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A Journey to Asia
By dune28754

This is an older story which is partially completed. It is similar to my more recent work. Please excuse the editing it has some traits I am not thrilled about. This story is based roughly on a letter from an adventurer to his brother somewhere in the states. It is fairly self explanatory and I hope entertaining. dune28754@yahoo.com

Part One

Good day to you, brother.

I am sorry it has been so long since I have written, but I have had a very interesting year. As you know, I left last October to locate treasure for my biasness, and I picked Southeast Asia to do so. I am happy to report I was boundlessly successful and I am writing to tell you about it. In a small province of Southeast Asia, there is small kingdom where poor farmers and penniless laymen toil for little profit, forgotten by the rest of the world. They have little knowledge of the rest of the world in turn. Tuo-Son has not been swept with the waves of democracy or communism affecting the rest of the world in the twentieth century, but is ruled by a centuries old dynasty of emperors and empresses.

Tuo-Son is now ruled by the young empress, Pang-Lou. Spoiled as a child, she grew up surrounded by her favorite things, cakes, milk and rice balls. She grew fat and upon her father's death took the throne as a 300-pound 19-year-old. Not to be taken in by any sort of noble goal of improving her land, she proceeded to take up her days eating, dictating rules of conduct, eating, and sleeping, with an occasional snack thrown in to break the monotony. She could be considered pretty, her Asian features obscured by her now 600-pound frame. She is 4”1' when she stands; now this rarely happens, for she has no desire to go anywhere. Her people do not see her, and the last picture painted of her was at 340 pounds, standing at a royal pool gazing wisely down at her subjects. Royal artists continue to paint from this original, and most of her starving subjects know nothing of her immense girth. She reclines on the royal cushions, consuming large amounts of food and thinking of ways to torment her subjects.

Her body has a very large butt that is 3-and-a-half-feet wide. It is very impressive from the back, two large full domes of fat two feet tall. Each of her colossal thighs is 18 inches thick and similar in appearance to a giant pillow until the calves are reached, where the leg cuvees into a gentle round crescent of fat that ends in the dainty royal foot. Where most Asian women have small breasts, the empress has a pair of colossal mounts large enough to require strong attendants to shift them when her highness feels the need to shift position. Each is the size of a watermelon and has a soft appearance. Her bosom lays atop the royal belly which, when she stands, comes to just above her knees, but in its normal position it sits on the royal thighs like a large bean bag chair reaching her knees. It may take on a more round appearance if Pang-Lou takes on an especially large meal; it can swell up until it becomes large and spherical. Over twelve years of constantly eating large amounts of food, her stomach has become six times as large as any normal woman's.

I was told a story about a day in the palace a year prior to my visit when I was checking out Tuo-Son: Pang-Lou reclined as her female servants attended her every whim. All were in various stages of weight gain; the empress' favorite punishment was force-feeding servants who did something to displease her master. There were no set rules, just her majesty's ill temper and sadistic mind. As her three-foot black hair was combed and set, she watched as the current victim of her bad temper was given a large amount of cream. The servant was quite plump already, a sign that the empress enjoyed, most likely because she had been thin and pretty. Now, as she kneeled, her thighs bulged and the swelling belly sagged atop them, filling with rich cream. Her breasts were large but floppy, sagging over her belly to either side. Her tear-stained face was puffy and full. The empress smiled as another servant, previously fed to the point where her belly was painfully swollen, was made to dance. At many points where her swollen belly bounced or was compressed she moaned pitifully and was made to drink more. Within a year of service she would become quite plump.

Another servant polishing Pang-Lou's toenails was almost as fat as the empress, a dangerous point for a girl in the service of the empress who allowed no one to become fatter than she. When that point was reached, the servant would be made to gorge herself for 30 days, than force-fed to the point of bursting. She'd than be made to walk to her exile, being fed the whole way. The growing weight of her body and constantly bloated belly would make the trip painfully cruel. The current girl was disliked by her majesty for winning a beauty pageant before coming into service. She was almost constantly made to drink cream, and she was trying to stay on her majesty's good side. But she knew it would be a miracle if she could stay under the empress's weight for much longer.

The Empress had thirty servants and they attended to her every whim. Her majesty rarely moved at all, letting her servants move her when she wanted a change. Another entertainment she enjoyed was watching strong men perform through a silk screen that allowed Pang-Lou to gawk without being seen. The only thing her majesty seemed to love was a miniature pony that, like her mistress, was pampered and so fat she had no noticeable legs. She was just a blob with a horse's nose peeking out.

But enough of the description of her majesty for now, brother. I want to get to my travels. The peasants were stirring as I walked cross-country towards the capital city, Pin-Go. I heard rumors that increased in intercity as I got closer. The Empress's immense size was of much amusement, and her subjects were tired of it. Even the police and army were sick and tired. I sat with the local commander and spoke to him in Chinese. He informed me that within a week a revolution would take place, with the first steps to take down the empress's special police and supporters, followed by a breach into the castle. He informed me the revolution would be quick and my mission would not be affected.

As I got to the outskirts of Pin-Go, I was stopped by a policeman, who in a succinct tone informed me that I was either under arrest or free to go, depending on how I answered his question. I looked at my guide, but he shrugged with a noncommittal expression that told me I was on my own. With that non-commital response I returned to the Policeman's stern glare. “Are you a traitor, or a supporter of her royal highness?”

My brain raced, to be asked this question was not good, and I had to think quickly. “Being that I am a foreigner, I suppose I cannot clam neutrality.”


“Well,” I began, in theory if I answered wrong, perhaps I would just be deported. “I have spoken to many of you peasants, and I tend to side against the Royal Blob!” I proclaimed loudly to the gathering crowd. To my surprise, a cheer arose and the policeman slapped me on the back, and he told me to follow him into a nearby bar.

I entered the dark bar; the locals were packed wall-to-wall inside with the only clear space being on the bar itself, and it was being used for speeches. My guide translated what was said, and I was interested but worried someone might see me and report my presence to someone in a position of authority. The speeches were of the kind you would associate with inciting the crowd.

After about an hour, a young woman entered the room and silence fell. She was a pretty Asian with waist length hair and a slim figure. She was warring a kimono style garment called Chu and climbed onto the bar, exposing a pair of nice legs in the presses. She spoke quietly. As it turned out, she was the older sister of Pang-Lou. She gave a long speech in the style of Castro. When the meeting broke up, I was startled by a hand on my shoulder.

I turned to see a cute and very pregnant woman, who asked me to follow her. My guide and I followed her and I enjoyed the woman's very nice bottom as it bounced up and down as she walked up the stairs. She opened the door to a room and ushered us in. I say Lao-Too resting on a coach. Upon our entry she sat up and beckoned to me.

“Welcome, traveler,” she said in perfect Chinese. “I know who you are and why you have come to my troubled country. I would be quite grateful if you would assist me in the coming coup.” This took me aback. Why would she need me, and why was I participating in damned politics to begin with? I admit my brain was moving slow, and Lao-Too must have noticed my hesitation. “I know you would like to hear more before committing?” I nodded.

She went into a monologue that covered most of what I told you about her sister the empress. She described her exile by her sister when daddy's favorite daughter gained the throne. Again, the thought that this woman was as long-winded as Castro entered my mind. She finally got to the relevant information concerning my role. At this point the pregnant woman returned with tea and pastries. I was sitting cross-legged on a mat and, when she bent to pour my tea, I had a splendid view of her swollen bosom as her loosely tied Chu opened slightly.

To my embarrassment, Lao-Too again spoke my mind and said, “Pee-Lou would love to spent time with you if you desire it.” I grinned and sipped my tea. “You,” Lao-Too began, “are an American?”

“Yes.” I replied.

“I need a neutral member to be involved in whom I can trust.”

“I have spent time in China, and they will take over this country if they help.”

“You, however, will not ask your government to intervene?”

“No, of course, not; they would not be interested anyway,” I said.

The woman frowned shortly then continued, “I suppose you are right. I would like you to take my sister to England and place her in an rehab center there.”

“I assume you want her to be taken far away to a country who will ignore her, but why a rehab center instead of an institution?” I continued, “If I check her into one, she will disappear, no longer be a threat to you.”

“Hmmmm,” Lao-Too said rubbing a perfect thigh, “that is not a bad, though, how much would it cost?”

“If I arrange to have a hospital find her by herself, they will fit the bill.”

“You are a clever man.” Lao-Too grinned. She snapped her fingers and Pee-Lou appeared. Lao-Too whispered into her ear and she left. Lao-Too stood, and thanked me for my time. I stepped into the hallway; I was shown to a room down the hall. Much to my delight, Pee-Lou stood to great me. She untied her Chu, and it fell away revealing the beauty of her bulging abdomen and full breasts. For a short time, I forgot about the revolution.

I awoke when the moon was high. I held Pee-Lou close, her swollen body resting comfortably close. As she slept, I absentmindedly rubbed the bloated flesh of her chest and considered Lao-Too's request. I could do it, but I am not a resident of this country. Why should I get involved? I sighed and thought longer. Lao-Too said she would reward me, and I suppose Pee-Lou was not it. Perhaps I could collect some decorations from the palace. Now that's a thought; I could get some very valuable things with only limited cost. I made a mental note to get clarification of the reward.

I drifted off again, only to be awakened a few minutes before down to a knocking on my door. Pee-Lou instantly came awake and, still naked, opened the door.

She peered around it and a flurry of Couson broke out. Pee-Lou opened the door and a short woman asked, “Have you thought about her majesty's request?”

I groaned and said, “Yes, but why are you bothering me this early?”

“She wants your answer now, because she has to confirm if you are willing to do it.”

“I will.” I said.

“Good,” the woman left and I watched as Pee-Lou shut the door and walk over to me, and lay atop me. I drifted off again.

The sun was well up when I awoke for the final time. Pee-Lou was no longer in the room and her Chu was gone. I sighed and got up. As I finished washing and a knock came at my door. A girl bowed and handed me a bowl of rice and a tea set. I closed the door and look unhappily at my breakfast. Six months in a part of the world where they eat nothing but rice and fish makes an American dream of real food.

I was considering whether I was a prisoner of my room when another knock interrupted my over active brain. I was quite happy to see Pee-Lou. She smiled and handed me a note. It was a summons from Lao-Too, and it told me to be in my room to meat my mission partners. Pee-Lou bowed and left. Three hours to kill. I went downstairs and across the street to a spot with the local crowd. My guide flagged me down and had a great big grin on his face; he knew what I had been doing with the cute Asian girl. We had a hushed conversation over his table. He felt we were stupid to continue doing this rebel stuff, but also did not like the empress. Oh, the decisions of the free spirits!

Yes, yes, greed played a major part of our decision, I admit. I have made a policy over the years, brother, to pay my interpreters and guides based on my success. Never underestimate the incentive to work if the possible reward is high enough. My guide and I worked on a list of suggestions regarding Pang-Lou's treatment, and what I felt should be done. I sent it to Lao-Too.

I arrived back in my room five minutes before noon. I entered with my guide to make sure communication would commence smoothly. I expected a few big brawny men with little comprehending of Chinese and of me. The only part I got right was the big part. I left my door open and sat facing the door ready for anything. The first to arrive was a slender woman who looked and turned out to be Chinese. The next three surprised me greatly. The first was the second biggest Asian woman I have ever seen. She must have been approaching 900 pounds and was barely able to flow her way though the doorway. The only other Asian I have seen bigger was the woman in the Philippines who was 1500 pounds - remember her brother? I can still see you, lying on her, buried between her breasts.

Anyway, the second was 300 pounds lighter but still enormous. And the last was, shocking, white, Anglo. “Good afternoon,” I said in English, the first time I had spoken English with the intention of someone understanding me.

“G-day Yank,“she said.

“Ahhhh, Australian.”

“You're right, mate,” she grinned. The room was quite crowded with two of the occupants sitting on the floor, the larger of the two sat with her butt filling the corner and the other resting on most of my mat in the center on the room. The two westerners had to locate a spot to sit. I chose one that gave me a view of the immense women and next to my fellow Anglo.

I was introduced to the four women; Mary was a tomb raider and was in the same field as I am. She had red hair and a muscular frame. Tough nut was my impression, and I decided not to pick a fight with her. The slim Chinese woman was named Pan, and she was an assistant to Bou-Mu, the larger of the two females. As it turned out, Mu and Chee were exiled servants to the Empress and would help me get to the Empress, knowing the layout of the palace and grounds. We talked for three hours. I must say with retrospect what was to happen later should have been clear to me, but I did not see it.

Pee-Lou arrived and summoned me to see Lao-Too. I entered and, to my surprise, was warmly greeted by her majesty. Apparently my written list of suggestions must have been appreciated. She asked me to sit and Pee-Lou poured tea the same way as the night before, now teasing me with her lovely body. “We are moving this evening.” Lao-Too said calmly “Are you ready to go?”

“I guess so, I must say the women you have given me are a bit strange to be sending on a capture mission.”

“I believe Mary and Pan will be more than enough to disable my sister's guards - assuming they put up a fight at all.”

“I hope so, or I am going to have to leave for the border quickly.”

Lao-Too shook her had and laughed. “By the way, about your fee for your service. Because you have been so helpful and insightful, I am willing to make a very generous offer. You may, while accompanying my sister on her excites, load a horse cart with artifacts of your choice from the palace. You will find the art to be old, and I am sure quite valuable.”

I nodded, too shocked to speak.

“I am planning to relocate my capital, anyway, and you are quite welcome to remove anything you can take because I want nothing of my sister's but her power.” She was, as usual, reading my thoughts.

As dusk fell, I walked into sight of the palace walls. My larger companions stayed under cover; their presence would not be welcome until the palace walls were breached. The scheduled time for the attack on the palace was less than an hour away, and the elimination of the security forces and loyalists was beginning as I dropped into the shadows of a doorway. Mary and Pan hid near by.

At ten minutes to go, I saw several groups of rebels take up positions around the gate. A cart stopped at the gate, and the guards opened it completely, and the rebels and the cart entered the Palace grounds. I heard no shots or shouts for a moment. Then I heard several shouts and a commotion. In the next few minutes, I heard load shouting but no sounds of battle. I whistled and walked to the gateway. My companions arrived behind me, and to my surprise, the two large ex-servants were waiting in the cart. I saw several guards leaving the grounds and a few prostrate bodies. “Your cart and horse,” Bou-Mu said.

“Let's go,” I said, and the two enormous women took the lead. As I followed, I watched as their vast butts bounced and wobbled like enormous mounds of bread dough. The main entrance hall was large and empty. We walked up three flights of stairs, and the large women were puffing as we reached the top of the first. Finally at the top, we turned right, and two men guarded a double door. They saluted and left. “The royal chamber.” Bou-Mu reported, and we entered.

Pang-Lou was at the center of the room. She was sweating profusely, and when she saw us began pronouncing our treachery immodestly. Pan replied, and the empress became silent. Pan turned to the two westerners and said, “We can handle guarding her, and the men to move her will be here at noon. Why don't you and Mary collect your treasures?”

Mary and I left, and she said, “What are you looking for?”

“Pottery, art, rugs, or anything old and of esthetic value. You?”

“Well, I am interested in the royal jewels, and I can take what I can pack on a horse.”

“Good hunting,” I said and we parted ways. I headed for the main hall where I moved the items I had previously considered. Everything was indeed old and of great quality. I made a pile and began expanding my search. As I did, a column of men carried kegs through the hall and up the stairs, then a woman carried a large bush of a sickly sweet herbs. I admit I was curious, but locating treasure consumed my greedy mind and I was not focused on the goings on not involved with that task. I completed filling the bed of the cart and began to stack when mere kegs came through the gate and entered the palace.

Mary was starting up the stairs when I re-entered. “What's that?” she asked.

“No clue, that's not the first time they have come through ether.” I headed up the stair, curiosity getting the best of me.

Mary called, “I'll talk to you later, I am going to take my stuff to a safe place, so see you in a few hours.” I reached the empress's floor and I saw six kegs stacked outside her door. Puzzled, I walked over to it and what I heard startled me. Through the thick door I taught I heard hollering in Couson and pitiful replies. I quietly cracked open the door and peered through. The empress was in the same place, but she was obscured by Mu's large frame. However I saw seven more kegs and a tube running from her to somewhere in front of Mu. Mu removed the hose and held it above her head. The empress appeared to be begging and crying. I was about to enter the room when Mu moved to her right revealing the empress.

She was still on her pillows, but much had changed. Her arms were tied to a curtain rod behind her. Her legs were spread wide, also tied. Her stomach, which normally rested slightly bellow her knees was now enormously bloated. It swelled past her feet, and its sides were well over three feet wide. As I watched, her breasts and arms were expanding with fat. I moved behind a plant to stay out of sight. Mu and Chee walked to her side; they were speaking non-stop. The empress was crying and weeping, begging, I imagined, for them to stop.

Mu moved behind her, and Chee grabbed Pang-Lou's distended belly and squeezed. Pang-Lou moaned and sobbed. As Chee lifted, Mu pulled on Pang-Lou's ropes and the empress was boosted onto her feet. She stood unsteadily, with her arms holding onto the rod. She was now well above 800 pounds and still growing. Mu forced the tube into her mouth and the kegs' contents expanded the empress's belly, which in the short period of time I had been watching, deflated surprisingly quickly. When it was full again, the tube was removed. Mu began barking at Pang-Lou. She began begging, but Chee began to reinsert the feeding tube. Mu began singing and the empress began to dance slowly. Ironic fate: the empress who loved to torture her servants by bloating them and making them dance was now grossly swollen, and as she began, her belly bounced and sloshed like a huge heavy water balloon. At every movement, Pang-Lou sobbed and Chee and Mu laughed merrily. The empress was untied and laid on her belly. Chee said something and Pang-Lou began to be roughly rolled. As I considered what to do, the world went black.

I came to in a bedroom. I slowly got up and went to the door, and found it was locked. I went to the widow and looked out. I saw a horse and cart with Mu gesturing to a dozen men standing around. They quickly left with their cart. I looked at my watch - noon! Mu was sending the empress's moving party away. What were, or had, they done to Pang-Lou? I wondered why they had hit me. I guessed Pan had done it, because she was the only one who could have snuck up on me besides Mary. Mary could have done it too, but she was nowhere nearby to my knowledge. I reached into my pocket. I love third world countries, I remember thinking. They had no Idea what a Swiss Army Knife was, and they had not taken mine.

I went to work on the lock and managed to pick it. I stuck my head out into the hallway and saw no one. I walked into the hall and went left, looking for the stairs. I peered over the rail, and looked down. Mu and Pan were having a hushed conversation in the entry. Both looked irritated, and by their gestures I figured that they were heading my way. I moved back into the cover of a tapestry and waited. Mu was in the lead followed by Pan. The large woman was out of breath and had to sit for a moment when she reached the top floor. I waited and saw a gun in Pan's back pocket. Being the daredevil that I am, I waited for the two women to head down the hall and I quietly crept up behind them. The handgun was small and of doubtful effectiveness, but I would rather have it than my “friends.”

I hit Pan with a perfect blow to the base of her skull, and she crumpled immediately. I found a blackjack, probably what the bitch hit me with, and put the gun in my jacket. Mu missed the entire scene behind her, and I caught up as she reached my room. I hit her in the head with the jack, and she fell like a large, soft mountain.

After tying them up, I headed for the empress's chamber. I silently entered and found it empty. I thought back to the events prior to the hit on my head, and remember Pang-Lou's swollen body being rolled towards the door on the left side of the room. I quietly moved to it and listened for sounds. I heard nothing and opened it. It was a wide hallway with windows on one side and rooms on the other. At the far end was a second double door. I moved down the hall, opening each door as I passed. The rooms were the empress's servant's quarters. I briefly wondered where they were. I came to the end of the hallway and could hear muffled talking. Been her before, I distinctly remember thinking. Fortunately two of my “partners” were tied and gagged. I quietly opened the door and for one more time was startled by Pang-Lou's appearance.

I collected the herb known as Kow-goe-sus for experimental purposes. It was the herb I saw heading for the empress's chamber in the evening. It has some very potent weight gain qualities when it is combined with cream. Pang-Lou was well over 1700 pounds as I gazed upon her distended body. Her servants were having a wonderful time gorging her and blowing cream into her bosom. Chee was seated, watching, merrily laughing at the scene. The empress appeared to be growing with fat, but was far more bloated than I have ever seen a woman. Her fattened belly was full and taut. Her breasts were huge, full of cream, but softly accented by fat. She was lying on her belly with her arms spread wide, unable to reach the ground around her massive stomach.

The servants emptied a keg of the cream and began to hook up another. Chee said something, and a flurry of Couson erupted from the empress's servants. They left, and Chee began to call for Mu. I stepped out of my hiding place and grinned. She gasped and began to back up. I removed the gun from my jacket and told her to face into a corner with her hands up. She did so and I tied her up. I looked at Pang-Lou and decided she was not going anywhere. Her body was still growing as the cream turned into fat. I walked over and felt the soft fat on her belly. As I pressed my hand deeper, I reached her distended stomach. She groaned as the slight pressure I applied compressed her belly's contents. The contents were packed tight but shifted with my pressure. I must admit I was aroused. I headed out of the chamber to locate Mary.

I must finish up, brother, for my ship has arrived. I will send the rest of this later when I reach London Town.

Yours truly, Aaron