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Justin's Revenge
By Anubis

Kathleen stood in front of her mirror for a moment. Turning briefly to inspect herself, she turned away quite pleased. At nineteen years of age, Kathleen felt that she had taken care of herself quite well. Although standing at no better than 5'4", she had long, slim legs which had attracted attention on more than one occasion. Her butt was firm and round, and had just enough swing to show the fact that she was female. The swing was entirely caused by the way she walked, however, not by any amount of hip-granted giggle. Her breasts were small and perky. Her face was simply angelic, framed by blond hair. Upon reflection, she would be considered quite a package by any man she knew.

It had not been easy to remain this slim for this many years. It had been difficult. She was not anorexic, nor bulimic. Kathleen was not skinny, she was better described as (very) “lean.” Should she have had larger breasts, Kathleen could have very easily gotten through high-school without mental work. Simple sex with teachers would have sufficed. A strict diet of low-calorie foods, only rarely supplemented by treats and snacks, and a four-days-per-week exercise program at the gym had produced this 105 pound beauty.

Now that she had, however, finished high school, Kathleen decided to take a year off before going to university. The tuition required was very costly, and by working for a full year, she figured that she would have enough for her books, her tuition, and some left over for herself. The only trick was to find a job. Without a degree or college diploma, Kathleen knew that her job would not be glamorous, or even enjoyable, but it should get her what she wanted. However, all this could wait until later. She had a party to go to with her boyfriend to celebrate the end of the school year. She opened her front door and walked to walked to her boyfriend's new car; his parent's gift to him for his graduation.

Justin carefully inspected the bruise along his jaw. He had taken quite a crack along it late last night, by a rather bulky individual named Adam. Adam being of course, a strapping teen-ager of six feet and 180 pounds of relatively solid muscle. Not that this was required to attack Justin. Although he was essentially as tall as Adam, this particular lad was barely 130 pounds, and a bookish person to top it off. He had stood no chance to begin with. However, all that could have been avoided if Justin had not been looking, absentmindedly, at the butt of Adam's girlfriend, Kathleen. He had no interest in the girl, as she was far too thin by his standards. An extra thirty - no, make that fifty - pounds would have made her an absolute knockout. He was an FA of some degree, although this could never become common knowledge in his socially weak standpoint. What little reputation and respect he had would be gone. However, all of this was unimportant as he was very soon ignoring the aforementioned bruise and was straightening his crisply ironed uniform around him. Sliding the car into first gear, he proceeded to Pizza House for his part time job.

Justin did, even though he had what most would think of as a miserable job, enjoy his work. He worked on the computers for the restaurant and occasionally manned the cash register. He got along well with the crew, and while he was not the kind who would turn heads by entering a room, was moderately popular. He had achieved this position of respect and friendship through honesty and by helping the others he worked with. He often covered for other workers when they wanted the night off, or were sick. He was most of all, a sucker for the girls when they smiled, looked cute, and said please with just the right amount of suggestion. Justin knew that he would never get anything from any of the girls, but he did what he could regardless. As such, he was spoken of fondly and with a smirk (and a head shake of dismay from the gents at his comical behavior). The guys at the restaurant knew the situation, and although they knew what it honestly was - just a guy helping some girls so he could get a smile from them- they teased him good-humouredly about it.

The job did have some perks, of course. If a pizza went wrong, or extra garlic bread was made, or any situation like that arrived, whoever got to it first took whatever they wanted. All the pop from the fountain drink area was free for the employees, and that went down their throats by the gallon. That cost the company almost nothing, and it kept the employees happy. The increased satisfaction of the workers resulted in happier, and therefore busier, workers. Pizza House international got its fair share out of the deal.

That very day, during a less-than-normally-busy period, Justin was in the back talking to one of the girls. Talking is not the best way to put it actually. They were carrying on a conversation, true, but Jennifer was laughing as Justin was flirting without any meaning, and both of them knew it.

Jennifer, a fairly lithe 5'7” brunette was something of a neo-hippie, with sparkles on her face, and a live-for-the-moment attitude. With little of a figure to look at, she more than made up for it with an engaging personality, and a great sense of humour. Everyone appeared happier after just a few moments around her.

He meant nothing, flirting only as an attempt to make her laugh, and Jennifer knew Justin had no interests in her. This had of course started when Justin brought her a drink and said “Can I buy you a drink, doll?” They both started to chat then and there, and continued to do so for several minutes until Justin was called to the front by a call from one of the kitchen staff. Justin stood up from the small table, and headed towards the front. Winking at Jennifer, he turned towards the kitchen and let out a bellow of “Great! Just when I was getting somewhere!” and the resounding laughs of his fellow employees followed him to the front of the restaurant.

Strangely enough, the take-out counter had been left abandoned. However, that could be of course attributed to managerial incompetence or the laziness of the clerk on duty. Fortunately, though, while he was not officially a clerk, Justin could sub-in on the position in a pinch. Mentally gathering all he knew of running the computers (as opposed to working on them) in mind, he strolled up to the counter with his most professional face.

That was quickly lost as he gazed at the sight before him: Kathleen, in a pair of indecently short shorts and a white shirt that rode up over her flat taut stomach, perhaps an inch past her navel. Smiling coyly (she knew nothing of her boyfriend's previous actions), Kathleen leaned forward. “Hey Justin. I didn't know you worked here. You're a counter-bitch?”

Grimacing at the expression, Justin raised an eyebrow before responding. “No. I repair the computers, and write some of the programmes for the restaurant. You know me, always trying to make everything work faster and harder.”

Completely ignoring the mild innuendo, Kathleen said quickly “Well, you must at least know the manager. Give the manager my resume and by the way…”

“Yes????” was the incredibly well turned response.

Puffing out her chest and trying to pretend she wasn't, Kathleen put her hand on top of Justin's and squeezed a little. “Could you put in a good word for me? You know how good a worker I am.”

Justin certainly did. She'd worked on a couple of people over the years, getting them to do her job. Justin was fairly certain that was exactly what she would do at the restaurant - nothing. Moreover, while the thought of having another pretty girl around the restaurant was a substantial temptation to recommend her, he feared that any failure of Kat's would invariably be placed upon him. He made a quick mental note to toss the papers into the trash the second she was out of sight.

“Oh, and by the way. Adam really wants me to get this job. By that I mean he wants YOU to get me this job. So you better f*#king do it!” With that, Kathleen turned on her heel and made a beeline for Adam's new car.

Justin returned to the back of the restaurant and sat down pensively. Jennifer looked at him. He certainly wasn't in the mood to flirt any more. The self-preservation instinct was doing its best to outweigh his sense of right and wrong. The manager of the store owned him a couple favours, and he could easily get someone a job. But if he got Kathleen hired, she'd push him around, and Adam would always be around the restaurant to do the same. Justin would probably lose the respect around the restaurant, which was the only place he'd really fit in. That was probably the worst of it.

“Why so glum, Justy?” was Jennifer's quick line.

Justin looked up. With a brief sigh, he explained the situation to her.

“That's horrible!” she exclaimed. “Justy (as he was known to this girl, the last remnant of the hippies), you may not know it, but we wouldn't blame you for her stupidity. You're a great guy. And I'm not just saying that,” she added as he finally met her eyes. “You fixed all the computer problems, and you take care of all the people at the restaurant, especially the girls. And yes, we do notice where you put your special attention.” At this, he smiled shyly, blushing. “But,” she continued, “I have an idea. Revenge and justice all in one. First get her hired, and then I'll befriend her. I'll tell everybody to pick up the slack she leaves. Then we'll…”

The conversation carried on for some time, and soon other members of the staff joined in. The game was afoot.

Kathleen was standing in front of the full-length mirror, trying to make a Pizza House clerk uniform look good. But Adam, with caresses in all the right places was making the process somewhat difficult with his pleasurable distractions. After a moment she stopped trying to adjust her clothes, and reciprocated his attentions with interest. She was glad her father wasn't at home.

She arrived at work several minutes late, but was ushered into the back without the manager noticing by a brunette girl. Although somewhat confused at what anyone would help her for, Kathleen was understandably grateful. She quickly introduced herself.

“Well my name's Jennifer, and I'm waitressing here until I get enough money for college. If you get in trouble around here, just ask me. If I'm not here, just look for the coolio (as her expression for cool went) little computer guy.” And with a flash of face sparkles and a subtle aroma of something pleasant she couldn't place, Jennifer turned a corner and left Kathleen. Despite Kat's inherent snobbish attitude, she liked Jennifer. Now if only she could figure out who this ~coolio~ (?!?) computer guy was, she would know everyone she needed to get to do all her work for her.

The manager found Kathleen and led her around on a tour of the restaurant. As he went, he performed a general introduction of the staff. Lastly, he brought her to a figure huddled over some cables on the floor. Kathleen knew this was the sucker who would do the other half of her work. “Kathleen,” the manager began, “meet…”

“Justin,” the figure on the floor said. He stood up and pointed down to the mass of cords. “We know each other, Sir. And by the way, fixing those things took up all the scotch tape, bubble gum, and spare wires in the house. You've gotta get some more.” He paused and looked at the manager with the look of the cat who'd eaten the canary. “Or we could buy some new equipment. I can only jury-rig a LAN network so far.”

The manager looked sheepish. “I know, Justin. You're the best. But replacing the uniforms has taken up most of the budget for this month. I'll get more gum.” He then walked away.

Kathleen was surprised. Most all of the staff had recommended the “computer guy” or “Justy” (males used the former, females the latter) as the general problem solver. She had no idea it would be the nerdy little school-boy Justin. It was almost like he was popular, in a mascot kind of way. Well, she'd soon put a stop to that. There was no way some geek was going to be her social superior.

In the course of the first week, Kathleen found it incredibly easy to get other people to do her work. She barely put any effort into her coercions. The simplicity of the operation surprised her. The kitchen staff worked efficiently, the waitresses were sociable, and the other clerks helped with everything. Only the state of the computers surprised her. They were old and unreliable, and a better job could have been done with paper. But the corporation demanded that the computers be used. They failed often, and the bare wires and flickering screens were a cause for alarm to most people. She therefore discovered the Justin was a hardworking individual and important to the continuation of the store. The programmes on the computer were even written by him.

Every day, Adam came by to pick her up after work. Eventually, both Adam and Kat were invited to a house party of Jennifer's. While at first somewhat hesitant, once she found out that Justin would be at the restaurant catching up on her work, she agreed. That night, Jennifer invited her best-looking girlfriend Aimee to the party as well, with instructions to dress as slutty as possible. For some time, Adam could barely keep his eyes off her. Kathleen passed out early from drinking too many heavy beers (a caloric excess she almost always avoided), while the rest partied on. But the following morning she woke up to a horrible sight.

Adam was still passed out from the liquor (for all his macho bravado, he was a lightweight when it came to drinking). Only Jennifer, Aimee, and Kathleen were awake, drinking coffee and popping back aspirins to remove a bad hangover. Jennifer actually seemed to be fine, but stayed at the table for conversation. Aimee showed the tear at the shoulder of her belly-top which Adam had caused groping at her while drunk (actually, he passed out minutes after Kat, so she and some others tore it themselves).

“He was all over Aimee and me,” Jennifer said with a look of disgust. “Who are you dating?”

“Yeah, find a real boyfriend,” Aimee chimed in.

Kathleen, in an act of selfishness and self-righteousness dumped Adam right there. She didn't even bother to wake him up to inform him. Phase one of Justin's Revenge was complete. Kathleen was alone.

For lunch, and to console her, Jennifer and Aimee took Kat out for some ice cream at the Dairy King down the road. While Aimee had a small cone, and Jennifer had a medium chocolate dipped cone, the three of them chipped in to buy the “King's Ice Cream Banquet” for Kathleen on the provision that they all shared in it. While they sat down and all agreed that Kathleen had been the victim in the whole affair, the two conspirators ate slowly. While the others occasionally shared a small spoonful of the Banquet, Kathleen ate almost the whole thing. She didn't even notice with the headache and the grief she felt. How could Adam do this to her? When the girls offered to have a party of just the three of them that night, Kathleen agreed immediately. She needed people to pity her.

While Kathleen was drunk, the other girls brought in massive amounts of food from Burger Queen. Convincing her that it would increase her tolerance was easy, they only needed to eat a burger or two each themselves. Over the course of the night, Kathleen polished off five or six, and some fries, in addition to all the beer. The next morning was a repeat of Dairy King. This became their habit twice each week, as they didn't have to go to school for nearly ten months (they intended to wait a full year to save up), and didn't have any studies to attend to. While Jennifer was at all of the parties and ice cream engagements, Aimee rotated with a group from the restaurant so she wouldn't make herself sick. Jennifer appeared immune to all forms of partying-associated problems. It must have been her neo-hippie powers.

Meanwhile, at the restaurant, things were in progress. Everyone offered Kathleen a drink, and when she asked for diet, she got regular. Not really willing to do the work herself, and afraid of scaring off her loyal servants, she never complained and drank up the sugar-rich liquid. In addition, the kitchen crew would screw up an extra order of pasta of pizza here and there. Through empirical evidence (trial and error) the crew learned her favourite foods. Strangely enough, these made up a good portion of the mistakes, and Kathleen could usually be found flirting with the cooks while munching down a slice of pizza, or packing away some fettuccini alfredo. But between the partying and working, Kathleen found she was tired almost every day.

So two of her exercise classes were removed from each week, and even they were shortened. Sad to say, that after the second month at Pizza House (and therefore nine parties and ice cream trips), no results were visible on the beautiful girl. Some people were beginning to flag in their efforts.

Jennifer walked up to Justin in the back while he was on break at the end of the second month.

“I don't know how much longer I can keep this up, Justy man.”

“Why do you say that, good lookin'?” was his reply.

Instead of answering, Jennifer lifted up her shirt to reveal a coating of smooth, soft white flesh where her abbs had recently been. Justin poked it, and his finger sank half an inch. He was immediately turned on.

“Ten more pounds is all I'll give to that girl!” she said as she turned away.

“Don't you worry, Jennifer; I've got some magic tricks left yet.” Saying so, he showed her a bottle of pills. “My father's a pharmacist. These will make a small dog go to sleep. Anything larger will just be drowsy in a couple of hours. If we put one in her drink each day, there go the exercise classes.”

She smiled, and took the bottle from his hand. As Justin watched her walk away, he remarked on how good her butt look now that it had some contours. She actually had the beginning of a nice “pair” on her to. The best part, he thought, was that it was all soft and lovely to look at. She certainly was filling out in the right places. It was all he could to finish his work that day.

Kathleen just couldn't bring herself to go to aerobics today. Or to the track on Saturday. In her three months at Pizza House, Kathleen had adopted the style that people wore around the restaurant - loose, light clothes. So when Jennifer said to haul on some tight clothes so the two of them could go to the bar that night, Kat dusted off her favourite pair of jeans.

During all this time when her clothes had lain in the bottom of her drawer, her mother must have washed them a few times to keep the room clear of infestation. However, with cotton being washed without being stretched by wearing it in the time between, they had shrunk at least two sizes. She couldn't pull them up at all. Several of her clothes were in this condition. So she pulled on some clothes that had been baggy before, which now fit tightly. She was please to note though, that her bra was tighter, and didn't seem to have shrunk! She was very happy, because with bigger breasts, her life would be even easier. She had to lurch out of the chair to get up out of her chair. It was as though gravity was pulling especially hard. It must have been that walk to Dairy King today.

When Jennifer invited everyone to a party at her parents' cottage - minus the parents - it was quite the event. Kathleen didn't even ask if Justin was going. In fact, she had kind of started to like him. He was smart and funny, and really whipped to every girl in the restaurant. She just hopped into Aimee's small red car and was driven off.

The cottage was a nice change after eight months at Pizza House. On a lake, it had a great view. The morning after a serious night of drinking, everyone got changed into some swimwear to go out one the lake. Some went canoeing, others swimming, a few went in the small motor boat. Only Jennifer, Justin, and Kathleen were left at the cottage that day. Justin, being the modest type, wore a shirt (also for fear of cancer). But when Jennifer walked out of the house in her one-piece bathing suit, he almost needed a cigarette and a small towel.

The eight months had taken some slight toll on her thin form. Her round, full breasts bounced with each step, straining against the overworked swimsuit. She was a lovely cream colour, without mark nor blemish. Her flat, tight stomach had moved out and rented the space to some good number of friends. It had developed some love handles to the sides, which showed through slits in the side of her suit. Her actual stomach had become a little belly, which pushed out showing a deep belly button. While before she might have been a 25” waist, she must have gone up to a 31” or 32” of pure flab. Her legs were not overly fat, although they rubbed with some newly discovered chubbiness in the thighs. They shook and jiggled with every step, though not as much as her tummy. Her hips had rounded out, still farther than her tummy, giving her a proper female shape. The suit from behind was unable to hold in her wide, full ass. It was round and yet still maintained some measure of firmness. Jennifer was at least two or three sizes too big for her suit.

Justin stood up to go to her, to have her to himself. But at that moment, Kathleen walked out. And being the person she was, she only owned bikinis. But of course, she hadn't gained any weight, right? The bikini had shrunk. It had merely done enough shrinking to look like it should fit someone about fifty pounds thinner.

So therefore, even though everyone else thought she was bigger, she was sure she wasn't. She thought, “I've never been fat before, so it must be the clothing.” Whether she'd gotten fatter or not is up to the reader (she had).

Her face was still beautiful and a pleasure to look at. But it was a rounded beauty now. She had some trace of a double chin, and her cheeks were much fuller. Her blond hair had grown about halfway down her back. Her arms, formerly toned and solid, were plump and soft. They must have doubled in size. Her bikini top was stretched beyond capacity only slightly though. She had not gained most of her weight on top. Her breasts had gotten larger, but had a saggy look to them. They had lost their perkiness, although they still looked quite firm. The straps of the device dug into her soft, lightly tanned flesh. Her stomach must have exploded though. While originally a 24”, it was now a 36” or 37” roll of blubber. Round and soft, it was a mound of relatively firm flesh. It hung over the front of her bikini bottoms even while she stood up. Her love handles flowed over the sides, making it impossible to see the straps underneath them. Her hips extended even further in her newfound pear shape. Flowing around to a jiggling and wobbling flabby ass, it continued down to a pair of saddle-bags that would have been too much of a burden for most draft horses. Her legs rubbed with each step, and bounced as they went along their merry way. By the time Kathleen had traversed the twenty yards from the cottage to the chair Justin was sitting in, she was almost winded.

“How are you guys doing,” she asked. She tried to adjust herself so that Justin could better appreciate her good looks. “By the way Jennifer, have you put on weight? That suit is a little too small for you, and you don't exactly have the right style to make up for being fat.”

Jennifer looked shocked, and turned her baleful glare at Justin. He put up his hands as a mock protection, and then started to laugh. Jennifer looked even more indignant, as she thought the laughter was at her. But then Justin stood up and walked over to Kathleen.

“Don't make fun of Jennifer,” he said sternly. “Where do you get the right?”

“I'm not making fun of her, I'm just letting her know about a small problem before it gets out of hand.”

“Are you serious?” was his incredulous reply.

“Of course, you little nerd.”

As she said that, something inside of Justin snapped. He couldn't take Kat's insults to himself, and even more so to Jennifer. He was sick and tired of being pushed around. So he walked up to Kathleen and grabbed a handful of belly in his left hand, and a love handle in his right and started to shake them. It was like a mountain of Jell-O gone mad. Blubber went flying.

“Take a look at yourself, you fat cow! I stopped shaking a while ago, and you're still jiggling! How dare you call this beautiful, selfless girl anything less than perfect!”

With that, Jennifer looked over at Justin with a sense of love. Running over to him, she wrapped her arms around Justin's neck, and planted a kiss on his lips as she turned him towards her. While this was occurring, Kathleen looked down and realised at that moment that she must have put on at least fifty pounds of fat. The look of horror on her face was completely ignored by the other two, who were much too interested in their own intentions. A scream went up to the heavens. Justin's Revenge was complete, but he had gained more than just justice, he had gained the love of a beautiful woman while doing it.