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Jasmine's Secrets
By Jay Tee

6. The Double Darling

"Oh... My god... That was like a religious experience!" Jasmine exhaled when both girls descended from the bus.

"Girl, I was praying for you to not lose any of your boobs with all this bumping," Ra'shelle replied. "You were quivering all the way down here. That guy in dark coat had his eyes pinned on you. I was about to jump out of the window, honey. Sorry! It's just I can't cope so easily with this fat and beauty concept of yours..."

"I saw him... I'd swear he was enjoying the view!"

The girls' feet drove them two more blocks into a less illuminated diagonal street. Far back could be seen in big vertical neon letters, the sign for The Double Darling and some people at the door, talking out loud and laughing. There were two young women in their middle twenties, making a small queue. The taller was blonde, the other, average height, red-haired, but both were prettily well packed in pounds. Two men escorted them: one, a skinny but muscular long guy, and the other who looked like the computerized image of the Hulk. The door of the club was ajar, letting the light split out, making the visitors shine as they entered. A strong square-backed porter in a dark blue suit and a half unbuttoned white shirt stood like a statue, phone in hand, welcoming the visitors.

"Can we re-think this, Jay?" Ra'shelle said in a whisper while she forced a big smile.

"No way, dumbhead. We're gonna go full throttle now..." Jasmine replied in the same tone, but immediately she leveled it up to hail the superintendent of goings in and out. "Hey!"

"Good night, ladies. Newbies at the Double Darling?" the Hulk said with a low but friendly tone.

"Oh, I've been in the double D once, but my friend here present hasn't yet," Jasmine retorted with the biggest smile ever stamped at her swollen face. The Hulk smiled back and made a body gesture, faintly visible, rotating his torso a few degrees down to the right, allowing the girls to come in.

They entered a large corridor that was subtly illuminated. The music pumped out stronger with every step. Both friends walked through the Double Darling's throat into its heart - a pulpy juicy heart, indeed.

"Oh, gosh..." Ra'shelle said.

The place was octagonal, surrounded by enormous red velvet couches - occupied by couples of all sizes, laughing and kissing each other - except for the back wall, where it was an all-pink-neon-like transparent bar, attended by at least half dozen of men and women - all of them young, all of them plump.

The lights were strategically placed all around the eight bulwarks. They changed colors and direction every now and then. The empty space in the middle of the room was fully crowded. It leveled a few steps down from the rest of the room, creating the sensation of a pool more than a dance floor.

Jasmine went directly into the crowded space, dragging Ra'shelle all along, her pudgy hand strongly clutched over the hand of her amazed friend. In the blink of an eye, they were entrapped by a big mass of jumping bodies following the rhythm of the music. Jasmine was out of herself while Ra'shelle was...out of breath.

"Stop, Jazz... I'm gonna die in here. Don't let them crush me!"

"Relax!" was the only word Ra'shelle could read in Jasmine's mouth. The volume of the sound was too high to hear the voices. Jasmine was released of all inhibitions. Ra'shelle noticed that her former thin friend was being grabbed by her buttocks for a strong pair of hands ...and it seemed that she wasn't putting up any complaints!

That was too much for her. She forced her way out of it. Jasmine barely perceived the heartfelt departure of her party companion, but there was no way to make her abandon the field in the middle of the game, with her trophy so near.

She raised her own arms, overwhelming poles of fatness, onto the strong-handed Romeo's shoulders. The eyes of the man smiled to Jasmine, and, mechanically, they fell down a few inches. The object of his desire was there, partially concealed by the black dress. She had the biggest cleavage view to offer him, bigger than any other balcony that any Juliet could have ever possessed.

"Hi," said the man.

"Hi, big boy," was Jasmine's reply.

Outside the dance floor Ra'shelle was going frantic. She was feeling extreme disgust about the entire situation. If you ask me, something strange was going on in the girl's head. Oh, yes. I'm still here... The storyteller should pass unnoticed, I know, but my ego sometimes is bigger than I can imagine. And I can imagine a lot, fellow readers!

Coming back to our lovely and baffled Ra'shelle, she was trying to locate her "mountain-of-ugly-lard" best friend - to quote her thoughts - far within the dancers pile up. Unable to do it, she turned in the opposite direction, only to find a huge table containing incredible amounts of salty canapés, gourmet cheeses and lots of other delightful items. A big hanging banner explained it all: "Goodies Night at the D. D."

"Dammit! Just what I needed to find!" Ra'shelle complained in anxiety. More people were entering the Double Darling - people of all sizes, but mostly heavyweights. The goodies table was constantly under attack, but the food seemed to resist. "Come to me, you blundering fat humans! Choke on me!" Of course, food wasn't really talking, but Ra'shelle's brain was about to reach its limits. People kept filling the room while others satiated their hunger in the table. Too much...

Suddenly, the unthinkable occurred. Ra'shelle ran to the table and started filling her mouth ravenously. Even the biggest feasters stopped eating for a second in order to watch this waif ingesting free food items like it was the end of the world. Her eating pace didn't slowed down, and, ten minutes later, there was Ra'shelle, still stuffing herself, oblivious of the rest of humanity. A small but noticeable paunch was pushing her sleeveless blouse up, finding its way to freedom.

"Please, don't be so stingy with your..." It was a soft voice, masculine but concerned. Ra'shelle's eyes fixed on this guy. He was thin and athletic. "Someone's in the wrong place," she thought.

Back in the dance floor, Jasmine didn't find it amusing that her strong-handed partner was completely drunk. He smelled of alcohol. "Why don't you go over there and sit down?" Jasmine yelled in his ear. The bloke nodded, but he didn't move an inch. Moreover, he grabbed Jasmine's rear end again when she gave him her back. "Oh, let go! Can't you take a simple hint?"

Jasmine was about to lose her patience when, suddenly the strong hands over her lower cheeks disappeared. Another pair of hands took its place, softer than the previous, but equally determined, now encircling up and down her lateral love handles, her massive rolls of fat.

Jasmine felt this change in command, then turned around to see her new Romeo, carefully wondering what should be the proper reaction. The first thing she saw was a mountain of flesh, dressed in a dazzling way with a pair of blue jeans and a Radiohead black T-Shirt. But the second thing she saw left her open-mouthed. Topping this gorgeous frame was the face of Charlie, her neighbor, nrecognizable in his extra large embodiment. And the funny thing was that he was as shocked as she was.

"Charlie?" Jasmine asked, incredulous at this astonishing vision. She abruptly repaired in the familiar short name she has just used. The guy froze for a second, but then he replied.

"Th- That's the way Jasmi-..." He interrupted himself, a gross error for the both sides. "Sorry..." he proceeded. "Charlie? You... You're confusing me with my brother Charlie!" He was totally embroiled though it was obvious that Jasmine's fat twin, Penny, - as he thought - would realize he was the same thin Charles that she'd met earlier.

Their eyes met in a crossing of dazed views for a moment, a moment that looked eternal.

"Oh, what the hell! I'm Jasmine, you cheese head! And don't come around saying you're the... lost ...evil fat twin ...whatever, brother of Charlie... cos' you're Charlie!" She started to smile while she rediscovered all the little facial details of the guy behind the fat layers of his cheeks.

"But... but... How could you be Jasmine?" he demanded. "So... you used the twin sister tale with me? There's no Penny, right? But then... How?"

"Correct! I'm Jasmine and there are no Pennies! And you are Charlie... and God... we need to talk!"

Chapter Seven