Weight Room Title Bar

Kathern and Lisa
By Big Ben

Part Two

I had to lie down from my fattening meal, so I got up to my bed and laid back, rubbing my full yet flat belly. “So, aside from eating, what do you want to do today, fatso?” Lisa joked. I dozed off as she said it. She said, “Napping would be my first guess…”

I woke up. The first thing I saw was Lisa looking at my ass, as I turned around. “Uh, I was just about to wake you up!”

I just said, “What time is it? I'm hungry!”

Lisa just said, grinning, “It's 4:00… I think you're really getting an appetite! You only ate two hours ago!”

I responded, “Like you said… I have a fast metabolism!”

The T.V. was still on; Lisa sat on the bed and lied down right next to me, which was a pretty tight squeeze on a bunk bed! Lisa started tempting me again, “So, how 'bout the rest of those Oreos? Want them now?” she asked me, kind of excited as she put a hand on my hip.

“Hell yeah!” As soon as I said that she went over me, rubbing her paunch on my back and pushing me on my stomach. Then she reached under the bed and grabbed the rest of the bag of Oreos. Of course I had to make a remark about this.

“Wouldn't it of been easier to stand up reach under the bed and get them, INSTEAD of crawling all over me!?”

Lisa responded casually with a smile, “Yeah, but that wouldn't have been as much fun!”

So after that we just kept lying beside each other, watching T.V., eating a LOT of cookies, and just basically letting it turn to goo around my thighs. Oh ma god… this is so much fun! I've never binged this much! Well… at least not without exercising. I wonder how much I'll gain after today… probably like 10 pounds!

“Well, that's all of them,” Lisa said, munching on the last of the Oreos. She tossed the package off the side of the bed, to pick up later. Lisa, again put a hand on my hips.

I groaned from eating most of the package. I just ate too many cookies!

Lisa started to ask me questions. “How much weight were you planning to gain?” Right after Lisa said that, she smoothly moved her hands forward and started to rub my stomach. Ohhhh… that feels good…

“Well about thirty or so pounds…” I said softly. “I'm planning to keep, oh, about half….” Lisa started to persuade me a little.

“Why just half? Why not keep all of it? So you wouldn't have to get rid of it, plus, you could use the pounds!” she said, continuing to rub my belly.

She went on. “I mean you're so thin you could stand to gain even a little more than that! I mean you have generally no hips…” She started to rub my hips. “Your stomach just goes in a little.” She started to rub up and down my belly. Now Lisa started to get a little carried away. “Your breasts-” she said as she went a little ahead of her thoughts and reached higher than she meant to and grabbed my boobs through my small bra. “-While small and perky, are kind of flat…” she said, a little embarrassed, and she moved her hands back down to my belly and started to rub it again.

Now I figured if I was going to make a move, it might as well be now. Why wait and make her feel awkward? I turned over on the bed and faced her. I looked up and down her belly, most of which was concealed under her short sleeve T-shirt. Her thighs were partially-covered up by her short shorts, and just a little bit of her soft belly was peeking over her shorts and under her shirt.

Now I looked at her rounded, beautiful chubby face. She has the smoothest skin… I leaned in close and we started to kiss. It had to be the sweetest I've ever had… Literally, I mean, since both of our mouths were filled with chunks of Oreos! (I had a boyfriend once, but it didn't work out as you could imagine.) We took off each other's shirt as quickly as we could.

I ripped off her bra and was now sitting on top of her soft, flabby, pillowesque stomach, and looking at her big, round, full breasts… Then I took off my own bra, hurled it to the floor and just fell on her to feel her magnificent body!

“You waste no time do you?” commented Lisa slyly. Then we just felt each other awhile and talked about how much we wanted each other.

I told her, “When I saw you take off your shirt to change earlier today, I wanted to touch your belly so badly…”

Lisa said, “You'll get one of your own soon if you keep at this rate!”

Then I said, “Think of how awesome it would be if we both gained weight?”

“Let's try it!” Lisa exclaimed!