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Jenny's Webpage
By John M.

So we got this idea in our heads. Really weird, I know. But Lauren and I decided to start a webpage. A webpage to record my weight gain. You see, ever since I was little I dreamed of being fat. I loved to see it jiggle and bounce. I envied girls with plump little pot bellies and meaty thighs. I, ironically enough, wasn't fat at all. I didn't have an extra ounce on me. My family had always been pretty strict about my diet I suppose, and I swam in high school, so I never got the opportunity to gain.

I entered college weighing a whopping 105 pounds, and on my 5' 7” frame it didn't go far towards lending me womanly curves. I remember the last thing my mom told me before we said goodbye during orientation was, “Watch out for the freshman fifteen, Jenny. It could hit you like a ton of bricks if you're not careful.” Boy was she right.

I met my roommate a day later; she moved in on Saturday. I was aroused to say the least. I don't know whether you would consider me a lesbian or not, but I definitely love girls with a little meat on her bones. Lauren was about 5' 5”, 145 pounds. Not huge, but I could definitely see the outline of a belly under her red tank top. We hit it off right away, and spent almost all of our time together. Neither of us knew anyone else on campus, so we spent a lot of weekends just hanging out in our room watching movies and munching on junk food from the dining hall.

After a few weeks of heavy snacking and light exercise, I noticed something. I had put on a few pounds. Sure, I was only up to 109, but I could definitely see a tiny difference. When I mentioned it to Lauren, she gave me an odd look and said, “I can't really notice; you're still really thin. It's kinda too bad.”

I asked what she meant, and she insisted it was nothing, but I caught her eyeing me while I was dressing the next few days. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore, and asked her if she thought I should gain weight. She flushed and looked away.

“Jenny, you're beautiful...I just think you would be even prettier if you weren't so skinny. I'm sorry; I didn't want to say anything.”

She didn't need to apologize though; I was ecstatic. We talked about it some more and that's when we got the idea. She would help me put on some weight, and we would make a webpage to record it. Lauren was a whiz with computers, and she said it would be no problem to set up. I had a fancy video camera that I got for graduation, so we were pretty much all set.

We planned our first entry for that Friday night. Lauren told me to bring a bunch of food, and that she would take care of the rest. After my 3 o'clock class I stopped by the dining hall and bought three or four cheeseburgers, some fries, and three slices of chocolate cheesecake. When I got back to the room I found Lauren setting up the camera on her bed, so that it was facing my side of the room. I set the food down next to her and Lauren told me to get into something more revealing than jeans and a tee-shirt. I put on a swimsuit I had picked up at the beach that summer, and sat on my bed.

We started off pretty slow; Lauren just filmed me saying my name and talking about myself for a few minutes. Then she told me to take my clothes off. I wasn't exactly ready to get naked in front of a camera, but Lauren convinced me that it was necessary if we were going to “take accurate records.” I slipped out of the swimsuit and stood up. She had me spin around, and got shots of me from the front, back and sides. I stuck out and tucked in my stomach too.

While I was doing this I looked down at myself and noticed how thin I was. The outlines of my ribs could almost be seen even when I wasn't sucking in my stomach. My legs were thin and, in my opinion, pretty unattractive. My breasts were the worst though. I felt them with my hands and realized how small they were. My nipples stuck out as I stroked them, but I was ashamed at how skinny I was. The only part of me that I liked was my hair. It was shiny and light brown, and I kept it down to my shoulders.

While I was doing this, however; I lost track of Lauren. She had locked the camera on the tripod, and walked across the room with the food. I could tell she was excited; her nipples poked out from under her thin tee-shirt. She kissed me on the lips and told me to lie down on the bed. “Now it's time for the feeding,” she said.

She handed me the first cheeseburger and I ate it as fast as I could; I hadn't had anything since breakfast. While I was eating, she started stroking my stomach. It felt great, and I could feel my crotch getting wet. I finished the burger and started on the fries. I was getting a bit full though. After two sleeves of fries I wanted to give up.

I could feel my little stomach rise under Lauren's hand. She only handed me the second cheeseburger. I finished that too, but much slower, and I started sweating. I told her I needed to stop. She didn't say anything though, but her hand moved down to my crotch. It was wet and swollen by then, and it felt so good when she massaged it that I finished off the last of the fries and started on the first slice of cheesecake. My stomach was sticking out three or four inches, but I kept going on. I started to buck and moan while I started on the second piece, and I climaxed as I finished it. I couldn't eat anything else.

Lauren moved her hands back to my stomach and massaged it as I lay on my bed groaning. She told me to sleep, and said that I would feel better in the morning. Finally, I drifted off, and I ended up sleeping for nearly ten hours.

Ten weeks later:

It was time for the weekly web update again. Fridays nights had become the highlights of my life, but after the first Friday I had started eating heavily every day. Let's just say my body had changed a little. I had gone from 105 pounds to 170. Gone were the skinny chicken legs and flat stomach. Gone were my AA breasts. When Lauren had me pose naked in front of the camera for the tenth time I was a different person.

She started out with a frontal shot, as usual. As she filmed, I ran my hands along my body. I had thick love-handles now, and they were especially evident when seen straight on. My thighs had thickened too, and they rubbed together nearly to my knees. I then turned to the side. My stomach, or should I say my gut, had grown considerably since I first got to college. It stuck out from my body like a swollen balloon, and whenever I moved it shook and jiggled. Resting on my gut were my new breasts. I had moved up to a DD cup, and my breasts bounced when I walked. As Lauren filmed I grabbed the fat of my stomach and lifted it, and then let it fall down, a quivering mass of flesh. When I sucked in my stomach the ribs couldn't be seen anymore; I couldn't really suck much of my gut in anyway. My butt stuck out too, and served as a handy cushion whenever I sat down.

Today it was my job to eat more than I ever had before. Lauren had set the spread tonight. There were two cheeseburgers, a large pepperoni pizza, three milkshakes, a bucket of fries, and a gallon of ice cream. I can't remember much from that night; it's all a blur now. While I was stuffing food in my mouth Lauren rubbed my stomach, just like on the first night. This time it jiggled under her hand. She played with my pussy again, and as I came my whole body shuddered, sending ripples of fat waves bouncing along my figure. I ate and ate and ate that night. I do remember one thing for sure, though. I finished everything.