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Kim's Challenge
By Julie Wong

(Author's Note: This story started out as "The Battle of Heavyweights" by Julie Wong. In "Battle," Pamela maintained her unbeaten food eating record by beating Sandy, Marissa, three other ssbbw babes and a humongous glutton named Kim. Now, a new episode is added to the story.)


After the huge contest, Kim and her husband, Jason, headed home. As they both arrived home, they were furious, not with each other, but with how sad and embarrassing it was: to lose to Pamela, a lady who was lighter than Kim. Kim said: "I think it's because I was on a diet." That month after the defeat, Jason trained Kim to do the best she could. At the same time, Kim headed back to Doctor Smith, the doctor who'd expanded her stomach to hold 50 gallons, to further expand her stomach to hold 500 gallons. Surely, both Jason and Kim thought, this stomach would kill off Pamela this time.

Jason called Jeff, and said: "Jeff, can I have Mark/Pam's number? I want them to attend to my challenge."

Jeff believed in Jason, so he gave him the number of Mark and Pam. Jason immediately called Pam's house, and it was, surprisingly, Pam who picked up the phone.

Jason began by saying: "Pam, this is Jason, Kim's husband. No matter if you are ready or not, my wife wants to compete with you again. This time, apart from a slight change in the game procedure, we want you to come over, as we reckon that you won because you got a home advantage. Also, since beat my wife last time, we will bet apart from 15,000 cash, your life. My wife wants you in her stomach if you lose. However if you win, you can decide what you want from my wife. I am pretty sure Kim will beat you by eating much much more than you!"

Pamela said: "Well, you're on. But I'll beat Kim again this time. And remember, never be over confident."

Jason said: "Well, ok, let me tell you the new game procedure. Bring enough food that could feed for five armies as I suppose it should be enough to finish the game. If it is still not decided then just give us a cheque to cover the excess food's expenses. The procedure is this: each round, each competitor will have a specific course to finish. Once you finish the course, you will enter the next round, with another food type and so on. The winner is the one who eats the most number of plates of food courses."

Pamela said: "Well, ok, so we will see you two this Friday!"

After the call, both Kim and her husband, Jason, were delighted - as their challenge to Pamela was accepted. They knew that, Kim's enlarged stomach can surely kill off Pamela this time. Arrangements were made for the eating contest to be held on Friday.

On Friday at the appointed time there was a knock at Jason's door. He opened and greeted Mark and his wife, Pamela. Pamela, as we expected, was much larger than the last time she had competed. Big Pamela was in all her glory, maybe over 2000 pounds of her. Her long red hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and she wore only a black tailor-made bikini. Huge rolls of fat hung from Pam's body. Her belly was even wider than last time. Her thighs were massive rolls of fat that hung down so low that they touched the floor, enveloping and covering her feet.

"Hello," she said. "Allow me to thank Kim, as I managed to find clothes. However they really are nice to wear as they are really great."

Jason led them all to his living room where the food tables were. Jason helped Mark to carry in the food they'd bought.

Jason asked Kim and Mark to sit down and make themselves comfortable as his wife, Kim, would be in in a minute. They all settled down.

Soon they heard heavy footsteps along with the sound of labored breathing. Kim made her grand entrance. Kim was again larger than last time, maybe over 2800 pounds of her. She wore only also a black tailor-made bikini. Her belly was even wider than last time. Her thighs were massive, too.

"Hello," she said. "So you copied me, copycat! However you can't copy me in the eating this time."

The visitors looked at each other. Kim was much larger than they remembered. Kim saw into Pam's mind as the fear was seen on her face. She smiled and then waddled over to the food table Jason had set up for her. Jason helped her down.

"Let's eat!" Kim said. "I am HUNGRY!"

And so the eating contest began.

The challengers each began with three pizzas with pepperoni and double cheese for Round One. By the time Pam had put it away, Kim had already just finished Round Four, which was a plate of onion rings, and asking for Round Five. Round Seven brought on stuffed shells. Pam was determined to show Kim who she was; however, Kim was already on Round Twelve. Kim who was on Round Eighteen, watched Pam for a while, giving her hope that she might have a chance after all. After much slurping, gulping, and swallowing, Pam finished Round Twelve, but when she looked up they saw Kim had gone to work, too, and was up to Round Twenty-five. During that time, Jason was smiling at Mark, while Mark was very worried, as Pam would have to eating much faster than she'd expected.

A fierce battle ensued. Round after round the challengers gorged themselves, trying to find more room in their tummies. Roast beef, creamed vegetables, macaroni, everything disappeared from the food supply table at a slow but steady rate. Each man cheered his wife while she ate. Mark did what they could to help Pam, marveling at how much she could put away. But he also looked increasingly concerned as they watched big Kim matching the lead of what she ate round after round. In fact, both of them had hardly broken a sweat and seemed to enjoy herself tremendously, always asking for another plate after she'd already beaten Pam. After Round 52 for Kim, she decided to ask for a rest room visit. Ten minutes later the contest continued.

When she waddled back in and sat down, she saw Pam was on Round 36. Knowing full well that Pam was behind but not wanting to let her dear down, she continued. They ate as if there was no tomorrow: doughnuts, ice cream, all started to disappear.

Kim went on to extend her lead. She went to Round 100, when Pam was on Round 89. Pam was breathing hard now and her designer bikini had virtually disappeared under her shifting bulges and rolls. She was clearly in trouble now but tried to hide it from Kim and Jason. Kim looked at her and, for a moment, thought that she had a great chance. But they had eaten so much and she could hardly breathe anymore. Their overstuffed bellies had gotten so big that both women were pushed away from the table. Pam was sweating profusely, the calm demeanor she had displayed during the early rounds long gone. Though she only had to beat Kim, all the food she had consumed early took its tool.

Pam was breathing heavily, and nearly full. Worst was to come as she was now on Round 150, while Kim was on 187. Her long, unbroken winning streak in eating contests ever since she was a girl was on the line. However, she thought, she was not going to lose.

Her pretty face turned grim as she stared over her many double chins at her challenger. She growled. "Kim, are you sure you don't want to quit while you can still get up?"

"In your dreams, sweets," Kim replied, equally determined. "I still have lots of room to grow. So let's stop the gab and eat!" She entered Round 200 with a plate of oysters. She'd already started on her second when a now clearly worried and addled Pam followed 160.


The room was silent save for the eating, gulping and swallowing sounds emanating from the two great women. The men watched, as whoever won is still unknown. It went to Kim was on Round 250 while Pam was onto 210.

Kim decided that she needed to pass a stool, so off she went with a servant. As soon as Kim entered the bathroom, Pam finally showed off her talent by eating in an incredible speed. When Kim returned, she was told that Pam was on Round 320. However, Kim soon found her rhythm and caught up with Pam. Pam worked on 350 and felt as though she had finally reached the bursting point.

Panic set in as her winning streak was clearly on the line. All these years she'd easily eaten all challengers under the table, growing bigger and bigger in the process, until she had reached her majestic current size. Kim wheezed across the table, pointing at her now empty plate. "Pam, you can surrender as you're surely done, big girl. Give up?"

"No way," Pam huffed back, but whatever cockiness she had left wavered when she ate Round 525, which was a platter of mutton. They seemed huge to her now, and she had no idea how she was going to put them down. But she had to do it and so she reached deep inside into herself and went to work, every quivering pound of her the champion that she was. It was a struggle and Pam almost gave up. It wasn't a matter as she entered into 526, a platter of Lebanese Kabobs.

The contest was over. Kim had passed out back into her chair after 500, and Pam was still munching at 530. Her bikini was ripped apart revealing her vastly distended belly that looked as big and round as a large-size beach ball. Despite having eaten like never before and despite all the food they now had in their bellies, the challenger had been defeated once again.

Kim & Jason went to Mark and Pam, congratulated them and paid their debt, which included a surplus of 1 million dollars as that was what Pam wanted - to undergo an operation.

"Sorry Jason. Good effort, but Pam is just too strong at all times. Try to train up Kim again as we want the challenge." The three of them all looked at Pam, who seemed oblivious of her victory and was, in fact, munching on the remaining food, including Kim's portions.