Weight Room Title Bar

Kathern and Lisa
By Big Ben

Part One

"And that's what I want to try out, Lisa," I said. My name is Kathern; I am 18 years old, and have just started college. I'm sharing a dorm room with someone named Lisa; we've both just started our first semester of college. We have the exact same classes which is convenient...in a creepy sort of way. I weigh a relatively light 108 pounds.

I used to be a soccer player, but since I'm in college now... I've decided to drop it; I'm skinny enough for being 5'6 as it is! Plus, stress is always a good excuse not to exercise. My roommate Lisa weighs 160 lbs. She's about the same height as I am. She's really, a little chubby for her height. She has a round little stomach which I've seen a few times when she's changing, and a nice butt that wiggles a little every time she walks, and these beautiful blue eyes that... Okay, okay, I kinda have the hots for Lisa, but ANYWAY... I'm telling Lisa that I want to purposely gain 30 or so pounds so that when I'm older I can always think back to that time in college where I had to lug my fat ass up the steps, and how much I wouldn't want to relive that time in college, when I weighed approximately one metric ton!

Besides, it would be better to try this now when I'm young and it's easy to lose.

"So what do you think of my little idea"?

"It doesn't sound like a bad plan..." said Lisa.

"You really think so!?" I said, a little surprised.

"Well, yeah, but why are you telling me this - do you, like, want me to help?"

"That thought hadn't crossed my mind. Why would I need any help, getting fat?" I asked.

"Kathern, I gotta say you have a faster metabolism than a Olympic runner on steroids, I mean look at this flat stomach!" At that moment I was pretty confident that Lisa had the hots for me, too, because A: she grabbed the bottom of my shirt and touched my stomach, and B: she raised up my shirt so I could see my stomach, but she had my shirt a little high just to be looking at my stomach.

"It's... well, flat," she said as if there was something missing. "Trade you weights!" she said in a joking sort of way. We both had a little giggle over that. Lisa is the floor fat girl, and she knows it. No one really makes fun of her, because everyone here is nice! But she makes fun of herself all the time, and we're just a little mean in the sense that we don't say, "Oh, you're not fat" or "you think you're chubby? Yeah right!" which is good because in my opinion there is being nice, and then there is polite lying. I wouldn't like to be lied to, even if it is to be polite. Don't get me wrong, I definitely don't think Lisa is unattractive; in fact, I think that her fat belly, ass, and breasts are the sexiest things in the world! But that's the only person I think extra pounds looks good on. I'd like to tell her all that soon...

But I like to think of other fat people as the sexual scum of society. Just slow-moving, lazy, and unable to attract a boyfriend/girlfriend so have nothing else but to masturbate 15 times a day! That's why I'm deciding to do this so I'll never want to be fat again! Plus, from what Lisa tells me I'll be struggling to gain a pound in a week.

"No, I'd like to gain it all naturally, so that every pound I gain, I'll have a deeper and deeper desire to get the disgusting stuff off of me," I exclaimed!

"Yeah... sure..." said Lisa in a very soft voice.

I hastily added, "I don't think you're disgusting if that's what you're thinking. I just don't think I'd like to be fat!"

"So you think I'm fat..." Lisa said with a smile. Lisa made me realize what I said a second ago which made my face grow hot.

"Well, just a little chubby, ANYWAY..." I said, hastily changing the subject.

"Does your mom know you're going to try this?" Lisa asked.

I said, "Not yet - I'm going to call her right now. She's probably not going to be keen on the subject, but she's willing to let me do anything that makes me happy... short of plastic surgery!" I joked. I started to dial up Mom at home. "You want to WHAT!?" I joked imitating my mom; we both laughed.

Mom doesn't work anymore. She doesn't need to; she retired after designing a successful video game. You've probably heard of Pacman... yep, she designed that. Anyway my mom weighed at a fairly light 140 lbs.; she looks pretty much like me. She's stayed in reasonably good shape for an old retired lady. The dial tone started to ring "boooooop... boooooop...*click* hello?" It was my mom. "Hey, Mommy!"

"Hi, Pumpkin! Moved in alright?"

"Yes, mother..."

"Making friends?"


"So is there any particular reason that you called, other than to talk to your lovely mother?"

"Well, yes," I said, "I'm going to do something and I wasn't sure how you'd feel about it. I think it's a good idea, I want to gain 30 pounds and lose it, so that if I start to gain weight when I'm like 40, I have motivation to lose that weight right away."

Mom paused for a few seconds than said, "Well, I'm never thrilled with the thought of my baby girl deliberately making herself unhealthy, even if it's only temporary, but (sigh) if you think it's a good idea, then I won't hold you back."

"Okay, thanks, Mom."

"I'll put some money in your saving account just in case you need it, and I'll give you my old fat clothes that are lying around in the basement, chances are you're going to gain 30 pounds faster than I'll lose 10!"

"Thanks, Mommy, bye!"

Lisa was now curious but naturally assuming by the tone of my voice while I was talking that my mom had agreed with me. "So what's the plan?" she asked.

I said, "Well, she's not crazy about it but she doesn't really care."

"So what now? " Lisa asked, clearly knowing the answer.

"Well, since our classes don't start for three days, and we're all moved in... let's get a pizza!"

"Yeah, that sounds awesome; I also got some Oreos in my bag!"

So it began... I even felt fatter just thinking about eating a large sausage pizza. Anyway, we went to the Domino's across the street and got a large sausage pizza, very evil for a fast food pizza place to be right across the street of a college campus! We took our pizza to our room, turned on our T.V. and started eating. Nothing was planned for the rest of the day, other than eating and watching Miss Congeniality...

I started on my first slice; until recently I was eating very healthy like, yogurt for breakfast, a salad for lunch, an apple here or there, maybe a low-fat peanut butter sandwich. All that was going to change for awhile....

By my third piece I was just stuffed (like the crust!) Lisa finished the rest of the pizza. I normally eat a lot throughout the day. But usually I never stuff myself. I felt really full.

"Dessert?" Lisa asked, tempting me by pulling a bag of double stuffed Oreos out of her travel bag.

"I couldn't eat a saltine cracker if I tried, let alone an Oreo!"

"Good, you'll stretch your stomach a little bit every time you do that, now eat!" She said stuffing half a wafer in my mouth...mmmm... I haven't had an Oreo since my senior year in high school. My god, these few weeks were definitely going to have some lasting affects! Should I quit?

"You have to eat the other half at LEAST," she said, stuffing a cookie in her mouth obviously having a very good time doing this to me. Why should I quit? I'm having fun, she's having fun, and I'm taking a lot of pleasure in her feeding me... awww... what the hell! Fuck society's stupid ideals! Give me that cookie! "Sure" was all I managed to say as she leaned over just enough to make contact with my stomach. It was pretty obvious she wanted to feel it, even if it wasn't with her hands.

"Oh sorry, whoa! You got to eat something! You don't have any hips whatsoever!" She was right: I was pretty flat all over - maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea if I just kept those pounds I gained... I said, "Okay, sure, just stop feeding me Oreos! I'll really puke if you don't!"