Weight Room Title Bar

By Mink

Part One

Chris bent down to tie his shoelaces and relished the feel of his firm, tight stomach. He had been working on his body all summer and had finally achieved his goal - a six pack and biceps to die for. Women were falling over him left, right and center. And yet, he never once glanced at them - the reason you ask? Well, Chris liked his girls with some meat on them, the kind that jiggled and moved whenever they walked and hung over their pants… Sorry, getting off-topic. To put it plainly, Chris liked fat girls, and the only girls who seemed interested in him were the skinny cheerleading types.

Chris straightened and stretched, slinging his backpack over his shoulder easily. He grabbed his muffin off the counter and headed out for the first day of school. As he jogged to school he waved to friends and nodded to people he only faintly knew. A few bigger girls caught his eye, but he either knew them to be bitches or slobs, and neither appealed to him.

The bell rang and he slipped into his seat. The teacher started droning about the protocols of school, but paused as a girl huffed into the classroom, trying to avoid notice. She looked for a seat and took the one directly beside Chris. She pulled off her light over shirt and revealed a very, very sexy body underneath. Two plump love handles strained the sides of her shirt. When she sat her belly formed into two rolls, a tiny one under her breasts, and a bigger one that covered her whole tummy. Her perfect stomach mounded in front of her and threatened to lift her tight shirt. It also poured out over the front of her pants, jiggling, an inch over her belt-line.

"Hi, my name's Chris," he said, offering her his hand. She took it, and he got an electric thrill at the feel of her soft hand in his. She smiled, dimpling, and responded, "I'm Jennifer!"

She took her hand back and began unpacking for the class. Chris followed suit, noting her vibrant presence, and her warm smile. After the class ended, Chris tried to see which class she went to, but couldn't tell. He resigned himself to seeing her in only his first period classes. During lunch he heard taunting voices and hard breathing, and went to investigate. He was shocked to see a few of his "friends" torturing this girl, tossing her lunch around and making her chase it.

"You're already too fat, you don't need this!" his friend Tyler exclaimed.

"The exercise should be good for you, tubby," Tina giggled.

"Stop that!" Chris yelled, stomping forward, furious. He shoved Tyler aside, shielding Jennifer with his body. "Come on, these idiots aren't worth your time, Jennifer." He walked forward, ignoring Tyler, until his friend's fist connected with his face.

He staggered back, grunting in pain as Jennifer gasped, fumbling for some tissue. Chris went crazy, attacking Tyler all out, and the last thing he remembered was banging Tyler's head against the locker.

"Oh, my face," Chris groaned, shifting on the hard bed. "What happened?"

"Well, you were expelled from school, like that idiot Tyler and that poor girl Jennifer! How could you do something like that, Chris?" His mother demanded, almost in tears. She walked out of the room without another word, leaving Chris feeling guilty.

Almost immediately after, Jennifer slipped in, sitting beside him and telling him how thankful she was that he stuck up for her, but that he shouldn't have done that. She hugged him tightly, making him hard as her soft body pressed against his. She looked down at him and said, "I need to repay you, but I'm only good at one thing…"

"What is it?" Chris asked, interested.

"I'm a GREAT cook, and your mom said that she was never home and she would love it if I could cook for you, and since my dad's on a business trip for a month or two, and we are both going to get virtual-schooled, it would work out, don't you think? " she gushed, wringing her hands nervously.

"That would be the best!" he yelped, hugging her to him.


"I hope you like breakfast," a voice said close to him. He grunted and rolled over, opening his eyes sleepily. A really yummy smell met his nose and he sat up sniffing. "Here you are, Chris," Jen said as she placed two HUGE plates on his dresser, filled with pancakes, waffles, BLT sandwiches, eggs and a big glass of orange juice.

"I can't eat all that!" Chris said in disbelief.

"No no, one's for me, silly," she said giggling. She handed one plate to him and sat on the edge of his bed. She dug in, watching him to see if he did the same. He did - it was delicious! The pancakes and waffles were drenched in butter and syrup and melted in his mouth, and the eggs were flavored with just the right amount of salt and pepper.

"Oh god, I'm full!" Chris moaned in complaint.

"Oh shush, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! You need to fill up!" Jen scolded, scraping the last of the eggs off her plate. Just the thought of this plump girl having eaten all that food made Chris get hard, and he finished his sandwiches in a daze.

He sat on the edge of his bed, and started in surprise - he could feel his belly touching his thighs. It wasn't an unpleasant sensation, and he dismissed it, thinking it was because of the way he was sitting.

Chris and Jen worked on the computers until lunch, when Jen made a lunch that could have been a dinner - steak, potatoes, and green beans. All in huge portions. Chris' stomach was stretched from breakfast, and he had been working hard, so he polished off lunch with no problem.

Jen giggled and took his plate. "You were such a good boy, finishing your lunch; you deserve desert!" She got out a large, warm, apple pie and gave it ALL to him.

Chris wondered how he was going to finish it all, and managed half with little problem. On to the second half, he had to unbutton and unbuckle his pants, and was breathing heavily when he finished. He leaned back, belly bulging out firmly into space. Jen walked in at that moment and slid her hands around his belly and patted the front of his gut. "Wow, full are we?" She giggled again and smiled, eyes sparkling her approval.

Again, Chris and Jen worked, this time until dinner, when the same thing ensued. Chris could not walk. He had just eaten enough for two or three people, and his belly was sitting on his thighs, his six pack very very strained, trying to keep his stomach tucked. Jen, also, was full. She had her pants undone, and her belly shook and settled with her breathing.

Chris was wondering - what was wrong with him? Why couldn't he control his eating around his goddess?