Weight Room Title Bar

Jamie's Favorite Week
By FlyGuy263

Part Two

As Jamie got in her car to go home, she felt scared. She knew that her family would hate her now; they didn't even want her to go in the first place. Jamie's brother would make fun of her so much more now. What was Jamie going to tell her parents? She had gained 505 pounds in one week. They were going to think that the lab was abusing her body and bring them to court and then she would be exposed to the world. What would everyone at school think? She was very worried, but she suddenly had an idea.

Jamie started the car and drove out of the parking lot and turned onto the road. She drove past her street and kept driving. She stopped at the next traffic light and turned right. She drove to the end of the street and stopped. She got out of the car with much difficulty and opened the trunk to look at the pills. There was a whole box in there with 50 bottles each containing 20 pills, enough to make her gain 20,000 pounds. She didn't want to gain that much weight; she would die before she hit 2,000. She suddenly realized how unhealthy she was. She started to cry.

About 10 minutes later she pulled into the driveway of her home and entered the front door.

"Jamie is that you?" asked her mother.

"Yea, mom," she replied. Her mother came around the corner of the hallway and at the moment that she saw Jamie's body her jaw dropped.

"Bob come here," she called her husband. He got up and came.

"Holy shit Jamie. What the hell happened? Oh, my God," he said in shock.

"Well it turns out that the lab was testing weight gain pills on me," she told them.

"Well how much weight did they put on you?" they both asked.

"505 pounds."

After about an hour of discussion, Jamie got so fed up with the way her parents were talking about her and pointing at her body that she got up, stormed out the door, and got in her car. She drove back to the lab and entered. She went to James' office, walked in, went straight over to him and gave him a big long kiss. He grabbed her body parts and she started to play with his penis. Not long after that, he took her to his private room with a master bed.

They entered and Jamie took off her clothes and so did James, and they had sex for hours. It was the best sex that James had ever had, and the first that Jamie ever had. She loved James, and he loved her.

Jamie continued to live there for a few months and the two of them fucked constantly. She loved being there; she helped out with the research, and then when they were done they would fuck.

It was the greatest time of her life and she wished that she had never gone home. Her parents had been into the lab a few times to try and get her to come home, and James just stepped back fearing that they would be mad at him. Jamie wouldn't budge (they couldn't move a 700 pound girl around) and her parents gave up.

It was approaching the end of the summer, and Jamie remembered that she had to go to school soon. It was her senior year and she wanted to do the best that she ever had. She thought that it was going to be hard, though, because of all the comments that would be made about her weight.

As an end of summer request, Jamie asked James if he could feed her for a day so that she would gain 60 more pounds or so. He said yes and they went into their room and there James fed Jamie for the whole day. Jamie just kept eating the food never getting full because of the pills.

The day before school started Jamie weighed 765 pounds and she had fucked with James 71 times. She was going to continue living at the lab, where she had her own room with a bed, desk, shelves, TV, DVD, computer, and everything else she wanted including a limited supply of food. Her tits were almost past the 44FF mark, from her belly button to her ass was 95 inches, her thighs were 16 inches wide, her arms were 6 inches wide, and her quadruple chin was the cutest ever!

In the morning the next day, Jamie and James fucked one more time, and then Jamie got ready to go to school and walked out the front door of the lab to her car. She was at the perfect weight and felt that she didn't want to gain anymore. But as she turned she thought of one thing. What would everybody at school think of her new weight?

(To Be Continued)