Weight Room Title Bar

by YJ

When I came home from work that afternoon I found the note:

"Dear Paul,

This is something I have been thinking about for a long time, and I think it's best if I just do it and get it over with. What you want and what I want are two different things. I've seen how you look at other women,(fat ones) and I know you want me to gain, but that is something I just am not willing to do. Also I just am not interested in driving off-road like you are. I hate every minute we spend in your jeep! I really DO care about you, and hope you understand this is so you can find the woman who IS willing to give you what you want. We had some really good times and I wish only the best for you. Good Luck!


Sure enough, she and her clothes were gone.

I sat there for a few minutes, feeling the walls of the empty house close in on me. I had to get OUT for a while. So, I got in my Jeep and headed off for a little back country exploring and head clearing.

Once I got out of the city and was bouncing around in the mountains, I was just taking random turns off the trail whenever I hit a fork, also I started getting mad that Anna had just left like that, and as a result I was driving a little faster than I should have been on that trail. All of a sudden, Wham! I hit a large boulder coming around a bend which twisted the steering wheel out of my hands. Regaining control, the steering wheel position was off about 90 degrees so I slammed on the brakes, and really started feeling sorry for myself. Not only had my girl left me, but I damaged my Jeep through my own stupidity!

I got out and walked around to check the damage and found I had bent the right front spring. I was sitting there cursing myself when I heard a familiar sounding voice say "Did you break your Jeep"?

A bit startled I turned around and my jaw just about hit the ground! Standing there was a woman who could have been Anna's twin! Except for where Anna weighed MAYBE 125 lbs, this girl was easily 250!

She was wearing the tightest, shortest pair of cut-off jeans I had ever seen, just able to contain a belly that looked 9 months pregnant. She had on a tank top that barely held in breasts the size of small watermelons! She had large, smooth, tanned thighs that tapered down to shapely calves.

"Uhh....yes, I bent the spring" I said.

"Can you fix it" she asked?

"Yes, I can I just need to jack it up first" I replied. My eyes still as big as golf balls taking in the figure before me.

"My cabin is just over there" she said pointing, "If you can drive it over I have a concrete parking pad that my be nicer to work on than here in the dirt, the entrance is about 25 yards down the trail"

"OK, thanks" I said. I could just make out the roof of her cabin through the trees. As she turned to walk away I just stood there entranced, watching her shapely ass and hips sway as she headed for the cabin.

As I pulled up to the cabin, I got a second shock. Parked there was a Jeep that was almost a duplicate of mine! She was standing there with a big smile on here face that seamed to be brighter than the sun, and told me "park anywhere, there's just me and you here. If you need any tools, I have a bunch in the garage." as she turned to go inside.

I started working, and frankly my thoughts were on something totally different than repairs! After a half hour or so, she came out with a tray that had a couple of glasses and a pitcher on it and asked me if I would like some iced tea. "Sure!" I replied, "I could use a break"

We sat there on the ground and talked while we drank the tea. She asked me why I was going so fast on the trail, and I explained that my girlfriend had left me, but not why. She told me she that her husband had left her because she had 'gained a few pounds' after they were married. "I write, so sitting in front of the computer screen typing so long without being active made me add a few pounds" she said.

Blushing a bit, I told her the reason my girlfriend had left me. "Really" she asked? "You actually WANTED her to gain?"

"Yes, I've found I prefer a full figured woman to the skinny waifs that you see on TV and advertising". I said. "In fact, you may find this hard to believe but except for YOUR weight, you could be Anna's twin!"

"Anna is you ex girlfriend" she asked?


"Ha Ha! Now THAT's funny! My name is Anna too!" We both had a good chuckle over that one, and then I said "Tell me your husband's name was not Paul!" She turned red in the face, and started giggling so hard her whole shapely body was jiggling all over so much I found myself getting aroused. "Yes, it was! she cried.

"Oh well, back to work" I said hurriedly, "I need to get this done." As I rolled back under my Jeep.

As I worked on my Jeep, trying to keep my mind off her luscious body, she made it all the harder by leaning over on her knees and elbows and watching me as I worked. I could not keep my eyes from traveling between her mammoth breasts which flattened her nipples on the ground, then on back to her thighs and butt. To try and keep my dick from poking a hole in my jeans, I asked her what kind of writing she did.

"I've written a series of books on off-road trails in Nevada, and we just moved here so I could write about California trails" she replied. "But those skinny California girls must have been too much for Paul, because he left not long after we got here, plus, he really didn't like going off-road in my Jeep". I had just about creamed in my pants by now, as she had shifted to laying on her side with her head propped up on her arm. Her breasts threatened to spill out of her top, her belly laid out in front of her on the ground, and the curves of her ass and thighs were accentuated, but I had the repairs done so I started to put my tools away when she said "It's getting late and I'm starved! Would you like to stay for dinner?"

"Yes, I think I would enjoy that" I said. "Good, you can clean yourself up in the cabin while I cook"

I followed her in, still mesmerized by that swaying ass, and marveling at the fact that as she moved, how tight her body was for it's size. "You can shower if you want, it's down the hall, sorry I don't have any clean clothes for you, your about the same size Paul was, but he took everything. I should have something whipped up by the time your done" she said as she turned to go into the kitchen.

While I was in the shower I couldn't help but stroke my hard on as I thought about this Anna. I closed my eyes and imagined how she would look naked and almost shot right then. Regaining some self control, I finished my shower, got dressed and walked out toweling my hair when my nose was hit with such wonderful smells my stomach let out a mighty grumble, reminding me that I too, was HUNGRY!

Spread before me on the table was a mountain of food. A couple of steaks, Large baked potatoes smothered in butter, corn on the cob, veggies, all too much for my eyes to take in all at once. My stomach gave another mighty rumble and she said , "Looks like you may be as hungry as I am!"

We sat down and began to eat. And eat. And eat! She matched me bite for bite, and then as I was filled she passed me! Just as I was finished, feeling the need to undo the top button of my jeans, she said "Dessert!" and got up. Her belly looked even bigger than it was when I first saw her! She went into the kitchen and returned with two massive slices of German Chocolate cake, smothered with ice cream and set the plates down at the table. Try as I might, I could only eat half of my piece, so Anna finished hers, then ate the rest of mine.

Now I was REALLY stuffed, I could not take it any longer. I popped open the top button of my jeans and groaned with the relief it gave me. "Good idea!" she said as she popped open her shorts. As she did, her belly, freed from the constrains of her tight shorts flowed out to sit hard and full on her thighs, looking like she was 10 months pregnant with twins! "Wow!" I said, "Now THAT's a belly"

She looked at me sharply, but when she saw the expression on my face, she softened and asked "Do you really like fat girls?"

"Oh yes, and I've got to tell you, you are one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen"

"I kind of thought you were telling the truth, I've seen the way you were looking at me when you thought I was not watching" she said. I think I must have turned a dozen shades of red, embarrassed that she had caught me.

I offered to help her clean up, so we did the dishes and talked, the whole time her belly was hanging out of her open jeans, and her top had ridden up to just under her breasts. I was in ecstasy!

After we were done, she made a fire which we sat in front of drinking some wine and talking more. We finished the whole bottle, but neither of us were drunk Time passed like nothing as we talked, and before we knew it, it was 2:00 am.

"My goodness, look at the time!" She exclaimed. "Why don't you spend the night? I have a spare bedroom, or..."

"Or what?" I asked.

"Or you could share mine"

I didn't reply, I just reached over and started rubbing her belly which caused an "Oh!" to escape her lips. It felt so wonderful! Firm but soft at the same time! I started at her navel and made larger and larger circles with my finger tips, spreading outward to the edges of her belly with each pass. By now she was softly moaning as I went back in towards her belly button. We leaned into each other for a long, hard kiss. My hand moved to her huge breasts, which were just as firm and smooth as her belly! She sucked in her breath as I moved my hand all over her breast, down towards a nipple that seamed as large as my thumb.

She stood up, held out her hand for mine, then led me into the bedroom. I slowly undressed her, kissing and licking every inch of flesh as it was uncovered. When I had all her clothes off, she shyly turned in a circle, and asked me if I like what I saw.

"Anna, you are the most lovely woman to walk the face of the earth" I said as she started taking off my clothes. As she pulled down my underwear, her hand brushed my penis, and I came right then and there. I must have pumped a gallon of come out all over the floor and her hand.

"Oh No!" she said "I didn't want the night to be ruined!"

"Don't worry! I am so turned on by you that now it will be better, and I'll last longer" I took her hand and led her to the bed, still hard as a rock. And then the fun REALLY began! I spent what must of been hours exploring every curve, every fold, every ripple of her body. I kissed and licked every inch, and then did it again. I paid special attention to her belly and breasts. Her belly hardly flattened out at all when she was laying on her back, and her breasts spilled out to her sides. I spent so much time licking and kissing her my lips started getting chapped!

Finally it was time, I entered her, causing her to cry out "Yes, Oh Yes! Paul, put it in me, Oh! how I want to feel you deep inside me, fill me with your dick and your come"

I was riding wave after wave of fat ripples as I slammed into her and she bucked her hips up to meet me. Faster and faster we went, the sensations building and building, then suddenly she came, then came again, I could not take it any more, I pushed harder then both of us came in a shattering orgasm!

I laid there on top of her, feeling her fat ripple in little after orgasm spasms. Finally I pulled out of her, and we laid in each other's arms in a deep blissful sleep.

When we woke up the next morning from the sun streaming in the window, we started again. But she told me "You lay back, it's MY turn to drive you out of your mind!

And she did, the sensations were in-describable! The feeling of her lips, her tongue, her fat as it brushed against my body! She kept bringing me to the brink of coming, then would stop, teasing me over and over. Finally, she straddled me, her thighs pressing against me, her belly pressing into mine, her breasts hanging in my face. I grabbed her love handles and started bucking up into her, her whole body jiggling with each of my thrusts into her. Again we both exploded in orgasm, until she collapsed on top of me, spent.

After a few minutes of rest, she perked up and said "Breakfast?"


That was 5 years ago. We got married, and traveled through the whole state writing about the off-road trails. We finished California, went to Oregon, and are now ready to go to Washington. Because of her great cooking, I've gained about 25 lbs, and she's gained about 50. Funny thing is, even though we drive our Jeeps everywhere, then sit in front of computers writing about it, out weight seems to be holding.

Must be all the great sex!