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Kim's Dream
By Banzai

Part One

Kim has always been amazed with food. She enjoys looking in the Guinness Book of World Records to see amazing gluttons. She wants to be the heaviest human to every walk the earth. Kim also has a weird talent - her system can digest metal and glass and other objects. Ever since she was 5, she could swallow dimes and nickels without choking. One time, she got a little curious and swallowed a razor blade. Never hurt her stomach.

Kim is now 35, and through an inheritance of her late father, a billionaire. She can still eat metal and glass and everything else she did as a kid. She wants to be able to swallow larger things, whole. Since she is a billionaire, she pays a doctor to do an extra special surgery. Kim has read in a newspaper that a scientist had invented a rubber that never stopped expanding and was so tough that not even the strongest acid ate through it. She wants to have that implanted in her body. And some in her throat for protection and to be able to swallow things as big as an animal.

"How much do you want in you?" says Doctor Smith.

"I want my stomach to be able to hold 50 gallons, easily. And my throat to be able to stretch up to 3 feet wide," Kim replies.

"Ok, I can do that. When do you want the surgery to be done?"

"As soon as possible, maybe even right now."

"I have time, and I'm okay with doing it now, so get on that bed, get into this gown and I will be back."

She waits and ponders. Her ultimate dream, strange as it seems, is to be able to swallow a human being. The doctor comes in, puts her to sleep, and performs the surgery.

"Kim, wake up. Let's try out your new stomach!"

Doctor Smith hands her a pool ball. She swallows it with ease.

"You know you won't be able to chew things like these with your normal teeth. I know a dentist who will take out all your teeth and replace them with steel."

"Ok, I'll do it."

She gets the teeth done. She gets another surgery to make her jawbones and the roof of her mouth made out of the miracle rubber. Later on, she meets a man who loves to stuff women. They fall in love. She wonders, I wonder what it's like inside me? Kim is starting to hate her boyfriend, Chris. She thinks of a way to get rid of him. "Honey, how would you like to look in my stomach? I accidentally swallowed your watch when I had that soufflé."

Chris goes inside of her huge rubber stomach. He finds many things in there. He finds not only his watch, but his autographed picture of Dean Martin, and his entire Hot Wheels collection. She has done it! He is inside her forever, she will never let him out, well not out through the mouth. He struggles to get out. She smiles and says, "There is no way out, so keep on punching, keep on biting, tickling, or anything, in fact, it's turning me on!"

After a week, Chris and his treasures are naturally passed. Kim wonders, if I can swallow a man, what else can I eat? She goes to her favorite restaurant, Bill's Buffet House, and buys the entire buffet. She is so hungry; she eats all the food in a few gulps and the plates and bowls they are served on. She is now hungry for dessert. The cook makes 5 of her favorite, lemon, pies. She takes 5 gulps and they are gone! Kim learns that the rubber's chemicals reacted with her body with a weird result. Her digestive system stores all the waste and throws out the nutrients. Kim loves this; it will help her on her goal to be the world's heaviest human ever.

For the next year, nothing but entire buckets of lard. She also goes down to KFC and buys their entire pot of leftover grease. Kim downs that in about an hour.

She is becoming so heavy, she has to have the floor removed and made of titanium. She bought a scale used to weigh large amounts of steel. It goes all the way up to 6000 pounds. Kim steps on the scale, barely being able to walk now. She looks up (a display is placed at about her head level on the wall) to see 649 as the reading. No! I'll never break the record eating like this!

She marries a man named Bob who force-feeds her over 100 pounds a day. Kim is now immobile. When they run out of food, her weight is 1,320. When the press comes over to report this, she eats their microphones and tells them to go away. She wants to eat more foreign objects.

Kim has taken a liking to cannibalism. She pays a scientist $2 million to clone 50 babies. She eats them all. Kim loves the way they bounce around in her. Every now and then she sends 20 bottles of milk down and their crying stops. She swallows a cat and toys for them to play with.

She needs a special bed with a hole so she could do her business. Kim gets so turned on by the feeling of babies and animals playing inside her. She begins to wonder, what are the limits of my stomach?

There is a nuclear plant only 5 miles from her town. She has her feeder, Bob, go down there and buy 3 tubs of the absolute strongest acid they have.

"Mmmm, a tasty snack!" says Kim as she sees Bob walking in with the 3 tubs on a dolly.

End of Part One