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Kerri's Metamorphosis
By Brian

One day while Kerri was looking through the library, she found a book with some odd contents. Kerri also had a new, strange interest. Gaining weight intrigued her. She was trying to begin putting on some weight to her skinny frame. She only weighed 120 pounds as a junior in high school. But the contents of this book were, ironically, the answers she was looking for.

It was a book on weight gain, not muscle but pure fat. It was wonderful. It gave all the little secrets to storing fat successfully. It also gave her a useful formula for converting everything she ate into fat. Kerri was very intrigued and was very anxious to try out the tips. She decided she would not use the formula unless she absolutely was not seeing results from the rest of the tips. So that night Kerri started her metamorphosis.

She read that she could store the most fat by consuming a massive amount of calories each night two hours or less before she went to sleep. So Kerri began to gorge herself. She started out with a big bowl of cereal covered in maple syrup. Then she ate two bowls of chocolate ice cream, but to add more calories she put a spoonful of vegetable oil in each bowl. After she finished, she was very full but knew she could eat a little more, so she helped herself to some Oreo's.

After a couple of weeks of the same process Kerri began to see some minor changes. She had gained only about 10 pounds, but she looked bigger than that. Her boobs were bigger, her butt was bigger also, and her thighs were flabbier and jiggled a little bit. However, she was most pleased by the fact the she had the beginnings of a great belly.

She thought this process took too long and wanted a way to put more weight on faster. So she went to the mall in search of a product that might be able to do what she wanted. At first she didn't seem to be having any luck until she found a strange little shop that was called "The Weight Room, but it didn't seem to be for weight lifters.

She went in and was greeted by the clerk, "Hello, and welcome to the Weight Room," he said.

"What do you sell here?" Kerri inquired.

"Oh, all sorts of stuff, mainly stuff for people who want to be fat, or get fatter." he replied.

"Great, I've been looking for a place like this for a while," she said, "Do you have something that could make me fatter in a very short time?"

"Of course we do. How much weight are you looking to put on?" he asked.

"Oh I don't know... I guess maybe 200 pounds." she replied

"Great. We have a product just for someone like you," he said. "This will put weight on ya really quick, and you can do it as slowly or quickly as you want to." he said holding a bottle of pills.

"That's great," Kerri said, "I'll take it."

Kerri got home and went up to her room. She thought to herself that she didn't want to gain 200 pounds right away but eventually she did. She settled on 30 pounds for right now. Then she read the instructions, and took the necessary amount of pills - which was two (15 pounds per pill).

After she swallowed the pills, she wondered what would happen next. Then she felt a sensation in her stomach as the pills began to take affect. She felt herself getting bigger as the seconds passed by. Her clothes began to become skin tight as they tried to contain her rapidly growing body. Her pants ripped down the sides, and her panties went not long after that. The buttons on her shirt shot off it every which direction, and then her bra snapped and fell off. Suddenly the growing stopped and she stood there naked in the midst of her shredded clothes.

She went to the scale and weighed herself, and the scale read 162 pounds, which was exactly 30 pounds more than she weighed. Then she measured herself. She went from a 23-inch waist to a 31-inch waist with a belly 35-inches around at her belly button. Her hips had gone from 31-inches to 36-inches around. Her boobs went from 33-inch C cups to 38-inch DD cups.

The next day she went back to the shop that had sold her the pills. The same clerk was there, and he remembered her and said, "Not bad, but I thought you were going to be 200 pounds heavier."

"I decided to spread my gaining out," she replied. "Hey, I have a friend at school who I want to help gain some weight. I need about 50 pounds worth of those pills."

"Sure," he said as he gave her the bottle. She paid and left.

The next day she ground up the pills and put them into a plastic bag. Mackenzie was on the drill team and had an extremely skinny frame. The only fat on her body was located on her boobs, which were 33-inch C cups. But all that was about to change.

It was the end of gym class and everyone was extremely tired and thirsty, so Kerri put the ground-up pills in Mackenzie's drink, which Mackenzie downed. It took about a minute, but the process began as Mackenzie was getting up to get dressed.

She felt the sensation in her stomach and then she began to get bigger. Her stomach was beginning to jut out, as her boobs began pouring out of her now constricting bra. Her butt and legs were also widening and her panties were riding up her butt. Suddenly it stopped, and Mackenzie was in shock and then began to scream.

Kerri was very pleased with herself, but then realized that Mackenzie was fatter then she was. This enraged Kerri, and Kerri grabbed her bottle of pills and swallowed the rest of her pills. Almost immediately, Kerri began to grow. This time it was at a much faster pace. She almost seemed to explode. Her belly jutted out, and her boobs snapped her bra and began to jiggle wildly. Her butt kept getting wider and wider, and her legs kept getting fatter, and fatter. And then finally it was done.

Kerri weighed herself, and was astonished to see that she now weighed 342 pounds. She never imagined herself getting this big, but she did like it. She was quickly becoming obsessed with her fatness.

Kerri kept going back for more pills and kept getting fatter and fatter. She loved her fat more than anyone could ever love fat. All she ever wanted was to be fat, and now she has that satisfaction. Kerri now weighs 978 pounds and is immobile.