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Jasmine's Secrets
By Jay Tee


And here we are again, my fellow readers, faithful fans, and loyal followers. Six months passed since that very morning when Jasmine and Charlie binged together for the very first time. A lot of things happened after these circumstances modified the course of their lives for good. But let's be practical. I should start by telling what occurred exactly that day, but that's too easy and I love the suspense of these tales. Let's take a look, this lovely and glorious Sunday evening in Ra'shelle's apartment.

“That's splendid!” Jasmine said to her best friend.

“Yeah. We've been planning this official out-of-the-closet party for months.” Ra'shelle laughed. Her double chin shivered like jello. “I know we should wait another month or so, cos´ no one is going to believe that we got so fat so fast.”

“How much are you supposed to weigh at the office, Rach?” A 230-pound Charlie asked his girlfriend's best friend. He wasn't using the power of seeds in public anymore; it wasn't necessary. With a real “calorie based” weight gain of about 10 to 15 pounds per month, the former athletic boy had ballooned to his present form. Jasmine was so proud of her prince.

“Well, I should been gaining faster than you guys to match my real size. Let´s say I am weighing around 220. Isn't that your present weight, Charles?” Ra'shelle added.

“No, he's beyond that! Ten more pounds,” Jasmine indicated while picking her fourth slice of lemon pie.

“How!” Ra'shelle exhaled and took the next slice. “I'm sure you'll reach my size in no more than four months!” She carefully picked and ate the crumbs trapped between the folding of her blouse.

“You missed some there, sweetness,” Christian pointed to his girlfriend Ra'shelle. Some crumbs resisted and menaced to profane the mammoth cleavage of the girl. He entered from the kitchen, carrying a third lemon pie for him and his friends. He was huge, a strong looking character, a tall young man who easily surpassed 400 pounds.

“And you, Chris? How are you handling your slow transformation?” Charlie wanted to know.

“Well, it's not so easy. Thank God, the Pet Shop owner knew me when I was as fat as I am now,” he replied and seated his gigantic anatomy very close to the fat goddess that was his girl Ra'shelle. His 415 pounds softly melded next to the 306 of her.

“It's not like your case, guys,” Chris continued. “Rach and I, we both have been overweight all our lives, and when we discover this green seed method we started to change our appearance to the public eye, family, and friends. And once we'd gotten to our thinnest state, we couldn't go back anymore. We became dependent on the seeds.”

“I still can't believe it…” Jasmine intervened, a soft smile crossed her eager mouth. “You were a little bit overweight when I met you, and you just lost the extra packing in a matter of weeks… It's amazing that you didn't dare to tell me that you were in fact, a fat girl playing to be a thin one.”

“Ha ha! Yeah…” Ra'shelle laughed. “That's because you'd never trusted me with your secret desire in the first place! Imagine this picture, guys: thin friend wanting to be like her best friend, a fat friend, in fact, disguised in a thin body, wanting the opposite.”

“Oh… You better take another slice of the pie, Rach… you're making me sea-sick!” Charlie joked.

“Shut up, you feeder boy!” Ra'shelle answered. “Look what you've done to my poor little friend, tiny weenie mini-Jasmine!” Her hands started to caress Jasmine's arm.

“Tiny weenie?” Jasmine wanted to know. “Well, officially I have an announcement to make… No, no, I better say I have two things to inform you: a bad thing and a good thing.” She paused, waiting for her friends' comeback. Nothing happened. “Oh, all right… don't stare at me like that… the bad thing isn't that bad at all.”

Jasmine munched another slice of lemon pie. “The magazine thinks I am too fat to be a sales executive anymore… but… due to the hormonal breakdown that I'm going through…” And she made a pair of quotation marks with her gross fingers. “…I'll be put under trial for an assistant marketing position between Sales and Management. It's the same money except for the commissions… But I really don't care. I was sick of those characters who wanted to see me fall…”

“Good for you then, Jay…” Ra'shelle said.

“And the second announcement, the good thing, is that I've gained almost 30 pounds this last month… My record! Ho-ey!” Jasmine raised her arms, and the fleshiness of their measure rippled through her chest. “Uh, oh, thanks to my Charlie, of course… who always is so gentle when it comes to nourishing this bad girl!”

“You've nourished my heart, Piggy Sue…” he replied and kissed her. Then he stood up. “And hear this, ladies and gents, Jasmine is now fatter than me! 238 pounds of weight as certified directly by myself… if her bathroom scale didn't lie!”

The four friends burst into applause and laughs. They raise their soda glasses and toast for their present well-being and the future to come. And the end of the story is slowly coming. That's why the image is going backwards and the colors are fading down to black. I like a round finale. It makes me feel so alive.

After all, Jasmine's secrets weren't so unique. It's a large world of secrets down there, closer than she could ever imagine. Some of them are revealed in time… others are still ready to blossom. I like to think that as long the world turns, I can be here and there, helping those secret souls to come out of the closet.

Would you like to be next?