Weight Room Title Bar

by Iam Unknown

Being Part Two of the Fett City Chronicles

The readings were off the chart. The computer monitor displayed graphs and digits that spelled successful results for Lucy and her colleague. Her eyes jumped behind her glasses from monitor to monitor. One monitor showed a computer generated wire-frame model of a woman's body. As Lucy entered numbers and other various scientific characters, she would pause and wait to see what would happen to the model of the woman.

The woman began to expand.

Lucy closed her eyes and shook her head. She took of her glasses and massaged her temple. She had to think. Her best friend's life was on the line.

It wasn't until a few weeks ago that Debrah Gaines, Lucy's friend and partner, came down with a rare disease: Jasmine Syndrome. Her body eliminated fat at alarming rates. Normally, this would be considered a good thing. Who wouldn't want their body to vaporize their own body fat? Well, the problem was that it vaporized nearly all body fat. Even the fat that was needed.

Poor Debrah Gaines was reduced to a skeleton wasting away. So, she and Lucy began work on a cure. They tried to design a formula that would keep the needed fat, and allow her body to rid of the excess. The closest they came, was a serum that produced fat within the body, but caused the body to gain weight at great speed. That serum was stolen, along with their lab notes and files, so here Lucy was, trying to recreate the project from scratch, while Debrah lay in a bed nearby, wasting into nothingness.

Debrah took a bite out of a doughnut, hoping to produce some desperately needed body fat. Her jaw trembled, and her wire-thin fingers placed the doughnut back on a tray of doughnuts. Debrah was a mess. Her brown hair was stringy, lying scattered on her pillow. Her cheeks were sunken in, accenting her knife-sharp cheekbones. Her jaw line was pointy, bending at a ninety degree angle beneath her ears. Her eyes were half open. Debrah's breasts were about the size of a 12-year-old girl's. Her stomach was as sunken in as her cheekbones, and her skin was practically draped over her ribcage.

Death was among her.

Just as Debrah began thinking bleakly, Lucy stepped into the room. Lucy was thin, too, but in a more average, healthy way. She had blonde, healthy, silky hair. Her skin was tan, and provided an extreme contrast to Debrah's paleness.

“Debrah,” Lucy began as she took a seat at Debrah's side. “The formula is incomplete. I have run tests, and it will save your life. However, there is one downside: it may leave you...plus-sized,” Lucy explained.

“How...plus-sized...?” Debrah asked, weakly.

“Well...if the equations are right...you could end up 400 pounds heavier.”

For a moment, there was no response from Debrah. Then, Lucy added: “But there are also a few trials that should the subject coming out of it perfect; just like we want it. I just wanted you to be aware of the risks. Are you willing to take them?”

Debrah thought for a moment. “Yes...” she said finally.

The next thing Debrah knew, she was lying down, naked on a table and being strapped in by Lucy. The table slid through a slot and into a chamber. The slot was sealed as Lucy made her way to the controls. The table rose, bringing the sickly Debrah into a vertical position. She groaned as the table locked into place. Lucy's voice came over the inner com.

“Are you ready, Deb?” Lucy asked. Debrah gave thumbs up. “Now we're going to try vapor inhalation to speed up the process. I warn you, it won't smell pleasant. Now, three, two, one...and...” Lucy pushed the red button.

There was a loud whirr as machines kicked to life. Green mist flowed through the vents and into the chamber. As they reached Debrah, she realized how right Lucy was about the smell. It smelled like someone had passed gas. But this was the least of Debrah's concerns.

Lucy glanced at the readings. A green, wire-frame outline of Debrah's frail body was on the monitor. It began to slowly expand...

Debrah began to feel physical strength returning to her in the form of a tingling sensation. She looked down and saw her breasts slowly expand. She felt her thighs and hips expand too. Her ass pressed against the back of the table, pushing her forward slightly. Her stomach was becoming fuller and her ribcage sank into her lean tummy. Her skin tone was slowly changing from pale white, to a healthy bronze color. Her hair, even, was no longer brittle. It became fuller and more defined. Soon, the transformation had stopped.

When the green mist cleared, Lucy saw a new Debrah smiling. Lucy jumped up from her controls and bolted into the chamber as the gas was vented out. She began to unbuckle Debrah.

“How do you feel?” Lucy asked.

“Wonderful! I feel like I just had a healthy, hardy dinner!” Debrah exclaimed.

“According to the readouts, you now weigh about 118. That's perfect for your height,” Lucy said, smiling. As soon as Debrah was unbuckled and all, they hugged. Then, Debrah pointed out...

“I need some new clothes.”


They arrived at the mall with new hope in their hearts. Debrah stopped at the entrance and took in a deep breath. “Hello world!” she shouted, showing all her pearly whites. Lucy was smiling just as big. They giggled a little before running off to find clothes. Debrah grabbed the most revealing outfits she could find. Lucy did the same. They met up every once in a while to compare. Debrah ran in and out of dressing rooms like there was no tomorrow.

Upon trying on a pair of low-cut jeans, she examined herself in the mirror. Perfect hourglass figure, she thought to herself. She smiled to herself. But her smile immediately leapt to a frown when she felt a rumbling in her stomach. She placed her hands to her tummy and rubbed it. “That was...OH!” a sharp pain crashed through her torso. She bent over in pain.

Lucy knocked on the door. “Are you okay in there?” she asked.

Debrah recollected herself and slowly stood up. “Fine,” she said. She smiled, knowing Lucy couldn't see her. It was merely a device to cover her voice. Then, she decided to change the subject. “Umm, I'm hungry. Let's head to the food court.” This much was true. Debrah had been overcome with a new sense of hunger.

In the food court, Lucy munched on her salad, while Debrah scarffed down sesame chicken and fried rice from the Chinese restaurant. The plastic fork landed on the barren plate with a plastic-on-plastic “click.” Lucy's eyes widened to the size of her salad.

“You ate that entire plate in a matter of seconds!” Lucy exclaimed.

“I was hungry! What can I say?” Debrah smiled. “Actually, I still am a little hungry.”

“Go get some more,” Lucy suggested.

“Nah, I want something else...” Debrah scanned the food court. With a resounding “aha!” she leapt from her seat and was gone into the crowd. Lucy smiled to herself. Debrah came back with a sack from Arby's accompanied by a large soda. She then proceeded to pull out two large roast beef sandwiches and two large curly fries.

“Oh thanks,” Lucy said after she swallowed some leaves and croutons.

“For what?” Debrah said, not taking her eyes off the aluminum wrapping she was unfolding.

“Well...isn't that other sandwich and fry...mine?” Lucy asked.

Debrah focused on her sandwich as she squeezed the Arby sauce on the roast beef. “No. It's mine.”

Lucy laughed. “You better be careful or you're going to get fat.”

Debrah took a huge bite. Through mashing food, she said, “Once I finish this meal, I will watch what I eat. I promise.” Debrah smiled as she chewed.


Lucy was sitting at a monitor in the lab. There was a blue glow on her face, emitted from the screen. The rest of the lab was dark. A familiar scene was being played over and over again in front of Lucy. A young blonde fat girl was lying on her stomach on a bed, being fed by a slightly less fat girl. A piece of pie slid over the lips of the fatter girl. She chewed and swallowed. Seconds later, the girl's body expanded even more, the fat now spilling over the sides of the bed. Lucy watched the scene again, intently. She took the mouse in hand and guided the arrow over the video, stopping on the pie. She double-clicked and watched as the camera zoomed in and the pie became larger. She zoomed again, and again, and once more. The highly pixilated image focused and became crisp. A thin layer of brown was visible on the pie.

“Chocolate...” Lucy said. She heard footsteps approaching and didn't have to look up to know that it was Debrah. “I just found out something interesting,” Lucy said, keeping her eyes on the screen. The over-head light came on and Debrah was standing behind her, clutching a drink.

“Yeah? And what's that?” Debrah said, wrapping her lips around the straw.

“I think I discovered a catalyst. It fattens...” Lucy looked up at Debrah. “What are you drinking?”

“A chocolate shake,” Debrah said. “So there's a catalyst that fattens...the subject? Tell me what it is, and I'll stay away.”

Lucy stared at Debrah with glassy eyes. Her voice cracked as she answered her friend: “Chocolate.”

The cup fell from Debrah's hands and seemed to take forever to hit the ground. Upon impact of the cold, metal floor, the lid popped off and a few drops of shake splashed out, revealing the true emptiness of the paper cup. Debrah stumbled back and leaned up against the wall. The sharp pain she felt earlier at the mall once again struck her system. She immediately bent to a 90 degree angle, clutching her torso. She bared her teeth, to the point of nearly cracking the enamel.

She felt her body expand under her grasp. Her tight revealing clothes became tighter and more revealing. With a shout, Debrah fought the growth and her body returned to its original size. She threw her back against the wall and slid down into a sitting position.

The pain was gone. She breathed heavily; bullets of sweat fell from her temple and rushed to the floor. “What...the hell...was that?!” Debrah panted angrily.

Still in shock, Lucy was barely able to answer. “Your body. It's trying to fatten up. You somehow...seemed to fight it.”

“Well it took...all of my strength. I don't think I'll be able to...do it...again,” Debrah said through labored breathing. She braced herself against the wall as she stood up on wobbling legs. She stumbled to a rolly chair next to Lucy. Lucy could do nothing but sit and watch her friend.

“I'm sorry, Deb. If only I had done some more research...I mean, we knew about the incident with that girl, Alice. If only I had examined it more...”

“Don't worry about it. It's okay, Lucy. It's not your fault.” Debrah began to gather herself. “Well...there's no time like the present. Let's do some research.”


Debrah's fist knocked on the door of 6121 Taf Nemow Rd. The door opened slightly, but was brought to an abrupt stop by a bolted chain. Debrah could only see darkness through the crack.

“May I help you?” said the voice of the woman who opened the door.

“I'm looking for Crystine Brown,” Debrah said. “I understand she lives here?”

“You understand well. I'm Crystine. What do you want?”

“I hate to be intruding, but...may I come in?” Debrah asked.

“No!” Crystine's voice attacked.

Debrah jumped back, slightly. “I want to talk to you about the incident with Alice Blake.”

“I know why you came. Look, I don't know how I got so fat, I just did! It had nothing to do with that bitch Alice!”

“You're fat...?” Debrah asked, not meaning to say it aloud.


Lucy's finger pressed down on the doorbell of 7122 Button Popper Blvd. A slightly plump woman of about 38 answered. She was wearing a flowery dress and had a gentle smile on her face. “Yes?” she asked.

“Does Joan Smith live here?” Lucy asked, smiling.

The nice woman's polite smile melted into apprehension. “Are you a reporter?”

“Oh, no. I'm just doing some personal research on the incident with...”

“Alice Blake. Yes, I know. She's in her room. Come in.”

“Thank you,” Lucy said as she stepped into the home. As she passed through the foyer, she noticed pictures of the woman escorting her to Joan Smith. Only she was much, much, thinner. She happened to notice in the corner of one photo, a date only two months prior. Lucy's eyes went to the woman and her full figure. Her eyes went down to the woman's large rear. How could this woman gain so much weight in such little time? The woman opened the door to Joan's bedroom.

“Joan, you have a guest.”

Joan looked up from a bowl of pasta, spaghetti sauce surrounding her mouth. Her neck hid behind her second and third chins. Her upper arms were thick and the flab draped over her forearms. She was nude, save for a thong that was stretched over her massive gut and went around riding up the crack of what Lucy assumed, was a gargantuan ass. Her bare breasts rested on her large belly. Each thigh, which was mostly covered by her tummy, was as big around as plus-sized models.

“Mom!” Joan shouted, embarrassed. She began wiping her mouth. Joan's mom ashamedly left, closing the door behind her. Joan sighed and looked up at a stunned Lucy. She pointed behind Lucy to a gauze mask hanging on the wall. “Put it on, please.” Lucy did not understand, but did as she was told. “I didn't have the luxury you have before you.”

“What luxury is that?” Lucy asked.

Joan released a fart, accompanied by a moan. “Prior knowledge.”


“I just want to talk. I'm not a reporter,” Debrah pleaded with Crystine. There was a brief silence. Crystine closed the door. Debrah was about to leave when she heard the metal sliding on metal. Soon the door was wide open. A fatter-than-expected Crystine stood before her.

“What do you want?” Crystine asked. To see a head-shot of Crystine, you would never know she was fat. She had a neck as thin as most European super-models. Her cheek bones were sharp and tone. But below the neck, was another story altogether. Her breasts were large, her stomach larger. Her ass was so wide, it was visible to Debrah, although Debrah was seeing her full-frontal. She was dressed in tight blue jeans which were unbuttoned and unzipped. Her tight shirt couldn't hide the bottom half of her flabby belly.

“I thought...” Debrah began.

“I was thin? Ha. Two months ago, that would've been true.”

“How did you...” Debrah started.

“Get so fat? I don't know, but we all did. Me, Joan, Terri, even Melonie. Joan had this crazy theory about the gas.”

“The gas?”

“The whole time we were torturing Alice, she began to fart alot. I mean, she was fat, what can you expect? Anyway, the next day, we all got together only to find out that each of us was fuller. I haven't seen Alice since we bolted out of there, so there's no telling how fat she is, now.”


“So you think that the fatness is contagious through flatulence?” Lucy asked.

“You want proof? Look at my mom. The fatter I got, naturally, the more I farted. Well my mom started putting on weight. I wouldn't have known it if she didn't expand right before my eyes after she smelled one of my farts one day.”

“Is there anything else you noticed during or after the incident? Anything at all?” Lucy asked.

Joan tightened her face as she farted again. “Yeah. Being fat sucks.”


Debrah and Lucy were back in the lab, sitting at a table. “If we don't do something, All of Fett City will be overweight by the year's end,” Lucy said, staring off into space.

“I should have let the Jasmine Syndrome kill me. If we hadn't messed with science...this never would've happened.” Debrah said. Lucy didn't know what to say. “When I get fat, stay away. The moment you smell a single fart, you'll be fat too.”

Lucy's eyes connected with Debrah's. “You couldn't pull me away from you with a mighty stallion. You're my best friend and we stick together. You're my sister,” Lucy said with a smile.

Debrah returned the smile. “We practically are.”

Just then, the pain ripped through Debrah's torso like a bolt of lightning tearing the night sky.

Debrah threw herself to the cold metal floor and fought the gain. But there was nothing she could do...

The fatness was upon her.

Her stomach began to spread beneath her clothes, pushing up her small t-shirt and popping her low-cut jeans button. The flab on her torso spilled forward, separating her zipper. Her widening waist and ass ripped the seat of her pants in half, leaving her in a thong. Her thighs pressed together. Her breasts filled with fat, as did her face, arms, hands, feet, and everything else on her body. She gasped and breathed heavily.

Debrah let out a scream as she ripped off her t-shirt. She struggled to stand up. Her flab swung from right to left and finally became just a jiggle. She rocketed past 200, 300. Lucy watched in horror. “I'm getting so fat!” Debrah cried. Her chins jiggled as she spoke. “I'm so hungry!!” she screamed. The pain impacted again in her stomach. She took a deep breath as a fart exploded from her humungous, expanding ass.

She passed out from it all.


The light cut through the darkness as Debrah slowly opened her eyes. She felt so empty, so drained, so lethargic, but most of all, so hungry. She looked down to see her body. She couldn't see over her stomach. Tears began to come as she remembered what happened. Soon, a familiar voice soothed her.

“How are you feeling?” the voice asked. It was, of course, Lucy.

“I'm so hungry,” Debrah managed to say. “How big am I?”

“600 pounds,” Lucy answered.

“Oh no,” Debrah said as she closed her eyes.

“I don't know, Deb. Being fat isn't that bad,” Lucy said.

“How would you know?!” Debrah snapped back angrily.

“Because I am, too.”

Debrah stopped crying. Lucy stepped from hiding behind Debrah's massive gut, to reveal a massive gut of her own. Lucy was now pear-shaped. Her cheeks were puffy, her chins were doubled. Her ass peeked from around her sides. Her flabby belly protruded forward. She was in her lab clothes, which is what she was wearing the night when Debrah morphed. Only her clothes were tattered and were hanging on her in shreds. Laughing, Lucy explained, “I exploded through my clothes.” She then farted loudly and long. She closed her eyes, sensuously, enjoying every second of it. She moved her hands over her wide hips and massive belly as she did it. She bit her bottom lip and moaned. When it was over, she looked at a shocked Debrah. “Just relax. Embrace it.” Lucy then went from Debrah's sight for a moment. She returned with a tube. Lucy put it in Debrah's mouth. Debrah could only mumble in protest. “That tube is hooked up to a mixture of whale blubber, whipped cream, milk, and our own serum. That, combined with my farts and yours, we will soon be fatter than anyone on the planet.” Debrah cried a muffled cry as the liquid was pumped into her mouth, past her full lips. She farted loud and long.

Lucy smiled. “Soon, the whole city will share our happiness.” She released another fart from her big fat behind.