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Katrina and Ken
by "the Observer"

["How did he/she ever become that way" is a frequent question asked about larger people -- very few are simply stereotypical gluttons gorging themselves on sweets and fatty foods. The following virginal gaining story, based on one BBW's experience, is illustrative of how weight gain can occur --- and the process of self-acceptance that ideally should accompany it.]

Katrina was a carefree student when it came to weight matters --- in fact during her junior and senior high school years there were those who were concerned about her lack of good eating habits. It had been her tendency to study late, want to sleep in and miss breakfast, then have a light lunch. Both her parents and her track coach thought her underweight and tried to improve her eating habits, but it seemed impossible.

Her one good meal for the day was in the evening. Supper was at 6:30 sharp and she knew she had better be there, because there were seldom snacks on hand for later on. In this environment, always on the move and never eating much, it was no wonder that carrying 120 pounds on her lanky 5" 8" frame in her Senior by the time she became a senior "just came naturally."

But then the track season was over. Improving her GPA a notch became a significant goal. And Ken Frieland came into her life --- her first real "boy friend." Ken was not one to ever be concerned about a person's weight, but he did enjoy eating along with many other activities. He also had a GPA concern, although his grades were a full notch above those of Katrina. He now had a car to support, a job to go with it, and knew he would have to burnt the midnight oil to succeed.

While she appreciated his kindness and intellect he appreciated her openness and goal oriented competitive attitude. They were both determined to "make it" --- and this involved studying at lunch and later in the evening. Of course he balanced things out by doing things with Kartrina on the weekend. Neither of them gave much thought to what all this togetherness was doing to Katrina's food consumption.

Really, it wasn't that much by some standards. And the relationship build gradually. At first Katrina began eating lunch with some regularity. Then, as they studied in the evening, Ken began occasionally bringing by some donuts or a pint of ice cream to share in the evening. And, as part of the weekend activities they might have a burger or two. Nothing dramatic, but for Katrina it perhaps 7-800 calories a day more than she had been used to.

At first, her active metabolism seemed simply threw the calories off. But, after about four months with Ken, Katrina noticed her clothes seeming to fit a little more snugly than before. Getting on a scale for the first time since track season she discovered that she had, indeed, gained ten pounds.

Looking in the mirror it was hard to see where they were. Her legs, torso, and arms still looked as she remembered them. But perhaps her hips were a little rounder, her breast a little fuller --- but she couldn't really tell. What she knew was that trying to lose weight would mean giving up time with Ken, maybe abandoning her goal of getting a 3.0+ average. And, besides, everyone had always been telling her she needed to gain a few pounds.,

"Well," she thought acceptingly, "No big deal --- I guess it really is my turn to begin filling out a little." And so she determined to continuing focusing on her studies and leave any dieting plans for the summer. She didn't even mention her discovery to Ken, who continued to make sure she was provided for.

Katrina and Ken each achieved their goals by graduation, but now Katrina was faced with another problem --- she could get into college but how would she pay for it? A summer job was a necessity --- and it was without a thought to the caloric consequences that she accepted what was supposed to be a part time position with a local fast food chain. She soon proved to be one of their most reliable employees and, instead of being just part time, found herself frequently working forty hours a week. With this came both a uniform and a generous food allowance, which Katrina found delicious. She and Ken were still going out regularly weekends as well. Naturally her regular clothes were becoming even more snug, most were simply unwearable, but she expected to buy a new wardrobe for the fall anyway.

It was mid-august when Katrina again decided to step on the scale. By now she was well aware she had been gaining weight --- even her mother was commenting on how much "healthier" she was looking. The dial reported 148 pounds --- a twenty eight pound gain in nine months. At first Katrina felt some pangs of guilt, but then she looked in the mirror.

Her thighs were definitely smoother, her hips larger, her waist thicker, her breasts and arms fuller. But, she thought to herself, I carry it rather well, and I'm still not overweight. In fact, I think I kind of like the new me. And again she decided to accept herself and said nothing to Ken.

Both she and Ken began attending the local state college that year. She quit her job at the beginning of the semester and the evening study sessions weren't doable since they had different class schedules. But Ken kept the relationship going and for Thanksgiving he invited her to meet with his family and relatives. Just before going Katrina again got on the scale and noted that her weight gain had slowed but was still continuing --- she was now 155 pounds. "I wonder what Ken's family will think of a plump girl friend, " she wondered.

As she looked in the mirror this time she could see her belly beginning to definitely plumpen. Her rib cage was no longer visible, and her face was beginning to fill out. Her hips and breasts both seemed to be about the same, but she found herself fantasizing they both might soon grow larger. "No one would call me skinny now, that's for sure," she thought approvingly. But still she was a bit worried about Ken's family.

Katrina soon found that she had no reason to be concerned --- she was probably the slenderest adult there. Everyone wanted to meet and get to know her --- obviously of a mind that she might be part of Ken's life. As for food, they all ate well and encouraged her to do likewise. It was a splendid day. On the way home she decided to discuss her new figure with Ken.

"Thank you for a beautiful day," she said. "I was so afraid it would be otherwise."


"Because I have been changing and getting bigger these last few months and I was afraid someone might criticize me for it. I have even been afraid you might say something sometime."

"I think you are beautiful, and even more so with whatever you have gained --- I was afraid to say anything because you might be offended if I did. But you will have no criticism from me or my family, as you can tell!"

"Well, thank you. I'm still going to try to watch it though," she replied.

And, with characteristic diligence, she did. Katrina approvingly watched her weight as it gradually increased for the next four years. To insure her health and keep the gain from just being fat storage tissue she began making a point of walking and getting exercise. And in her Senior college year, with the scale now pushing 200, she again took a look a close look at herself in the mirror.

Her bellyroll now was noticeable, as were her sturdy thighs and solid hips. Her arms and face were full, with a noticeably forming second chin. Her large and supple breasts gave balance to a solidly reubenesque figure. "I guess I look like a member of Ken's family for sure now," she thought, strangely content with the confident young matron in the mirror.

She graduated and, about a year later, walked down the aisle with Ken as a beaming 210 pound bride. A few years later, with the birth of the first of their children, she became a full time wife. The kids are now teenagers and a still energetic and always well-dressed Katrina admits to being "somewhere over 250." Her husband still enjoys taking her out to dinner, and 1-2 times a month they do just that. On occasion they even have dessert.

They recently attended their high school twenty-fifth year graduation anniversary. Katrina, just before they went, again looked at herself in the mirror. There are now stretchmarks from childbirth on her quite round belly Her hips and especially her thighs also show where she carries a good deal of her abundant weight. Her cheeks and chin blend into her neck, and her ever- alert friendly eyes highlight a truly large and lovely lade. Just ask Ken, himself now a BHM,

"I never thought of myself especially as being a 'fat admirer', but on my wife every ounce is gorgeous. There is a magnetism and electricity which I feel whenever we are in a room together."

"Some heavier people do have health problems, I realize, - I think it is because they don't take care of themselves enough," she says. "Others, I hear, are covering up traumas. For me, it's just that I learned to eat for enjoyment rather than merely survival and got fat in the process. Both my husband and I like who I am, and as long as I'm healthy that's what counts."

They went to the reunion and were saddened at the number of people they met who seemed empty and still searching for happiness. Quite a number had been divorced, had stories of kids who didn't turn out right, careers that had gone no where. Katrina and Ken decided not to brag about their successes, but rather just to be friendly and supportive to the extent possible. Those there seemed puzzled by the electricity and love these two comparative pachyderms obviously share.

The answer, of course, is that, in addition to having grown large physically together, they have grown in other ways as well.