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Janet II:
Janet's Big Birthday

By Speed Racer

Another week had gone by and it was Janet's birthday! We decided to bake her a cake.

On that Saturday we sequestered her in the bedroom and brought her enough food to keep her occupied while we went to work on the cake. Mario even came over to add his expertise. We baked a cake in sections that when put together made it five feet high and five feet wide at the base and this thing wasn't hollow either. It was the richest most fattening cake possible to make and it even had high-cal supplement mixed into it to boot! We moved all the furniture back and out of the way and set the cake in the middle of the floor in the family room. We then called Janet out of the bedroom by singing Happy Birthday.

She had on a huge colorful muumuu that Becky had made for her for her birthday' it was even a little big on her at the present. She was elated by the sight of the huge cake and moved quickly over to it to admire it. Then a frown crossed her face and with concern I asked what was the matter. She said she didn't see any ice cream; she always had ice cream with her cake on her birthday. We all laughed and I retrieved three, one-gallon containers of chocolate ice cream from the freezer in the basement. We had thought we would all share the cake and ice cream and that even with our help Janet could never eat all of it in one sitting. Plus, remember that she had been eating vast amounts of food all day as well. We were wrong.

She warned us away from it, and with her strength we paid attention to her warnings when it came to food. She proceeded to sit on the floor in front of the cake with the open ice-cream container next to her and began to eat. She ate and ate and ate, the huge muumuu she was wearing becoming less and less loose on her as her stomach began to expand. We watched in disbelief as she devoured the cake before us. She asked Becky to mix up several gallons of the chocolate shake-like, high-cal supplement to help wash things down. She alternated between the cake and the ice cream sometimes mixing the two. About three-quarters through the cake and ice cream the seams of the muumuu let go, and the largest gut any of us had ever seen burst forth as her huge distended stomach expanded to hold alot more food than even Janet had ever eaten before!

She thought it was great and it spurred her on that much more. As she washed down the last crumbs of the cake and the last spoonfuls of ice-cream with the high-cal supplement shake we couldn't believe our eyes. Janet's legs were no-longer visible, buried under what had to be the biggest human gut on the face of the earth; it must have extended out in front of her at least five or six feet as well as out to the sides. It was making some pretty scary noises in complaint of the extraordinary amount of food inside. Her arms were thrust straight out to the side by her vast girth. Her breasts pushed up toward her chin by her way over-inflated gut. She struggled to her feet with a lot of assistance by all of us. As she straightened out to her full five foot two height, the real impact of her stomach's size hit all of us.

She was beaming with pride as she turned toward me, nearly knocking down Mario and Joe with a gut she hadn't realized extended out so far, and said, "I can't believe I ate the whole thing!" We all laughed. The sight of her was truly amazing; her stomach, still firm and round, extended straight out from beneath her breasts several feet and then began a slow curve down and eventually curving under way out in front of her knees. Her immense arms still held straight out to her sides by her over stuffed belly. Her huge legs showed the muscle and strength it took to hold up the weight of what she had just eaten.

She came over to me, looked down past her tremendous stomach at my puny five foot five, 165-pound body and crushed me against the wall with her huge belly; she had to force her nearly hard stomach against the wall and me to get her arms close enough to get a hold of me. When she finally got hold of me with her arms she lifted me up onto her belly to where she could reach me with her mouth and gave me a big kiss, to the applause of Mario, Joe, and Becky. When she realized everyone was still there, she let go of me and I slid down her belly back to the floor with a thump. Everyone laughed again. Then she said to Becky, "Well, let's see what kind of damage we did!" and waddled out to the garage to the heavy-duty post office scale I had bought when she went over 500 pounds.

The cake had weighed about 200 pounds; add in the ice cream and everything else she had eaten and drank that day; she was carrying 290 pounds more now than when she had awakened this morning. For a staggering grand total of 1160 pounds! None of us could believe it. Janet was ecstatic, jumping up and down, shaking the very foundation of the house until I could calm her down. 1000 pounds had been one of her goals and she had beaten it by a large margin. Mario reminded us that she had yet to digest any of what she had just eaten and some of the weight would undoubtedly be lost. He volunteered to assist in cooking and feeding her to ensure that whatever was lost would be made up and added to as long as she wanted to continue. It was astounding.

With the festivities winding down, everyone said their goodbyes until tomorrow. When they would all be back to help feed my growing wife.

That night Janet was an animal in bed; an elephant comes to mind, though I wouldn't tell her that. Her body now took up our entire king size mattresses lying on the floor, the actual bed having long collapsed. With nowhere for me to lie, lying on her back Janet pulled me over to her and pointed to the top of her mountainous belly and said, "Up there." I struggled up onto her, trying not to hurt her as I gently climbed past her gargantuan hips onto a belly that thrust into the air at least five feet above the mattress. She said the pressure of my weight seemed to ease some of the pressure of the food within. After caressing her vast belly and what I could reach of her breasts (and blowing my load several times), I fell asleep listening to the noises within her mammoth gut.

In the morning she spent about an hour moaning in the bathroom. After which she and I weighed her, she had indeed lost some of the weight she had gained last night but not all of it nor as much as we thought she might. She had retained 120 pounds, and slipped back to 990 pounds although she retained quite a bit of the girth of her over-stretched belly. She was happy and she was hungry. A good combination!

Mario showed up that Sunday morning with one of his assistants, who he said was also an FA, toting a van full of fattening food. He commenced to warm up some pastries to get Janet started, and began to cook and bake and broil all kinds of wonderful foods. This man could cook! He and his assistant took complete control and wouldn't let anyone else into the kitchen, not even Becky, when she and Joe showed up around noon. He put the largest, most fattening dishes and plates in front of Janet I had ever seen. And Janet just kept eating and eating, savoring the truly wonderful tastes and aromas of this culinary professional.

For his part Mario was having a ball. Each dish was presented with a flourish as if Janet was a queen. In her biggest muumuu, the only one that fit, my beautiful wife actually did resemble the queen of some long lost Pacific culture that worshiped huge women. When I told her that, she batted her eyes at me and between bites said that she really did feel kind of worshipped with all the attention she was getting from all of us. In a way, I guess we were.

Mario took two weeks vacation and stayed at our house, cooking for Janet the entire time. Joe, Becky and I would run down to McDonalds, or some other place, to feed ourselves when we got hungry as it was made clear that all the food that Mario was supplying and cooking for free was strictly meant for Janet. For her part Janet felt a little sorry for us, but said that it really was for the best if we all wanted her to get as big as possible. Which I, for one, did.

Joe seemed to be becoming more and more uncomfortable around Janet. I guess the absolute immenseness of her was more than he could handle. Becky remained her friend and cheerleader. Even though I think Becky was maybe a little intimidated by her friend's size and strength. I wasn't the least bit concerned about Janet's health. She still worked out with massive dumbbells and still squatted her weight. Her heart was the picture of health and because she had stayed somewhat active instead of bedridden like some other women that had approached her weight. She didn't have many weak or stiff joint problems either. She was just a healthy extremely massive woman.

During the two weeks Mario stayed with us, Janet waddled to bed each night in quite a bit of discomfort, with her belly bloated to outlandish proportions. Mario was practically force-feeding her unbelievable amounts of the most fattening foods you could imagine and even some you couldn't imagine. Force-feeding is probably the right word for it too, as Mario and myself for that matter, were forcing her to eat larger amounts than she had eaten thus far and also making her eat faster than she had been. I estimate during those two weeks she consumed three times her normal all-day intake! In just those two weeks that Mario stayed with us, Janet was packing on around twenty-four pounds a day, for a total of 336 additional pounds. Janet proudly weighed in at 1326 pounds. Mario was justly proud of himself, and said he would be back soon to pick up where he left off. Everyone left after the weigh-in to leave Janet and I alone for a while.

Of course, the excitement of the weigh-in made Janet hungry, so she told me to grab a couple gallon containers of chocolate ice cream and meet her in the bedroom. I did as I was told and was greeted by Janet standing in the dim light of our bedroom in the latest huge muumuu that Becky had made for her; it looked stretched over her mammoth form. She stood at the foot of the king sized mattress, her body wider than the mattress itself, her arms resting on her huge tits playing with the nipples through the material of the silk muumuu she wore. Her huge legs spread apart in a defiant sort of stance, her belly thrust forward halfway across the room, still firmly rising out from beneath her breasts at least four or five feet before curving gracefully down to below her knees. In profile she must have measured at least seven or eight feet from tip of butt to tip of gut, as her butt stuck out beyond her broad back at least three or four feet. She was equally wide, with huge hips supporting that mammoth belly that bulged out to the sides almost as much as it bulged to the front. Looking down at me, over the curve of her huge breasts and belly, she said if you want to play with this body tonight you've got to feed me until I burst completely out of this thing (she indicated the muumuu). This was a challenge I was willing to accept.

Janet propped herself up against the wall, at the head of the king sized mattress, her hips hanging over the sides slightly. I gave her the first container of ice cream and left to see what else I could find to feed to her. I was in luck; Mario had left some wonderful looking large cakes and other pastries, all of them oversized. There was a whole counter full of them. He had also left six gallons of a drink he had been giving Janet; he said it was his own secret recipe and guaranteed to pack on huge amounts of fat and weight. He said it made that high-cal stuff we had been giving her look like water.

Mario must have anticipated Janet's hunger this evening. We all knew she'd be excited after the weigh-in, but Mario really came through on this one. I decided to hold off telling Janet about the cakes and pastries. I decided to order several large pan style pizzas with everything, one of Janet's favorites that she hadn't had for some time. I called for a dozen large pizzas and then went in to check on Janet. I brought in one of the gallons of Mario's drink for her, in case she needed something to wash down the ice cream with. I had devised a long straw so that I could set the drink on the floor and Janet could sip on the straw as she pleased.

She was just finishing the first container of ice cream, so I quickly gave her the second, and told her I had a treat on the way. If she could have reached me she no doubt would have gotten the secret of the treat out of me. But I stood far enough away that all she could do was make mock threats. She dove into the second container of ice-cream and indicated by pointing at the container and smiling at me pleadingly that she wanted more ice-cream after this one. So I went down to the freezer and grabbed another two gallons of ice cream and also a large container of chocolate syrup, another treat.

By the time I got back to the bedroom, maybe five minutes, she was finishing the second container. She really was eating fast! She saw the syrup and screamed with glee. I gave her another container of ice cream and the syrup, and she went to town smothering the chocolate ice cream in thick chocolate syrup and moaning with pleasure as she shoveled the stuff into her mouth. She had the logistics of eating this stuff down to a science. She was sitting slightly reclined, because her huge butt prevented her from sitting back any further. Her huge round belly covered her immense legs almost completely and forced her mammoth jugs up, bulging out of the confines of the muumuu and back toward her face, the top curve of her breasts level with her nose! From this seemingly awkward position, she would simply wedge the ice-cream container between her huge breasts at an angle with the bottom resting against her belly and the opening facing her face. She nestled it far enough down between her breasts that she could reach over them right into the container and shovel directly into her waiting mouth.

I figured the pizza would warm her tits and belly back up after the chill of the ice cream. As she was finishing the fourth container of ice cream the doorbell rang, the pizza was here. As I brought the stack of twelve huge pizzas into the bedroom Janet let out with another scream of joy. All the fattening food we had been giving her, and we hadn't had pizza at all since we started this quest. Her only derisive comment was that she didn't think it was enough. She looked out and down at her vast belly and it hadn't even begun to expand. With all that she had been eating lately it took a heck of alot of food for her to begin bloating. But once she did it would just keep getting bigger and bigger, as it had gained the elasticity to stretch to outrageous proportions. The seams of the muumuu weren't even close to being under any kind of strain yet though. Each square pizza was about three feet by three feet and about two inches thick. She rested the first box on her chest and began devouring the pizza like it was going out of style. She just commented occasionally about how good it was.

While she ate the twelve pizzas, she also went through another gallon of Mario's drink. Her belly had just begun to rise, finally, as she was finishing the twelfth pizza. Luckily I had ordered another twelve while she thought I was in the bathroom. The pizza man arrived as Janet was occupying herself with a big bag of chips. I brought in the second stack of pizzas, and with her arms outstretched, comically said, "Oh, you shouldn't have," with a "give them to me or die" look on her face! She proceeded to scarf them just as fast as the first dozen, her belly noticeably beginning to thrust more and more upward and outward, the muumuu beginning to draw tighter on her.

As she finished the second twelve pizzas, I could tell there was plenty of room for more so I still held off on the myriad of desserts lurking in the kitchen. I had found something else Mario had left, or I think just forgot to serve earlier. It was kind of like lasagna but instead of being layered, it was all mixed up in two five-gallon pots. I warmed up each one in turn and spoon-fed Janet as I watch her belly expand. You might think that a spoonful of anything wouldn't make enough impact for me to actually see her belly expand, but it was actually the cumulative effect of everything she had been eating forcing her belly to expand and once it started it seemed to pick up momentum and expand faster and faster, ever so slightly. So expand it did as I spooned in Mario's mix. The seams had begun to tear slowly as I fed Janet the last of the lasagna mix.

The sight of her absolutely huge body slowly bursting out of the muumuu was incredibly arousing. But Janet said it wasn't time to play yet! The seams had only begun to burst and she new there was some dessert out there because she had asked Mario to make it! So she knew it was out there all the time. Well, she didn't know how much was out there, and when I loaded it all on a couple carts and brought it into the bedroom I got and astonished "Oh my God!" There were six multi-layer cakes, six pies, and about ten French or Italian pastries I couldn't identify. They were all over-size; for example, the cakes were about a foot high and about two feet across; the pies were at least two feet across and the pastries were huge as well. She began eating immediately, lost in the ecstasy of the wonderful flavors she was consuming.

She would clean each plate thoroughly, crumbs and all, then exchange the empty plate for a full one, sucking on the straw in Mario's Drink occasionally, as I kept changing out the empty gallon for a new gallon of Mario's drink. As she ate the desserts, her belly continued to expand upward and outward. The muumuu was split completely from about a foot below her armpits, where it was reinforced, all the way down the sides. Her belly lifting the front flap of the muumuu high into the air, the sides of her belly thrusting outward between the front and back sections of the muumuu, to hang over the sides of the mattress.

By the time she was finished with the desserts, there was little room to get around her and the mattress had all but disappeared. There were still three gallons of Mario's super fattening, super high-cal secret drink left. I poured all three gallons into a five-gallon bucket and stuck the straw in it. With me beginning to caress her mammoth form she sucked and sucked on the straw slowly draining the bucket of its thick contents. She instructed me to get atop her belly as this seemed to ease some of the pressure from within. I lay sprawled on her vast, round, firm belly reaching out to play with her tits.

She was still sitting semi-reclined but her belly had risen so high that it was now level with the top of her head and rising even higher further down near her belly button. Her huge breasts were thrust upward and outward and were tearing the muumuu away from her shoulders. As she continued to suck on the drink she continued to expand even more. It was actually getting a little scary; she was expanding steadily and it seemed to be accelerating, and it wasn't just her belly any more. Her whole body was now getting thicker, bigger, heavier. Her arms were getting bigger, even her hands were bulging with fat. Her hips and legs were becoming larger and would soon make contact with the walls of our narrow, twelve-foot wide, den turned bedroom. The mattress was completely flat beneath her.

She was still sucking on the shake and didn't seem to even notice me any more. She was lost in some sort of trance it seemed. Mario must have put some kind of spell or special potion in the last gallon of his drinks mix, was the only thing I could come up with. At some point while she was expanding as her belly reached the point where she normally wouldn't have been able to eat or drink any more the drink triggered some recessive bodily defense or something and she just went critical mass. Her whole body was becoming immense. As her hips, thighs, and belly met the walls she began to raise like dough and I was caught on top of her rising belly. She also seemed to be getting taller; this was unbelievable, it couldn't be real.

Just as I was about to make contact with the ceiling, I heard the sound of the straw sucking air. Janet had finished the drink mix and the sound of the slurping straw seemed to bring her out of the trance she had been in. I could no longer see her face; I was lost in the sea of fat that now formed her belly, but I heard her scream! But it wasn't a scream of horror; it was a scream of total glee! She screamed, "it worked!"

I asked Janet if she was all right and what she meant when she said, "it worked." She said, of course, she was all right - hadn't I ever seen a fat woman before, she said laughing. She said that Mario knew of an ancient potion used by fat worshipers that had been passed down in his family from ancient times. He had never seen it work. It only worked on certain people, but that he was willing to let me have a little if I wanted to try it. I took a spoonful of it this afternoon and neither of us thought it worked. I guess it had to be triggered by me reaching the point where I couldn't eat any more and we both know how long that takes. I remember feeling pretty full when I asked you to lie on my belly, and then just getting obsessed with drinking the rest of Mario's drink. And look at me now.

She asked if I could get down and try to look her new body over. It was hard but I managed to squeeze down between the wall and her body. I crawled all around, describing the images as I went to Janet. Janet seemed elated by her staggering growth. She said her whole body felt wonderful and that when I touched it anywhere, it just sent waves of pleasure through her. I can't begin to describe her full proportions, but I couldn't even get my arms around her ankles or wrists! I estimated her weight at about four, five or even six thousand pounds!

I wasn't sure how to take care of my behemoth of a wife. But once again Mario came to the rescue...