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Kelly's Dreams
by Nick 46

Kelly had only been on her new job for about two weeks and felt she had the world by the tail! Working in the magazine and snackbar on one of the new Super fast ferries traveling between Vancouver Island and the mainland, was a dream come true in her opinion. Good pay, excellent working conditions, and a work schedule that allowed her plenty of time off !

Kelly was 5'6"tall,maybe 180lbs.,blue eyes, light brown shoulder length hair, and considered very pretty! She was mostly satisfied with herself, except for her weight. She had always been told by many friends and family members that if she lost some weight she would be so beautiful. But she was already of the opinion that she was very beautiful, and actually had always wanted to be fatter than she was!

Of course she kept these desires to herself, knowing full well most of the people she knew would think her crazy and have her committed if they could. Some things are definitely left unsaid.

In high school she had always been chubby, and had never really dated that much, but hadn't let it get her down. She was usually too busy looking after her younger sister, and keeping the house while her widowed Mother worked. Her father had been killed in an industrial accident when she was 6years old, and she had to grow up very fast in a lot of respects, because of the added responsibilities!

Kelly had graduated a year previous to getting this new job, and had worked at several different jobs, including car-hopping at a local drive-in restaurant, to cooking at a Taco Time, and even running a sample table for a chocolate manufacturer, who would set up in the local malls and let people taste their latest products! Food was never far away on any of her jobs and this she loved as Kelly loved to eat. In fact when she was alone she loved to stuff herself until she couldn't put another crumb in her mouth. She loved the feeling of her stomach so tight and sticking out !

Thoughts of getting fatter had always been on her mind but she had never really seriously acted on them! She wasn't dating at this time, and knew she would have to have someone who could care for her and help her as she became fatter, and her mobility became less and less. A fantasy, that's all it was, and as far as Kelly was concerned that is all it would probably stay!

Sometimes, she thought to herself that if she made enough money working and saved she would be able to hire some help, a nurse, a home care worker to tend to her needs as she got too fat to do it herself! Another fantasy that was going to be just that forever! She just couldn't get these thoughts out of her head.

On this day it was hot outside, middle of July and the air conditioning on board this ferry was not working up to snuff! God I can't even shift in my chair without feeling hot and sweaty, she thought to herself.

The engineer had told her about 7:00AM that it would be fixed in no time flat, but here it was 9:30AM and still no sign of the repairs being completed. Feeling like this made her temperamental and short with people, but of course with the public you can't act like that, and that made it even more frustrating. She had done her hair up for today but strands of hair were beginning to fall out of the hairpins she had used and looked straggly hanging on her forehead and over her ears. She jutted her jaw out and tried to blow some of the strands off her face, and as she did this she happened to look up at the ceiling, tiled with stainless steel tiles! As she looked at her reflection on the ceiling she noticed that it was a distorted picture of herself that she was seeing. Not distorted in a bad way though as she looked like she was so fat! She stared at her image and couldn't believe it! Is that what I would look like if I was extremely fat? Oh, she loved it, her cheeks were filled out to double the normal size, her thighs were huge looking and her hips spread out like she weighed over 500lbs. she thought!

Kelly could move her head slightly, and change the image just enough to enlarge a certain part more than it was, or make her head grow to great widths, and this she had to laugh at! Just as she giggled at herself a customer walked up with a National Enquirer, and gave Kelly a funny look, like she had some kind of disorder, looking at the ceiling like that! Kelly couldn't help but smirk as the lady paid for her magazine, and gave the woman a broad smile! The lady smiled back still not knowing what to make of Kelly! One more quick look at the fat Kelly on the ceiling and then she had better get serious here, she thought to herself. There she was, in all her glory, very fat, and gorgeous, and loving every "make believe" pound!

Business picked up after that and stayed busy for the remainder of the sailing, approximately 2hours30 minutes. Then about an hour in dock to unload cars, and load the ones for the return crossing! Plus cleanup in your own area, and getting everything looking good for the public. Sometimes if you worked fast you could get a little reading in or whatever you wanted, Kelly always chose to stock up on a few items from the candy racks! Black licorice pipes and cigars, Big Turk chocolate bars, Oh Henry, and several other kinds! But today she was really craving all these, more than she had ever before, and she couldn't understand why at first, but as she thought on it harder she began to realize that her fat reflection in the ceiling is what was making her crave the treats more than normal! The sight of herself looking so fat had really made her feel so sexy ! All she could do was smile at these thoughts, as they made her feel so good!

Well, her day ended at 4:30PM, and on the last sailing to the island she would wait for her relief worker, and then head for home. Her house was about a 15 minute drive from the terminal, and she usually stopped at one of the dozen fast food restaurants on her route home! Today she was craving almost everything, as long as it was edible. She decided to grab a Teen Combo burger from the A&W Drive-in, which came with a large order of fries and onion rings! She chose a large Root Beer to drink. About two blocks away was a Burger King, and she opted for the Summer Whopper special! A calorie laden feast if there ever was one! As she drove she nibbled on fries and onion rings, and arrived at the MacDonalds next! There she ordered a quarterpounder with cheese, a Filet of fish, and a Chicken Burger meal! All came with fries, and she ordered two large chocolate shakes! The girl serving the window asked if she was having a party with all this food. "Oh yes" Kelly said with a cheeky grin on her face!

Well, she drove home as fast as she could and when she arrived in the driveway she started unloading all the food. A lady in the yard next door gave her the strangest look as she packed all this food in!

"Not having some noisy party tonight are you?" the neighbor asked.

No way Kelly smirked, just me and a friend, and she couldn't help but laugh at that statement! The neighbor looked at her like she was a smartass and Kelly thought to herself that yes, I am ! She finally had it all inside, and began chowing down as fast as she could so it wouldn't be ice cold. After the Teen combo and the Quarter pounder she began to slow down a bit, and she had already finished the large root beer and one of the shakes! She felt very full and her belly was sticking out so far! She could always warm something in the micro wave! After about 40 minutes she was through it all and totally stuffed! Oh, her belly was so full and she thought she would burst so she laid on the couch and grabbed the remote off the coffee table and turned on the TV. She lay there thinking about the images she had seen on the ceiling at work and smiled to herself. I could get that fat she thought!

But this running around to all the restaurants was a drag. She had to find someone or something to make this easier. As she lay there she began to drift of into a sleep, dreaming of lying between two giant hamburger buns all covered with sauce and tomato and lettuce. She was the fattest meat paddy that had ever been made! Out of the corner of her dreamy eyes she saw a giant mouth starting to close down on her, the hamburger! Wow, she woke up in the nick of time, to avoid being eaten alive. She was sweating profusely and decided to go get a shower before settling down in front of the TV for the evening.

She undressed on her way there and turned the water on and set it to the temperature she wanted. In front of the mirror she stared at her face and what she could see of her upper body. She lifted her breasts one in each hand, and let them fall back on her chest. They jiggled a little but Kelly's boobs were never one of her biggest attributes! Now if we were talking about her rear end, thighs or belly, then we would be talking big. Kelly was a true "pear" a very feminine shape indeed!

She shrugged her shoulders and stepped into the shower stall, stuck her head under the spray from the nozzle and enjoyed the great feeling of contentment it gave her. She loved her showers, and thought she could never live without them. As her hands lathered her body with soap, she started squeezing her rolls of fat, as her hands slid over them. They felt so good to touch, soft, warm, and jiggly! And all she could think of was making those rolls bigger.

Some of the tightness had left her belly and the warm shower made it feel so nice. Rinsing off all the soap, Kelly stepped out to the bathroom and toweled off! She wrapped a large towel around her and headed to the living room. Grabbing her work bag on her way, she pulled out some chocolate bars from work and a bunch of red and black licorice. Nothing on TV as usual, she quite often rented movies on her way home from work but all her other stops on the way precluded that!

Maybe the internet for awhile, look around a bit before bed. She turned her computer on and waited for it to load. "What do I want to look at" she asked herself? Fat, hmmm, fat girls, fat women, how to get fatter, no there wouldn't be any of that stuff on the internet. Or would there? Okay, let's go to Yahoo search, type in "fat".......okay search and lots of items but none specifically about getting fatter. A lot on the health aspects of being fat! No she didn't want that negative stuff, she wanted positive support for being fat! She once heard of an organization for fat people, and had seen some women talking on TV about it! All of these girls were super obese women, and Kelly can remember being so envious of them! National association.....North American acceptance...no...ahh the initials were n-a-a-f-a....Yes......... NAAFA.....National Association to Aid Fat Acceptance....!!!

Okay so type in NAAFA and then click on search for...and voila!

There is the info she wants, wow they have chapters all over North America. Links, related articles, magazines, chat.....chat? Chat about fat? Wow, if that's the case I would go there to chat with someone who was as fat as I wanted to be! Kelly surfed around the sites, visiting dances for fat women and their admirers, pool parties for fatties, dating services, etc. Neat she thought, a whole new world to discover!

Hmm.....magazines...books...dimensions magazine....morphs, oh she loved the morphs, if only you could really change that fast! From 300lbs to 800lbs. in seconds. And the section on models and model wannabees, wow what a beautiful group of women. She knew she would be a gorgeous fat woman, and could hardly wait to get bigger and bigger!

Let's try the chat....hmmm....java chat..click...here we go..Feeder Chat..Feeder Chat? What is that? Oh well have to register, name?

Kelly...okay that one's been used already so try another..Kelly 2.. nope, used! What am I? A girl..a fat girl..a fat person...okay....I want to be at least 4 times my present size.....Kelly4....Yes!! Now enter room..there I'm in!

LadyLard: Hi Kelly!

Brendabbw: hey kelly!!!! :-)

Somuchmore: Hi kelly :)

Kelly4:uh hello all!

LadyLard: how are you Kelly?

Kelly4: I'm fine thanks and you?

After all the introductions and smiles Kelly soon learned that these women she was talking to were some big ones indeed! LadyLard weighed over 500lbs. She was 38 years old and married to a fine gentleman who loved every inch and pound of her.

Brendabbw was a young woman the same age as Kelly, 19! She was actively gaining more weight and was over 450lbs. She was so proud of her gaining and her ambition was to get so fat as to become immobile! She had a very fine boyfriend who was overweight himself and was Brenda's feeder! Feeder, there's that word!

Somuchmore was a beautiful young woman who didn't know how much she weighed anymore. She had become immobile some time ago but had been continuing to gain steadily! Kelly was so impressed by all these lovely ladies! Queens as they called themselves, Super sized big beautiful women .....ssbbw.....hmm...that's what she was going to be and now she was totally convinced!

Guests popped in and out chatting about fat, getting fatter and life as a fat person. The men came in to flirt, make small talk or were just looking for friends like so many others in there! Kelly got such a warm feeling being in the room! Everyone treated her like she was an old friend. What a wonderful place, and the encouragement to gain was just amazing! By the time she left that first night she felt like she had known Somuch, Brenda, and LadyLard, for years! They all promised to meet the next evening and Kelly slept very well that night, the best sleep she had had in awhile! The girls all exchanged e-mail addys and in the morning

Kelly checked her mail before going to work. The girls had all sent her a goodnight message and a thank you for coming to the room last night! Kelly couldn't believe what sweet people these were.

Back on the job Kelly had a new outlook on life. She now saw the possibility of making her dreams of becoming fatter a reality! She had to find a feeder, someone to feed and care for her when that became impossible for her! While thinking of these things she kept glancing up at the ceiling above her station." Look at that fat woman up there", she would think as she studied the "morphed" version of herself!

She couldn't wait to get home after work and get on the chat line. She wanted to be with her friends so much! Get something for dinner and rush home to get online. KFC sounded good and easy...a bucket of chicken to eat while she was chatting. Mmmm..such a delicious plan. And some sweet stuff to munch on later. They were all talking about eating in feeders and she got soo hungry the night before even after her big feed!

Finally, off work and on to KFC, pick up the chicken and head home! She wasted no time getting showered and online. Eating her chicken cold was fine with Kelly. She loved it that way just as well as warm. Feeders.....enter....there!!......Kelly4: hi everyone!!!

There they were, all 3 ladies from last night and a few guests and a couple of guys who were jumping from room to room and flirting with anything with a skirt!

"Hi Kelly" came the greeting from the girls and a couple of others.

Some of the guests in the room were whispering to each other and so ignored any new people coming in! Kelly was only concerned about her new friends, and was dying to talk more about getting fatter and what was life like at super sizes!! She talked for over two hours and as most of the people in the room, including her three new friends were from the east, it was three hours ahead of her time out there! She was very disappointed when they started to leave as it was 2AM out there and only 11:00PM in B.C. Awww she didn't want it to end but it was late and she had to work in the morning! Becca mentioned the weekend being better as they would all be up late, and that made Kelly smile! Wednesday tomorrow, so it wouldn't be too long till she could be on a lot longer. Wow she felt heavier already, is it possible to gain weight that fast? Hmm...maybe!

The rest of the week went by fairly quickly, and was routine other than the fun at work changing her reflection in the ceiling to be as big as she wanted! Sure made the day go by and broke the monotony! Also the evening chats with her new fat girlfriends were making her feel like she belonged to a very special club, an elite club! She couldn't believe the ladies positive attitude about their weight, especially the fattest one, somuchmore, so heavy she couldn't leave her bed to be weighed. Kelly marveled at that thought. How heavy can a woman get? How heavy can a human get? Questions with no answers right now, but with these women, the answers would eventually be known!

Friday night, finally and into the Feeder chat, to see her friends.

They were all there discussing some new fattening recipes and how much of it each one would be able to eat in one sitting! Wow, they were so easy going these girls it was fantastic! They chatted into the wee hours of the night and covered just about every topic to do with food that they could, and also discussed the inconveniences that go along with being so massively obese, and the solutions that each has found to the problems! When Kelly left at about 2AM she was totally convinced that their lifestyle was for her! Off to bed and then she got to sleep in, on Saturday morning! She woke up feeling so good that morning most of the feeling due to her special friends in the chat room. That word Feeder kept coming up. She knew she would have to find someone eventually, but who, she hadn't dated since grad, any of the guys she knew were going steady with someone or weren't interested in a fat girl. The last reason covered most of the guys she knew!

What was a fat girl to do to, find a man who would be willing to let her stuff herself silly and grow so fat as to become immobile! Well she could take a chance and meet someone off the net, or she could try and meet someone in person who would want the same lifestyle! She often went to the mall in town and scoped out potential dates but of course never acted on it! And what was wrong with the guys? Lots would give her the eye, and smile and give flirty looks, but no action! All afraid their friends might see them with a fat chick, and it would spoil their " macho" image! Didn't they realize what they were missing? A beautiful full figured almost blonde with an appetite for tons of food, and sex to go along with it! She gets aroused when she stuffs, a guy could have his own private heaven! Oh well, so that pretty well lets the mall out of the picture. Hmmm hang around the community centre?

Well maybe she would get lucky! Or call Jennie Fry her best friend from school who hardly gave her the time of day now! She was so busy screwing any guy that happened to walk by in hopes of grabbing a millionaire for a husband that I'm sure she wouldn't have the time to show Kelly around a bit. Shit, why didn't she mess around in school, at least she would have a "Black book" to maybe call a few numbers! That's what you get for being such a good girl Kelly, a lifetime of loneliness and total rejection! Well maybe not that bad, but this was ridiculous, all she wanted was a guy to feed her and care for her when she was so fat and unable to do it herself, what was the problem? No big deal was it? A tall order? Hmmm..maybe a special breed these feeders! Okay so she now knew she had to devise a new plan. The girls in the chat will be able to help.

Saturday night was busy in the room, lots of jumpers from one room to another, looking for cyber fun, "horndogs" Brenda liked to call them. Lots of whispers and messages coming in from other rooms, and even though Kelly was bothered by a lot of the pests, she felt very popular that night! Not bad for a girl who was pushing 190lbs. after only a week in the Feeder chat! Hey this was great Kelly thought just keep chatting and eating and everything else would fall in its place!

Or would it? Okay well she still had to find herself a feeder. Brenda and her guy were just naturals she told Kelly! Dated in school, and both were natural feeders/feedees. Wow, Brenda was so lucky to have things fall into place like that! Time to get serious and find her own man! She was up till all hours again, enjoying every minute and sorry when the girls left one by one to sleep or to have a feeding. Kelly wished them all goodnight and said she might be there on Sunday but couldn't be sure, as her older sister Krista was coming over tomorrow with her niece and nephew! Off to bed and another night of sweet dreams!

Boy, the alarm scared the crap out of her as it roared to life playing some Savage Garden on KISS-FM...her head hurt for some reason! Even though she slept long she was getting a bit stressed over this feeding/ feeder business, and decided she had better cool her heels a bit and think about some other things for a change! Like what? Well her car needed washing, so she decided to do that and get her mind off this other stuff for awhile. She climbed out of bed and made her way to the shower, running the water cooler than normal to get that groggy, achy feeling out of her head! Ahhh what a great feeling she thought as she lathered herself and tried to feel where those 10lbs had landed. She squeezed her chubby belly and thought for sure that is where it was! Oh that excited her as she always wanted her belly to be her largest asset! Great, she thought, my belly is going to be the first real recipient of the weight I gain! Feeling around to her rear it seemed as big and soft as ever but really no bigger yet! But at least she had something to show for her week in the feeder room, her bigger belly! Would the girls be proud? She certainly hoped so!

Kelly certainly hadn't felt like getting up. She had just wanted to lay there and rest, think about who she would find to be a good feeder, and how long it would take to find one!

All these thoughts going through her head made her more tired just thinking about them, so after her shower she climbed back into bed!

Huh? She was being shaken by someone, oh , her young niece Kelly, named after her aunt of course. She glanced over at the alarm clock and it read 10:55. Wow she had really slept in. Her sister Krista leaned over the bed and asked her if she was feeling alright?" Well, not bad just a bit tired I guess. "Kelly answered. I've got a dozen cinnamon buns that I baked this morning and some homemade bread if you feel like it, Krista offered. Mmm it certainly sounded good to Kelly , and the aroma of the bread was drifting through the house, causing Kelly to have hunger pangs! "Well I will try a cinnamon bun, but don't know if I can eat too much." she said knowing full well she could eat a horse right about now! Krista came to the bed and handed Kelly the bun on a napkin. These were the best, just moist enough with not too much cinnamon and a nice creamy icing on top!

"You must have a bit of the flu that's going around, "Krista guessed as she handed another bun to Kelly. "But you had better eat so you don't get run down." Spoken as a true sister, and Kelly suddenly thought to herself that this was pretty good, laying in bed and being fed cinnamon buns by your sister. Had a familiar ring to it, feeder/feedee, the subject of her nights on the internet with her friends! She wondered if she could talk Krista into being her feeder? No one said it had to be a guy! No, she wouldn't go for it. She's a great cook and loves to make fattening foods but was not fat and always watched her weight. Kelly made up for her by gaining the pounds Krista didn't! But this did feel good, laying there being waited on, she did feel like a Queen.

"I'm going to make some lunch in a few Kelly, so you just rest till then and if you feel like getting up you can, otherwise I'll bring it to you here!"

Great, she figured why not? She would just feign her illness a little longer and get some more royal treatment! Just an experiment, no harm will be done, and Kelly can get a taste of life as a feedee! What a great day this was turning into!

Lunch was turkey, ham, and beef sandwiches, and very tasty indeed. Of course Kelly was too ill to get out of bed for it(well whatever works)but made short work of her sandwiches, no loss of appetite for this sick girl!

"Have you been eating much lately?" Krista asked, "I think you need me here more often to take care of you!" grinning as she spoke, and Kelly trying to hold back a giggle. "Uhhuh", she said, mumbling so as to sound as sick as she was supposed to be. Krista questioned her on her late nights, eating habits and all the things a big sister worries about, well, Kelly's big sister anyway! How to pose the question to sis, that was the problem. You just don't ask a person to help you get fatter, especially your sister, or do you? Well there had to be a time and a place but she didn't think this was it!

"That's a girl", Krista said in a tone which made Kelly feel like a helpless little girl. Not a bad thought in Kelly's mind, helpless, eating, in bed, getting fatter, Mmmm the thought got her excited!

"Look Kelly, I want you to stay in bed for the day, and I'll get dinner ready here!" What a great sister she was, and what a deal. Kelly agreed and after a few minutes of some delicious thoughts about desserts she drifted off to sleep!

She tried to focus on the time on her alarm clock, 3:45. Wow she had almost slept the afternoon away! Mmm what was that smell? Her senses soon woke up and she smelled, roast beef simmering in the oven, potatoes boiling, and of course the smell of Kelly's favorite, yorkshire pudding! When would it be ready, she was getting pangs shooting through her stomach. Just then the door to the bedroom opened and Krista came in with a glass of water for her. Kelly accepted the drink and sniffed the air as she placed the glass on the nightstand. Smiling she asked Krista what was for supper? Of course Krista caught the joke and laughed , explaining all would be ready in about 30 minutes.

When asked if she felt like getting up to eat Kelly shrugged and said she wasn't sure! Krista made up Kelly's mind for her, telling her to stay put and she would bring everything she needed! Well, Kelly felt so special when she heard that, and could hardly wait to be digging into her dinner practicing for her future as a feedee! At least she could dream and fantasize, nothing wrong with that! She climbed out of bed, and put on a slow waddle to the bathroom, got cleaned up, sort of fixed her hair and climbed right back into bed! Can't go against the doctors orders, she thought to herself. She sat there propped on a couple of pillows savoring those delicious smells coming from the kitchen, listening to food being dished out onto plates, waiting for her big feeding of the day! Oh she loved the sound of that thought!

Krista was in the room five minutes later placing Kelly's dinner plate on a large TV tray which was designed with short legs to straddle a person who was laying in bed. Kelly picked up her fork and began eating the delicious meal that her sister had prepared! Very slowly though, she didn't want to seem too enthusiastic, not after being in such a sick state all day! Mmmm...this was heaven on earth, her favorite meal, laying there like a Queen and being spoiled rotten! Kelly knew this lifestyle was definitely for her.

" I didn't give you a big helping sis, in case you want seconds, or want to save room for dessert!" loving words from a loving sister, is all Kelly could think after hearing Krista say that! Of course, she would eat two helpings and dessert, I mean she was serious about this weight gaining and meant to do it as quickly as she could. Krista had her doubts when Kelly mentioned she would be eating dessert too, thinking that a girl who was so sick surely couldn't, nor wouldn't want to eat so much!

"Oh I'm glad to see you're feeling better, "Krista smiled as Kelly finished off the last of her gravy soaked Yorkshire. Kelly put her plate down on the tray and began to rub her belly and moan softly. "Sure you have room for the strawberry shortcake babe?" her sister asked with her eyebrows raised! "Mmm..yes of course, " Kelly grinned at Krista!

"My your a great feeder, Krista." the words just slipped out, but Kelly wasn't sorry, it was time to get this out in the open!

"What does that mean...feeder?" asked her puzzled sister. Kelly asked Krista to sit on the bed and proceeded to tell her of her nights on the internet, chatting with her friends there, and told her of their desires to grow fatter, and how they had feeders who were there for them.

"This is what I want sis, to get fatter, and have someone there who will support me, and care for me, when it's too difficult for me to do it myself!" Kelly stated a matteroffactly to her sister! "You are so good at taking care of me, do you think you can help me in my quest?" she asked as she grabbed Krista's hand.

"Kelly! Are you serious? You want to get so fat you can't walk anymore and I'm supposed to support that?" she sneered at Kelly while asking this. "Why would I want to see you get that fat anyway?"

"Well maybe I wouldn't get that fat!" Kelly responded, hoping to calm Krista down a bit as she was becoming visibly agitated. "Just if I knew you would be there for me, you always have been in the past!"

"WEll yes, I've been there for you but not so you could abuse yourself!" squeezing Kelly's hand tighter as she spoke. "What if you get sick being so fat? What do you do when you get too fat to work at your job? Where are you going to find a guy around here who would want a woman that fat?"

Kelly thought for a moment about what her sister was saying, and in a way it made sense, but nothing was going to stand in the way of Kelly's true desires!

"Look Krista, maybe I won't feel like getting any fatter than 500lbs., maybe 600lbs., I don't know! Maybe I will want to keep my mobility, I might get sick of sitting around eating! This is all speculative, I can't predict the future. Maybe I will meet a guy who wants me fat but not so fat as to be immobile! Who knows, all I'm asking is that you will be there when I need you. This is my choice, and you have always supported me in the past! I may be lucky and meet someone who will want to take care of me and you'll be off the hook. I'm looking for someone like that Krista, and when I find him I'm going to grab on and never let go! You can help me with this sis or not, but either way I'll still love you as much as ever!"

Krista's eyes welled up with tears and she squeezed Kelly's hands even tighter. Kelly pulled her close to her and hugged her tight, telling her how much she loved her! Krista pulled away, embarrassed, wiping her eyes with the corner of Kelly's blanket. "Hey sis, I don't need my blanket washed!" Kelly joked, and Krista fled to the bathroom, sniffing and sobbing as she did.

When she returned about ten minutes later she was composed and her eyes were dry, although very red. She explained to Kelly that she think she understood her desire to be fatter, how she liked to feel the change on her body as she grew larger. She just couldn't come to terms with the idea of Kelly wanting to be so fat as to not be able to get around under her own power. Kelly agreed with her sister, stating that of course she couldn't know what it was like to enjoy being fat, because she wasn't never had been , and didn't want to be! How could anyone know the feelings that came with this desire unless you had them too! Kelly knew she was different, and possibly in a very small minority, a group of people who actually enjoyed the feeling of the excess flesh on their bodies, the satisfaction they got from being pampered and spoiled by the man or woman in their life, having a desire to get fatter than they were, sometimes so fat as to become immobile! God, she felt like she was lecturing her older sister, but Krista sat back on the bed and took Kelly's hand again. "You know sis, I've always thought you were different from the rest of us!" laughing as she said it. "I've always noticed how you kind of flaunt your body, like you weren't embarrassed about the excess weight, and in a way I've always been jealous of that trait! You've seemed so proud of being fat! And when I think about that I can begin to understand where you're coming from."

That made Kelly feel a lot better, and they both smiled at each other knowing things weren't as bad as they seemed just ten minutes ago!

Krista thanked Kelly for opening up to her and reassured her that things would work out. It was just past 8pm and Krista had to get her two kids home, so she promised Kelly that she would really think about all the pro's and con's of her situation! Kelly climbed out of bed, and gave her sister a big hug! Wow, her legs were a little wobbly having been in bed for about the last six hours. Krista gathered up her stuff, Kelly kissed her niece and nephew goodnight, joking that it was nice to have seen them for the five minutes she did before they disappeared to watch videos in the livingroom. Kelly kissed them all goodnight, thanked them, and waved goodbye as they drove away!

She made her way to the computer desk, almost pushed the on button then stopped, knowing full well that she had work in the morning! She decided instead to have a shower and get to bed early. She started the water and pulled her nightshirt off, and that felt good as she had been wearing that sucker since she feigned her flu! Mmm..the hot water felt so good, against her breasts, and against her belly, which seemed a little bigger again after her day of pigging out on Krista's meals!

The alarm went off with KISS-FM roaring in her ear with 2Pac's "California Dreams"....if that didn't get you up and running nothing will! She rolled over throwing her legs over the side of the bed, and struggled to sit up! Yuk..work, the thought made her want to have her special flu again! Oh well, go to work then come home and meet her friends from Feeders. That thought made it a little more bearable.

All she could think about was her talk with Krista and how she hoped everything would work out! She wolfed down some buttered toast and headed out to her car with a couple of sponge berry cups, leftovers from Krista's dessert menu! She munched these as she drove the few miles to work, savoring the taste and the thought of those extra calories she was putting into her system.

The day looked good, sunny, not too hot so far, and the was working properly. As Kelly sat at her station waiting for the first of the passengers on this sailing she glanced up at the stainless tiles on the ceiling! There she was, that big fat lady, who resembled Kelly and could change her size and shape with just a tilt of her head! Hey, now there was a beautiful woman, Wow, would Kelly love to look like that! But she didn't look so obese as to be immobile, didn't even look like she would be 500lbs. Maybe 420-450, hmm...could she live with that, is that what she wanted? Kelly wasn't sure, all she knew is she wanted to be fatter than she was now, how much, she wasn't sure, she did know that when she reached her ideal weight she would know it. When her belly felt good to to the touch, and jiggled the way she wanted it to she would be happy!

As the passengers began to arrive to browse and buy, she took one last glimpse of her fat reflection on the ceiling tiles, deciding that there didn't have to be any set weight at which a girl had to end up to be happy, it would be whatever she found comfortable for herself. She would strive for the lady on the ceiling as her goal, but who knows, maybe that would be too much, but the best part of all of it was the eating to get there!

She smiled at these thoughts, and sat back in her chair feeling good about herself and knowing that whatever happened it would be her choice. As she let her mind drift into fantasy she let her hands rest on her belly , squeezing it gently and feeling how much bigger it had gotten, just since yesterday. She let her gaze go back up to the ceiling to catch one last glimpse of her friend, when she appeared Kelly winked at her and whispered, "Be seein' ya!"