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The House on Kendall Hill
By InvizKing

The house was haunted, but Candy didn't believe that. All she cared about was the money. Candy received $100,000 in cash to stay a night in the haunted Kendall Mansion. Urban legend told of a man who was a feeder. He married a beautiful woman who worked as a maid in his estate. He fired his entire staff but her, and they lived together for 5 years before tragedy struck. The feeder made his wife eat almost nonstop for hours on end. She was plump to begin with, 5'4, 185 lbs. She had a pudgy belly, thick legs, large breasts and round buttocks. After her first mondo-feeding, the poor maid's belly was so full with food that she split open her uniform, which she was still forced to wear, revealing her humongous belly. It was so packed full that it was taut and visibly shiny. She looked like an over inflated balloon that would pop at any moment. The feeder made her stay in that condition almost constantly, leaving her belly only rested during sleep. Even then the feeder made her listen to subliminal messages making her want to eat and eat and eat.

After the first year, the maid blossomed into a 320 lb. beauty. Her belly was still forever full and near bursting, and she grew to love it. After 5 years of non-stop eating, the maid weighed in at 833 lbs. That was when tragedy struck. The feeder built what he referred to as the “Ultimate Fattening Device.” Sadly, he tried it out on his wife when her belly was already full and taut. At that time, her belly was so full of food that it was gurgling almost at a constant pace. She hiccupped and belched, trying to rub as much of her belly as she could. And a huge belly it was. Most of her 833lbs. was in her massive tummy. It dropped to the ground and was so wide that she could no longer fit down the hallways of the massive house. Her breasts were huge orbs of flesh and her thighs were the size of beer kegs. Her massive shelf of buttocks stuck out a full foot and a half, jiggling when she waddled. Her face was still as beautiful as ever, like a china doll, only draped in fat. Her arms were enveloped in pillow-like fat, and it was a miracle that she could still walk about the newly expanded corridors.

The feeder set up the device in the lowest levels of his mansion where he called the “feeding room” and lured his wife with the pleasant aroma of apple pie. Because of her size, the corridors had to be widened. That endeavor cost the feeder large sums of money, but money was no object. She waddled as fast as she could to devour her last treat of the day, the hot apple pie, for she was sure no more than that could fit into her over-stuffed belly. Downward she went, her belly growling and burbling in anticipation of the snack. The feeder saw his wife's hot-air balloon belly before he saw her beautiful face. It was full and bloated to a humungous size, full almost to the brim with food. He led her to the customized chair and strapped her in. Little did she know as she devoured the sweet-smelling pie that a tube was lowering down from the ceiling. She didn't notice the huge tank next to her, nor did she notice the huge grin on the feeder's face. After she finished her pie, she asked to be excused to sleep, but the feeder hushed her. She looked up at the tube and knew her fate was sealed. She protested, saying she couldn't hold any more food, her belly was too full as it was. She would be sick, she shouted. The feeder took no heed and attached the tube to her mouth. He flipped a switch on the wall, and a warm liquid flowed from the tube and into her mouth. She groaned and moaned as her belly was being forced larger and larger.

The substance being pumped into the maid was a product of the feeder's own design. It would sooth her belly, making the maid hungrier, wanting more food and allowing her belly to grow larger more comfortably. But even the most soothing substance couldn't stop what would happen. Her belly grew to a size where it could no longer grow. She had reached her ultimate limit. The feeder walked closer to her and put his arms on her belly. Her stomach became so full that it began to pulsate, and even the feeder knew that she had enough. He gave her belly a single kiss, and the maid shed a single tear. The maid could take no more, and the inevitable happened. She literally burst open like an over-inflated water balloon. The feeder was sent spiraling backward, cracking his head on the concrete floor. The feeder had fed the maid her last, for on that fateful day, feeder and feedee both perished.

The legend lived on. The feeder and the maid supposedly haunted Kendall Mansion. That's where Candy came in. Candy had a body that would drive most men wild. Large breasts, a heart shaped ass, full, pouty lips, blonde hair and a slender waist. She was a Barbie Doll made real. And she knew she had the talent to make a man's mouth water, so she became a stripper.

Candy met a mysterious man one evening. This man proposed the challenge, $100,000 to stay the night at Kendall Mansion. Candy was so overjoyed she nearly wet herself when she saw the money, in cash, in her face.

“All I have to do is sleep in a dusty old house?” she asked. It sounded too good to be true to her.

“Yes, my dear. All you have to do is go in, stay the entire night, and exit the house by 8 a.m. and you will have your money.”

“But, why? Why give me so much money to stay in that house?”

“Because the house is haunted. And I am conducting research on haunted houses, and the tale of this particular house is a strange one.”

“Well, rest assured, I am not afraid of ghosts. I'll accept your offer, and stay at the house.” Candy didn't care about ghosts, or spooks or boogeymen, all she cared about were dollar signs. 100,000 dollar signs. So many uses $100,000 can have. A dream car, a dream house, a dream man. So much comes with the number one and five zeros trailing after.

Candy smiled as she was escorted into the spooky house.

“The time is now 5 p.m., madam,” the caretaker stated. “I shall come back with Mr. Alberts at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning.” Candy set her bags down and gazed at the enormous house.

“Yeah, sure. See you in the morning,” she said. She turned swiftly when she heard the door slam shut. The man already left. Being alone in a haunted house would give anybody the willies, but all Candy could think about were the hundreds of dollars she would gain.

Candy made herself comfortable by dusting off the couch and lying down. She sighed and remembered that it was still daylight out. Too early to go to sleep, but time for dinner! She hadn't noticed how hungry she was until she entered the house. In fact, she was absolutely starving! She knew there would be no food in the fridge, but just to ease her troubled mind she made her way into the kitchen.

The kitchen was slightly dusty, but otherwise gorgeous. It had five refrigerators, still humming, a huge walk-in pantry, and dining hall-sized tables. The electricity worked and all. Despite the silly feeling inside of her, she opened the refrigerator door and, amazingly, it was full of food!

“This can't be, these people died years ago!!” she exclaimed. But her hungry belly didn't think twice about making her arm reach forward and grab a microwave burrito. Candy popped it into the microwave and set it for a minute and a half. Meanwhile, she found a bag of Lays potato chips and began to chow down. “I shouldn't let my figure go to shit, but who cares! I'll have $100,000!” she thought with a smile. Bing! said the microwave with glee as the burrito finished. Candy devoured it and patted her full belly. She licked her lips satisfyingly, took out a can of Pepsi and sat back down in the huge living room.

“If this place is full of food, I can grow to like it here!” Candy had a secret desire to eat to her hearts content. But her lust for pleasuring men forbad it. What would she do if she became fat? Men liked big butts and breasts, but not a big belly and face and arms to go along. She kept it in check, and binged only occasionally. Even so, she will never turn down a dinner invite. She put on a few surplus pounds, but they added to the right areas, making her curves curvier.

Just then, almost right after she uttered the words, a thump was heard upstairs, followed by eerie creaking.

“Who's there?” she said, startled. She was answered by footsteps. “Who's there?” she said again. Candy wasn't going to let herself get scared, she finished the Pepsi in a quick gulp and went towards the stairs. She looked upstairs for a moment and promptly turned around.

Standing behind her, was a woman in a tattered maid's outfit.

Candy screamed as she saw what was happening. The maid slowly began to inflate, like a balloon. Her entire body got increasingly fatter. Her face, her breasts, her legs, but especially her belly. Her body gurgled and churned, like a pregnant woman's belly after Thanksgiving dinner. Her body grew and grew, and the look on the woman's face seemed to be a mix of pain and pleasure. Candy gasped and stepped back, both in horror and amazement. The woman's belly unfolded, tearing the outfit even more. The maid's face became fatter and fatter, her breasts became huge globes of fat, and her belly began to touch the ground. The maid grew too large to stand and she toppled. When the maid struck the ground, she burst into a strange tan substance.

Candy shrieked when she saw this, covering her face from the splash. A bit landed on her hands, and when Candy caught a whiff of it, her mouth began to water. It smelled like cheesecake, it looked like cheesecake, but when she tasted it; it tasted unlike anything she had before. The thought that she ate something that splashed onto her from an exploding woman did not faze her; in fact, seeing the woman expand almost excited her.

Candy ran through the huge, wide corridor and into the banquet hall sized kitchen. She flung open the nearest refrigerator and began pulling out contents. She heated what needed to be heated and devoured immediately what didn't. She chewed, she swallowed, she slurped, she belched, and she made an absolute glutton out of herself. She felt like a circus fat lady being forced to eat to woo the audience with her large, round belly, and she loved it! She wanted a large, round belly. She wanted men to touch it and make it bigger with more fattening food! She was in food ecstasy! All she wanted was to fill her achingly hungry belly, and she didn't care why or how the refrigerator's contents weren't spoiled!

At first, the food pushed her belly out only slightly, a small bulge under a white t-shirt. As more food was shoved down her gullet, her belly expanded noticeably. She looked slightly pregnant with the bottom half of her round belly poking free of her shirt to say hello. But the more food she ate, little by little, the bigger her belly grew. Her face was covered in spaghetti sauce, her once clean white shirt stained with food. And her belly, almost resembling the size of an overripe watermelon, popped the button of her shorts and escaped into the cool mansion air.

Food, food, food and more food! One refrigerator down, four more to go! In a manner of hours, she devoured the contents of three full refrigerators before finally collapsing onto the floor, pinned down by her beach ball sized belly.

“Ohhh… why did I eat… (hiccup) soooo… muuuuuuch… fooooood… (buuurp).” After she thudded her head on the kitchen tile, she heard a man's laugh. At first, she thought it was the echo of the TV from the other room, until she felt a tickle on her overblown belly. A strong manly hand tickled her belly. She giggled until she saw the phantom tickler's face and passed out.

When Candy awoke, her belly was no longer the size of a beach ball. But it was still large. Large, and soft. In fact, her entire body was soft. She ran her hands along her sides and felt pillowy sides. She ran her hand down her once smooth belly and found a round bulge with a deeper bellybutton. She felt down towards her crotch and felt her round thighs. Thighs large enough to rub together if she walked. Her face felt thicker; she could only imagine what her firm ass had become. She sat up, a bit disoriented, and a bit more hungry.

Candy stood up and examined her new body in the reflection of one of the many toasters. Indeed, it was no food-induced illusion; she'd indeed become fatter! She gazed at her spaghetti sauce smeared face and her stained clothes which no longer fit comfortably. She reached down to brush crumbs from her legs when she heard a devastating rip; her pants tore right down the middle. Candy felt like crying when she heard that, but she realized she was living out her dream. She'd eaten three entire refrigerators before collapsing under the weight of her belly.

“I cannot believe what I have done.” She was answered by her belly growling. Her belly growled like a hungry pitbull, demanding food. But not just any food, it appeared that a pie was left on the floor during her ultimate binge. She picked it up, gulped it down, belched and licked the place clean.

As she tossed the pie pan aside, she saw another pie. This time, it smelled of apple. She ate that one too. Every time she ate a pie, another one replaced it a few feet away. She ate her way towards a decorative candleholder. Seeing the trick happen in the movies, she pulled it down for a laugh or two.

She didn't laugh when a doorway appeared next to the candlestick. The smell of pie wafted up from the dark staircase that was uncovered, and Candy rubbed her pie-stuffed belly. She did not notice that it sagged downwards slightly until she touched it standing up.

There was a pie on every step for 12 steps, then the pies ceased. Her belly was so full that she felt déjà vu from earlier this evening. Clutching her big tummy, she made her way towards a light. The staircase curved slightly to the left and a corridor brought her to the lighted room. Inside was a chair and a huge vat. There, on the seat, was a huge, delicious chocolate cheesecake. She knew she was full, but she had to eat that cheesecake! It melted in her mouth as she sinfully enjoyed each bite. When she finished, she found herself strapped into the chair. She tried desperately to move out of the way, but it was of no use. A tube lowered from the ceiling and a small vacuum pulled the tube towards Candy's mouth and locked in place. Candy shouted for help, but it was met only by a rhythmic humming. A thick liquid flowed from the clear tube and into her mouth. She tasted it and was surprised to find out that it was the same substance that the exploding woman splattered across the room. She ate it and ate it and ate it, sucking on the tube for more. Her belly, already stuffed to the max had no choice to accommodate the substance.

Candy felt no pain as her belly stretched beyond its limits. The liquid showed no signs of stopping, but her belly did. It began to shine, like a balloon blown up to the point of busting. And that's what was happening to her. Candy was too busy enjoying the taste and the sensation of the substance to notice her belly's pulsation. She could not hear her stomach groaning “ENOUGH!” and gurgling “NO MORE!” over the melodic drone of the “Ultimate Fattening Device.” She felt that same tickle, and a man's strong arms around her belly, caressing it into oblivion. A single teardrop fell from her face as the phantom kissed her stomach. She finally had what she wanted. A man to love her large body no matter what. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and she whispered a hushed moan as her belly, no longer to take the strain, exploded.

At 8 a.m. the next day, Mr. Alberts was escorted into the Kendall Mansion by the caretaker. There, Mr. Alberts found a huge mess in front of the staircase, a huge mess in the kitchen as if a wild bear had stormed the Mansion walls, and a secret passage door opened.

“Penny, I believe we can finally rest. The results of my device indeed proved to be disastrous. Please forgive me, my love.” The gentleman turned towards the caretaker, a beautiful young woman.

“I forgive you, Albert.” The caretaker and Mr. Alberts showed their true colors, a tall man and a young maid. They shone with an illuminating light and floated skyward.