Weight Room Title Bar

by Irishfa

It was Jenny's 14th Birthday soon and she was planning a party. She dreamed of getting this huge cake, full of cream and chocolate and devouring it all by herself. She had often had dreams of eating and eating, being fat, she especially admired the sight of other fat people too and adored big fat men. This all of course was dreams, her family would be totally against any such idea. However she knew if she asked for a cake for her birthday, she would get one and have it all too herself as well. Her sister Amy, was also a slim waif and did nothing but exercise and eat rabbit food and Jenny knew she wouldn't let any fat cake past her lips, so all the more she could have.

Jenny would often stuff a pillow up her nightshirt to make herself look fat and feel fat, she would rub her big bulge and wished it would become real and somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew she would become a real fat girl and for once be happy.

By the time her 14th birthday arrived, she had decided it was time to change her lifestyle and to live life in the fat lane. She had decided to become huge but she needed someone to help her achieve this well. She did know a fat teenage boy in school and who only lived a couple of blocks away from her. He was a couple of years older than her but she watched him daily in the school canteen, she loved the sight of him stuffing himself with plenty of food. How she longed to get to know him better but she was a very shy type of girl and couldn't pick up the courage to ask him anything.

Jenny was a tall girl for her age, about 5' 7" and currently of slim build although she was well boned. She had shoulder length blonde hair, and a real cute face too. A lot of the guys at school has tried to chat her up but she never accepted any of them, she wanted a fat guy and she wanted to a guy to make her fat too.

It was the 18th October and the morning of her 14th Birthday had arrived. It was a Saturday morning and she was to be a cheerleader at the morning baseball match for her school. She had been a junior cheerleader now for about 5 months. As she got up from bed, she had the pillow stuffed up under her shirt, she removed it and went to the bathroom. She stood on the scale and it read a measly 123 pounds. Her body was flat, no shape at all. Jenny set off to the match and when she arrived there she got into her cheerleader uniform. She tried to image herself being fat in this, making all the pleats in the dress stretch out and beyond. How she longed for some real food, some real life.

Immediately after the match, on the way home, she stopped at the local convenience store and purchased two extra large bars of chocolate and began munching them on the way home, she felt so good. When she arrived home, it was time for her birthday gifts and as usual she got some new clothes, a nice black mini-dress which fitted perfectly. Jenny however had other plans, she would bring the clothes back to where they had been bought and exchange them for the same style but in a couple of sizes too big. The cake she had ordered arrived and she ate it all throughout the day except for about two slices which her few friends had when they were over for the small party. Of course she also helped herself to plenty of other treats as well and went to bed that night feeling quite full.

The next day, Jenny went to the mall to exchange the clothes for the bigger ones. One the way into the mall, she knew there was a clothes shop for the larger lady called Large Stuff. What attracted her to there this morning was a sign looking for part time staff. She began thinking about the extra money she needed to buy extra food and clothes for herself. She would also get the chance to see all those lovely big bbw's coming into the store. She went inside and got an application form. It was weekend work so it would suit her fine. Jenny was successful in her bid to get the job as she found out a couple of days later.

She liked the job very much. She really enjoyed looking at all the large girls in the store and wanting to be like them. With the extra money she began buying loads of pastries in the bakery next door, loads of sweets from the candy shop and of course a daily visit to McDonalds was also on the cards.

By the time summer had arrived and the school holidays, there was already an immediately difference in Jenny. She now had a pair of boobs for the first time and her butt stuck out well when she wore her clothes, especially her jeans which could barely fit anymore. As for the cheerleading, she had decided to pack that up too, for two reasons, firstly the costume was getting too small and secondly, she found that all that jumping around was ruining all the good work that the all the eating was doing. By the end of the school year, Jenny had managed to pack on 25 pounds and now weighed in at 148 pounds, which was by no means fat, but she was bigger and she noticed the difference. She however began wearing baggy clothes, so as her parents would not realize what was happening just yet.

The Summer holidays had at last arrived and Jenny was to work full time in the shop for the summer months. The thoughts of all that money for food and clothes, the daily sights of huge ladies in the shop and the daily trips for pastries, she was just so excited.

It was the first day of her summer shift at the shop and she woke that morning and slipped into her uniform for work. The little black skirt was barely able to fasten on her anymore and the white T-shirt began to cling to her new bust curves as well as to her bigger body too. During the day, she wasn't that busy, it was never that busy on a Monday, the manager told her. She was admiring the fashions in the shop and looking at the big sizes. She knew someday she would be doing all her shopping here and looked forward to it so much. The shop carried real big sizes up to about 10x and it really catered for the larger female, including sexy lingerie for the fuller figure too.

At coffee break, Jenny went to the pastry shop and ordered a large chocolate shake and a chocolate donut. The taste of all that fattening chocolate in her mouth made her so excited. The was to become a daily routing for the summer months but the number of donuts would gradually increase so that by the end of the summer months, Jenny was munching through 3 donuts at mid morning break.

At lunch time the first day, Jenny decided to go to McDonalds for lunch. As she stood in the queue to order her lunch, she noticed from the corner of her eye, the big fat guy from school sitting at a seat just inside the door. She couldn't help but notice the huge pile of food in front of him. Jenny ordered a large Big Mac meal with strawberry milkshake and an apple pie as well. She placed the food on her tray and managed to pluck up the courage to go and sit beside the person she had been admiring and drooling over for the past year, if not more.

"Hi, mind if I sit here?", she asked ever so politely.

She couldn't help but notice his big belly hanging over his trousers, it looked absolutely huge and how she wanted to be like that too.

"No you are fine, please sit down, don't you go to my school?" He asked.

"Yes I do, I have noticed you in the canteen on a few occasions", she replied.

As the two sat there, they chatted quite friendly over their meals. Jenny was admiring him all over, his belly was really stretching his shirt buttons, she was so excited. She ate down her meal and said a sweet goodbye to her fantasy man.

This new lifestyle continued right throughout the summer months. She did of course have to change her uniform for work to a bigger one and by the end of the summer, Jenny had managed to gain a further 13 pounds of lovely fat. Most of this extra weight was on her boobs and butt and her butt now really stuck out ever so beautifully when she wore her uniform for work and in fact all her clothes.

On the first day back at school, she yet again came into contact with her man. She found out his name, Gavin and she became very friendly with him, so much so that they would lunch together each day and it was only a matter of time before they would fall for each other. He was a couple of years older than her and weighed 320 pounds.

Jenny continued her part time hours at the shop and of course her extra eating and then naturally more gaining. Her 15th Birthday was approaching and she had been invited for a date by Gavin. She was so excited, and they had decided to go for a meal in an all you can place for $10, how she planned a real pig out session. On the morning of her 15th Birthday, Jenny weighed herself again and the scales read a whopping 172 pounds. She had managed to gain 49 pounds in the year. Her boobs had become real big and her butt also. All the extra weight was concentrated in these areas. Her butt had become real solid, it was no way flabby but so smooth and round, it was delicious.

Jenny got ready for her date. She put on her dress she got for her 14th Birthday, the one she had exchanged for a couple of sizes bigger. It fitted just right now. Her bum stuck out real big with each bum cheek pressed tightly against the soft material of the dress. Her boobs looked real big too, she squeezed them together with delight. Of course there was also a roundness in her tummy and she rubbed this with delight. Her belly was firm and smooth and now had such a lovely round shape to it. It was still all the one, no rolls of fat there yet, but it was much rounder and bigger than the year before.

Gavin picked her up about 4pm in his fathers car. As she sat in beside him, her dress moved up slightly with the extra pressure put on the garment when she was in a sitting position. It showed off her lovely smooth legs nicely now as it was up above her knee. As they drove along, she was of course admiring Gavin's huge belly which was so big it was just touch the steering wheel of the car as they drove along. How she longer to feel and rub it and get a glimpse of that lovely fat belly.

They arrived at the restaurant. As they entered, Jenny was feeling so hungry, she couldn't wait to have a huge meal and try and impress Gavin. She asked him would they have a bet on who could eat the most. Of course he agreed. Gavin loved food too and was in heaven now that he had found a girl who liked him and food.

They started main course in which they both had a huge 14oz steak with loads of fries and dips. Jenny finished hers first and ordered more fries to as well. She was loving every minute, just there eating and chatting, and of course packing on the pounds of glorious fat. Gavin dared her to have another steak but she declined saying that she preferred desserts especially cheesecake. In fact she managed to eat 5 portions, 3 strawberry and 2 vanilla flavoured to be exact. During the stay she also managed to drink 3 litres of coke. She was so full she could hardly move but she felt so good. She did of course eat more than Gavin and he found it hard to believe that a young girl could have managed to gorge herself through so much food. They then just drove around for a while before he brought her home. As they were saying their goodbyes, she couldn't resist any longer, she leaned over towards Gavin and felt his big belly. She couldn't believe how big and firm it was and she rubbed it gently telling him how much she loved his belly.

She went in home and went to her room. She undressed slowly, slipped into her night shirt, stuffed a pillow up her front, lay on the bed and fell fast asleep, feeling very fat and happy indeed.

Life continued on as normal with the exception that she was seeing a lot more of Gavin. They were dating often and nearly all their dates were concentrated around food. They ate out often, went to the movies, where of course there were large bags of M & M's, butter popcorn and of course coke. Jenny loved coke and drank loads of it.

She was of course getting a hard time from her parents and was always watched what she was eating at home, that made it all the more important for her to eat away from home with Gavin and also when she could on her own.

One day while she was alone in the shop, she was often left on her own now in the shop. It was quite and she was looking through the racks of clothes. There were new styles in. She particularly like a red low cut dress. She went to the rack and pulled down the biggest size. It was a size 7x in this particular style. She closed the door and slipped into the fitting room, She put on the dress and of course it was miles too big for her. She however said to herself, baby this dress someday I will you out in full and make it tight. She put the money in the till for the dress and brought it home. How she longed to fill that dress out.

Jenny continued with her eating and gaining routine over the following months. She continued to see Gavin of course and she was really beginning to like her new bigger size. She was also attracting a lot more attention from the guys in school but she had her man so she was happy.

Jenny continued to admire other big girls and guys and was always on the look out to the glimpse of big guys and gals. One day in the shop, she couldn't believe her eyes, a young big fat girl came into the store with her mother who was also a big women. Of course Jenny was only too eager to serve their needs. They had come in to buy the daughter a new dress for her school graduation. Jenny been of school age herself was very helpful in selecting a dress for this girl. Jenny assisted her into the changing rooms with a nice blue dress. Amanda, asked Jenny to stay with her to help her fit it on, which of course she was only too happy to oblige. Jenny couldn't believe the sight in her front of her. Amanda had a real huge belly which hung way out and definitely entered every room that Amanda went into first. Jenny's mind was doing over time, how she wanted to be that fat and even fatter. After the ladies had purchased the dress, Jenny immediately took a break, went down to the pastry shop and bought 6 chocolate donuts. She brought them back to the shop and slowly ate them one by one licking all the chocolate of her lips to make sure that every bite went into her expanding body. She could feel her belly growing. That experience of seeing such a beautiful young girl being so fat and sexy, she just went home, up to her room and ate a load of candy, chocolates and a gallon of mint chocolate ice cream, the fatter she was getting, the fatter she wanted to be.

Jenny increased her intake of food dramatically during those summer months and by the time she reached her sixteen birthday Jenny had managed to gain herself up to 232 pounds of lovely young fat. She had gained a whopping 60 pounds in the year since she was 15. Most of this weight gain had lodged itself on her belly. It now jiggled lovely as she walked and she carried all her weight with pride. Of course her sixteen birthday was celebrated by another massive meal with Gavin. Her parents had given up on her at this stage and began accepting that their young daughter was going to be a big girl but she had often had it out with them but at the end of the day, they couldn't really stop her.

Gavin was really enjoying his role of feeding his beauty and did everything he could to make sure his love got all the food and loving she needed. He of course had finished school and had started work at his parents convenience store. Of course he would always bring Jenny loads of food every day, boxes of chocolate, plenty of cookies. Jenny loved cookies too, especially chocolate chip ones and even better still double chocolate chip ones. It would be no problem for her to get through 10 or 12 huge chocolate chip cookies. They would often sit in and watch TV, together, with Gavin holding and cuddling his bulging beauty and of course helping her to bulge even more by feeding her chocolate and other tasteful delights.

Jenny was into her third wardrobe of clothes and having moving onto high school, she had truly become a big beautiful girl. She had began weighing herself weekly and keeping a diary of her weight gain. She would lay on her bed and rub her big belly, it was so soft and she loved to feel and rub it, to help all the food she would have just eaten, to help all that food settle into her big tummy. All that yummy food was to good in her tummy.

As well as her belly expanding, her butt and thighs were also of course much bigger as well as her chest. She was of course still a virgin but began having great feelings inside herself with every extra pound of fat she put onto her body.

One day in the early summer, she was looking through her wardrobe when she came across her old red bikini. It was about a year and half when she last used that one. Jenny stripped off out of her clothes. She slipped on the briefs of the bikini and they had no chance of covering her huge butt. She however managed to get them up over her butt but that material was so well stretched. The top part of course came no where near meeting on her, they was just no way she could possibly fasten that little thing over her massive boobs. She got so turned on, and exciting, she immediately went to the kitchen, took out a large cheesecake from the fridge and all it all, she was stuffed but so happy.

Jenny was still gaining weight right throughout the summer and by the time she was 17, Jenny weighed 280 pounds. Wow, she was beautiful but was no way near finished. She and Gavin were still together, although he wasn't gaining as such, he was making sure that his girlfriend was getting bigger and bigger all the time.

Jenny's 17th birthday was celebrated in style. Gavin held a huge party for her at his parents house as they were away in Europe on vacation at the time. Of course he made sure that there was massive loads of food available for everyone but of course especially for his ever expanding girlfriend.

Jenny got up the morning of the party which was a couple of days after her actual birthday so that it would fall on a Saturday evening. Jenny was working in the day and already had her daily amount of lavish fattening food throughout the day. She went home and got ready for the party. She took off her uniform from work and went to the bathroom. She stood there in bra and panties, her big belly free from clothing. It was by now massive and looked and felt absolutely gorgeous. She took off the remainder of her clothing and stepped into the shower. She was now finding it difficult to get in through the little door. She rubbed on plenty of soap and shower gel and covered her massive fat body and let the water run down over her. Jenny could no longer see her toes, there was simply no way past her big boobs and belly. She stepped out of the shower and got dressed for the party ahead. Gavin had bought her a new pair of Jeans. He loved her wearing jeans, her butt would stick out so much, her belly would be pushed up and well out over the top of them. She pulled on the jeans, up over her huge butt. It looked absolutely massive in the tight fitting jeans. She also put on a small red top which she had purchased from the shop that morning. She made sure that it just about fitted her. The writing on the shirt was very interested and the caption read clearly "Things underneath this shirt are bigger than they appear". She looked an absolute dream.

She had ordered a cab to bring her to the party, as Gavin was hosting for all the other guests. There were about 30 people invited to the session. As she walked out to the cab, she waddled with delight and was so looking forward to the big feeding session ahead.

She arrived at the party with delight. As she entered, most of the other guests were there already. Jenny made her way in and was welcomed by all her friends. There was good music playing and everybody was in joyous mood. They of course all had gifts for the lovely Jenny, mostly gift vouchers for clothes and cds. Most people had decided not to buy any actual clothing items as they all knew by now that Jenny was getting fatter and would only out wear any clothes quickly.

From the moment she arrived, Jenny was tucking into the food which lay in abundance on the huge table in the front room. She had a litre glass of coke poured for her. As she walked around meeting all her friends, she would be eating potatoes chips and plenty of cookies that lay around the place for people to nibble on. There were loads of such items placed all over the place for people to help themselves to.

Jenny took her final resting place on a chair at the front of the room by the main table. As she sat there, eating and talking, more eating than talking now you must remember. Everybody was having a great time and no body was noticing how much exactly Jenny was packing away. She kept on eating all before her, she managed to eat a whole plate of ham sandwiches, a large bowl of chicken nuggets as the hot food had now been dished out. She had also got to her second litre of coke. She felt so good, she could feel her body getting bigger, her belly was swelling no end and her jeans button was becoming to go under some pressure. But there was no stopping her now, she continued to eat and pack in the food. Gavin was looking on with delight. He was now sitting beside her. He watched on as his babe was making herself even more beautiful than she already was.

The party went on for a good few hours and by the time people were leaving and saying goodbye, Jenny found that she couldn't stand up. She had eaten so much, all she wanted to do was sleep. She was so full, she found it difficult to move. She had eaten so much. She eventually got up and went up to bed. She was staying with Gavin that night but in separate rooms. They had agree that a sexual relationship was not right just at the moment, for their own reasons.

Jenny lay on the bed, her belly was one big massive lump of fat, her boobs were swelled up too, they felt so heavy, each one must have weighed about 30 pounds each.

Jenny woke about 4 am and found herself feeling peckish. She got out of bed and went down the stairs. She was dressed in her nightshirt which clung to every curve of her body and what curves. There was loads of food left over after the party. The birthday cake was hardly touched at all. It was a huge sponge cake, piled with cream and strawberry jam through the middle and coated with full fat icing. She cut a slice from the cake and tasted it. It was like heaven. She managed to eat a quarter of the cake all washed down with yet even more coke. She went back to bed feeling full and satisfied.

Jenny continued working in the shop part time for the next couple of months until she decided to take up a job there full time. She was appointed assistant manager which meant for her less running around and even more opportunities for gaining excess weight. Here she was 17 and half years old, and weighing 302 fabulous pounds of fat. She yet again had outgrown most of her clothes and she was well on her way to filling out that size 7x dress she had bought previously.

It was summer again and Jenny was now working full time in the shop and really enjoying herself. Work was good, not too much running around and plenty more time for eating in the evenings, no more studying, just sitting around stuffing ones face.

One evening, she was at home on her own, she was really feeling hungry, so she ordered a pizza to be delivered. She ordered a family sized pizza with all the toppings, a two litre bottle of coke to go as well. She was at home alone, her parents were out and her sister was away at a sports event. She was dressed in a lovely white pair of shorts, which could barely fasten over her plump belly. Her butt stretched out every inch of the material and her belly was pushed out into a roll of lovely fat by the shorts which were too tight. A few months previously, they fitted her perfectly. She had a black T Shirt on, her boobs sticking out well too.

The door bell rang and she waddled to the door, her butt swaying from side to side as she walked. She opened the door, the delivery man was standing there with the huge box for her. She took the pizza and paid him for the pizza, she gave him a sweet smile and he smiled back. He watched in amazement as she took the box, he was admiring her beautiful big body and all that pizza for herself.

She retreated inside and put the pizza on the kitchen table. She poured herself some coke and sat down to gorge into the pizza. She was half way through her eating when she began feeling more pressure on her shorts. Soon the button was to fly off as she just about finished the last bit. She was so happy, her shorts were no longer of any use to her, a bigger pair was now required.

Jenny went upstairs and took down the size 7x dress, It still fitted comfortably, not fully filled yet. She was so happy, a few years earlier, her body was just devoured by all the material in that dress.

By the end of summer, Jenny was to 326 pounds and by the time she hit the magical 18, she weighed a whopping 354 pounds, a gain of 74 pounds since she 17, the largest gain of weight yet.

Well all of this was three years ago, Jenny is now celebrating her 21st Birthday, she has given up her job altogether, it was getting way too much like an effort Jenny was married to Gavin at 20, she weighed 504 pounds on her wedding day. She now spends all her time at home, eating and gaining more weight, and now at the age of 21, Jenny is a whopping 567 pounds of lovely fat. Her life is great, she doesn't get out much, too much of an effort. Gavin is looking after her real well and who knows how big this bulging beauty will get.

Here is a short history of Jenny's weight gain in the fabulous 7 years living life in the fat lane.

Year Age Weight Gain
1991 14 123
1992 15 172 49
1993 16 232 60
1994 17 280 48
1995 18 354 74
1996 19 426 72
1997 20 504 78
1998 21 567 63

Who knows where it will end, she is now absolutely lovely, she is out of this world