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Jenny's European Tour
by Beastie Boy

It was Jenny's 18th birthday party and all her family and friends gathered to see her off. You see ever since she was little she had loved to travel so as a present her parents had paid for her to go to Europe for the summer. Although she couldn't wait to be free, she was a little nervous about the change in cultures. Jenny was a really pretty girl and had always been of slim build. She said goodbye to everybody and headed for the airport. All she had with was a backpack full of clothes, a walk man, a couple magazines and her diary. She figured shed wait till she got over there and buy clothes to match the weather. That was one thing she didn't have to worry about....money. Her parents had given her over three thousand in travelers checks to see her through. As she boarded the plane she felt instantly excited about the unknown adventure that awaited her. Her plane landed in Paris some seven hours later and she collected her luggage and headed straight for the Eiffel Tower. She had heard of how beautiful it was at night and wanted to see for herself. When she got there she was speechless, it was intoxicating.

As she stared up at the lights in the night sky she heard a voice from behind her. "Beautiful isn't it?" came the voice of a tall dark stranger with a thick French accent. At first she Jenny was startled but then she thought "this is what traveling is all about, meeting people" so she replied. "Its the first time I've seen something so beautiful." "I know how you feel", said the man with a smile. He introduced himself as Marco and asked Jenny if she'd like to have dinner. Although Jenny wasn't used to eating this late she agreed to it because she secretly found Marco attractive. She figured it must be local custom and didn't want to be rude either so the two went to a small restaurant down one of the side streets in the city.

Once they got there the menu was in French so Marco took the liberty of ordering for both of them. They got a bottle of wine and Jenny asked all the questions she wanted to know about life in France. Soon they were starting their second bottle of wine when the food arrived. Jenny's eyes widened when she saw the amount of food Marco had ordered but rather than risk being rude just ate it all. There were an assortment of calorie laden shellfish, garlic bread, steak and potatoes, vegetables but the portions were huge!!!! She felt stuffed and bloated by the time she was done. She had to adjust her pants several times and finally just when Jenny thought she was going to burst the desert arrived......chocolate mousse!!!! She was so full but it tasted delicious and she managed to stomach the whole dish. The restaurant was also a hotel and she decided to get a room for the night. At this point it was around eleven thirty so she thanked Marco for dinner and they made a date for him to show her the sights the next day.

Jenny woke up to the sunlight bouncing through her window the next morning. That was funny she didn't even remember going to sleep the night before. She rolled over in bed and got up for a shower. She went to the lobby and had a little breakfast, she especially like the chocolate bread (she had three pieces), and met up with Marco who took her all over the city. They rode the Metro and he showed her the Louvre. By evening time they went for dinner again and again they drank wine and the portions were huge. Jenny figured it was just the French way of living so she just relaxed and enjoyed the conversation Before she knew it a month had passed and she and Marco were seeing each other all the time. They loved each others company but hadn't yet slept together. Jenny's lifestyle was changing, she was beginning to sleep late everyday and stay up late at night. But Jenny's lifestyle wasn't the only thing that was changing. All the extra food had taken its toll on Jenny's perfect ten figure.

Her original clothes she had brought with were starting to become too tight. This was the most obvious when she wore her belly top, which now was a BELLY TOP!

Her boobs had jumped a bra size to 36 C. Now her ass swayed from side to side when she walked and her thighs rubbed together when she walked. Her whole mid section resembled Jell-O due to all the jiggling as she strolled by. Her face was now much fuller than before with big fleshy cheeks and an emerging double chin. The funny thing was Marco didn't seem to notice because he kept telling her how beautiful she was and she was happier than ever.

The thing was she was planning to move on through out Europe so she decided that it was now or never................

to be continued