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Jasmine's Secrets
By Jay Tee

(Illustrated by the Author)

4. Sharing Life with Friends

"I can't open the door..." Jasmine answered. "I'm naked and... you don't wanna see what you're about to see."

"Drugs? Oh, my god! Are you on drugs?" Her best friend trembled. She knew Jasmine...but not enough to be sure of her secret habits. Jasmine always kept lots of personal stuff hidden from her friend, and Ra'shelle didn't like to ask, ever.

"No... It's nothing like that. But it's something about my fucked up mind," she corrected. "You've got to listen to me and believe what I'm gonna say before I open the door... Please. Would you do it?" More tears wet her still enormous cheeks, blurring her green eyes.

"I'm your best friend, dumbass! Off course I'll do it..." Ra'shelle replied, nearly offended, but this silly girl was - no doubt about it - her best friend.

"I think I've screwed up, Rach. I...I let this thing to go too far. First of all you need to know something disgusting about me. About the Jasmine you don't know. The one that nobody knows," she started confessing, with a hint of hesitation, her chubby hands playing with the flaccid thighs. She was determined to strip her soul, no matter the consequences. "I have this strange feeling for the... fat guys. In fact, not exactly the fat guys, but the fat itself." Silence at the other side of the door.

"I'm not really sure when it started," she resumed. "But I've been always fascinated with fat people... and I guess my mom has something to do with it. She was and still is... well, really fat. But past is past - the present concerns me more. I've been carrying a secret life."

"Can I come in now?" Ra'shelle asked.

"Wait. The thing is... Today...I just received a letter with no address or sender. It contained a package of this... well, substance. It seemed a bath scent, but it wasn't. And...now I'm ...fat. But I'm more than regularly fat, I'm super obese. Prepare yourself. This is serious..." Jasmine finished. Then she stood up and turned the door key off, not before grabbing a big white towel to cover herself.

Ra'shelle opened the door. The earlier fear in her eyes switched to disbelief. "You've got to be joking. This can't just be true... That's a fat suit like Paltrow used for the Farrellys' movie, right?" She said, incredulous. Jasmine's eyes indicated that nothing was false. Ra'shelle moved her hand toward one of the protuberant armpits of her friend. In no way was that softness phony. "Oh, Gosh... this... this is real. How...did you...? How?" And her question vaporized on the air.

"I don't know what it is... or how it works," Jasmine added. "In fact, is like I've just said, nothing more than an anonymous letter under the door. I'm completely clueless about the sender. But this sender knew me and...I'm not sure what to believe Do you believe in the supernatural?"

"Honey... I'm standing right here, watching my best friend impossibly fat when she's been always a slim fragile twig... and she asks me if I believe in..." Ra'shelle answered without taking her eyes from Jasmine's silhouette. She interrupted the phrase, raising her sight, finding her best friend's eyes to Add, "...magic. Well, I don't know what to believe anymore. The fucking Twilight Zone? You tell me..."

Jasmine smiled for the first time since the episode began. It was a bittersweet gesture though. "Look, this ...condition isn't irreversible, but I needed to prove it, and you just came in. I was a lot fatter a few minutes ago."

"Fatter?" Ra'shelle echoed nervously; she was about to go hysterical before the unreal situation. "Even fatter? Is that possible?"

"Possible? I got stuck in the bathtub, you silly." The fat girl laughed tensely. "Do you wanna try?" It was the first thing to come to Jasmine's mind. Ra'shelle, however, didn't look amused by the spirited invitation. "Oh, I'm sorry..." Jasmine corrected herself. "It's just I... Well, I kinda like this. You see it all wrong, but it's been more than a ho-ey experience for me."

"If you weren't my best friend I'd tell you how unhealthy and disgusting this looks," she completed. Her manner was remote and strained. "But dammit! You are... And I'd like to understand it. Prove me sane."

Both girls looked each other for about twenty seconds while Jasmine despaired about starting to get bigger than her grown out figure. Tears dropped down the cheeks again. Ra'shelle finally moved towards her fat friend, holding her. "Shush, dumbass... Sorry. I'm worried about you. Don't cry. Why don't you dress up and we just talk?"

They stepped out into the walkway. Jasmine was pressing her towel against her body. Ra'shelle escorted her by holding one of the girl's bloated arms. They entered the bedroom; Jasmine turned the light on. "Oh... how I'm supposed to get dressed when I have nothing for this size?" Jasmine said and let her body collapse into the bed. The material cracked under the weight.

"We're gonna find something you can use..." Ra'shelle opened the closet. As an official "best friend," she had the owner's permission to turn this sacred temple upside down. "Any expanded t-shirts... Sport spandex?" Suddenly, her hands touched an unfamiliar silky black fabric hooking down at the end of the nightdresses line. "And... What's this?" She pulled out the dress under the light.

"That's not mine. I never saw it before," she said, opening hey green eyes, her huge butter-like legs pressing each other and her massive belly resting on top. Jasmine appeared genuinely surprised. She presented the foreign dress to her friend. It was made of black silk and the texture was terrific. The lines of the bosom area were softly curved to form an open "v" with two delicate black ribbons to hold it. Sleeveless and one-pieced, it was too capacious for any regular sized woman.

"How can you have a tent like this without knowing?" Ra'shelle protested. "But again... Too many strange things have happened in one night... I'm getting used to it, and I'm not sure like it," she concluded. The dress looked superb. "If it only was about three or four sizes smaller..." she thought and a strange expression obscured her face.

"Let me see. I swear I've never seen it before tonight." Jasmine touched the fabric. "How, it's all smoothie. Should I try it on?" Then a shadow crossed her features. "God, do you think it was left here by...? Oh... My god... The anonymous... Here."

"You're scaring the shit out of me, Jazz. Do you think the guy was here?"

"I'm not sure if it's a guy or what..." she said with caution. Jasmine was no fool. I didn't expect any less from her. "...but this person knows me too well. I've always fantasized about owning a dress like that... In fact..." And she froze, as if she was waking from a dream.

She raised her hands to her face, seizing her cheeks; her full-sized ballooned breasts ran free of the towel restraints. She looked at the dress resting on her bed. "It's impossible! It looks like the black dress my mother used to have when I was about 7 years. She got even fatter later and ...I guess she must have hidden it. I never saw the dress again after that." Jasmine was amazed and scared. A long silence ensued.

"It's pretty big... But since I don't know your mom, and this dress is giant-sized, I guess she was over the 250 pounds and more by the time she discarded it. But you're right. This shouldn't be here..." Ra'shelle said.

"My mom has always been big. I can't remember her below the 200 pounds, but since my dad ran off when I was 11 she really let herself go to the top of all scales and her weight telescoped to 450 pounds," Jasmine added.

Ra'shelle, petrified by the entire situation, decided that she needed to drink a glass of water or something. The fat Jasmine was seated at the bed - or for a better picture, sunk into the bed. Her ample rear end filled a large portion of it. Staring at the mysterious black dress, her hands still pressed against the packed dimensions of her face. "I better go for a glass of water..." her best friend finally said.

Ra'shelle left the bedroom. Jasmine grabbed the dress and set the garment over her inclined body, measuring its real size. It could fit, she thought. She stood up to try on the dress. Everything was so unreal. The black dress fitted her perfectly, as if it was originally made for a body of 330 pounds: her ample shoulders elegantly exposed, the suggestive cleavage, the draping of the fabric, the feeling of the silk. It was a perfect match for her capricious body size. No plan could ever have been executed so flawlessly.

Ra'shelle entered the room with a couple of orange juice glasses. "Girl!" she said with astonishment. "That dress fits too damn well! Sure you didn't buy it when you got all fat and lost memory later?"

"Shit... From now on I'm not sure of anything." Jasmine was staring at her reflection in the wardrobe's door mirror, an astonishing goddess in black silk. "Is it only me and my twisted mind, or does this dress really looks gorgeous on me?"

"The black suits you, Jazz, no matter what size you are." It wasn't possible to determine if Ra'shelle was saying this from the heart or with the sudden comprehension that most women have when they go all diplomatic. There's no way to be sure - sorry folks, not even I know for certain. I've usually traveled the unknown frontiers that make women and men so excitingly different. And I love to be uncertain about these things...

It reminds me that I can be human from time to time.

Chapter Five