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Jamie's Favorite Week
By FlyGuy263

Part One

Jamie is one of those girls who like to be involved at school and get good grades. She is the President of her Junior Class. Whenever there is an opportunity to make money by doing something good, she takes it. So when she saw an advertisement for a local research lab, you can guess what she did.

The advertisement was for a research lab not too far from Jamie's house. She had to stay at the lab for a week during the summer so that the scientists could run tests on her ability to cope with being shut up in a lab the whole day. Jamie knew that this would look good on her college application and also would be paid 1,000 dollars! So what did she do? She called the number and signed up for the program!

Before the story actually gets going, let me tell you a little about Jamie. She is, as you already know, a fanatic about school. She doesn't have many friends, but the ones that she does are into working out and keeping in shape. They got Jamie into working out also, and two days a week she would go to the gym at school and work out. Jamie ran track three years in high school and was planning on running it again next year. She needed to be in shape, but with all of her work at school she couldn't possibly get fat. At school she was President of her Junior Class, in the Honors Society, the Chemistry Club, the Booster Club, and ran track. Besides that she was on the honor roll all of her three years so far! Little did she know that signing up for the lab study this summer was the biggest mistake of her life! Or so she would think at first.

It was the last week of school, and Jamie was nervous for exams. She had an interview with the lab after school and was planning on working out right after. Jamie was also nervous about the interview, but was also excited.

When Jamie arrived at the lab, she was greeted by two very handsome men who escorted her to an office towards the back of the lab. She noticed on the way that there was two very overweight women in a room. Two scientists were pumping something into their mouths. She really didn't pay much attention to that and kept walking.

Once in the office, Jamie was introduced to the head of the summer program, Mr. James Spengler. She sat down, and the interview began. She handed over her high school resume, and they talked for a few minutes. Jamie filled out an information sheet, which took some time, and was then escorted to a room where she was informed to lie down on the table. A nurse approached her at the table and told her that they were just running tests to make sure that Jamie was right for the program. The last thing that Jamie remembered was being given a shot. This shot put her out so that Spengler could examine her.

James put on a pair of gloves and the nurse kindly pulled down Jamie's pants. James shoved his hand up Jamie's pussy and felt around. He studied her hips and nodded to the nurse. Then he felt Jamie's tits for a few minutes and again nodded to the nurse. The exam lasted for a few more minutes, and then James left. When Jamie woke up, she was instructed to leave, and she would receive word if she were picked for the program. Jamie was very confused by the exam, but assumed that they were just doing this to make sure that she was right.

Jamie felt very tired after her interview and decided that she better not go to work out. At 115 pounds, she knew that one time wasn't going to kill her. She headed home and began to prepare for her school exams.

The next day, Jamie was getting her dinner ready (since her mom wasn't going to be home), and the phone rang.


“Hi, uh, Jamie?”


“This is James Spengler from the laboratories. I am just calling to let you know that you have been chosen to be our woman for the summer program!”

“Oh that is great. When do I start?”

“Well you can start by coming in the day after school lets out for the summer, and we will get you settled in your domain for the week!”

“Great, thanks.” They hung up, and Jamie was again excited to go back to that lab; she didn't know why.

A week later, when exams were over and school had let out for the summer, Jamie drove over to the lab and entered. She was greeted by the same two handsome young men and was escorted to a different room this time. Inside was James, and they greeted each other and began. James showed her everything in the room. This was where she was to be for the next week while they ran the tests. They were seeing if people could withstand the pressure of being stuck in a small living space for a week and how their body reacted. That's not what really was going on, but that's what Jamie was told!

A couple of hours later when Jamie was settled, she was told that she could do whatever she wanted and could feel free to take off her clothes whenever she wanted. She was a little weary at first, but got used to being naked in a short time. She was alone in the room, but what she didn't know was that there were hidden cameras in the room. She knew that this would be boring for a week, but it was an easy 1,000 bucks.

Around dinnertime, the door opened, and a plate full of chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, and salad was ready for her. The thing was that there was a special ingredient in the dinner. It was weight gain powder, made to make a person put on 20 pounds every time they had two spoonfuls of it. And that's just what every meal she ate had in it. Two spoonfuls. Not only the weight, but also it made the person who took it eat uncontrollably and play with themselves uncontrollably. The lab that Jamie was in was a lab that was testing this new weight gain powder, and every male that worked there loved to see women gain!

Three days later, Jamie had eaten three dinners, three lunches, and three breakfasts. That equals 18 spoonfuls of the powder. Jamie had put on 180 pounds of blubber in three days, but the effects hadn't shown on her yet. She still wasn't eating as much as the lab wanted, and even though she should've been 180 pounds heavier, she wasn't. Jamie ate her dinner that night, bringing it up to 200 pounds, and went to sleep feeling bored.

Jamie awoke to the silence the next morning and felt bloated. She took a few minutes to get up since she was very tired. When she got up she realized that her tits were so big that she couldn't see the floor! She walked over to the mirror and saw her whole body. Her thighs and hips were huge, as big as her stomach was before the program; her tits went up seven bra sizes, her stomach drooped down past her crotch, and her ass was two times the size it had been before. She didn't know what was happening, and began to cry. Her crying made her so sad that she walked all over her room and suddenly realized that there was a huge closet full of food. She was so depressed that she began eating Oreos, and after 20 minutes she had eaten the whole thing. After two hours, Jamie had devoured the whole closet. It consisted of two pales of fresh Kentucky Fried Chicken, three hot pizzas, two 2 liter Pepsis, three bags of Oreos, ten cupcakes, one chocolate cake, ten cartons of ice cream, 2 gallons of milk, two bags of Doritos, 20 pounds of jelly beans, and 10 pounds of fried dough. All of that was in her stomach. The effects of the powder had started and she was still hungry. She looked around and saw an ice cream dispenser like the kinds at Dairy Queen, and she put her mouth on it and started letting the ice cream come out. After 30 minutes all of the ice cream was gone. She was so full and tired after that eating that she went to sleep.

James was very pleased with Jamie and left a scale right in front of her bed. When she woke up she saw it and got on it. It read 345 pounds. She was astonished and found herself happy for being that big. She only wanted to get bigger and ate her breakfast. Another 20 pounds.

Everyday the closet was refilled for Jamie with exactly the same things in it. When the week was over Jamie weighed 705 pounds. She found clothes in the closet that fit her and put them on to go home. When she emerged from the room, she asked James why she was so fat, but told him it didn't matter and that she was grateful to him. She loved being this big, and James rewarded her with her 1,000 bucks, plus a lifetime supply of the weight gain powder and a lifetime coupon for 1,000 dollars in food every time she went to the grocery store! She was so happy and hugged James, who grabbed her tit with one hand and her butt with the other as they made out.

Jamie's thighs were now three times bigger than her stomach was when she started the program. Her ass was huge; stomach hung sown to her knees; tits were 44FF; and she had developed the cutest and biggest quadruple chin ever! All in all Jamie was 90 inches from her belly button all the way around. She had gained 550 pounds in one week all because of the fabulous weight gain powder that she adored!

As Jamie turned and walked out, she thought of one thing. What would her family think about her weight???

(To Be Continued)