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Jasmine's Secrets
By Jay Tee

5. Friday Black Dress

"What? Are you serious?" Ra'shelle disapproved "Going out like that… How can you even think about it? Don't you feel embarrassed - as fat as you've gotten?"

"It's a question of point of view," Jasmine retorted. "You perceive me as disgustingly fat when others see nothing but soft roundness and sensuality. I may be screwed up in the head, but I'm not alone in this. There are other nutcrackers like me.

"Are you telling me there's a fat lover's symposium… or circle… or something?" Ra'shelle wanted to know.

"In fact, yes," she proudly answered. "They're not a symposium, silly. They're a group of caring funny people - and they have a name. They call themselves F.A."

"Let me guess. That stands for Fat …Abnormal?" A naughty grin crossed Ra'shelle's face. She was a natural bitch sometimes.

"Oh, do you really care? Fat Admirer is what it means." Jasmine was combing her hair. She was ready to go full throttle that night. "You'll see. We're gonna go to a place I went once before. You're going to get shocked. No one will remember my face there - not this fat version of me, I'm sure, and you won't see the networking yuppies we usually see in places like the 'Queen.' And this black dress… Well, it's worth the audacious sneak out."

Ra'shelle was wary of being shocked by a bunch of weird fat worshippers. Her face communicated this fact. Then she feigned sudden bliss. "I can't wait to go…" A second later she wrinkled her nose. "No, seriously, please, don't make me feel embarrassed in front of strangers. Please."

"Are you 'fat-o-phobic' now? Would I embarrass you in public? This is so bold for me ´cos it's for you…" Jasmine was now reacting with a real passion. Her double chin rippled every time she gestured too roughly. "You're suppose to help me overcome my trauma…"

"All right… all right! OK. Friends to the end…" Ra'shelle was somehow threatened by the impressive size of her friend. "But you have to promise to help me to overcome the trauma I'll develop when we get there…" Then she delicately slapped Jaz in the buttocks area, open palmed, as if Jasmine was a little child reproved for being a bad girl. The obese lady's back part rippled. "Wow…That thing's alive," Ra'shelle said.

"Hey!" Jasmine objected. "You don't have permission to touch my new toy! Besides, I need to do this well." She was striving to put her makeup on. "Try putting eyelashes and liquid shadow with these sausage fingers yourself, and you'll see."

"For the record, you're starting to complain about this," the other added with a sense of triumph.

"I wasn't complaining, cheese-head!" Jasmine corrected. "But sometimes you need to sacrifice a percentage of yourself for the greater good." Her makeup was getting really neat. Time for a hairdo change. The big Friday Night was almost there.

Jasmine loved her new bloated neck - or the lack of features around it - and she knew, instantly, that a ponytail was the right call to show it off. Ra'shelle to objected the ponytail for being too retro and naïve, but it wasn't enough to stop Jasmine. Finally, she grabbed a black little purse to go along with the dress. At last, both girls were ready for action. Jasmine wasn't quite sure of letting her neighbors spy her newly round "action figure" yet, though, so she asked Ra'shelle to go first into the corridor. Not a single soul was out there. Time to move out her overloaded skeleton into unexplored frontiers.

The 330-pound body of Jasmine was a little bit ample for the lift. It was one of those extra-small elevators with a 500-pound weight limit - suggested for three persons maximum.

"Three persons, my ass!" Jasmine remarked when both girls finally got into the lift. "I understand now why the fat old lady of the fifth floor keeps ranting over this matter…"

The lift went down without discernible trouble - not counting the cubicle's three-inch drop passing the base when it heavily stopped - and both girls came out to the long corridor. Jasmine was unlocking the front door when suddenly, coming from the stairs, a neighbor she knew made his appearance in the small parlour.

The gesture of his face said it all. Jasmine went instantly red and turned her head to her friend in anguish. Ra'shelle put on her "I told you so" face and repressed an evil grin. "Jasmine?" The handsome mid-twenties neighbor asked when he hit the door, partially blocked by the enormous girl's anatomy. In a matter of seconds, Ra'shelle proved her quick-wittedness.

"How come that everyone keeps confusing you with your sister?" she said.

"I… I don't know," Jasmine quickly replied, following the path of salvation her friend was just developing. "If she wasn't the waif she is I'm sure nobody would ever distinguish us from each other."

The guy smiled, almost with satisfaction. "I'm sorry, you must be twins… you're just like her!" It was clear he had a thing for the slimmer Jasmine and he had been found relief in the fact that this obese girl wasn't the girl he craved. Or so they thought.

"We're nothing alike! I'm prettier and funnier than my skinny sis," Jasmine added. She noticed that even the pitch of her voice had changed. Her words sounded deeper, more suggestive. Of course, her resonance box was double-sized now and her larynx was well packed between layers and layers of fat tissue.

The guy didn't come back with a second opinion. He stared at her for a brief moment as if expecting something more to happen. Nothing occurred. Then the three reached the street. "It's been a pleasure to meet you," the guy said while he walked away in the other direction, turning his face back to the girls.

"My name's Penny, by the way… I didn't catch yours," Jasmine dared to say even though she knew his name. (It was Charles.) She was exploring freedom of her new situation. Besides, she liked Charlie a little bit. She rehearsed a provocative posture, a hand resting over her enormous cleavage, the other at the side, holding her purse. She was astounding in the black silky dress and even more with those 200 extra pounds.

"Uh… It's Charles, I'm sorry. Give my regards to Jasmine. Hope to see you again, girls," he finished using an extreme politically right tone of voice and fled.

The obese girl turned to see Ra'shelle's face. It was also clear that her friend disapproved of the scene as well. "Did you see that, Rach? I scared him off! Silly boy," Jasmine protested with a girlie movement of her head, shaking her ponytail and wrinkling her nose. The fatness in her face rippled across her cheeks and dewlap. She was excited by the whole incident.

"No shit! I wonder why?" was the brief mocking comeback from her friend.

Chapter Six