Weight Room Title Bar

Kevin and His Kept Piggies
By Ebony Feedee

Kevin was relieved to be home...a handsome, hardworking business man, he had been in Germany for the past 13 days....he was glad to get back a day early, he really missed his two piggies, Jill and Tish....

Tish was an outgoing, vivacious BBW, a bit demanding at times, 28 years old, 5'4, 415bs, with shoulder length black hair. Her best asset, in Kevin's opinion was her very round, protruding belly. It didn't sag at all, it just stuck out as if she was 11 months pregnant. She had thick, firm thighs and calves and an overly plump ass, and the most beautiful dark ebony skin he'd ever had the pleasure of laying his eyes and hands on.......

Jill, 27 years old, with golden blonde hair, and striking green eyes was a bit shy, and not much of a socializer. Many times when Kevin and Tish would go out to eat, Jill would stay home, eating bags of oreos and putting away several boxes of snack cakes and gallons of chocolate milk in just a few hours.

Eating, and blimping her already huge body to even bigger proportions made her horny and happy, and keeping her happy was all that Kevin wanted. Being 580lbs, and only standing 5'2," she was often, just TOO tired to go out, and Kevin understood that.

Kevin never dreamed his piggies possessed this kind of potential. He recalls how it all started...

It was 5 years ago, Jill and Tish were roommates, both in their early twenties and unable to make ends meet. Desperate and nearly starving, they answered Kevin's personal ad, "Wealthy business man, looking to feed, fatten and spoil two feedees."

He recalls being a bit surprised, as they weren't as fat as he expected. Jill was only 295lbs, and Tish, merely a bone at 190. Both dressed in matching tight denim shorts, and black crop tops, Jill's top was riding nicely atop her big bloated belly ridge.

It made him hot when he thought about how they stuffed and stuffed and stuffed themselves like greedy hogs until nearly clearing all the food from Chinese buffet, resulting in the owner angrily demanding them to "get the hell out!!", and how Jill, always the greedier of the two, couldn't resist grabbing 4 more egg rolls and stuffing them down as they hurriedly exited the restaurant.

**** Kevin fumbled for his keys. As he entered the house, he could hear mumbling coming from one of the rooms down the long hall. He carefully put his brief case and keys down and tip toed down the hall.

He could faintly hear Tish's sweet voice..."Come on porky.. you can do it, open that mouth wider and eat it..Pleeasse.....do it for me."

Kevin was shocked!! Tish was actually feeding and encouraging Jill!!! He loved what he had stumbled upon...

He got closer, now able to see Jill's swollen and naked body in full view. She looked so stuffed, her belly was massive, she was laying on her side, her belly spilled over the edge of the bed. Tish was standing at the bedside, holding what appeared to be a plastic tube.

Kevin was growing more anxious and horny by the second, he tiptoed a few feet further into the room, he had to see where the tubing was leading to. He could hear Jill sucking hard and gulping. What he saw as he looked down gave him an instant erection, a half filled, 10 gallon bucket of chocolate flavored weight gainer 5000!!!!!


"What are you doing Tish?"

Startled, Tish's whole body jiggled. "Ohh you scared me."

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING TISH??" Kevin was demanding an answer.

"Piggy Master I'm so sorry, I was just helping Jill, I just want to see her blow up, you know? and......she's only 4lbs away from 600, and I just thought if could get her to finish this weight gainer 5000 that I blended with rich vanilla ice cream, then......well......I just thought we'd surprise you that's all...."

Kevin stepped to the side of the bed and tightly grasped the tubing, placing the nozzle back into Jill's mouth and told her to finish. She began sucking like a hungry baby. Her sexy red lips wrapped tight around the nozzle.

Kevin grabbed Tish around her waist and pulled her close to his body. She could feel his erect member plunge deep into her soft belly. He covered her mouth with his and passionately kissed her.

"You like it when Jill's a beached whale don't you?, you like it when she's helpless on the bed, unable to move, being greedy and eating everything you put in front of her don't you?"

"Yes I do baby...."

"Makes you horny doesn't it?"

Tish moaned..."yes, yes it does, makes me hungry, makes me want to eat and get stuffed and grow fatter and fatter, I want to get fatter than Jill."

Kevin softly whispered into Tish's ear...."then eat baby, stuff yourself silly, don't leave any leftovers, be my proud hog, bust out of all your clothes baby, I want everything in your closet to be extremely tight or too small when I finish stuffing you."

Tish snatched the tubing from Jill and started to guzzle up the thick shake.

Kevin rolled Jill onto her back, propping a pillow under her head. Her belly was so tight, so high in the air, a big blubbery mound of milky fat. He leaned over and gently poked it with his finger tips. He asked her, "Are you still hungry fatty?"

"Yes master, I'm starving." Jill could hardly breath, she was so full, he could see her belly rise and fall with each word she struggled to utter from her pudgy sticky mouth.

Kevin stroked his huge member as he watched Tish polish off the last of a dozen creme filled eclairs...she was sitting on the floor, her legs were spread, the weight of her belly made a deep impression in the plush carpet.

"Come here", Kevin extended his free hand to help her up.

"You're so BIG, look at your fat belly, cant even get up on the bed without help............fatty!!" Ken gently slapped Tish's belly.

"Slap again Master, that makes me so horny, slap it harder." She grabbed a tub of vanilla frosting and began to eat it with her fingers.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! "You kinky fat sow, you want Piggy Master to make it sting?"

Tish responded with a slow erotic sigh, "Yes Piggy Master, please make it burn, slap it" She tossed the empty frosting tub to the floor and licked her fingers, and began caressing her inner thighs....

Kevin grabbed her hand and guided her onto the bed.

Tish opened her legs wide, and mounted Jill's creamy, immense belly.

Jill screamed, "no! don't get on my belly, I'm too stuffed, please....no, I'm going to pop.!!!" Kevin grabbed Jill's shoulders and pinned her to the bed. "Don't resist piggy!!"

Jill struggled to get free....

Kevin told her to "stop it!!" and stuffed 2 chewy chocolate chip cookies into her mouth.

Tish could feel her juices run down her leg as she lowered herself deeper into Jill's over-filled hippo belly. She opened her legs wider...allowing her clit to meet Jill's belly and started to grind.

Kevin straddled Jill and demanded her to open her mouth.....pushing his huge member deep into her fat moist mouth, he ordered her to "EAT IT! EAT IT! EAT IT! EAT IT! EAT IT!................. you FAT BLIMP"

Tish ground faster, she saw Kevin's big member plunging in and out of Jill's sexy mouth, her beautiful pale skin glistening, her huge sow belly reaching for the sky, her hot lips adorned in red lipstick against his dark throbbing member...... Tish exploded and her juices flowed down Jill's belly...... she clamped her thighs down tighter, struggling to stay on.

She tells Kevin, "I know Jill has to be over 600lbs now.....ohhh baby, she feels so much fatter than last night, even fatter than 30 minutes ago!!!"

Kevin and Tish kiss, flicking each other's tongue while both playing with Jill's enormous belly, slapping it, squeezing it, lifting her rolls and dropping them, hear the beautiful music that only FAT can make.

Kevin pushes a king-sized Snickers bar to Tish's mouth as he tells her, "eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat" and shoves and shoves and shoves until it disappears.

"YES Fatty, you're doing so good, Oink and slap Jill's big creamy belly!!!"

Slap slap slap slap slap, she's slapping it so hard. Tish oinked like a real pig................... "Oink,Oink,Oink,Oink,Oink,Oink,Oink,Oink,Oink"

Kevin pulled his bulging member from Jill's mouth, she didn't want to let it go.......he knew he was getting ready to shoot, he told Tish and Jill, "put your fat bellies together so I shoot my load on your FAT!!!"

Jill and Tish held hands and pulled closer to each other, pressing their bellies together. They began to moan loudly and grind. Grinding faster and faster, Kevin could hear the bed springs popping from the massive weight of the two supersized beauties.

Tish could no longer control herself, the softness of Jill's triple chin jiggling reminded her of a real piggy, she pulled Jill closer, her mouth meeting Jill's soft supple fat......Tish exploded..........."hmmmmmm" as she nibbled firmly at Jill's chin.

"Oh Jill you're a PIG"

Kevin stroked his member faster, the contrasting shades of his two piggies bellies touching was such a turn on. Two big blubbery, over-filled, fattened, swollen, hog bellies.....ebony and ivory, chocolate and vanilla.....beauty in motion...

Kevin grabbed a handful of fat from each of his piggie's upper arms. Jill and Tish each placed a pudgy hand at the back of Kevin's thighs, bracing him, they gently guided his member into the tight space where their bellies met, it was soft, warm and inviting.

Kevin closed his eyes and moaned in delight, as his hips swayed back and forth.....his member was softly parting the tender piggy flesh.....he moaned louder as his hips swayed faster.......faster and faster and faster...."Ahhhhhhhhh, ohhhh yes my fat piggies......yessss.....yesss....yessss......Hmmmmm" and shot a huge, thick load onto their sexy bellies....and thought...."What a warm welcome home."