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Kathy's Big Adventure or Sweet Sysop Plus
by Tom Boles

(an adaptation of "~Sweet Sysop~" by <<<Bruce Powell>>>)

Kathy was sitting at her desk when the call from the boss came. As was normal, she was bored. She had spent four years getting a degree in Computer Science and found that it was wasted. Most companies were run by men who were frightened by intelligent women. So she had taken a job as a secretary to keep body and soul together.

She stood and quickly walked to her boss's door. Word was that he often chased the girls around, and when he was interested he usually promoted the girl. Maybe she could use what Mother Nature had given her to get into Systems Operation. As she knocked, she glanced over to a mirror and checked herself out. She was pleased with what she saw. At 5'4" she had to keep an eye on her diet for she had a tendency to put on weight. But at 108 pounds she could not be called fat. She was fairly "top heavy", though, and wore a DD bra, but the guys seemed to like that. She brushed a strand of blonde hair out of her eyes and walked into the room when called for.

"Sit down, Miss Jones." Her boss hardly looked up. "We have an opening in the Systems Operation Department. I have checked out the qualifications of all the personnel in the office and have found that you have a BS in Computer Science. Would you like the position?" The promotion was so sudden that Kathy found herself squeaking 'Yes". No come-ons, no asking for favors, just a recognition of her degree and the offer of a real job. She realized that he was going on. "There is one catch." She braced herself for the lude come on. "You will have to work at home. I need the office space and the terminal can be hooked up in a day. This way you can work on problems remotely and I can have the space for an extra desk. Your predecessor found this to be quite a worthwhile arrangement. What do you say?"

Kathy almost jumped for joy. She had found her female co-workers dull and stupid. Most only went to business college and only then to get a Mrs. degree. They chased the junior executives and sometime caught them. Their main topics of conversation were "that guy's car" and "this guys butt". Working alone would give her time to learn the system and to fix problems.

It took two days for her to get the terminal hooked up and running. She then typed in the password that her boss had given her. The "Sysop" screen came up and she began to work. She had several messages that had been left for her. For the most part, they were congratulations on the promotion. One, however, was a complaint from the accounting department concerning the lack of core resource given to them. She worked for most of the morning fixing this rather simple problem. By lunch she was ravenous. She made herself a sandwich and soup.

After finishing the sandwich she was surprised to find that it was not enough. She made another and went back to work. Most of her job seemed to be tracking transactions between branches of the company. While this was routine, it was the life blood of the firm for which she worked.

Kathy was determined to make the best of her job. Around 2:00 PM she had finished most of her work for the day and was stunned to find herself very hungry, almost starved. Well, she though, I have been hard at it for several hours. She made a snack and sat in front of the terminal and munched. As she browsed through the system she found a large bank of memory that had just been returned to the core. In this large chunk of memory she found a file that was specially coded and password protected. While this was not unusual, she found that the section of memory had been accessed by at least a third of the callers to the system. "Strange to password protect something then to give out the password to so many people" she thought.

At 4:00 PM Kathy shut down the terminal and walked into her kitchen to start dinner. But as she looked around the place she was dismayed to find very little to eat. Instead she called and ordered a large combo pizza and two 2 liter bottles of Pepsi. While she waited for the delivery she walked down the hall and collected her mail. In it was an ad for a local market that had just started home delivery. All she had to do was call between 6:00 AM and 3:00 AM. "Wow, how quaint-a blast from the past," she thought. But she was surprised when she how competitive the prices were.

After the pizza was delivered, She lay sprawled on the coach, watching a video and trying to get comfortable. She was in shock when she realized that she finished the whole large pizza and all but half of one bottle of Pepsi. Her stomach was round and hard to the touch. She was actually in pain due to the distention of her belly. Kathy decided that trying to finish this movie was a waste of time. She then turned off the VCR and moved to her bed. Once undressed, she lay down and promptly fell asleep.

Early the next morning she made out a shopping list and got ready to call the market. But before she could, a call came from her terminal. She walked over and began to assist the caller. Before sign off, the man asked what had happened to the other sysop, Kathy informed him that she had moved on to another position. Just before she turned away she saw the offending memory block again. She was now determined to crack the password protection. While she thought about it, she absentmindedly called the market and placed her grocery order.

She had tried about 10 different combinations to crack the password when the front door bell rang. She walked out and found a delivery boy with three large boxes of food. "Is this my order?" Kathy was surprised at the size of the order that she had placed. "No, ma'am, I could only carry about half of it. The rest is in the car. I'll go and get it now." The delivery boy turned and walked over to a blue panel truck and returned with three even larger boxes. He gave the bill to Kathy, who numbly wrote out a check for the purchases. She couldn't believe how much she had ordered! But the price was quite reasonable and she thought no more about it.

Once the boy was gone, she began to put away the groceries. The bulk of the order was ready-to-eat convenience foods. She was all set to call the market and return some of the stuff when the terminal called again. This time it was a serious problem. Shipping needed a complete re-write of their database file. Kathy took down the requirements for the new printout and got started. She found that as she wrote she was munching on a 2 pound bag of M&Ms. Strangely, it seemed to help her work. Three hours later she took a break to stretch and to get more M&Ms.

Three weeks passed like this. The only change was that she noticed with some shame that her both her eating binges and her waistline were getting bigger. Kathy's mother had called her and she was supposed to go to her house for dinner the next evening. Kathy decided that she really should get her hair done before that. She walked into her bedroom and reached into her closet for a pair of jeans. Lately, she had rarely gotten dressed and spent almost all of her time in baggy sweats.

She pulled out a tee-shirt and then began to pull on her jeans. As she struggled into the now very tight pants she was stunned at how much weight she had picked up lately. She couldn't get the zipper up until she lay down on the bed and sucked in her newly rounded belly. The button was another story. She couldn't get it to fit into the button-hole. So she decided that a loose tee shirt would hid the obvious gap. She pulled on a large tee shirt and looked at herself in the mirror. Not bad, she thought.

At the mall, she decided that a trip to a clothes story was first on the agenda. She found several things in her new size. Kathy thought they would be fine until she could lose this weight she had picked up lately. As an afterthought she picked up a pair of very loose fitting shorts. As she got ready to leave, the salesgirl mentioned that she could wear a pair of her new pants out of the store if she wanted. She blushed to know that the tightness of her jeans was that evident, but she changed all the same.

With the looser pants on, she walked out to her car and dropped the purchases in the trunk. Then she walked back into the mall and down to the food court. "Just for a bite of lunch", she said to herself. Three hours later, she walked laboriously back to her car. Her breath was coming in short gasps due to the tightness of her new pants. Once in the car, she reached down to unbutton the pants only to have the button pop off and bounce against the windshield! With trembling hands, she unzipped the excruciatingly tight pants. Her belly leapt free. She closed her eyes in the beautiful free feeling. She sat there for a few minutes massaging her rounded, stretched-out tummy. A moment later, she came back to reality and drove home.

As she walked in, she heard the bell that alerted her to a problem on the system. She quickly walked back to the spare room where the terminal was passing the high counter in the kitchen. She idly reached out and grabbed a bag containing several candy bars. It was a minor problem, but it took her two hours to fix it. At the end of her work she watched the new program run as she munched on a Snickers bar, her fifth. It worked! Just as she was getting ready to log off she saw the offending bit of memory again. Kathy wrote a bit of quick assembler code to work on breaking the password.

When she was done, the phone rang. "Hello? Is this Kathy Jones?" A deep masculine voice from the other end of the line asked. Kathy loved the timbre of the voice, it seemed to reverberate deep within her. "Yes, who is this?". "I'm Ken McCormick, head of Systems Operation here at DynaSys. Strictly speaking, I am your boss I guess, although we have never met formally. I'm calling just to tell you how happy I have been with your work so far. I really put my neck on the line when I insisted that you be the new Sysop. And you've not let me down. How is everything going? Any problems or questions?" "No, not really. I am finding that the system is quite complex and a bit of a challenge. That change for Shipping nearly made me pull out my hair." Ken chuckled and told her that the change was prefect.

As they chatted Kathy brought up the strange block of memory. "Oh. Well the old Sysop, Cheryl, ran a BBS on the system. Open only to a few people. That must have been the large block of memory that was returned. The block you see must be a remnant of that. Just delete it." Kathy was stunned that DynaSys allowed the BBS. She knew that upper management was blind to many things that the employees did, but a BBS on the Mainframe. Oh, well, just goes to show ya, she thought.

"I would really like to show my gratitude. Would you like to go out to dinner on Friday evening?" Kathy was stunned. This man's voice worked on her like a spell. She knew if she was standing her knees would be weak. She stammered out her acceptance. Ken arranged to pick her up at 7:00 PM.

The rest of the week she struggled to break the password. She only took time out to go to her mom's for dinner. Her mom commented on her weight gain. Seeing that her mom weighed nearly 300 pounds, Kathy was able to palm it off on genetics catching up to her.

Her failures at cracking the code made her more determined to open the file. Frustration set in, making her eat all the more. She called the market and set in a huge store of junk food. This was almost gone by late Thursday afternoon when the phone rang. It was Ken confirming their date. He had made reservations at a very nice Italian restaurant.

It was after she hung up the phone that she realized that she didn't have anything to wear. Once again a trip to the store. This time her new pants were tighter than her jeans had been a week ago. She found a nice blue dress that hid the 30 extra pounds, yet showed off her newly expanded cleavage very nicely.

She spent three hours getting ready to met her boss. When the doorbell rang she walked slowly to answer it. She steeled herself for disappointment. Probably short, bald, and fat, she thought. But when she opened the door she found that the man fit the voice. He was 6'3" tall, and well muscled. Instead of being bald he was blond and wore his hair a little long. His ice blue eyes roved over her now fuller figure. When a smile of approval formed on his bearded lips she almost melted.

Once at the restaurant she couldn't make up her mind, so Ken suggested the Chef's Special. It was a platter of all of the favorites; Spaghetti, Lasagna, and Ravioli. Kathy agreed and munched her bread. Fresh bread still warm and soft from the oven, with a huge bowl of real butter on the side. She piled the butter on her bread and as she bit down, a little of the rich creamery butter dribbled down her chin. She wiped it up with her napkin.

When the entree came her eyes bulged at the sight of so much pasta. She was afraid that Ken would think her a glutton if she tried to eat all of that. But as she felt a strange compulsion to eat it all and as she ate she noticed that he could hardly keep his eyes off of her. Two hours later she felt stuffed, yet food remained on her plate.

"You really must finish your meal," Ken said. "I was always told it was a sin to waste good food." With this he reached over and picked up her fork. He cut a large piece of three cheese ravioli. He held it before her mouth. Without a thought, she opened her mouth and allowed him to feed her. She continued to do so until the plate was wiped clean with a large chunk of buttered bread, which was also fed to her. By this time, she was so stuffed she was almost comatose.

How she got to his car she couldn't remember. But as she sat down the side seams of her dress gave way. She silently thanked her lucky stars for the extra room it gave her. But she still felt as if she would die from embarrassment. "This guy will think I'm a big pig!" It was then she heard a slight moan escape from his lips. And there was no mistaking the bulge in his pants. Stunned, she decided to take a chance. When he got into the drivers seat she reached up and began to run her hands sensuously over her bulging belly.

"I don't believe I ate that much. You must think I'm a real glutton. "Not really, in fact, I enjoy a girl who has a healthy appetite." Ken drove her home. But she noticed that he took the long way around. They talked of various things, avoiding the real issue. When he pulled up to her flat and helped her out she decided that she would have to make the leap. "Would you care to come up?"

She spent the next six hours in a fog of orgasmic pleasure. She remembered him feeding her several candy bars during the ritual of sex. He spent hours kissing, feeding and massaging her bursting stomach. Ken played with her growing boobs and thighs.

In the morning she awoke late. A pot of coffee and a plate of sweet rolls were at the side of her bed. As she drank her coffee and munched on the rolls she reflected on her actions of the night before. She should have been revolted by the forced gluttony, but instead was pleased and aroused by it. Finishing the last of the rolls, She got up and walked into the terminal room.

She logged on and found that her program had cracked the password. It was FEEDEE. Strange word, thought Kathy as she typed in the password. But as the stream of words flashed before her eyes she was more than intrigued. After the full file had been read, she did it again, this time to a buffer on her terminal so she could read it off line. As she read the file, she ate continuously. Half way through she felt stuffed, yet she crammed more and more into her already distended belly.

It was a story of a young executive woman who had been taken against her will at first and force feed until she was so fat that she could not move. She read of how this average-sized woman became a huge mountain of quivering flesh and Kathy's greedy hand slid down past her own bloated belly and began to masturbate. At the end of the story she came, eyes closed, picturing herself as the enormous 900 pound beauty in the story.

As soon as she could open her eyes she saw a postscript from a "Chubby Cheryl" that this would be her last post. After this she saw a distribution listing. She was surprised at the length of the list. As she browsed the listing she was stunned to see the name of the President of the company. But no more that when she saw the name of Kenneth R. McCormick. So he liked them fat, eh? She had more than suspected this. A sly grin crossed her face as she placed a call to Ken. He readily agreed to the date at her house that night. She was planning to cook for them she said.

At four she put on dinner. It would be ready by five and she could get ready. She went into her bedroom and dug out the jogging shorts she had bought with the first of her "fat clothes". She held them up and decided that she could get into them, and she could, just barely. Once she had struggled to get into her shorts without busting the seams she pulled out an old tee shirt. It praised chocolate, very appropriate she thought.

Right on the stoke of six Ken rang the doorbell. Kathy called out for him to come in. She took a last look in the mirror. She overloaded her clothes to the rending point. She turned and looked at the rear view. Smiling at the several inches of flab that gushed from under the stretched shorts and at the thighs that seemed to explode from the confines of the shorts. The too small tee shirt hugged the ample curves of her expanded breasts and allowed about three inches of soft white belly fat with matching love handles to spill clear of the waistband of her shorts. She walked out, trying to get everything to jiggle.

The look on Ken's face was worth the struggle. She mentioned that she had lost track of the time and had to change. Ken pleaded for her not to. "But these shorts are so tight," she teased. "I really must go on a diet." But she 'relented' and stayed in the girdle-like jogging shorts. Once they sat down to dinner, Kathy had no trouble out-doing her performance of the night before. She ate continuously, her hands in constant motion, bringing forkfuls of food to her waiting mouth. Two hours into the meal, she had to excuse herself because the shorts had become much too tight. She returned, clad in a short, flowing peignoir. Once the constriction on her belly was removed, she began to eat once again with relish.

As they talked she brought the conversation around to her weight gain. Ken complemented her profusely on how good her new figure looked. "As good as Teri's?" Kathy asked using the name of the heroine of the fattening story she had gotten of the system. Ken looked at her without recognition. "You know, Teri Wright, from the story." Ken's face reddened. "Don't worry lover. I understand. I just wonder why it took me so long to see that I really wanted to be fat. And I do want to get fatter and fatter. Want to help me?" Ken's answer was a long tongue probing kiss.

That night was the start of a new life. Kathy became an eating machine. Each meal was a chance to out do the last one. And soon meals blurred into one another. She grew at a rapid pace. By the end of summer, the 250 pound mark had been reached and passed. She ate more and more. She restarted the board and soon had many users that encouraged her to eat and eat. She had a bin built into her desk for M&Ms. She had become addicted to them and munched over 5 pounds a day.

Ken was more than her lover, he was her coach and her feeder. He was there when she felt she couldn't go on and shoveled something gooey and good into her. Not long after the date with the shorts, he bought her seven pair of sweats, each in a larger size than the last. He also brought her chocolate every evening. And he had even had gone so far as to set up an account at The Chocolate House. She could get as much as she wanted delivered and that suited her just fine.

That Christmas, Kathy went out of her way to be sexy for her lover. She stuffed herself like a holiday goose from Thanksgiving to Christmas with the goal of gaining 50 pounds. That morning she got up and stepped on the new scale to see she weighed 359, a 52 pound gain. She tied a red bow around her 46" waist and waddled into the bedroom. Ken woke up to the sight of a sexy cherub waddling toward him totally nude except for a red ribbon.

Her present was dinner in bed. She started off with chips and dip, progressing to a thick creamy clam chowder which she drank straight from the tureen (two gallons of it). Next came a sizzling 32 oz. steak cooked to perfection with potatoes boiled and mashed in butter. A patter of pasta slid down her throat as she began to feel as if she would burst. And to top of the meal was a half gallon shake made of cream, half and half, with a whole container of the richest ice cream around. She made him add a cup of Wate-On to thicken the drink, and drank it down. After a moment she burped loudly, smiled and held the mug out to him "again, please".

Kathy lay there with Ken attending to her needs. She looked down to see that the rolls of fat were gone. Her distended belly had made her front an turgid ball of flesh. As he worked over her belly with scented oils she lay back. The belch that escaped her helped in the settling of her stomach. She accepted his offering of several more candy bars, and drifted off to sleep still chewing the last of six with her lover massaging her soft and flabby 35" thighs.

By her birthday in early May she had become so fat and reluctant to move that Ken had to hire a maid. He also engaged a cook. Kathy sent all of her time either on the computer or eating. And at the computer she ate continuously as she typed. All of her sweats, except the largest, had burst at the seams. She was approaching 450 pounds and eating more than ever. Her maid and cook took great pride and interest in their mistress's enlargement and made sure that she had enough food to feed an army ever day. And Kathy tried and always succeeded in eating everything.

A year passed and Kathy's life style made radical adjustments. Since passing 650 pounds, she rarely moved from her bed. Ken had moved the terminal into her bedroom and had mounted the monitor in a corner of the room where she could see it while reclining on the super king-sized bed. She was constantly fed by Rachel, her maid. Rachel had just passed 300 pounds herself and loved to see Kathy so stuffed that she could barely catch her breath, and then only in gasps. It had been several months since Kathy had seen Julie, the cook, but Rachel said that Julie herself was now so fat that she had to hire a helper.

Kathy brushed a lock of her blonde hair out of her eyes with a fat hand and arm. Like the rest of her, her beautiful hair had grown over the year and now reached the backs of her hugely fat thighs. Kathy looked over her fat titties and belly to see Rachel waddle into the room pushing a cart of chocolate eclairs for her mid-morning snack. She groaned, because her breakfast of 50 doughnuts, 3 pounds of bacon, a two dozen egg omelet, 3 pounds of Brie cheese, and three gallons of half and half mixed with Wate-on powder, had hardly settled. "Please no more...I will...pop. Really...I will," Kathy gasped due to the sever distention of her belly.

Rachel smiled and sat down next to Kathy. They played this game several times a week and she had heard this particular variation before. She clearly was enjoying herself as she began to eat the eclairs by herself. After all, she had not reached 300+ pounds by eating daintily. After Rachel had polished off three eclairs, Kathy reached into the pile, unable and now unwilling to resist the temptation. As she bit down on the first eclair of many and tasted the light pastry crumble under her white perfect teeth, the cream filling slide down her willing throat, and the smooth taste of the chocolate, she wondered how she had held out as long as she had.

As she stuffed the final eclair into her bloated employer, Rachel reached into the ample décolletage of her over-packed maids uniform. She insisted on wearing one even though she had out grown all of the ready-made sizes and now had to have them special made. Kathy knew that Ken liked to watch the obese maid waddle around in the short black skirt and low-cut blouse, so she had them made for her. Rachel's pudgy hand held an invitation. Kathy and Ken had been invited to a party at the President of the company's home for the following evening.

The rest of the day was a whirlwind of preparations as a dress had to be made for the now over 700 pound Sysop. The next afternoon, as she sat on the edge of the bed, wearing the beautiful new dress, her belly nearly resting on the floor, she had never felt so hot and sexy.

Later that night, as she slowly struggled to move her immense bulk from the back of the van to the dining room of the President's house she felt even hotter. The low cut sky blue dress matched her eyes and it's tightness accentuated the enormous bulk barely contained underneath it. She felt her lover's hands fondle one of the myriad rolls of fat above her hips as he helped her waddle ponderously into the house. She had to stop several times to catch her breath, but made it to the door. She knew now that the President loved his ladies big, and was waiting to see a look of lust on his face as she struggled into his house. She was to be slightly disappointed.

As she entered the dining room she stopped. She had naturally thought she would be the only hugely obese woman there. She was wrong. There were five other couples there. Each woman was well over 500 pounds, and they were all gorgeous, each in her own way. Kathy was jealous of a woman for the first time in several years, but the feeling passed. She clearly was the largest woman in the room. She could she the lust in the rest of the men's eyes and the envy in the eyes of the girls. She moved slowly, waddling awkwardly to the extra-wide padded chair that stood in front of her name card.. She sat down with the chair moaning in protest. As soon as she had caught her breath, she asked for a chocolate shake.

She had no more than started to sip her drink when SHE walked in. Actually, she was wheeled in. SHE was so fat that walking was clearly impossible. For the first time in over two years Kathy felt petite. Her earlier feelings of superiority had vanished the moment the other women arrived on the scene. The brunette was so impossibly fat that two muscular women assisted the man pushing the wheelchair that her body nearly overflowed. Then they helped her up. As she struggled to her feet, her enormous belly weighed heavily against the floor. Her attendants maneuvered a low wheeled platform beneath her flowing belly, allowing her some degree of mobility. Kathy felt jealousy rage within her. Ken was practically drooling over this mountain of a women. The raven haired behemoth took a few shuffling steps to a bench that she more flowed into that sat upon. She turned to Kathy and smiled, accentuating the thick rolls of fat that bulged beneath her chin.

" Hello Kathy... I have ...wanted to meet you...and see how... things ...were going ...for you...I know that... you're the new Sysop..." Kathy instantly recognized the shortness of breath and halting speech as the signs of a women with a significantly over-stuffed belly. She herself had gone easy on eating that day, partially because of the car trip and partially because she wanted to be able to show off for the president. That plan was clearly out the window now. Next to the immense mountain of flesh, she suddenly felt terribly inadequate.

The president turned to Kathy and introduced the beautiful mound of fat that had already begun to be fed by her two attendants. "This is my wife, Cheryl." Before she could say anything, the president went on. "You see, there is a subliminal program that acts to fatten up anyone that logs on as the Sysop. I did it to fatten up my love. Ken suggested that you would look great with a few more pounds. And he was right. We made the decision to let you know because Ken wants to marry you. And he wants no more secrets. Now that you know, what are you going to do?" Ken leaned over to her and squeezed one of the thick rolls of fat on her upper arm " I love you completely and whatever you choose will be fine with me"

Kathy looked from her lover Ken to the incredibly obese Cheryl who was now studying her intently. Her face was plump and round and very beautiful, with just a shadow of high cheekbones now lavishly swathed in fat. Cheryl swallowed a mouthful of Mudpie and said as she motioned for another forkful of pie to be placed in her mouth "If you...choose to.. stay.. you will find...that the eating ...gets even better (she swallowed and took another bite) and the sex... more and more...exciting...with...every pound." Her labored breathing between bites of food made speech difficult, but the look of total pleasure on her fat face made it clear that Cheryl really enjoyed her life of constant and absolute stuffing. It was also clear that social events in no way interfered with her pigging out.

A few minutes later, one of her attendants placed a small oxygen line in a nostril of the immense women's nose. Her beaming husband explained that because of the pressure and restriction on her lungs created by her constantly over-full stomach, the extra oxygen made it easier and less strenuous for her to breath. Her doctor had suggested it as a way for her to extend the time and amount that she could eat.

Kathy was amazed and excited by the sight of Cheryl's incredibly huge body, overfed face and the sound of her heavy breathing. She quickly make up her mind and reaching over, lifted a Boston Creame Pie and began to eat with new passion. She would surpass the former Sysop in size and weight if it was the last thing she did! The group cheered her decision.

Kathy and Ken were later given a tour of the house and saw some of the equipment that had allowed Cheryl to increase her weight so amazingly. Kathy was most fascinated by what Cheryl called the "Feeding Pool", a large elevated tank with glass sides and a elevator arrangement in the center. It was here, Kathy learned, that Cheryl had added the 600 pounds to her already immense body when she had left as Sysop. Kathy was blown away when Cheryl, who at that moment was having chocolates crammed into her mouth by one of her attendants wheezed "..I took it ..slow and easy ..and it only took me ...6 months.!

The pool, when filled with a mixture of water and skin moisturizing oils, had provided a certain amount of buoyancy for her growing bulk and the liquid force-feeding system insured that a constant flow of rich weight-adding nutrients made it's way to her stomach. At the same time, the liquid in the pool kept her skin soft and flexible, so huge, weight gains evenly distributed without stretch marks were obviously possible.

"Would you like to try it?" Cheryl asked. A little nervously, Kathy nodded and allowed Cheryl attendants to remove her evening gown, fit her with the feeding tube system and lower her into the tank. Cheryl had told her that there were several modes of operation for the system and showed her how to operate the controls. She had also pointed out the special toilet system that had allowed her to remain "hooked-up" for days at a time. Kathy selected "low periodic" mode and waved to Cheryl and the two men. She immediately felt the warmth of the nutrient solution making it's way down her gullet and into her stomach. Cheryl said "why don't we leave you two alone and go join the rest of the party?" Kathy nodded and watched as the 1500 pound former Sysop rolled away in her electric wheel chair with her beaming husband at the controls.

The two lovers turned and their eyes locked. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Her fiancé said. Kathy nodded, wide-eyed with the possibilities. Cheryl had said that she could expect to gain 4-7 pounds a day depending on how far she was willing to go. Her lover sat in a chair near the edge of the pool and watched as his beautiful love-blimp sucked at the feeding tube.

After a little while, it was clear that Kathy was getting impatient and was looking down at the controls. One of Cheryl's attendants, who had stayed behind to assist Kathy, suggested that she move the controller to "on demand-1.1", explaining that the machine would pump food to her as long as she sucked, and add 10% more each time, gently forcing her to increase her consumption and the stuffing effect. Cheryl understood instantly, changed the setting and started sucking, a look of pure contentment on her fat face.

One hour and several pounds later, she was totally bloated. Her belly was stretched tighter than ever and she had a look of total satiation on her face. She also had a plan...

Five months later, as the elevator lifted her bulging form to the surface, Kathy looked with satisfaction at her naked blimp-like body in the mirror. She had added over 900 pounds of beautiful fat to her body and tipped the scales at 1615 pounds! She had exceeded the old Sysop's record weight by 115 pounds. Happy, but not at all satisfied, she motioned for Rachel, her 350 pound maid, to begin feeding her by hand. The weekly doctor and "maintenance" excursions were a nagging necessity, but she was not about to go hungry because of them.

Her hostess, all 1500 pounds of her, rolled in at that moment and congratulated Kathy on her latest triumph. Ever since Kathy had explained her plan, Cheryl had relaxed her eating regime a bit and now longer had to take oxygen. Both she and her husband had agreed that Kathy should carry on the Big Feed. She could speak more normally now, and her voice had a very deep and sexy sound to it, caused by the thick rolls of fat around her larynx and throat. Kathy's voice had deepened as well, and the sound of their two voices together produced a wonderfully sonorous sound. She had a little less than 400 pounds to go to reach her goal of 2000 pounds, a solid ton of fun!

The two enormous women talked excitedly about the "coming out party" they were planing to celebrate Kathy's ultimate weight gain. Her goal was a secret to no one who knew her, and all of their friends from the BBS were to be invited. Many of the women, including the original 5 from that fateful night, weighed in excess of 600 pounds, so there was more special furniture to have built, additional servers and attendants to hire, the menu to be planned and sleeping areas to be arranged. The two fat friends were immersed in a myriad of details....