Weight Room Title Bar

Jennyís Ploy
by StoryWriter

Jenny awoke on a cold November morning feeling as though she hadnít slept a wink. She seemed this way all the time, tired. Smells greeted her from the kitchen as they did most mornings, eggs & meat frying up in a greasy pan, served to her by her husband Grant in large, steaming piles. The colder it got in St. Pauls, the more hot food he seemed to bring in every morning. She slowly rolled into a sitting position just as Grant walked through the door.

"Good morning sweetie!" he cooed. "Time for your pre-holiday brunch!"

"Oh no!" she thought. "Itís the day before Thanksgiving!"

It had become a tradition in their 3 years of marriage that Jenny would only weigh herself the day before Thanksgiving every year, then allow Grant to indulge in all his feeder fantasies over the holiday season up to Valentineís Day. Last year Jenny tipped the scales at 212 lbs, a 25 lb gain from the previous year. But Jenny knew that this year was bound to be a little more for two reasons. First, she had occasionally allowed Grantís encouragement get to her during the "offseason" & she hadnít exercised one iota over the past year. This coupled with what seemed like an endless appetite would surely have Jenny approaching 240, maybe even 250. It was so hard to gauge her weight because even though she was only 5í3", her weight was generally very well-distributed over her plumpening body. To make matters more difficult, Grant never let her outgrow clothing. When it seemed the least bit snug, her wardrobe was replaced with a much larger size. Everything but lingerie that is. Grant loved to watch her struggle in & out bras, panties, teddies & gowns that were tight on her in high school.

Jenny turned her attention to the breakfast at hand.

"Youíre starting early arenít you" quipped Jenny as she surveyed the dozen scrambled eggs & pound of bacon slathered in butter.

"Tis the season!" Grant replied cheerily.

It took her a while but Jenny eventually shoveled in the last of her brunch. Grant helped her maneuver her stuffed belly off the bed as they made their way down the hall to the ceremonial scale. Grant couldnít help but notice how Jennyís robe wouldnít even tie in the front anymore, as her belly & breasts pushed forth in all their glory. Her full paunch preceded her by a large margin with her heavy, hanging breasts not far behind.

Jenny prodded for the activation button at the base of the scale but she couldnít seem to locate it. Maybe it was because she couldnít see it with her belly in the way. "I didnít have this problem last year" she commented to herself.

Jenny lumbered onto the scale and waited for Grant to quote the readout as she seemed unable to see that either. She need only have looked at his boxers to get an idea of what was to come.

"AAAAAHHHHHHH YYYEEEAAAAHHHHHH!" Grant crowed as he bolted from the room.

"What did it say?" Jenny whined after him.

"See for yourself!" Grant replied.

Jenny tugged & twisted her stomach to the side so she could see the readout.


"That canít be right" Jenny prayed to herself.

She climbed off and got back on.


"Oh my God!" she shrieked. "Iíve gained over 75 pounds in one year! Thatís impossible! What am I going to do?"

Grant temporarily put his enthusiasm aside to comfort his now rapidly expanding wife. He assured her that she was only growing more beautiful with every pound. His loving words eventually led back to the bedroom where Jennyís concerns were cast aside by pure orgasmic bliss. The next day Grant & Jenny drove to the suburbs of Minneapolis for 4 days of Thanksgiving reunions with different members of their families. It was as though Grant had a psychic link with all of the grandmothers, aunts and mothers.

Every meal seemed to have more fattening selections than the last. With Grantís encouragement, Jenny ate & ate. He refilled her plate over & over with turkey, dressing, butter-soaked veggies, rolls & anything else he could squeeze onto her plate. Jenny was forced to wait until everyone else had left the dining room so Grant could help her rise from the chair with her overstuffed belly. Grantís favorite post-meal activity was to let Jenny have some dessert with her family in the den, then lure her into the guest bedroom to finish whatever pie, cake or pudding she had started.

Jenny spent the majority of the holiday leaning back, trying to make room for her taut stomach without drawing suspicious glances from her relatives.

Grant seemed to marvel at her gustatory feats but his awe did not stop him from continuing her feedings. Jenny had no recourse. When she would waddle to the kitchen for breakfast in the morning, Grant had already fed her a dozen biscuits covered by butter, gravy or syrup. By the end of the weekend, her largest dress was pulled tightly over her stomach, a condition Jenny had never encountered with Grant. A condition Grant was sure to never let happen again.

Upon returning home Grant presented Jenny with a brand new outer wardrobe. Jenny noticed that all of the clothes swallowed her like never before.

"You could fit two of me in some of this" Jenny quipped apprehensively.

"Soon that wonít be possible" Grant replied as he spread out a tray of pastries that would sate a sizable bridge club.

Jennyís only respite from Grantís feeding came at work but even there she felt the pangs of hunger wash over her.

She continued to snack on sweet treats even though she knew she was helping Grant fatten her up. She couldnít seem to stop.

Grantís post-work strategy never wavered. He would greet Jenny as soon as she lumbered through the door & lead her to her plush, padded recliner. Dinner often lasted upwards of two hours with course after course of pastas, meats & desserts that Jenny could not resist. If she was a "good girl" in Grantís opinion she would be rewarded with a one ring circus. This was Grantís version of climbing under her tent-like while she reclined & delighting her like not even the lions could.

Jenny would then be slowly led back to the bedroom where she would struggle out of her giant dress. Then Grant would watch with glee as the tattered remains of her undergarments fell in torn pieces to the floor. Even her newest bras & panties were succumbing to the 307 lbs of pressure being exerted on them. Grant wasnít sure what was more fun, watching her struggle into the shrinking lingerie or witnessing it fall futilely from her ballooning frame.

Jenny soon regretted having requested 2 weeks of vacation at Christmas because it began to pass in a caloric blur.

Jenny soon realized that Christmas was going to be a 2 week meal with few breaks for anything other than sleep or sex. Grantís present to himself was a second refrigerator/freezer combo that was soon fully stocked with enough goodies to keep Jenny sated 24 hours a day. She rarely left bed during these feeding orgies but when she did she began to notice some odd things about her burgeoning anatomy. Her thighs now met all the way to her knees and slightly beyond as they sagged towards the floor. When she walked, they didnít rub together rather they shifted back and forth on each other, never parting. No matter how wide she spread her legs for Grant her inner thighs spilled over her womanhood causing a new obstacle & exciting pressure.

Her belly now not only rested on her thighs but was beginning to exert quite a heavy weight, making her want to move her legs sideways to accommodate her drooping paunch. Sometimes when she would awaken during the night, her arm would be pinned uselessly to her side by a weighty breast causing her to have to shift the rest of her body to free her arms. She could only accomplish this feat if her stomach wasnít stuffed to bursting, temporarily holding her in place. Her elbows & wrists were slowly being covered with hanging arm flesh, impeding her motion from table to mouth.

All these struggles caused Grant great excitement & never failed to speed up the rate, quality & quantity of her feedings. Sometimes Jenny would awaken to darkness ( blindfold induced ), a warm buzz between her legs & the sweet taste of pastry in her mouth. These feedings seemed to go on for hours as Jenny lost track of time through all the calories, orgasms & soothing words of her husband. Grant finally had to return to work on December 31 so Jenny got a break to compose herself. She woke up late in the morning still feeling the effects of the previous nightís funnel shakes. She sleepily waddled to the bathroom where she decided to break her first rule. Pulling the scale out of the closet, she climbed on & held a mirror at just the right angle to see around her belly & breasts. She almost passed out when she saw her new weight flashing in red LCD panic :


The gravity of the situation began to settle on Jennyís mind & body. At this rate she would be over 400 lbs by summer & in all likelihood tipping the scales at over 600 by the time she turned 27 in less than 2 years. The "vicious cycle" her friend Kayla had been telling her about was beginning. The woman finally starts to gain weight quickly, her activity level drops, her metabolism grinds to a halt which causes even faster weight gain & so on & so on. Grant had also been hinting about her quitting her job next Christmas so she could focus on more "important" things. She thought he had meant children but she was starting to see that kids were the farthest thing from his mind.

"What am I going to do!" Jenny thought out loud as her stomach began to grumble, starting the dayís cycle.

Luckily (?) for Jenny, Grant was forced to spend lots of time at work during January. Business was picking up & Grant had to oversee the companyís growing pains. He compensated for his daily absence by waking up Jenny very early every morning to mouthful after plateful of breakfast delights. The bed restraints were very helpful in surprising Jenny & keeping her in place while Grant fed her. When Jennyís eyes rolled back in her head Grant knew it was time for her daily labial massage which he lovingly administered. After "completion" Grant would slowly feed her a dozen chocolate doughnuts cut into small bites. The heavy pastries were then washed down with a brimming cup of warm, whole milk. Jennyís system was so overwhelmed by this point that she would drift off aimlessly into a state somewhere between sleep & food-induced coma.

After being late for work 5 days in a row & missing the sixth all together, Jennyís boss switched her to second shift, much to her chagrin. Now she had to deal with the morning meal, her own impulses at work & getting home at 10 oíclock allowed Grant plenty of time to set up a caloric ambush upon her arrival home.

As January turned into February, Jenny again confronted the scale. Grant had put the scale on the floor of the walk-in bathroom closet. It had been slid under a low beam, out of reach.

Jenny slowly tried to lower herself but gravity was now her enemy. Her breast & belly weight pitched her sideways, landing heavily on her knee. She ended up sprawled sideways with her breast pinning her right arm down & her paunch wedged between two shelves. It took her nearly 30 minutes to extricate herself from closet bondage.

Drenched in sweat, knee aching, Jenny maneuvered herself into her weighing stance, mirror extended at an angle, belly shifted out of the way with her opposite arm. As the mirror panned down Jenny made more observations that she had never seen before. Pockets of fat were beginning to drip heavily from her thighs, obscuring her knee view from the back, front & side. Her right knee was also beginning to swell, bright-red & fluidy. She was even getting cellulite accumulation on her calves. Even her toes were beginning to resemble plump, overstuffed sausages. Finally Jenny focused on the readout.


"Almost 25 more pounds" she cried. "I have got to try something!"

Jenny painfully waddled over to the VCR & put in the Tae-Bo tape for "pregnant women & the elderly". She made it through about two preliminary stretches before the pain in her knee & the hunger in her belly won out. She made herself sandwiches for eight & slumped onto the couch wondering what on Earth she was going to do. She had three strikes against her : unrelenting hunger, too fat & hurt to exercise, & a husband who was affectionately fattening her to immobility. What could she do to slow down or stop the inevitable? Grant returned home at 9 pm, whistling a happy tune. He was surprised to see Jenny sprawled out on the couch, right leg elevated to comfort her volleyball-sized knee. Empty wrappers & cartons littered the floor beside her, evidence of her self-induced gluttony.

"What happened here?" Grant inquired with a twinkle in his eye.

"I tripped this morning & Iíve barely been able to get around. I even had to call in to work. I ate everything in the 2nd fridge but I canít get up to the kitchen" Jenny wailed.

"Interesting," Grant pondered to himself "there are only 3 steps leading up into the kitchen, & she canít manage.

Well this is happening faster than I expected. What a pleasant surprise." "Well we must get you to the doctor to check that knee" Grant stated with fatherly authority. "Everything else will have to wait."

Upon returning home form the All-Nite Medical Care Center, Grant began to feed Jenny dinner while telling her all his good news. He told her about the 25 percent raise he got with his new promotion.

"You wonít even have to work now!" Grant proclaimed with glee. He was quick to note the look of apprehension in Jennyís eyes.

"But donít worry honey, I already talked to your boss & he said they will have a replacement for you by the end of the month. Then you can stay home & focus on important things!"

Jenny knew good & well what the "important things" were; pounds being added to her already taxed frame.

Grant continued, "We must follow doctorís orders! Bedrest for 10 days until you can walk on that knee. Boy that sure does complicate my job. Good thing I have a little bonus time with my new promotion!"

Grant strolled off to fetch dessert while Jenny pondered the immediate future. "Ten more days of being stuffed & then I can go back to work & try to change the bossís mind about letting me go. If I stay here full time, there will be no escape! Iíll be bedridden by the New Year & then who knows!"

"Somebody broke a rule!" Grant called from the bathroom.

Jenny felt her heart catapult into her throat as Grant confronted her, scale in hand. OH NO! In her pain & disbelief she had forgotten to put the scale back. But surely he wouldnít remember......

"This is a violation of our sacred agreement" Grant snidely proclaimed, "Iíll just go fetch it for verification."

Jenny & Grant had made a pact long ago that if either of them violated the "feeding period" rules & guidelines, the other would receive 3 wishes that must be granted by the other. At the time Jenny had been sure Grant would crack first. How could he deny his primal feeder instincts for nine months out of the year? Much to her surprise he had & so had she until recently. What would he wish for?

He only stated his first wish. It was all that needed to be said, the one thing Jenny did not want to hear.

"The feeding of Jenny shall now be extended to year-round unless some alternate arrangement can be reached, which I highly doubt" Grant slyly purred. "So how big are you, Kitten?"

"350 pounds." Jenny stated in her most pitiful tone to date.

"That will soon be a distant memory, my sweet!" was the triumphant reply.

Grant took full advantage of Jennyís temporary incapacitation. She began to feel like a human piñata as Grant filled her to capacity every hour on the hour. Now that their secret agreement was broken, Jenny began to see that she was going to become much fatter, very quickly, unless she could find a way to sway Grantís endless feeder tendencies.

What were his goals? What did he ultimately want? She pondered these questions & others in the brief breaks between sex & her stuffings.

She remained in bed or on the couch 99 percent of the next 2 weeks. Even with a healthy knee she would have been taxed to arise with her full, heavy belly. She watched in utter panic as what seemed like hundreds of tiny, red stretch marks began to appear, widening & pulling farther every day. She knew that the next trip to the scale would be harrowing. Never before had she eaten this much food in such a short period of time with so little activity to burn off the debilitating calories. She wasnít even allowed to move around during their frequent sexual encounters, her multiple orgasms leaving her drained & helpless to Grantís loving culinary skills.

Grant was a busy man for two reasons. Keeping his Jenny sated was one, but he also seemed to be preparing for something else. Every day he would bring in bags of food from various grocery stores & specialty food shops but Jenny wasnít seeing any of them make it to her plump lips. Grant wouldnít entertain any questions about the mystery food other than to say that she was going to have a very "special" Valentine surprise. Jenny knew this surprise might be the coup de grace, the final push to separate her mobile self from her immobile future. One giant, endless meal that she might not be able to walk away from. She saw it coming with a strange, exciting dread.

The morning of the 14th, Grant woke Jenny up very early.

"Time to get ready for work!" Grant prodded with glee. "Got to make your last day of work a good one."

Jenny tried to rise from their king-size bed but she was still laden with her 5 am feeding. Grant watched her struggle for about 10 minutes before he helped her up with his free hand. Jenny tried to walk normally to the bathroom but she found this task impossible. Her joints ached from inactivity, her balance was in shambles from all her newly acquired bulk & she began to survey her dimensions in the mirror. Her stomach now hung to mid-thigh with two immense breasts propped on top & jutting sideways due to their sheer pulchritude. Her elbows were a distant memory, her wrists were soon to follow suit under a cascade of upper arm flab. Her butt stuck out like a huge, dimpled shelf, defying gravity. Her legs were not so magical. They seemed to be melting under heavy pockets of waxy cellulite, thighs crashing together & spilling down over her knees. Her calves were melting over the tops of her feet. Her face showed her bulk the least, but even it was beginning to puff up & sag ever so slightly.

Jenny finally composed herself & began the slow virginal slumber to the bathroom. Grant followed along like a horny puppy waiting for a treat. That treat came to fruition when Jenny stepped up onto the scale. When Grant saw the new readout he was overcome with pure, sexual bliss, he turned back to the bedroom to finish what the inanimate scale had started. No matter how much she pulled, wiggled or positioned, Jenny could not see the readout. She waited patiently for his triumphant return even though her overburdened frame screamed for her to sit & relax. Grant returned & uttered :

"388. By the end of this special night you will weigh 400 pounds!"

Jenny gasped but quickly overcame her fear. She must get dressed & get to work. There was only one card left for her to play & it was a longshot. She waddled as quickly as she could back to the bedroom to get dressed. When she finished the 80 foot waddle she almost passed out. "Oh my God, I canít believe Iím this big & out of shape", she thought.

She began trying to put on her bras but none of them would reach in the back or contain her breastflesh in the front.

Grant refused to help, delighting in the struggle. Finally she decided to go braless & began pulling on panties. The few pairs she had left each began to rip, tear, strain & fall to pieces as she tried to fit them over her newly fattened hips, thighs & ass. Again she decided to go without & put on a long, tentdress that was much more snug than the last time she had worn it. She slipped on her sandals & headed for the door.

"I canít wait to give you this eveningís surprise, my darling!" Grant cooed after her.

"Maybe youíll get a surprise of your own!" replied Jenny with a slight wink that Grant didnít quite understand.

The second Jenny left for work Grant began to prepare Jennyís Valentine superfeast. He had been buying the most exotic & fattening treats he could find from all the cityís best bakeries, grocers & specialty shops. It boggled his mind to think about how many calories he would be stuffing into his beloved wife, how many luscious pounds it would add to her burgeoning frame. Her non-stop meal would begin in the living room with appetizers & drinks to relax her & set the mood. The next phase would take place in her lush, double recliner where she could laze about while being filled with sinful delights. Then just before she couldnít walk on her own due to her stuffed condition, she would be led to the bedroom for a dessert menu that went on for days. An extended stay in bed with a ful-"filling" future.

Grantís preparations were winding down about 4 pm when the doorbell rang. "Iím not expecting anyone & Jenny wonít be home for a while, who could that be?" he mused.

He peered out the peephole but to no avail.

"Who is it?" he asked but he was greeted with silence.

Finally Grant opened the door. He couldnít have been more surprised by what he saw.

Standing on the porch was the most incredible female specimen he had ever laid eyes on. She stood about 5 feet tall, slightly shorter than Jenny. Her hair was raven-black, shoulder-length. And she was huge. Gloriously corpulent.

Massive. Every inch of her body was padded with scrumptious femininity. She wore a giant, red "dress" T-shirt that you wouldnít find in any normal store. Her red pants resembled sweatpants only the crotch connecting the legs bridged across about three inches below what used to be her knees. Red flats looked as if they had been spray-painted to cover her sausagy feet. Deep black eyes looked into Grant & red puffy lips parted saying "Invite me in Grant, we have a lot to discuss."

"S-ss-ss-sure", he stammered, still stunned at the appearance of this mystery woman, a representative of so many of his lifelong fantasies.

"Well step aside then & play the gracious host" she stated.

Grant tried to collect himself & limit his lechery. "Of course, please come in Ms............."

"Karl. Kayla Karl."

"You must be the Kayla that works with my Jenny, right?"

"You got it."

"So what are you doing here?" Grant asked, still dumbfounded.

"Seeing as how we are both adults Grant, Iíll be blunt. Jenny tells me you are fattening her up & we think you need to slow down or stop all together. Iím coming to the aid of my friend & I wonít take NO for an answer."

"Damn", thought Grant, "I hope Jenny isnít this open with all her friends. Especially if they are anything like this one."

"What gives you the right to meddle in our business?" Grant spewed. "Why should I listen to you?"

"Now calm down Grant. Save your venom until after I tell you why I am qualified to intervene. Can we sit down & talk?" Kayla prodded.

"Alright. Iíll listen. Would you like something to drink?"

"That would be lovely. Zima if youíve got it."

Grantís walk to the kitchen gave him time to calm down & begin to think about the situation. Why would Jenny send this immense woman to talk to me about this? What is the point?

Grant returned with the drinks & sat with Kayla taking in her body more carefully this time around. She was much larger than Jenny with her bulk evenly proportioned all over her frame. She was almost spherical with every part of her body heavy with fat. Watermelon breasts, barrel thighs, hanging Jello stomach, round face, multiple chins, inflated arms from fingers on back. She was the total package.

"Okay Kayla, what do you have to tell me?"

"Here goes. Iíve always been a big girl. When I went to college I weighed about 225 lbs. I had been carrying it for a while so it didnít bother me like it would most girls. I was with the in-crowd & I liked to party. One night my freshman year I met a coed named Trey. We hit it off instantly & we began dating. It soon became clear that Trey preferred larger women but it never seemed I was large enough for him. I loved & tried to gain some weight but after 6 months & only 15 pounds, he grew bored, his eye wandered & he dumped me for a 275 pound sorority girl.

She surprised him at Christmas by showing off her newly liposuctioned physique & he went berserk, flying into a violent rage. His actions got him thrown out of school & out of my life."

Kayla took a long sip of her drink & continued :

"The next couple of years passed & I immersed myself in schoolwork trying to block out the pain of a broken heart. Only one aspect of my relationship with Trey remained & grew, my appetite. The aftereffects of our relationship would have pleased him no end if he had stayed. My metabolism slowed down, my weight began to climb, my physical activities were few & far between. By the time I graduated I was up to 350 lbs but it didnít really faze me. I got a good paying job, my own place & life was going fine. Then everything got even better when I met Tony at a charity fundraiser. He was a computer programmer with his own software development company & he treated me like a queen. I knew he was attracted to heavier women, you had to be to date me! But he never pressured me to gain, not directly anyway. He took me to fine restaurants, brought me thoughtful treats almost daily & basically worshipped the ground I walked on. In two more years I was probably going on 500 lbs & Tony delighted in my size, & I delighted in his attentions. But even as much as he cared for me, I always noticed whenever he would see a REALLY big woman how his eyes would light up with desire, just like yours did when you met me at the door."

"No they didnít....I...." Grant stammered.

"Sure they did. Now keep quiet, this isnít easy. I decided to gain enough weight to where Tony wouldnít have to fantasize about others, I would be the dream. I shared my desires with him & he accepted my decision with zeal.

The next year was blissful. I was the beautiful princess & Tony was my providing prince. All was well until one day when I was let go by my employer. She told me I no longer seemed to care about upholding her companyís image & that she doubted I was going to be doing much of anything for too much longer. I was stunned & hurt. Was I that big & unacceptable? How large was I? Tony never made numbers an issue so I hadnít weighed in a long time. I had been noticing that my mobility was becoming hampered but the thought of what she suggested had never entered my mind. Tony & I loved to do things together & my size would not be an issue.

I was sure that if I told him of my fears, he would help me regain my lost vigor. That night I told him that I wanted to weigh myself. He was surprised but he took me down to his office & weighed me on the trucking freight scale. 675. 675. 675. The numbers echoed in my head as Tony made passionate love to me that night. This was all moving too fast. I canít get this fat this fast.

I asked Tony if we could put a hold on my gaining & he said that would be fine, as soon as you start a new job weíll renew your pool membership & get you eating better. I didnít even realize my membership had expired. 7 months earlier. I hadnít done my favorite activity in 7 months. How long has it been for Jenny, Grant?"

"Uh...well... Iím not exactly sure what she likes to do...." he fumbled.

"Oh, shut up. It was a rhetorical question. It was difficult to find a job at my size. Tony seemed to be focusing more & more on my eating or to be more specific, my feedings. He was taking a growing interest in feeding me. The portions got larger & larger. More & more fattening. It was getting harder & harder for me to drag myself out of bed to hunt for a job. I became fatigued quickly, even more so after one of Tonyís frequent stuffings. My wardrobe began to shrink as I outgrew items left & right. Shopping was too tiresome, too expensive. I spent most of the day in bed, eating then I would spend most of the night being fed. Tony loved watching me burst out of pants, shirts & underwear as I became fatter & fatter. Soon I didnít have anything to wear although I think Tony just did away with a lot of my clothes. I knew I was in trouble when Tony bought a freight scale for the bedroom & began to weigh me daily. Just walking across the room was becoming a slow, torturous chore. 770. 793. 804. 817. 842. I kept getting fatter. Tony finally moved the scale bedside & installed a huge lavatory bedside so I wouldnít have to walk at all, even if I could. One morning after he weighed me, 856, he went off to work after only partially feeding me.

Usually he left me too stuffed to move, almost too full too breathe. But this morning I was still hungry & my appetite could not be denied. I struggled to my feet. I hadnít risen unaided in a couple of weeks. My balance was terribly off but I eventually stabilized. I began the adagio lumber to the kitchen. I was frightened by my size. It took all my strength to lift one foot an inch off the ground & move it forward six inches, my walk to the bedroom door took what seemed like forever. I had to squeeze sideways through the door, my girth spanning & surpassing the doorway.

After frequent rest stops & numerous near-faintings I had made it to the kitchen period. It was even difficult to open the fridge with all my blubber blocking the way. Then I noticed some odd things in the fridge, it had been weeks since I had set foot in the kitchen. Buckets of chocolate-flavored weight gainer lined the freezer. Chocolate milkshakes my ass! On the counter beside the fridge I found a bottle of prescription pills. Musculo-atrophynol. He wasnít just trying to fatten me to immobility, he was trying to rob me of my strength to carry all that flab as well.

And apparently from the few pills left in the bottle & my exhausted state, he was doing an excellent job. My former bossís words came rushing back. I now knew exactly what she meant. She might have even fired me at Tonyís behest. I picked up the phone to call my only friend in town, Paula. We lived out of walking distance, at least for me in my naked state, of neighbors & I knew she could be trusted. She never liked Tony. The phone was dead. I trudged into the den to use that phone. Dead. Was I a prisoner in my own home? Tony used the phone all the time, from where? HIS STUDY! Which happened to be up a flight of stairs. That took me 3 hours to ascend in my fattened & near-immobile state. The door was locked. I leaned against it in despair. Then BLAM! Apparently my weight was plenty enough to break down the door but the surprise sent me sprawling. Luckily the desk was low & I could reach the phone from my side. I called Paula & she assured me she would bring help & rescue me. Tony probably didnít think I could get out of bed, fit through the door & climb the stairs to save myself & he was almost right! So what do you say now?"

"That was an incredible story, Kayla!" Grant exclaimed, his member nearly exploding. Luckily he had a pillow over his crotch. "But what does it have to do with Jenny & myself?"

"Donít you get it?" Kayla was exasperated. "You two are headed down the same path & I know Jenny doesnít want to be immobilized & I donít think you understand the power that you wield over her & how itís growing every day.

You may think you can control it but soon it takes over. Youíll do anything to watch your fantasy girl get fatter & fatter, more & more helpless, more & more dependent on you. Eventually youíll crave it & get off on it at Jennyís expense & she loves you too much to say NO!"

"Oh my God! I didnít know Jenny felt so trapped by my fetish. Kayla you must understand, I love my wife & I wouldnít do anything to harm her like that. I didnít know your situation is where my feederistic path led. Jenny & I will find a way to balance her happiness with my desires. We will find a compromise."

"That sounds great, Grant." Kayla said, feeling relieved. "I hope the two of you work it out."

"There is only one small issue left to discuss, Kayla, and I need your help to remedy it..." Grant started.

"Iím all ears, darliní."

"Thatís not all you are!" thought Grant, quickly choosing his next words. "I have an odd situation here, Kayla. I am willing to compromise with Jenny but I am still left with the problem of abandoning my greatest fantasy."

"Oh, and whatís that?" Kayla responded with interest.

"I have always wanted to feed a supersized woman, like yourself, at least once in my life. I was hoping Jenny would be that woman but that seems impossible now. I have spent hundreds of dollars preparing for Jennyís Valentine feast but it seems all that delectable food is going to go to waste unless........."

"I eat it" Kayla nodded knowingly. "Jenny suspected you might pull something like this. But guess what Grant, Iím going to take you up on that feeding for a few reasons. First, it will keep all that food out of Jenny. Second, I donít think you are half the feeder you pose as & Iím going to show you up. Third, Iím really hungry, I do still have to power a 660 body you know. And lastly, I havenít had a good feeding in a loooonngg time. So are you up to living out your little fantasy for the first & last time, Grant?"

"Iíll get the first round of appetizers....." Grant called back on his way to the kitchen.

Grant returned & escorted Kayla to a heavily padded double recliner & made sure she was settled & comfortable. He then set up folding tables in a semicircle around her with a padded chair on the left & right for him to sit on. The next site Kayla saw made her mouth water, her brow sweat. Grant came out of the kitchen with tray after tray of the most deliciously sinful food that she had ever laid eyes on. Chocolate covered truffles, breaded meats & cheeses, fruits dripping in thick syrup & enough wine to floor a Frenchman. There was so much more than that but her senses were overwhelmed & focusing on specific foods became difficult. Grant would prop one tray to her left & right while he alternated sides, helping her reach the goodies he had so carefully prepared.

Kayla ate with gusto, as if she hadnít indulged in a long time. Her hands quickly became sticky, her lips & mouth colored with sauces. Grant made sure the trays were always full & he filled in when Kaylaís arms seemed to grow weary from lifting. He was amazed at the sheer volume she consumed in such a short time. What would have taken Jenny hours, Kayla wiped out in a third of the time with little sign of slowing down. The pounds & pounds of appetizers that Grant expected to last well into the evening were exhausted by 7 pm. Kayla rubbed her belly, licked her fingers & sipped her wine in a way that said "Is that all youíve got?"

"Are you ready for the entrees?" Grant asked, already knowing the defiant answer.

"Thatís all the appetizers? Well, if we must move on...." Kayla sighed.

Grant now knew why he had dreamed about this moment for years. This was a challenge. She didnít believe he could sate her, fill her to the brim & beyond. This was his Mt. Everest & he had barely begun to climb.

The selections that Grant brought were ridiculous in their quantity & caloric value. Pounds of meat cooked every way imaginable, marinated in the most fattening butters & oils he could find. Potatoes slathered in butter, cheese, bacon & sour cream. Mounds of steaming pasta covered in heavy sauces. Thick, hearty soups by the quart, meant to top off Kayla if he could push her that far. She attacked this monstrous array of delectables with no regard for manners or appearance. Silverware was obsolete in her frenzy. Her front soon became littered with the crumbs of opponents devoured but her pace rapidly declined, not from fullness but rather from arm fatigue. Grant quickly stepped in & resumed the stuffing at an even faster rate bringing groans of pleasure & surprise from Kayla. "Maybe he is pretty good at this.." she silently mused. She had already surpassed any amount that he had ever forced into Jenny & she wasnít showing signs of slowing down. Then Grant began to notice some things as she was down to the last few pounds & trayfuls of steak, lobster, veal & pasta. Kaylaís breathing was becoming shorter & more rapid with her breasts bouncing more & more. She kept shifting lower & back in the chair, slouching into a prone position trying to make more room. At 11 oíclock Grant got what he had been waiting hours to hear.

"Can you help me loosen some of these clothes, Grant. Theyíre getting a little tight through the middle" Kayla said sheepishly.

But Grant saw the chance to take advantage of her momentary weakness. "Not until youíve finished all of your dinner. Then we will see about making you more comfortable."

"Come on Grant, I need some extra room!"

"Not until youíve done as I ask."

Kayla tried to squirm her way to a sitting position & adjust her confining garments but she didnít realize just how much she had eaten. There was no way she could get up under her own power, her belly was too heavy & it pressed her back into the chair. Grant began cutting larger & larger pieces, putting them between her plump lips, jaws aching from overuse. Kayla groaned with every swallow, trying to rub her overtaxed paunch but Grant put her hands under weighty pillows, encasing her in the chair. He started using both hands, stuffing more in before she had finished with the previous mouthful, covering her front with large chunks of food that he gathered up & restuffed until it was gone.

Kayla began to sweat profusely as her belly cried out for relief. She closed her eyes & tried to concentrate on swallowing. Finally as she began to drift off into a quiet place, Grant broke into her thoughts "All done with dinner. What can I do for you while you get ready for dessert?" Kayla couldnít even fathom the thought of dessert but she realized that she should try & make the best of it.

"I need to loosen my clothes & get more comfortable, please. I need help, I can barely even breathe."

"So how am I doing so far?" Grant inquired, already knowing the answer.

"You are better than I thought. You win. I should be going." she said.

What time was it anyway?

"I donít think youíre going anywhere except where I tell you Ms. Kayla. We have an agreement. As Jenny told you, Iím big on agreements & fulfilling them."

Kayla knew he was right. "So help me up." she implored.

It took a while to maneuver Kayla to her feet but once he did, Grant was impressed by the site. Her shirt was stained from chin to knee, her belly hanging lower than when she had arrived. The look in Kaylaís eyes screamed defeat but the game was not over. Grant slowly led Kayla down the hall stopping often for her to catch her breath.

"I donít know....if Iíve....ever.....been......this full..." Kayla panted, feeling the strain of the long walk.

"Oh just wait until later, my dear" and Kayla instantly understood what he meant when they turned into the bedroom.

The bed was surrounded by countless desserts of every type. It could take days to eat all of it. Kayla knew she was going to be fed like never before the next few hours, filled past her limits. She knew she would leave Jennyís house heavier & fatter than when she arrived. This idea frightened her but it also brought an unexpected feeling that she hadnít felt in a long time, pure lust. She knew that Grant was going to stuff her senseless & that she was powerless to stop him in her condition. She could feel herself become instantly wet with anticipation, her thighs sliding over one another much easier now. Kayla was torn between wanting & not wanting the same thing to happen. It was almost more than she could stand.

Grant began to quietly undress Kayla, loosening her garments slowly, caressing the areas where they dug into Kaylaís bountiful flesh. He slipped her shirt over her head, gently worked her sweatpants down, allowing her to ponderously step out of them, barely lifting her massive legs. Grant noticed her bra was too small to properly contain her mountainous breasts, evidence of something Grant was becoming an expert on. "Youíve been getting fatter lately, havenít you dear Kayla?"

She responded by slowly nodding her head, eyes closed, lips parted, uttering a low moan as Grant carefully unhooked her bra, tracing its lines on her back & sides.

"So are we feeling more...or less... confined now, Kayla?" Grant purred in her ear as he softly ventured his hands over & under her breasts, marveling in their weight. Her nipples hardened as if chilled even as sweat trickled between her breasts, hot to the touch. He used a tiny pair of sewing scissors to artfully snip away her panties, noticing the abundance of feminine wetness. He explored the underlying areas of her hips, rear & belly as Kayla began to wobble, her flesh rippling like waves under Grantís expert touch. The tightness of her panties led to him saying :

"Youíve been getting MUCH fatter recently, havenít you Kayla? These didnít fit 50 pounds ago did they?" Her guilty, side-to-side head motion said more than any words. "I think itís time you got even more of what youíve been wanting & I get to live out the second part of my fantasy, to make love to an immense woman like you who I have personally filled to my satisfaction."

With the word "satisfaction" Kaylaís knees began to buckle. Grant strongly guided her onto a well-arranged mountain of pillows & Kayla sank into the bed, unable to do anything else. "But....what about........Jenny......" Kayla whispered, her voice dulled by her passions.

"Itís like you said, dear, itís only once, youíll be doing a favor for a friend. Itís the least you can do to assure our happiness, and your own."

Kayla had neither the strength or the desire to argue as Grant positioned her in the plush menage of pillows. He began to feed her small chocolates as he massaged her breasts, moving down to & under her stomach, snaking a path to the source of Kaylaís heat & desire. His long arms had no trouble reaching & his nimble fingers had no trouble inching Kayla towards meltdown. As her breathing became short & shallow, both of his hands moved faster, stuffing chocolates between her lips & setting her feminine lips on fire as he parted them & slowly circled her pleasure center.

As she approached eruption, Grant was literally shoveling handfuls of treats into her panting mouth, her climax catapulting her into a temporary slumber. She drifted in & out of torpor. She only knew that Grant continued to feed her but she couldnít pinpoint what she was swallowing. All her senses could tell her was that it was sweet, sinful & that there didnít seem to be an end in sight. Sometimes she would drift in to see Grant suckling her breast, kneading it like dough. Other times she would feel him inside her, bringing her over the top again & again. Her physical strength seemed nonexistent while her sexual energy seemed boundless. In the midst of the final push, Kayla felt as though Grant was pushing cake into her mouth with both of his hands as he also brought her off with his warm lips but she was too enraptured to make sense of it. Kayla groggily opened her eyes as tiny beams of sunlight danced on her eyelids. Her head had lolled to the right & she noticed that all the trays on that side of the bed were empty, cleared of their wares. She suddenly realized where she was & the problems therein. She tried to sit up but she couldnít rise nor could she gather her arms behind her to help. She turned her head even farther to the right & saw a thick, padded black strap around her fat wrists. Labored motion revealed to her that her left wrist was in the same predicament. Her inability to move her legs & the pressure on her ankles told of their fate. She was tied in Grantís bed! "Grant! Grant! Get in here & untie me!" she yelled, noticing the sugary coating on her lips, evidence of the previous nightís gluttony.

"Youíre awake!" said Grant cheerily as he carried in a tray full of the smells of bacon & eggs. "You must be famished after all you went through last night!"

"Untie me! We had a deal & itís over! Jenny is going to catch us! I canít believe she hasnít already!"

"No no, we wonít be untying you until you are too fat to need binding. We canít have you running, ha!, waddling off now can we? I canít wait to take care of you, feed you & pleasure you well into your immobility..." Grant rambled as he prepared to feed Kayla. "This is the third part of my fantasy, parts one & two never end!"

Kayla was becoming impatient & angry. "This isnít right! Last night was wonderful but itís over! Jenny would never approve of what we did or how youíre treating me!"

"Well now I wouldnít say that........" came a familiar, feminine voice from the doorway, holding a SlimFast shake in her plump hands.