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Jim and Cathy:
A Fattening Relationship, Love Story & Future

By ~Jim~
(A revised and expanded version of “Our Fattening Love Affair”)


Several weeks ago, I was checking my e-mail on the Internet; I had seven letters, and the six were junk mail. The seventh one I opened, and it stated: “Our Medical Center has a new experiment that we are planning to study on gaining excessive weight and the special effects of overeating. Furthermore, we would like to have some volunteers who are in good health, who are willing to overeat. If you are interested, you will be paid up to $5,5OO a month.”

Less than a month prior to that, I was not making enough money at my job, and I had decided to quit. I'd decided to sell my house and use the $5,5OO to maintain my car and replenish my accounts. A day later, I had a response from the medical center with its phone number. I dialed the number then; a lady with a friendly voice asked me several questions, and we settled an appointment for a physical exam. At the exam, I was told I met all the requirements. Also, I needed to show up for the informational meeting, which would be in a week at the center.

A week later, I went to the center where the meeting was held. To my amazement, a very beautiful young lady sat right next to me. She had shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, and an elegant smile. What I noticed most about this beautiful girl was her voluptuous figure, and I knew that I wanted to talk to her.

“Hello, my name is Jim,” I said.

“It's a big pleasure to know you, Jim; my name is Cathy.”

We both sat there quietly, but I wanted to say more to her. Basically, I felt very awkward, meeting her under these unusual circumstances. Finally, she broke the silence and asked, “Why would a voluptuous man like you wanted to participate in an experiment like this?”

I told Cathy about the dreadful year that I was having and my financial woes. I asked her the same question.

“For approximately a year and a half, I have been in a messy relationship,” she explained. “I have left my boyfriend recently, and I needed to have a safe place to stay and hide from him.”

The meeting went under way. It was explained to all of us that different types of people gain excessive weight at different rates, even eating the same amount of food. The purpose of this experiment was to learn what mechanism controls the large amount of body fat that people acquire - and also to determine why certain people gain more weight than other people.

If we participated, we were required to consume at least 8,OOO calories daily. Depending on the person's physiology and metabolism, the extra calories would translate into around ten pounds of additional weight weekly.

I looked at Cathy and saw her reaction to what was said, and to my joy, she had a smile on her face. After some additional information was provided, the meeting was over.

As Cathy and I walked to the parking lot, I asked her what she had thought of the meeting. “The experiment sounds wonderful to me,” she said with a smile on her face.

Also, I asked her if it would bother her to gain excessive weight. “My former boyfriend kept nagging me to lose weight,” she explained. “He would never allow me to eat what I want,” she continued. “I am looking forward to eating as much as I prefer, and if it puts extra pounds on me, so be it.”

Cathy asked me if I was planning to participate in the experiment with her, and I agreed. I was totally desperate, and I was looking forward to getting to know Cathy, so I answered her question that I was. “Well, I guess we be seeing a lot of each other,” Cathy said, as we shook hands and said good-bye to each other.

When the month neared its end, we both were at the Medical Center, being assigned to our rooms. I was delighted to see that Cathy was given a room next to mine. Inside my room was a color TV, VCR, king-sized bed, bathroom, stereo, table, blinds, and a nightstand with a light. Afterwards, we were told to report to the examination room where we were weighed and measured. The measuring results: I weighed 235 lbs., and Cathy told me that she weighed 2OO lbs.

For the rest of the day, we felt free to do what we do what we wanted, but we were told to be in the dining room for breakfast, the next morning at 8:OO am.

The next morning, Cathy and myself sat together at a small table. Soon our food arrived, and it was the largest breakfast that I have ever seen. My extra large plate consisted of: 6 eggs, 6 sausage links, 6 strips of bacon, 6 pieces of toast drenched with butter, a humongous pile of hash browns, a tremendous pile of waffles drenched with maple syrup, and a large bowl of Coca Krispies. To drink with our breakfast was a large glass of whole milk.

The staff informed us that we must consume all of the food that was served to us. When Cathy started eating, I am amazed to discover that I loved to watch, and the thought of her eating deliberately excited me.

After we had breakfast, we returned to our rooms together, and I asked her how she felt about eating so much. “I feel like I am going to bust,” she said as she gently patted her tummy. “Jesus, it was so difficult to finish the food in one shot,” I said. “I don't usually eat breakfast.”

As soon as I went back into my room, I changed to my pajamas. I sat and laid flat on my back, feeling uncomfortable from the biggest breakfast that I've ever eaten.

When I was feeling a little better, there was a knock at my door. I opened the door; there was a nice lady (snack lady) who handed me a hot fudge sundae. She took it from a snack cart full of them. I took the sundae and thanked her, though I did not want it. Next, I watched as she knocked on Cathy's door. Cathy accepted the dessert and thanked the snack lady, as she advanced to the next room. Cathy then turned and looked straight at me and asked, “Would you like to come in, and join me for dessert?” I answered her, “Yes, I would, thank you.”

We sat at a little table in Cathy's room and started to eat our sundaes. “I am still full from breakfast,” I said. “Me too,” she said, “But this sundae is excellent.” I watched Cathy, lifting a spoonful of the rich dessert into her mouth, and once again I was so amazed. “You better eat,” she said, “it will not be too long for lunch.” Finally, I started to eat; after I was done, I looked up and saw Cathy staring at me. I wondered if she liked to watch me eat.

At lunch, we sat together at our usual table. Our lunch was a sky-high calorie banquet served with: four Texas style chili dogs, a huge pile of French fries, a large chocolate milk, and three creamed filled donuts.

After lunch was over, we walked back to our rooms together. I was so overstuffed; it was very difficult for me to walk. When I returned to my room, I changed my clothes, slipped into my pajamas, and fell into bed. Within seconds, I was fast asleep. At that moment, there was a knock at my door and I woke up. I took off my pajama bottoms and slipped on my pants. I tried to button them; I realized that they couldn't allow it. So, I left my pajama top on and covered my opened pants.

The snack lady delivered my afternoon snack. This time, it was a giant vanilla cupcake with white icing. I thanked her and quickly closed the door before she could notice that my pants were opened. Cathy and I sat at our usual table for dinner served with: 12 slabs of roast, a bowl of chicken noodle soup, mashed potatoes with gravy, tossed salad, buttered rolls, an extra large chocolate milkshake, and 20 scoops of ice cream.

Later that evening, my evening snack arrived. I finished the chocolate chip cookies and milk, and I crawled into bed so overstuffed and quickly slept like a baby.

The next morning, I woke up feeling better, so I decided to wear a knit shirt that did not need to be tucked in, and a pair of slacks that were a bit looser than the one pair that I have worn the other day. After I finished getting dressed, there was a knock at my door. I opened the door; there was Cathy's beautiful face.

“I hope that I am not intruding on you,” she said, “but I thought that we could walk to breakfast together.” As we walked in the dining hall, Cathy took my arm. I asked her, “Are you ready for another day of stuffing ourselves?”

“I am looking forward to it,” she said, and what I thought was a sinister smile appeared on her face. Breakfast was another sky-high calorie banquet; Cathy and I once again sat at out usual table. Cathy was wearing a pink long sleeved shirt, which showed off part of her large breasts. I found myself staring at Cathy's breasts and imagined that they were swelling up like balloons with each fork full of food that she was devouring. Cathy looked up and caught me staring at her breasts. Thus, she drew her elbows together and rested them on the table. This made her breasts swell out of her top even more and allowed me to look deeply down at her cleavage. “You know, if I keep eating like this, they will possibly get larger,” she said with a smile on her face. I do believe that she was reading my mind at that point.


The next day, we were requested to report to the examination room after we finished breakfast. Cathy went into the room first, and I sat down outside the door. As I sat, I thought of Cathy stripping and stepping onto the scale. At that point, I started to picture myself having her whole voluptuous body measured: the measuring tape was being stretched around her body, large breasts, waist, and wide hips…

Immediately, I was startled when the door opened, and Cathy exited. “Good news,” she said surprisingly, “I've gained another five pounds. Come into my room when you are done and tell me how you made out.”

“All right, then,” I said, and walked into the examination room. Shortly after, I arrived at Cathy's door, just as the snack lady arrived with our morning treats. I knocked on her door, took two of the desserts from the cart and I walked in. Our morning treats turned out to be chocolate cheesecake.

We sat on the sofa, eating our desserts. “ Here we go again, stuffing ourselves,” I said. Cathy explained, “I am so glad that I can eat stuff like this again. For a year and a half, I have been starving myself for a man that treated me in a terrible way,” she concluded. “Besides, it's kind of erotic to be a self-indulgent person.”

I realized that I was watching Cathy's sensual mouth, closing around a fork full of chocolate cheesecake. I agreed with her; it almost seemed too erotic. We would allow ourselves to proceed and stuff ourselves to the limit - and not worry about the consequences whatsoever. The truth is, I was looking forward to see Cathy's body blow up like a balloon. If I wasn't mistaken, Cathy loved to see my whole entire body swell up, too - like a 1OO+ foot beach ball.

Watching Cathy eat, an irresistible urge snapped. I put my plate down on the coffee table, leaned over and kissed Cathy's sensuous mouth. To my joy, she kissed me back, and my heart was tugging from it.

Inside my room the same evening, I couldn't stop thinking about how charming Cathy was. I would never forget the sweet chocolate flavor from our first kiss.

Our lunch the next day consisted of: several pieces of fried chicken (white meat), mashed potatoes and gravy, broccoli on cheese sauce, milk, and a piece of chocolate cake.

It had been explained to us earlier that it would take time for our bodies to become accustomed to the extra food, and they suggested that we got a plenty of rest. I didn't have the slightest idea if it was the amount of food that I have been eating or my just being lazy, but I was regularly feeling exhausted. After lunch was over, I returned to my room to take a nap.

Inside my room, I removed my belt and sat in my chair to remove my shoes. When I did this, the button popped off of my pants, and the zipper broke open. So much for these pants, I thought, as I crawled into bed.

I was awakened by the delivery of my afternoon snack, which turned out to be an extra large Hershey's chocolate bar. I ate the bar as quickly as I could and went back to sleep.

I woke about 4:OO, feeling better. I was preparing to get dressed for supper, when I remembered that the pants I had worn were ruined. The other pants I had were the ones that I'd worn yesterday. But when I tried to button them, my swollen tummy won't allow it. Thus, I had to pull the zipper up as far as it would go and buckle my belt on the last hole. I took out a yellow buttoned down shirt from the closet and donned it. The shirt was so tight, I was barely able to button it, and there were large gaps between each button.

Immediately, there was a knock at my door. It was Cathy, and I noticed that she had changed her clothes. She now wore a sexy, dress that looked very tight on her.

“Come on,” she said. “It's time for dinner.”

“It's always time to eat, around this joint,” I said.

“I know, isn't it great!” she said, as she took my arm, and we walked into the dining room.

This time for supper: a large plateful of baked ziti covered with mozzarella cheese, garlic bread drenched with butter, strawberry milkshake, and a big slice of blueberry cheesecake.

After supper was over, as we returned to our rooms, I could swear that Cathy's dress looked even tighter on her. Then, I looked down and discovered that my shirt is no longer covering my belly, which now stuck out from under my belt and between my zipper. I quickly looked up, hoping that Cathy hadn't noticed. But when I looked at her, I saw that she was staring at the swelling of my stomach.

“These are the only pants that I have,” I explained.

I leaned over, and she whispered in my ear, “I think you look endearing.”

When we got to the door of her room, Cathy asked me if I wanted to come in for a while. First, I had to go to my room and get my pajamas. Second, I brought a CD with soft music, and finally, I returned to her room.

As we plopped our jumbo bodies on the couch, I heard a loud ripping noise. The seam on Cathy's dress above her waist had ripped open, and a large chunk of milky white flesh pushed its way through the opening. We both looked at the swelling, then at each other and laughed. I even reached over and began to fondle the large chunk of fat that pushed its way through the hole. But as I did, my hand was caught on some of the loose threads and ripped her dress even more.

“I'm terribly sorry,” I said.

“Oh, that's all right; I know that this will be the last time that I will ever wear this dress anyways.”

“All right, then,” I said, and with both hands, I took the dress on both sides of the opening tear and pulled as hard as I could. I ripped the dress in two pieces from Cathy's body.

I could see from her face, she was shocked about what I have done. But her expression changed from shock to excitement.

Seeing Cathy's abundant body, seated on the sofa in her underclothes. I became totally ecstatic. I pulled Cathy close to me and kissed her fervently. While I was kissing her, I fondled every part of her soft body. At the same time, Cathy unbuckled my belt. At that moment, my partially unzipped zipper immediately flung open, and my tummy pushed its way out. Cathy pulled down my pants and underwear, and she started sticking her hand down the front. We continued to kiss, touching each other, and we were close to the bed. When we reached it, we plummeted. I opened up Cathy's bra, and she rolled over me and unbuttoned my shirt. I was surprised when she stopped.

“What's the problem?” I asked. Instead of her answering my question, she grabbed a hold of the shirt with both hands, ripped it open, popping the buttons and sending them flying all over the place. We both laughed until I yanked Cathy on top of me and smothered her laughter with another deep fervent kiss. Cathy then sat up and straddled me and guided my erected penis.

The sight of Cathy's abundant body hovered over me, and the soft sensation of our bodies pressed together, and a moan flooded over me. As it did, Cathy moaned, also.

We stayed locked together, not wanting it to end, when suddenly, we were both startled by a knock on our door.

Cathy got off of me in a nick of time to put on her robe and pulled the covers over my partial nude body.

She opened the door; there was the snack lady with her cart of fattening treats.

“I can take my neighbor's dessert, also,” Cathy said. “He's with me tonight.” The snack lady gave Cathy a knowing smile, as she handed the two plates to Cathy. Each plate had a huge chocolate éclair on it. “Look what the fairy just brought in.” Cathy said, “and just in time - I am starving.”

Before she started to sit on the bed, I asked her, “Would you put my pajamas on like a good girl?” She got my pajamas, and I had now my underwear on. As she started to put the bottoms on, she kissed my belly. She couldn't wait to see me get larger, she said - and I couldn't wait to see her get fatter. She then put on my undershirt, and she even put on the top and buttoned it. After she was through, I gave her a hug because she was a thoughtful person and very nice to me.

Now, she got back into bed, and set the plate on her nightstand. “What? Don't I get to eat?” I asked her, but no answer.

“Is my baby hungry?” she asked and proceeded to hand feed me one of the giant éclairs. Once again, the sight of her wobbly body provoked me - the way that the rolls of fat encircled her mid section and her ballooned breasts swayed from side to side - while she was feeding me. When I was finished, I started to do the same thing, the same way she'd fed me the fattening pastry. After she took her last bite, the creamed filling squirted on her left breast. I leaned and licked it off of it very gently.

After we finished eating, we concluded our romantic scene. After it ended, we kissed each other good night, turned on the radio on the stereo for soft music and went to sleep. While I was asleep, Cathy turned over, put her chubby arm around me, and started gnawing on my ear. This was a sign that we were deeply in love, and she was my big sweetheart. When the clock read 2:O1, I turned over, hugging Cathy's soft-ballooned body into me, and also gnawing on her ear. I felt so comfy.

The next morning, we got up, and Cathy asked me, “Did you enjoy sleeping with me last night?” I answered her with amazement, “Yes, I enjoyed that, and I was so comfy when I hugged you while I was sleeping. I held on to you for the rest of the night.” She didn't mind that I put my arms around her while she was asleep – indeed, she loved it. “Well, I have to get washed now; I will see you at breakfast,” I said to her. I kissed her before I left.

Again, she took me by the arm to the dining room, and we sat at our usual table. I had done my best to deny my problem with my pants. As we walked in, she stirred and asked me, “Did you wear those pants just for me?”

“Yes, I did,” I said, “but, why aren't you wearing the same dress you had on last night?” We looked at each other and smiled.

I was worried that my pants would fall down in front of everyone as we walked. I was sure that thought also occurred to Cathy, because she kept looking right at them. But I managed to keep them pulled up and get through the morning.

Afterwards, we both decided to drive into town and purchase some new clothes at a local mall. Once we entered the mall, I already intended to purchase larger pants, but, unfortunately, none of the shops had them in my size. Instead, Cathy picked out 3 dresses, 4 pairs of big panties - which were a couple of sizes larger than the others that she used to wear before the experiment. She also purchased 3 pairs of queen-sized panty hose, 3 nightgowns and 4 size 46F bras. She told me that her usual size was 42D. Then she noticed a nylon full body suit, and she asked me, “How do you think my chubby body would look in this?”

“Excellent!” I said.

After the mall, we stopped at a local “Big and Tall” store for morbidly obese men, and tall slender men. The sizes of the belts and pants were 38-7O or larger; shirts and pajamas were XL-11XL or better. I picked out a size 44” waist khaki, and Cathy told me that I would outgrow them in a day or two. So I picked out 4 pairs of jeans sizes 46”, 48”, 5O”, 52”; 4 pairs of flannel pajamas, 6 pairs of boxers, 4 T-Shirts, 3 flannel shirts, 1 belt, 3 buttoned up shirts. Cathy liked the clothes that I picked out, and I gave her kiss on her chunky cheek in thanks.

After we'd left the Big and Tall store, we returned to Cathy's room. We were back in time for our afternoon treats. The snack lady just gave out her desserts, without having to be told that I was there. After we've finished eating our treats, Cathy laid back on the bed; I laid back, and we soon were petting each other's bellies. We couldn't wait to see them expand a whole lot more, looking like gigantic beach balls. I closed the blinds, turned on the radio with soft music and went back to bed. We lied in bed, talking about this experiment - and also our dream of becoming immense and having a great life.

I took a short snooze by resting my head on Cathy's big belly and hearing the rumbling sounds. While I was snoozing, she started rubbing my head and stroking my dark hair with her bloated fingers that looked like raw hot dogs. I started moaning, and I started to turn my head over and kissed her soft belly. She let out a soft moan. She said to me while she played with my hair, “I am glad that you are making me happy - and being with me.” She continued, “You were so cute when you rested your head on my belly, using it as a pillow, and you can still do that if you like.”

Later, she got up and got dressed. Cathy squished into another one of her old dresses that she had brought with her, and it seemed skin tight on her.

“I ought to wear this dress as much as I can,” she concluded, “Perhaps you'd better tear this one off me, also.” She gave me an evil smile. She took my arm and walked to the dining room.

When the first month was nearing its run, I weighed 3O8 pounds. Most of the excessive fat was on my waist, which measured 56”. Cathy ballooned to 289 pounds, and she told me her new measurements were 46-44-5O. I was particularly impressed with the bountifulness of Cathy's breasts. For my pleasure, she would squish her ballooned breasts into her old bras. The soft pale flesh would overflow the cups, and little rolls of fat would squeeze out from around the straps. The roll of blubber around Cathy's middle was also getting bigger. She would stand in her tight bra and panties, pat her fat juicy roll and giggle. I love to stand behind, and massage her big roll with her and laugh. Her buns were wider and looked fabulous when she was wearing her tight dress.

As the first month ended, Cathy and I talked about whether we were going to continue the experiment. Cathy said to me, “I have never been happier, and my life is so enjoyable. I have fallen in love with the man of my dreams.”

“I am happy, too,” I said. “The only thing that concerns me is all the excessive weight that I have put on. If I stay here, I will be blowing up even more.” I concluded, “I have been keeping myself in shape throughout the years, and I have never been so fat before. Doesn't it bother you to inflate yourself like a large balloon?”

“No, not at all” she answered. “To be honest with you, I am going to stay here until the end. Please stay with me?”

I was afraid to admit it, but, the fact is, the thought of blowing up like a balloon electrified me, and I was deeply in love with her.

Finally, I made a decision, “Yes, indeed; I will stay with you as much as possible.”

Cathy had a smile on her face. I gave her a big hug, and she kissed me, and I knew that I made a wise decision.


Shortly after the second month was over, Cathy weighed a scale crunching 335 pounds, and her measurements ballooned to 52-5O-53.

I was up to 347 pounds, and I was adding a lot of weight all over, including my chest. I joked to myself, 'If this continues, I'll need to start wearing a bra.' Cathy giggled and said, “You can start wearing one of my old ones because I can't fit into them any longer.”

Now I purchased all of my clothing at the Big and Tall store and thought to myself, 'It looks like I'll soon be graduating from stores like that. My body's blowing up like helium.'

A month later, I bought all my clothes from the “Big Man's Clothing Shop.” I'd expanded to 38O pounds, and Cathy was up to 37O pounds, measuring a buttery 56-54-66.

It was no longer difficult for us to consume all the food that was served on our humongous plates. Frankly, we became very hungry between snacks and meals, but unfortunately, it was against the rules. While we were at the mall, we would purchase some fattening food, eat some of it there and sneak the rest of it, back to our rooms. There we'd feed each other but, if asked, we'd denied it.

One evening, I was feeding Cathy Enterman's ™ chocolate covered donuts while we were in bed watching the Yankees game with the lights off. She'd consumed the last dozen of the donuts, so I reached out and grabbed the large fat roll that encircled her mid section. I shook her roll very gently and watched her whole body wobble. She liked it when I played with her big rolls of fat; she thought it tickled her. I said to her, “If you are not careful, you are going to be like a circus fat lady.”

She thought that I had insulted her, and she replied, “Does it look that I have over-expanded my body? Maybe, I have overblown a bit, I don't think it's too noticeable.” We both laughed, our bodies jiggling, and I kissed her on her lips.

When the sixth month was over, I'd ballooned to 415 pounds, and my waist measured 63 inches. Cathy insisted that I wear a knit shirt that was skin tight on me. The shirts would be stretched over my potbelly, though they still cannot cover my over-inflated paunch. Cathy would lift up my shirt and pat on my belly.

At 42O pounds, Cathy's voluptuous body was a surprising sight. She really enjoyed dressing so well and acting provocatively in public. She would wear skintight skirts, shorts, and dresses so everyone can see her chubby legs, also wearing tight shoes to see her ballooned feet. The low-cut shirts she wore let the whole world see nearly a foot of cleavage.

One day, when we were strolling at the mall, Cathy was wearing a pair of canvas shoes that were extremely tight on her feet; the seams were popping. She was also wearing a pair of knit shorts that were extremely tight on her hips. We decided to get something to eat at the ice cream parlor in the food court. In the shop, there was a small group of teens saying, “Boom bah bah, boom bah bah, boom bah bah, boom.” They taunted us because of our size and the way we waddled. Cathy sat down at a table next to them and ordered something fattening. When we got our desserts, she ate very sensuously, remarking, “I really shouldn't eat so much like this.”

After she finished eating, she went onto the ladies room where she tightened her belt on her skintight shorts – which caused her to get fatter. Afterwards, she sat back down, and suddenly there was a loud ripping noise. Both sides of the seamed part of the shorts broke open, and a thick roll of bare flesh gushed out. The teens roared with laughter.

But she stood up, walked to the table and stood in front of the teens, patting on the big rolls of fat on the openings. She said to them, “You think that I got too fat for these, don't you?” The teens sat there, looking flabbergasted, not knowing that to say next.

This experience completely turned us on, and I couldn't wait to return to our room.

Once we returned, Cathy sat on the bed in her tattered shorts. I went into my room to get my undershirt and my flannel pajamas because I wanted to slip into something comfortable. I turned on the radio, and we started lying on the bed, and we petted and patted the large mountains of fat that our bellies had become. Then Cathy went on top of me, and i watched all the fat hanging off of her front, and it was so soft. We started to kiss each other. I loved her round face the most, and she loved mine, too. Afterwards, we decided to take a rest. This time, Cathy rested her head on my belly. And caressing her long brown hair - she even kissed it as well - she said to me, “I'd like to thank you for making me a happy person and doing everything right for me.” I felt so glad to hear that I was making her happy, and I knew that I was becoming totally involved with her. I said to her, while she was resting her head and rubbing my belly; “You are kindly welcome, and I am so glad to have met a girl like you.” I continued, “I am enjoying this, and I bet you are, too. Also, I will always love you.” Finally, she kissed my tummy, and my face turned dark red.

With our huge bulk came several changes: it started to become difficult to walk in various distances and to clothe us. To hug each other, we had to squeeze our humungous bellies together, and we were only able to reach each other's sides. When I saw Cathy sit, her belly covered her chunky legs halfway. We had our big dinner, nighttime snacks, and at night before we went to sleep, I allowed Cathy to wear my blue-checkered flannel pajamas, while I wore my red flannel ones. I turned on the television set, pulling the top part of the cover, took Cathy's hand, crawled into bed, and I tucked her in like a little girl. Cathy said to me, with a big smile on her flabby round face, “Aww, thank you; my mommy used to do that when I was a little girl.” I said to her,” I can do this more often, and I love you, my little lamb.” She said immediately, “ I love you too, my big baby.” That night we slept with each other again.


We had been at the center for almost a year, and this experiment was going to end shortly. I was wondering, very naturally, what I was going to do when I split from the center. Being unemployed, I had an uncertain future, and my prospects for finding a job were also uncertain. I do not have a place to live, and my future was in the doldrums. But, despite this, I wanted to ask Cathy if she would marry me. On our final day, we were served our farewell breakfast. The staff baked us a large cake with pudding layers white frosting with pink and blue decorations. The inscription was in blue: “THANK YOU, AND GOOD LUCK” on top.

When breakfast was over, we were measured and weighed for the last time. I had ballooned to a monstrous 49O pounds, which seemed three times as much as I anticipated. I have three big rolls of fat in my midsection. My first roll is below my chest and encircles around, ending at my back. Second roll is located where my waist used to be. Third roll forms a big hanging, which obscures my genitals. I cannot see all of it, but Cathy tells me that my butt is humongous. Now, my waist measures size 73”. Cathy now weighs an incredible 497 pounds. Her face had been always appealing, and it's rounder and much tender. Also, her second chin has gotten larger. Her full-blown breasts measure to a juicy 7O”; each of them are like large grapefruits, and it's hard to hold one with one hand. Her abundant breasts rest on top of her mammoth belly. Her thighs are larger than her waist; her calves are like watermelons; and her feet have swelled up like two inflated footballs. She is my huggable teddy bear, and she is a vision of feminism.

We returned to our rooms; we packed our clothes and loaded them into Cathy's car. We both had to struggle by squeezing our over-inflated bodies into the front seat of her car. Cathy's belly was wedged against the steering wheel, and I doubted that she could drive that way.

After we left the Medical Center, Cathy suggested that we stop at a diner to get something to eat. It was the time our usual morning snacks arrived, and we were both so hungry. We went to the diner, and we were shown to a booth in the back. We glanced at the booth, knew that we couldn't fit into it, and asked to be seated at a table.

After we were seated, I said to her, “I am glad that we came here.” She says to me, “You must be hungry as I am.”

“Well, my dear, I am hungry,” I replied. “That's one reason, why I am glad to be here. But meeting and being with you this past year has fulfilled my dreams. I have no money - or a place for us to live - but I love you, and I can't imagine living without you. You are in my heart. Cathy…will you marry me?” Her face lit - and to my amazement – I could see her astonishment. She took my swollen hand with both her hands, looked squarely into my eyes, and said, “You've just made me the most cheerful girl on the face of this earth. Sure, I will marry you, because I love you a lot in my heart.” She continued, “But there is something that you needed to know about me.” I held my breath, not knowing what her secret was.

“Do you remember me telling you - when I first met you - about my terribly abusive boyfriend? Well, a week before I came to you, my boyfriend asked me to get him lottery tickets while I was out shopping. I purchased the tickets, but I forgot to give them to him. I think that he forgot about it, too. The following day, I saw the winning numbers on the television set. To my amazement, the ticket was worth $50,000,000! The winner would receive $5,000,000 annually for 30 years!

“I had purchased the ticket, but my boyfriend would that he owned it. I declared the money, packed my things and left him. I don't know if he is looking for me or not. That was the reason that the experiment was completely perfect for me. If my ex-boyfriend would happen to see me, he would not recognize my extra large fat body!”

I was surprised by what she'd told me.

“So you see, honey,” she continued when her eyes started to tear. “We don't have to worry about money, since I won the lottery.” I took my hand and wiped her tears with my fingertips.

The experiment we'd joined had been successful in ways neither of us could have predicted.

Two weeks after her confession, we tied the knot. We live in a very fine home and a peaceful neighborhood. We both have a very relaxed lifestyle; in many ways similar to the one that we lived at the Clinic. We employ a maid - her name is April - to clean up the home, and she even clothes and washes us and paint Cathy's toenails because of our size. She also cooks great meals, and we've both added a little more fat. We are both well over the 5OO+ pound mark. I now weigh 552 pounds, and Cathy weighs 575 pounds. We feel great and comfortable.

We traded our cars for a black Chevy Van, because we can no longer fit into any car. There are certain things that we cannot do - like going to the movies because we cannot fit into the seats. We go to places like the boardwalk, mall, food shopping, and flea markets. We watch our favorite TV shows, and I watch the Auto Races, baseball games, and movies. We also go to the drive-thru at fast food restaurants to avoid someone making an insult like, 'What are those two fat elephants doing in here?' and avoid being stared at. I don't want to see Cathy cry because of her size.

We also have two labs, a black male and a chocolate female. We got them after we were married. They even sleep with us, because they are smart dogs, and the black one loves to sleep on Cathy's mountainous meaty belly. It makes itself comfortable by pushing its front paws on her flabby belly, and it even licks her flabby round face a lot. In any case, the dogs love us, and they love sleeping on our mountainous bellies.

Recently, in bed, I told Cathy, “I would love you if you weighed 1,OOO pounds.” She said back, with a smile on her face, “I would love you more if you weighed 1,2OO.” We turned out the light and went to sleep like two overblown beached whales. We both know that what we told each other is true.

We are certainly living a long, peaceful and a very happy fattening life.