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Kim's Dream Continues
By Julie Wong

(This story started out as "Kim's dream” by Banzai. Julie Wong modified it under the title “Kim's Dream Continues.”)

Part Two

As far as we remember, Kim had a stomach that could hold 50 gallons easily. Also, she could almost consume anything, including humans.

As Bob walks in, the 3 tubs of acid are immediately gone by her quick and hungry mouth.

Bob is angry, as he'd come back puffing and huffing, and Kim did not thank him and had eaten it right away. He is about to argue with Kim, but he suddenly remembers the incident of Chris, her ex - and the capacity of her, a horrible cannibal, so he immediately stops. Kim immediately asks Bob to get her a doctor to make her mobile again. Off Bob goes, and after 6 months, she is mobile again.

However, one day she stalks Bob; she sees him looking at his wealth, only down to $2 million left. As Bob goes to the toilet, Kim is mad, and without hesitation she eats his bank passport book. When Bob returns, Kim says to him: "Honey, are you angry with me? If you are, would you like to pay a visit in my stomach? As I accidentally swallowed your favourite cutlery."

Bob refuses to go as he knows the danger. But it is too late, as Kim picks him up and off he goes, entering her huge rubber stomach. He finds many things in there. He finds his cutlery, but his passport, driving license, and his autographed Kobe Bryant's jersey. She has done it again! He is inside her forever; she will never let him out - well, not out through the mouth.

He struggles to get out. Bob screams: “My dear, why did u betray me? I gave you all my love?” She smiles and says, "No matter how nice men treat me, they will be betrayed! There is no way out, so keep on punching, keep on biting, tickling, or anything; in fact, it's making me more and more hungry!"

After a week, Bob and his treasures are also naturally passed. Kim wonders, if I can swallow a man, what else can I eat? She goes to KFC and she says to the manager to close the shop, as she wants them to serve her and no one else. As she is extremely hungry; she eats all the food in a few gulps - and the plates and bowls they are served on. She is now hungry for dessert. The cook makes it, she takes 5 gulps and it is gone! Kim then says to the manager: “I am going to the toilet, if I don't get any food when I return, then you are all dead! Don't ever try leaving as I have already set an alarm on the windows and doors!” She goes to the bathroom to pass a stool.

When she returns, she sees food, but she gets Sarah, a plump counter seller to taste one of the corncobs, the lady is screaming for water after a small bite. She knows that the KFC people were playing a trick on her, so she takes the entire staff home and stuffs everyone to obesity with vast amounts of cakes, cookies, pies, and other sweets for them to fatten them up.

However, apart from eating, the staff from KFC have to cook and bring buckets of lard to their boss. She eats the pots of leftover grease. Kim downs that in about an hour.

She marries another man named Jason who force-feeds her over 200 pounds a day. Kim is now about 1,980. When the press comes over to report this, she eats their microphones and threatens them to avoid coming or else their lives and cameras will be gone the next time you visit me. She still wants to eat more foreign objects.

For every NBA game at the Staples Center, Kim goes to the car park rear to Staples Center and eats up every car present. No one can catch her - even if police come - as the police are being swallowed.

Part Three

Jason knows the powers of Kim, so he makes sure that whatever he does prevents him being eaten.

Jason had once gone to a pub and met two men who had SSBBW wives and asked if the two would like to have a match with Kim to see who can eat the most - where Kim would give them the handicap of bringing along another 2 babes and Kim would have to eat more than the three of them, doubled, combined. The two men had looked at each other and whispered to each other for a minute. Then they said, sure.

Arrangements were made for the eating contest to be held on Saturday.

On Saturday at the appointed time there was a knock at Jason's door. He opened and greeted the men with their wives and the 2 friends. Sandy was one of them at about 450; another one was Marissa at 580 pounds. Then he turned to introduce their friends, Michelle, and Tina. They broke 630 and 685, respectively.

They were led them all to his living room where six large tables were all set up with mountains of food on it. Jason asked everyone to sit down and make him or herself comfortable. As he said, his wife, Kim, would be in a minute. They all settled down. Soon they heard heavy footsteps, along with the sound of labored breathing. Kim made her grand entrance, and jaws were dropping. There was big Kim in all her glory, all about 2000 pounds of her. Her long red hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and she wore only a blue tailor-made bikini. Huge rolls of fat hung from Kim's body. Her belly was so wide, and so was her waistline - a waistline that could fit 3 whole chairs. Her thighs were massive rolls of fat that hung down so low that they touched the floor, enveloping and covering her feet.

"Hello," she said. "I hope you don't mind me being dressed this way, but by the time I get really into it I find clothes to be a problem. They get tight so quick. A girl needs to have room when she eats." Kim giggled. The ladies looked at each other, then back at Kim. They were planning of withdrawing, but the boys refused to as they thought they could cope with the handicap.

"Let's eat!" Kim said. "I am HUNGRY!"

And so the eating contest began.

The portly challengers each began with a big pizza. By the time they had put it away, Kim had already devoured 10 of them, licking her fingers and asking for more. At the end of Round One, the score was 12 handicapped pizzas to 15.

Round Two brought on stuffed shells. The girls were determined to show Kim who, they thought, had overdone it with all those pizzas. The girls munched away, stuffing themselves on the heavy, starchy shells as if there were no tomorrow. Kim watched them for a while, giving the hard-working challengers hope that there might have a chance, after all. After much slurping, gulping, and swallowing, each of the three visitors had put away a full dozen. But when they looked up, they saw to their dismay that Kim had gone to work, too, and eaten not a dozen, not two dozen, but a full gross of the big stuffed shells.

A fierce battle ensued. Round after round, the challengers gorged themselves, trying to find more room in their tummies where they knew none could possibly exist anymore. But they battled on. Roast beef, creamed vegetables, macaroni, everything disappeared from the table at a slow but steady rate. The men cheered them on while they ate.

After Round Eight, Sandy put down her knife and fork and asked for a rest room break. Ten minutes later, she waddled back in and sat down with a groan. Knowing full well that Kim was leading but not wanting to let her teammates down, Sandy continued, but before the end of the next round, she sat up in her chair and said, "I'm so sorry gals, but I can't eat another bite. You have to go on without me." She then leaned back, holding her overstuffed belly with both arms.

Now the challenging team was down to 3 people. Marissa went the other 2, had no choice but to return back to work. Mounting a final effort they ate as if there was no tomorrow, almost catching big Kim with the doughnuts, and actually leading with the ice cream until almost the end when Kim got herself another double scoop of triple chocolate delight and washed it down with several gulps of gooey chocolate fudge. Her designer bikini had virtually disappeared under her shifting bulges and rolls.

She was clearly not in trouble now, and that worried the challengers.

Marissa slowly munched on a couple of cookies, but then she could hold no more and sank back into her chair. "If I eat another bite I'm going to BURST!" she breathed. "I've never eaten so much in my life. Girls, it's up to you now. I know you can do it!" The 2 girls heaved themselves up, rearranged the bulk of her massive 630-pound body with a big grunt in search of just a bit more room, and then directed her attention to the table again.

Kim continued to show off by popping away that extra pizza and those extra shells when she didn't have to. "It's just you and me now, skinnies," she growled. "You sure you don't want to quit while you can still get up?"

"In your dreams, sweets," the girls replied, equally determined. "I still have lots of room to grow. So let's stop the gab and eat!" With that she loaded a handful of the pastries, and Kim continued her rhythm; this made the girls unmatchable. After Round 42, the challengers had been defeated once again. As this was because she was eating her 15th roast chicken where the girls surrounded after their 2nd one.

Tom and Jeff went to Kim and Jason, congratulated them and paid their debt. Which was the loss of the challengers, Michelle and Tina, and $2500

"Sorry guys. Good effort, but Kim is just too strong.”

Jason and all people looked over at his fat, gorgeous wife, who seemed oblivious of her victory and was, in fact, munching on a turkey.

(This will be continued.)