie's flesh and brushed her hand along the girl's inner thigh. Anne and Nadine moved an arm chair closer to Ella's shapely ass and the woman sat down. Jamie remained solemnly in front of her. Anne sat down in front of the goddess holding her elegant feet in her hands and massaging them; Nadine stood behind the chair and played with Ella's flowing hair. “Dance!” the music came on louder, more powerful.

Jamie began to move her small pretty hands and wide hips shyly.

“Start taking that skirt off. Actually,… no! Nadine, help her!”

Nadine came over and stood behind Jamie to unzip the skirt. As Jamie moved her ass in a circle around, her chub shaking, Nadine managed to pull the patterned skirt off. She stared at Jamie's belly, then, put her arms around her waist and squeezed the flesh around the girl's middle with both hands. When she let go, her belly was red from all of the grabbing. Ella had a whip in her hands. She flipped it, almost touching Jamie. Ella nodded, Nadine moved in closer to Jamie and pushed her back gently against a part of the wall. It was softly padded with velvet; on the side various objects were sticking out from velvety pockets. Nadine pressed her nails into Jamie's weakening wrists and made her raise her hands up above her head. She cuffed them and left Jamie standing in front of Ella, naked from under her breasts down, her middle protruding greatly; Jamie looked vulnerable, helpless.

Anne wheeled in a table full of ice cream cake, whipped cream covering a huge tray of strawberries, grapes and bananas dipped in chocolate, truffles, white raspberry crème pudding, rich sauces over fruit salads… Jamie instantly got hotter. She imagined Ella stuffing all the ice cream cake into her mouth, supporting her belly with her hand from weighing her down. Anne and Nadine stood on both sides of the tied up girl. They turned to Jamie and put their hands on her body. Two palms were squeezing the soft fat of her stomach, Nadine's other palm was on Jamie's ass and Anne was touching Jamie's inner upper thigh. Ella began with the strawberries and put them into Jamie's lips whole - juice dripped down her cheeks and the whipped cream smeared all over her face. After the strawberries were gone, Jamie felt a lot fuller. Ella watched Jamie look down and unexpectedly slapped her swelling potbelly.

“No, not full yet. What would you rather have next?” Ella put her hand over the girl's mouth, “Don't answer that, I will decide for you.”

She took a banana dipped in chocolate and a bottle of chocolate sauce in her other hand and put a piece of the banana in Jamie's mouth, pouring some of the chocolate syrup in there too. Jamie chewed and swallowed; the syrup ran down her chin and neck, onto her short shirt, not reaching the belly yet. As much as her stomach bulged out and ached, Ella decided to make Jamie suffer even more. She took a leather belt and put it tightly around the fattest part of Jamie's belly, telling her to suck in. As much as the girl tried, her midriff stuck out as much and was as pudgy as it had been for the past few months, quite a potbelly. Ella pulled on the end of the belt hard, it cut into Jamie's soft flesh and snapped in place. Her belly was tortured, a captive and a pleasure device in one. The belt was uncomfortable and on both sides of it, Jamie's flesh burst out.

Five more bananas with plenty of chocolate syrup went down her throat into her tied up uncomfortable belly, making it ache more, making Jamie wetter. Ella loosened the belt two notches before she started bringing chunks of the ice cream cake to Jamie's mouth, somewhat melted, but deliciously sinful. Jamie didn't speak or beg for mercy, she ate and ate and ate. Ella's touches were impossible to resist. When Ella finished feeding the cake to Jamie, the chubby girl was sweating and looked like she was stuffed to the limits and about to faint. The handcuffs held her expansive body up by the wrists and her belly looked swollen to the limit under the greatly loosened belt that still constrained her flesh more than was comfortable. Ella undid the leather strip and Jamie's belly visibly inflated into a perfectly globular full soft gut that protruded in front of her and sagged down covering most of her pubic region with its magnificent weight.

“Nadine, Anne, what are you waiting for?”

The two girls obediently opened bottles with oil and let some of it out in their palms. They rubbed Jamie's doughy belly in circular motions, feeling every inch of it, massaging the tired muscle underneath the layer of fat. Her thick belly shook under their hands, Jamie moaned in ecstasy under their fingers. Ella motioned for them to stop. She walked over slowly, watching her submissive struggle in her limits. She took a pair of scissors from one of the pockets in the wall. She got as close to Jamie as to touch her heaving bulging hot flesh with her sleek stomach. She made a cut in the short blouse and tore it off Jamie's torso. Her nipples were hard, pointed, a tender dark pink, on plump firm soft breasts. Ella licked her nipples and sucked on them, while her fingers lightly ran over her full belly. She went down along her chubby body, her hands traveling through her lower back, hips, ass, thighs, squeezing her flesh where her fingers found a roll. Ella pressed her face hard into Jamie's belly and sank her thirsty tongue inside her deep dark navel.

“AUGGHH! Mmm…” Jamie arched her back and moaned, thrusting her clit against the hard edge. “Ohh…” she sighed… closed her eyes….

School day was tiring. Chemistry test in the morning, first five chapters of the math book, a reading quiz in history, chapter 8, section 1… Jamie couldn't help stopping at the coffee shop for a few quiet minutes of a decaf mocha to go with a few pages of her book.

“Jamie? Glad you stopped by.”

Jamie turned around. Nadine moved in, smiling, white teeth showing, almost like a beautiful lusty vampire… a second more and Jamie's lips were softly taken up into a world of feminine sensuality.