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John's Adventures
By Princess Toadstool

Part One

My name is John and I'm nineteen years old. Last year, I went to one of my Aunt's Christmas parties. When I arrived, I headed quickly for the food table. I had not eaten much that day as I knew my aunt was a great cook. I helped myself to quiche, sausage rolls, crisps, cheese and pizza. All the rich, really fattening foods that I adored. I sat and enjoyed every gorgeous mouthful as more and more guests arrived. When the plate was empty, I got up and piled another plateful high with food. I amazed myself sometimes how much I could eat. This time I had loads of pasta salad, potato salad and more pizza.

I sat back down, remembering that my mother had told me to try not to eat too much as I was getting a bit too plump. My cousin came over and asked me if I wanted a drink and I said I'd like a beer. He fetched it for me and gave me a big grin. By the end of my second plateful of food I was starting to get full. I decided to have a break and walked casually around, pretending to enjoy socialising. Someone put on some music, and I thought I'd better get on with dessert before people started dancing. I was definitely too plump to dance!

The table was loaded with truly amazing puddings. I helped myself to an enormous slice of chocolate cake and ate it right there next to the table. Next, I had a huge bowl of trifle and while I was eating, a hand suddenly placed itself on my protruding tummy and patted it lightly. “Glad to see you're tucking in as usual John!” my aunt said. I blushed a little and tried to hold my stomach in.

“Erm, yeah,” I replied. “This is great!” Damn, I thought to myself, I should have seen her coming and I could have breathed in. I knew I had put on weight recently, and other people were probably noticing. I finished off the trifle and planned to retreat to my cousin's room upstairs where I knew I could play on his PlayStation. But first, I helped myself to a few more sweet things. I didn't want to miss out on the Black Forest Gateau. I took two slices of this, together with a handful of chocolates and headed upstairs.

I shut the door. It was quiet in my cousin's room and fairly dark, though he'd left a lamp on in the corner of the room. I sighed heavily. I felt very relaxed and rather full. Damn, I thought, I'd forgotten to get another drink. I dashed downstairs, my belly wobbling like mad. The kitchen was empty and I grabbed two cans of lager and some large packets of crisps. Quickly and quietly I nipped upstairs again. I put the lager down and sat on the edge of the bed to catch my breath. I was getting out of shape I knew. Fatter and fatter and out of shape. I couldn't run now without getting terribly out of breath. My knees quickly hurt and my belly wobbled and quivered like a big bowl of jelly. It was amazing actually, and I often put my hand on my belly when I jogged downstairs. It seemed to bounce up and down and from side to side all at the same time.

I sat down on the floor and leaned against the bed. I'd spread my puddings, beer and crisps around me. I smiled to myself. This was my idea of heaven, not talking to all those boring people downstairs. And I didn't mind being fat. I actually quite liked it. I decided to check how fat I really was. I pulled my sweatshirt off. Then I pulled my t-shirt up a bit and marveled at how round and full my tummy looked. I took the t-shirt right off and sat sideways with my legs tucked behind me knowing that this would accentuate the rolls of fat. One, two, three, four! Yup, four big rolls of blubber! Well, the top three were about the same size; about two or three inches deep. The fourth was bigger though. I couldn't honestly get all of it in my hand. It must have been four or five inches deep. This was the lowest roll and became really thick in the front. Of course it hung over my jeans at this point. I loved to feel all my fat. It was really warm and soft and I loved pinching and poking it. I really was quite full now and decided to undo the top button of my jeans. I reached under my hefty spare tyre, but got the fright of my life when a voice behind me said, “Now that's a big tummy isn't it?”

I spun round to see my uncle walking around the edge of the bed. I stood up quickly, my big stomach wobbling in response. “Erm, I didn't…..I didn't know anyone else was here” I mumbled, blushing a deep colour red.

“Oh come on, you always come up here with your secret food and to avoid facing anyone commenting on your ever increasing size.” He walked up to face me and let his eyes drop to take in all of my bare belly, hanging over my jeans. I felt ashamed of it and feeling fatter than ever, tried to hold it in to make it look thinner. “That won't make any difference John. You can't hide all that flab. How much do you weigh now anyway?”

“I…..I'm not sure,” I replied.

“Well let's go and check, shall we?” He took my hand and led me across the hall to the bathroom. Thank God no one else saw us. He shut and locked the bathroom door. I wondered if he was going to beat me up if I weighed too much.

“Right, young man, let's see the damage.” I was reluctant to get on the scale, but my uncle took my arm and led me up to the scale. As I stepped up, my belly quivered a bit. He bent down and read out the figure. “Two hundred and thirty seven pounds!! Christ……and you're only eighteen!” I stepped gingerly off the scale and sat on the edge of the bath, my belly folding into big rolls again. “Does your mother know how much you weigh?”

“No” I replied, “Is that really too much? How much do you weigh?”

He stepped on the scale and triumphantly replied, “One hundred and fifty four pounds! And that's how much you should weigh John OR LESS! I'm forty five years old for heaven's sake AND taller than you. Now I recommend you go on a diet and lose at least eighty pounds! Come on!” I followed him back into the bedroom and quickly put on my t-shirt and sweatshirt. He threw those wonderful puddings in the bin and ordered me to follow him downstairs. He returned the beer and crisps to the kitchen and I went to sit on the sofa. I watched him go up to my aunt and whisper in her ear. She looked straight across at me and smiled as warmly as she could. I started to feel a little better. Soon afterwards my uncle had to leave the party. My aunt came over and told me not to worry about what he had said.

“You just enjoy yourself,” she said. I did, helping myself to a huge slice of Black Forest Gateau and vowing to put ON as much weight as I could!