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Jasmine's Secrets
By Jay Tee

(Illustrated by the Author)

2. If You Ask for It, then It's A Fact

"You have a wish that you cannot fulfill because you're afraid to come out of the closet." The envelope appeared that morning under the door with that line only as startling reference. The delicate gold ink characters showed an enviable handwriting, a classic touch. Not a trace of an address for the delivery and - this was expected - no sender's address in back.

Jasmine observed the strange envelope, and then she peeked out to the hall through the peephole. Of course, no one was there. And, obviously, I wasn't there either. The girl's first conclusion that someone was playing a practical joke on her. She couldn't guess whom.

But, suddenly, a different thought ran through her mind. God! Her secret revealed? Nobody who knew her hidden preferences could possibly know her home location. Fear and confusion rose within her. Those stylish golden characters drafted gently over white paper became the ultimate sign of a coming apocalypse. Better to get the hell out of there, head to the office and put her dismay behind her. But then…

There were seeds inside the envelope. She balanced the envelope up and down. A sliding sound came from within. Jasmine listened carefully for any other possible evidence in order to unravel the mystery without ripping open the letter. Damn! It was just seeds or something like it. Couldn't be anything else. It was time to make a choice, Miss Stuart. Sow the villain out…

Inside was nothing but a small blank paper container with a tiny list on its back entitled, "How to Use."

"The seeds are inside," she guessed. The list as it was written in the smaller envelope said:

"How to Use

  1. Fill your bathtub with hot water, not boiling, but warm enough to feel it.
  2. Make sure the level of the water allows your body to stay submerged.
  3. Add a half teaspoon of the contents of this envelope to the water.
  4. Take the hot bath totally submerged, keeping your nose or mouth out to breathe, and your wish will be granted.
  5. To reverse effects take a cold water shower.
If you ask for it, then it's a fact."

"Nothing more cryptic than this!" Jasmine moaned. She grabbed a short knife in order to open it. The little container was filled with tiny light blue grains of something that smelled like bathing scents – or instant soup. What a crazy situation for our little Jasmine! But, hey, curiosity killed the cat, and this product was a lot less harmful than other goods that you humans use without really caring. So, it was just a matter of time before Jasmine's attention was captured.

The container was left behind for the rest of the day. Jasmine Stuart went out to battle her daily war at the office, making money for the company and adding ciphers to her paycheck. She hit home around seven-thirty. She was exhausted. The anonymous letter was still over the table, in the same position she left it opened in the morning. She recalled the small container left in the bathroom. It was there, waiting, mysterious.

"All right. I'm aware of how crazy this sounds," she told her mirror reflection.

The water started filling the bathtub. A warm scent of tranquility and well being took up the small room. Jasmine grasped the container and analyzed it for a minute. A half-teaspoon can't harm anyone, could it? She left the bathroom and in no time she was back with a little spoon from the kitchen. The bathtub was half-filled. She used to take immersion baths quite often. It helped relax her body and mind after frequent rough business sessions.

Half of a teaspoon. Done. She added another scent to the warm water. It would be a shame not to use something else in the bath. It smelled like lemon and jasmines, her favorites. She got undressed from head to toe. (I bet you'd love to be me in these occasions.) She slowly submerged her long slim body in the bathtub, face up, assuming a horizontal position and letting the warm liquid wet her brown hear, ears and jaw. It felt right indeed.

Three to five minutes passed. Jasmine began to feel a soft delightful itching across her frame. She took the little round mirror she kept near the head of the bathtub for peeling matters. Her eyebrows could use a retouch, she thought. Something was not quite right with her reflection but she couldn't figure it out. Now she was confused. That itching was a little bit harder than before. She rose quickly, spouting water, grabbing the edge of the bathtub.

"What the!?" Jasmine mumbled, contemplating herself and moving out of the bathtub to take a look in the mirror over the washbasin. Water fell down to the floor as she did this.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall!" The haze in the bathroom blurred the surface of her reflection. But she was aware of the change! One of her hands cleaned the mirror like a sweeping paintbrush. "God! Who's the - Who's the fairest of them all?" she said, whispering.

Jasmine couldn't believe her eyes. The reflection gave her a glimpse of her features like if she was in a "house of laughs," with deformed mirrors projecting bizarre images of herself all around. But it wasn't deformity she saw.

Her face was fuller; she could see it now. She raised both hands to grab and pinch her new fleshy cheeks. Her facial features have vaguely diffused into a soft second chin, only noticeable when the face was pointing downwards. Her cheeks were like red apples, stamped by the heat.

"Holy shit, I'm fatter!" she gasped, laughed and finally articulated. "I can't believe it! It's me! How is this possible! Oh, my god!" then louder, alone in her bathroom: "Oh, my god! Yeah!"

Ten seconds later she dove again in the bathtub. She grabbed the small hand mirror again to resume the amazing process. With every passing second her cheeks grew ampler and her mouth began to sink into them. Then she looked again at her chubby hand, holding the mirror; they usually were delicate and small. But they were going "sausagestic."

The girl was so amused, looking herself in the mirror that she didn't notice that suddenly half of her body was outside the water and totally dried up! She felt the temperature difference on her pale skin and pointed her eyes to the spot.

She saw two melons, resting over a pinkish broad bag of human softness, her own. Jasmine tried to sit up but found it difficult, like trying to lift a heavy hot water sack. She finally did, however, and a trio of belly-rolls plumped out in front of her. The first one, providing a balcony for the breasts, was the smaller. The second one, in the middle, was a little bit wider than the previous. And the third one wasn't really a roll: it was her massively expanded gut. She couldn't see her navel from that point of view, possibly occulted under the hunch of belly fatness.

Her frame was covering a vast amount of the bathtub. "Oopsy!" Jasmine smiled. "I think this thing's too small!" The water had almost disappeared, absorbed by her body. She pressed both hands hard against the lateral edges of the bathtub and finally got free of the restraint. She stepped out, feeling her enormous body mass for the first time, weighing like a ton, following orders from the supreme laws of gravity.

The entire bathroom was too small for her… Her body parts bumped into everything. Her paunch encountered the washbasin before her hands. And her ass! She couldn't see it, but she guessed it was as proportionally imposing as the rest. She turned around to look at it. Her rear touched the edge of the basin as well, but the distance to the mirror was even larger. "My back is bigger than my front!" she reckoned.

Chapter Three