Weight Room Title Bar

Jessica Fills Out
by Jigglelover

Jessica walked into the room and everybody just stared. It was her astoundingly beautiful body that they just couldn’t get enough of. She had always been quite skinny weighing in at just under 115 pounds. Jessica would probably weigh even less if her amazing breasts weren’t so big. They were so huge that you can’t help but stare at them when they or actually she bounced into the room. Because she was so thin and had breasts so large her body looked quite disproportionate and gave the allusion that she was even slimmer than she actually was.

Jessica liked the fact that her big chest grabbed the boy’s attention and she liked to wear tight shirts to show them off. Of course her breasts got the boys attention but everyone thought that she looked like a she was going to fall over because her tits were so big yet she was such a twig. Jess cried herself to sleep many nights because of what these boys said about her stick thin body. Why can’t I have proportions just like everybody else? she would think.

Trevor would walk down the hall each day and check out beautiful Jessica each day as he was going to class. She had such a nice body but she was to skinny for his liking. Oh well he would think, he could always dream. Trevor was an FA and always preferred a little meat on his women. One day Trevor was late for class when he saw a girl crying in the hallway. As he came closer he recognized those mammoth boobs who could belong to no one but Jessica. He came up and as soon as she saw him she grabbed him and squeezed him tightly, pushing her huge tits right through his chest, an instant erection arose in Trevor’s pants. As he walked her to a place near the gym where they could talk they introduced themselves. “Hi, I’m Jessica, I’m sorry I’m crying so much, those boys are so mean.” “Nice to meet you, my name is Trevor, What happened, why are you so upset?” “I really don’t know, some time is think having a nice body is a curse. I’m so skinny and my boobs are so huge that it’s to the point that they get in the way. I’m so disproportionate that it’s disgusting. I eat but I can’t seem to gain any weight I don’t know what I’m doing wrong?” Trevor looked her up and down.

From those huge tits to those skinny calves there has to be so fat potential in there some where he thought. “Let me see your stomach” he said. She looked at him and reluctantly lifted her shirt. Trevor looked for a second and then felt her tummy with his hand. He then pinched a small roll of fat from her thin waist. “Hey that tickles” she giggled. As she laughed her huge breasts jiggled in unison. “If you would like to fill this out a little I’m think I could help you” as he patted her tummy. “Yeah” she said with a curious smile on her face as she noticed the large hard on he had developed in his jeans, “I think that would be fun, call me tonight.” As Trevor left school that night he could only imagine the changes that Jessica’s body would under go over the next year.

When Trevor came over to Jessica house that night, her parents had left for the evening and her sister was away on a trip. “O.K. first thing we have to do is some paperwork so we can keep track of our...oh I mean your progress.”

Jessica nodded as she looked at the three bags that he had carried in and set on the table. “First get up on this scale and lets see how much you weigh.” The needle spin around and finally landed on 114. “That looks about right” she said with a proud smile. “Yeah we’ll have to work on that,” he said laughing. “Now for measurements.” As he rolled the tape around her she came very close to him. “Hips 33...waist 23...chest... whoa 44”. She looked into his eyes and whispered “can you fed me to make my body look nicer?” in a soft pouting voice. Trevor cock almost shot through his pants. “Oh I think that can be arranged.”

Jessica went and did as Trevor said and put on the tightest shirt and jeans that she had on. She then sat down next to him at the kitchen table where he was preparing what seemed like a meal for an army. “We’ll start out slow, here eat these two Whoppers as while I ask you some questions.”

Jessica wanted to do well for Trevor and she ferociously dug into the fatty hamburgers. “Do you like to eat?” he asked her. “It’s O.K. but I was always afraid of getting fat,” she replied with a mouth full of food. As she finished off the two burgers, Trevor handed her a whole cherry cheesecake and a fork that she threw to the ground. She picked up the cheesecake and ate the whole thing by hand. Three hours later Jessica and gone through, 4 1/4-pounders, 2 Whoppers, 4 Big Macs, one cheesecake and a Gallon of chocolate milk. Her slim waist was becoming soft and chubby right before Trevor’s eyes. While eating her stomach ballooned at least 6 inches and ripped her tight jeans. Her shirt that fit her massive tits like spandex ripped right off exposing her big jugs. Trevor lay on top of her rubbing her distended belly and sucking on her awesome tities. From time to time he would reach his finger between her legs and pleasure her. She fell asleep hours later too full and exhausted to move her growing body. Trevor went home and rested as well he had a long day of feeding tomorrow.

Before Trevor went to Jessica’s house the next day he stocked up on as many fat-laden snacks as he could find. Buckets of chocolates, candy bars cakes, cookies and candies, anything to fatten up Jessica fast. As he walked up the driveway he could see that Jessica had slipped into her skimpy bikini and was lying out to get some sun. She had also decided to bring out a few bags of grease filled chips and was smothering them in chip dip. As he neared she said to him, “I decided to start without you today, look!”

Trevor looked to her stomach where she was pointing. It was all staring to work. Where once was a flat rock hard stomach lay a soft roll of fat, pure fat. It hung right over her bikini bottoms. “I’ve been stuffing myself all morning, I don’t know if I can eat another bite.” Trevor then glanced to the ground next to her lawn chair, it was true, there were candy wrappers, empty bags of chips, whole pizza boxes, and hamburger wrappers lying all over. “No, you’ve got a great start, but you’ve really got to keep going.” Trevor helped her inside to the couch; she had trouble moving after stuffing her face all morning. As her helped her he noticed some rather large love handles forming on Jessica sides. From behind he noticed that her butt, that was once tight and small, was beginning to grow rapidly. It constantly jiggled when she moved, it was also fitting very tight in her bathing suit. At this point he thought she would be busting out of that thing in no time.

As she sat on the couch Trevor began to cook up fattening courses of meals very quickly. He started feeding them to her one after another and she just kept piling the food in saying, “feed me more” every time. Hour after hour more food came out of the kitchen and into her bottomless pit. When Trevor came back into the room after he had run out of food he saw Jessica sitting there munching on a whole apple pie smothered in whip cream. She finished the pie and staggered to her feet. Trevor couldn’t believe what he saw.

“How do I look?” she asked. As she stood there her new potbelly hung over her bathing suit. It looked as if it was going to rip right off of her. Her sides, which were once described as skinny, were now home to rolls of fat. Trevor walked over to her and poked her stomach. “Were looking a little chubby here I would say.” He walked around to the back and was absolutely shocked. He butt was now about three times the size that it used to be. There were stretch marks all over it. The poor green bikini bottom was straining to keep all of its mammoth girth in, but failing. Trevor then just blurted out what he thought, “Your ass has gotten huge” As she turned to look it swayed and giggled without control. “Yeah I guess you’re right, do you think this is a good idea, I mean how much weight have I put on? “I don’t know hop on the scale and let’s see.” As she walked her now beautiful growing body over to the scale Trevor got a hard on in his pants like you wouldn’t believe, he wanted he so badly right now, well maybe he could fatten her up some more. She stepped on the scale with a look of uncertainty, “167 pounds! Oh my god I’m so fat” she screamed. Trevor rushed to calm her down hoping not to lose his new BBW. But as she quickly turned to look at him the bathing suit that was doing its best to keep an ass 4 sizes to big within its small confine gave way. Right before Trevor’s eyes Jessica big belly was revealed completely not to mention her massive behind.

She was obviously embarrassed but Trevor quickly rushed to her grabbing a box of Twinkies in one hand and her massive ass in the other. He started undressing himself while feeding her at the same time. He undid her bathing suit top and her gigantic tits fell out. While rubbing them and filling her moaning face at the same time he put himself inside of her. When he ran out of Twinkies he stared slapping her enormous ass and watching that fat giggle as they moved in unison. He also would feel the fat rolls that had formed on her tummy. She now had a full-fledged gut that hung nice, as did her growing tits. As they both came Trevor thought of how awesome this relationship would become, as she would grow fatter and fatter.

Trevor came over the next day and found Jessica still in bed and still naked. Her body has defiantly filled out, he thought, as he looked her over. Her big belly was round and swayed when she walked, her butt had cellulite all over it and seemed to be growing so fast that you could see it happening. As she woke he said, “get some clothes on and I’ll take you out to breakfast”. She jumped out of bed boobs and butt jiggling all over the place and smiling because she knew she was driving him wild. As she sifted through her clothes a problem arose. She couldn’t get any of her jeans on her fat thighs, and if she did there was no way that her immense ass was going to let those jeans button. Finally she got a pair on but as soon as she tried to move, the button flew off and her soft fleshy fat rolls fell out. “I’m so fat I can’t even fit my fat ass into these jeans any more!” she yelled as she grabbed a generous handful of soft adipose from her broad middle. He handed her a pair of black spandex material pants that she used to work out in. “Try these, they might stretch.” She yanked and pulled them until finally her wide bottom was fully covered. As Trevor followed her out he realized that there was no way that those pants would make it through breakfast.

Jessica sat down at in the restaurant where she used to work and amazed everyone by eating what seemed her own weight in eggs and pancakes smothered in syrup and butter. She then quickly devoured 20 sausage links also drenched in syrup. People watched in amazement for hours as Jessica packed the food away. Those spandex pants stretched and stretched. All of a sudden the immense amount of fat that Jess was consuming could find no other room in her pants. The bulging seams tore apart exposing her enormous thighs. Jessica kept right on feeding her face though. She couldn’t care less if people were staring at her big chubby legs, she had her food and that was all she needed, besides Trevor of course.